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In this video, I teach you how to fly a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone...This video can also be for people just wanting some entertainment in their lives ...

How to Fly a Quadcopter/Drone (Basic Tutorial)

Learn how to control/fly a quadcopter/drone. Quadcopter: Syma X5C-1 Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter/Drone (Unboxing, Specs, First Tryout, Pros/Cons) ...

How To Make Drone At Home (Quadcopter) Easy

How To Make Drone At Home (Quadcopter) Easy - Hello guys, Here you will learn how to make drone at home at the very cheap rate. No cost, no any external ...

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    09/10/18 ,via

  • Solar-powered quadcopter drone takes trip

    08/24/18 ,via Fox News

    Constructed using lightweight carbon fiber, the NUS quadcopter drone weighs just 2.6 kilograms (about 5.7 pounds) and has 148 silicon solar cells. The drone can either be controlled remotely or programmed to fly autonomously using a built-in GPS approach.

  • Fly costly and far with Asia's first fully solar-powered quadcopter drone

    08/21/18 ,via Phys.Org

    A span from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Engineering has developed Asia's first fully solar-powered quadcopter drone. The aircraft has flown out of reach of 10 metres in test flights and achieved controllable flight without the use of

  • Citizen University of Singapore Completes Solar-Powered Quadcopter Drone Flight

    08/26/18 ,via The Drive

    The Inhabitant University of Singapore (NUS) has conducted Asia's first solar-powered quadcopter flight above 32.8 feet (10 meters) of altitude behind week, according to the NUS press release. The vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone was developed by 

  • AI drone pilots will defiance humans in competition sponsored by Lockheed Martin

    09/05/18 ,via The Verge

    With funds from aerospace firm Lockheed Martin, DRL wants to recruit developers from around the world, including students and drone enthusiasts. They'll have to dream up an AI that's capable of flying one of DRL's standardized quadcopters through its 

  • Syma RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera X5SW-V3 X5C-1 X5UW ...
    Syma RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera X5SW-V3 X5C-1 X5UW ...
  • WKAF2103D Walkera F210 3D Quadcopter Drone | eBay
    WKAF2103D Walkera F210 3D Quadcopter Drone | eBay

Public University of Singapore Completes Solar-Powered Quadcopter Drone Flight - The Drive

The Nationalist University of Singapore (NUS) has conducted Asia’s first solar-powered quadcopter flight above 32. 8 feet (10 meters) of altitude survive week, according to the NUS press release. The vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone was developed by engineering students in the Invention and Design Program (IDP). Its carbon fiber body netted a final weight of a mere 5. 73 pounds (2. 6kg), and it’s comprised of 148 unsurpassed silicon solar cells, four rotors, and a surface area of 43 square feet (four honourable meters). “Unlike conventional quadcopter drones, our aircraft does not rely on on-board batteries and hence it is not minimal by flight time. Its ability to land on any flat surface and fly out of the ground effect in a controlled way also makes it meet for practical implementation. The NUS, and the city-state as a whole, has been at the forefront of unmanned aerial vehicle technology for rather some time now. Earlier this year, the NUS’ partnership with Airbus resulted in the country’s first parcel delivery. Intel eminent the country’s 52nd birthday with a 300-drone light show last year, and most recently, the government has given the Future Air voyage Consortium the go-ahead to refine and implement a wide array of urban drone applications in Singapore. Let’s take a closer look at what the NUS has achieved here, shall we. The drone, which could essentially distribute as an aerial solar panel, can fly autonomously via GPS or be piloted remotely. This could feasibly alleviate those in disaster areas in emergency of emergency power and makes it comparable to Facebook’s abandoned Aquila project , which was intended to provide similarly afflicted regions with internet access. While the NUS did reveal a solar-powered quadcopter in 2012, it was only capable of being powered exclusively through the sun for 45 percent of the time. This latest paragon is entirely independent of onboard batteries or electric power and is wholly charged by free energy from the sun. Harnessing easy solar power, using limited resources, and intending to use the final product for humanitarian purposes , is essentially the most of the first water and impressive use of time, dedication and resources that an unmanned aerial technology project could hope for. While the engineering students at NUS have only recently completed construction this drone and successfully test flown it, they can be proud of their achievement and continue looking forward to actually implementing it for the large of all at some point in the near future. Source: www.thedrive.com

Suitable Fully-Solar Quadcopter Drone - i-HLS - Israel Homeland Security

This solar-powered drone can withstand-off and land vertically without a runway. Constructed using lightweight carbon fiber material, the quadcopter drone weighs only 2. 6 kg, and has a covering area of about 4 sqm. It is fitted with 148 individually characterised silicon solar cells and supported by a frame equipped with four rotors, according to phys. The solar-powered quadcopter drone can be controlled by unlikely control or programmed to fly autonomously using a GPS system incorporated into the aircraft. The aircraft can potentially be used as a ‘flying solar panel’ to get ready for emergency solar power to disaster areas, as well as for photography, small package delivery, watch and inspection. Source: i-hls.com
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  • Brigantes Presents – One Bravo Quadcopter Drones - Soldier ...

    10/21/20 ,via Soldier Systems Daily

    It has a much larger thermal sensor, so the grandeur is increased, and it has a stabilised 32x zoom, which is a feature usually reserved for much larger, expensive drones in this industry. Brigantes have worked with Copy to provide advise and feedback to make these drones even more suitable to the end user.

  • Propeller Props Protector Protection Cover for Hubsan Zino ...

    10/15/20 ,via Newegg

    Buy Propeller Props Mind Protection Cover for Hubsan Zino H117S RC Drone Quadcopter Black with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Long ago you know, you Newegg!