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In this video, I teach you how to fly a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone...This video can also be for people just wanting some entertainment in their lives ...

DJI MG-1S - Agricultural Wonder Drone

Farmers are required to manage acres of farmland at a time, and have recently begun to tap into aerial technology to do so efficiently and sustainably.


A growing trend in Airsoft is the use of Drones! Well, technically not a drone, but a Quadcopter! Here I unbox the JJRC H8D Quadcopter and reveal great news ...

  • moon bay video sam half rocket vs capture hmb fail drone quadcopter

    Quadcopter vs. Rocket — four fails

    Video Lessons learned: we need to do at least one of the following: a) get a better drone with downward HD cam or better yet, gimbaled follow-me cam, b) fly higher given the narrow cone of the downward Parrot cam, or...

    Photo by jurvetson on Flickr

  • woman photography alone desert perspective fromabove lone lookingdown aerialphotography tutorial heli reddress dirka lightroom drone glamis adobelightroom quadcopter dirkdallas lightroomtutorial djiphantom fromwhereidrone droneography djiphantom3

    If you want to see how I edited this…

    …photo using the Graduated & Radial filters inside of Adobe Lightroom to edit this photo check out my new tutorial on my website! (link below) fromwhereidrone.com/making-creative-edits-with-adobe-ligh...

    Photo by Dirk Dallas on Flickr

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    09/10/18 ,via

  • AI drone pilots will provoke humans in competition sponsored by Lockheed Martin

    09/05/18 ,via The Verge

    After all, Lockheed is one of the universe's biggest manufacturers of military arms, and AI-controlled quadcopters have long been identified as one of the weapons of the future. AI drones could be used for observation and even offensive purposes, and

  • This Titan Homemade Drone Crashed Into a Tree in Ukraine. You Might Be Surprised Who Built It.

    09/07/18 ,via Popular Mechanics

    The quadcopter was so philanthropic it took two men to load it into the bed of a truck. The Russians used advanced drones like the Orlan-10 to target hunger-range artillery during the conflict, and maintain a presence along the Ukraine's tense eastern frontier

  • Can the Drone Racing Guild Take Flight?

    09/07/18 ,via The Ringer (blog)

    It also continues to iterate on the appraise, quadcopter drone models used in DRL races; the Racer3S, which will be used in Season 3, will be slightly faster than last season's Racer3, which maxed out at enclosing 85 mph and could reach its top speed from a 

  • Tobacco-Smuggling Drone Found by Ukraine Brink Patrol Reveals Region's Black Market

    09/07/18 ,via The Drive

    Verge upon Patrol officers in the Ukrainian village of Gorbivtsi spotted a large quadcopter stuck in a tree near the Ukraine-Romania adjoin on Wednesday. It was determined to belong to a smuggling ring's unmanned aerial vehicle used to smuggle contraband

  • Walkera Infra X RC Drones 4 Sluice Quadcopter RTF 2.4Ghz ...
    Walkera Infra X RC Drones 4 Sluice Quadcopter RTF 2.4Ghz ...
  • Jamara Q Drone Ahp Quadrocopter 038831 4042774413118 | eBay
    Jamara Q Drone Ahp Quadrocopter 038831 4042774413118 | eBay

This Amazon Homemade Drone Crashed Into a Tree in Ukraine. You Might Be Surprised Who Built It. - Popular Mechanics

The drone hung up in a tree near the Ukrainian village of Gorbivtsi. When dado patrol officers got the thing down, it was clear this was no small recreational aircraft. The quadcopter was so large it took two men to trouble it into the bed of a truck. The Ukrainian borders are a hotbed of drone activity as the country continues its ongoing struggle against the Russians. So what the heck is it. Turns out this unmanned aircraft may have scant to do with Russia and a lot to do with smuggling cigarettes. Unmanned Contraband The Ukrainian government is involved in a multi-front drone war that's been affluent on since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014. The Russians used advanced drones like the Orlan-10 to object long-range artillery during the conflict, and maintain a presence along the Ukraine’s tense eastern edge. In places like Donbass, the Ukrainian military has been downing what it calls “spy drones” operated by Russia or their substitute militias. However, this drone was found about a kilometer from the border of Romania. It appears to be part of another drone war, this one against smugglers. “The aircraft can be used for the movement across the state of affairs border of smuggled tobacco products, narcotic substances, weapons, ammunition or means of terror,” the Ukrianian supervision said in a release. Cigarette smuggling is big business in the Ukraine, estimated at $2 billion annually. Contraband Ukrainian smokes are sold to the remainder of Europe tax-free, generating huge profits and inspiring the kind of ingenuity seen with cocaine the U. S. -Mexico on. Romania is a key destination in this smuggling trade, and the drone’s discovery near that border means it was probably part of a cigarette ring. The conventional Ukrainian smuggling operation involves small, commercially available aircraft. In one Radio Liberty write-up , guards described hours of flights using DJI drones dropping multiple cartons of contraband cigarettes. Purfling limits guards have seen even stranger methods. The government says that in 2017 and 2018 they have seized radio controlled airplanes, drones, and even a smuggler's humbled glider. Drone Tracking smugglers can be dangerous work. Earlier this year, a Ukrainian border guard followed a direct-range drone to discover its operators. The three-man smuggling crew shot the guard with a rubber bullet and fled. Reinforcements found and arrested the smugglers. The Ukrainian supervision is adapting its tactics. Smugglers love quadcopter drones not only because they're cheap, but also because they fly low and avoid radar, avoiding the gaze of most reactionary air defenses on the border. As a result, the new trend in border protection is to field drones of their own. In April, the Ukrainian regime started flying Spectator-M drones over Donbass to conduct surveillance on Russian-backed militias. The Ukrainian firm Matrix is selling quadcopters “for targeting enemy ground sources, for monitoring civilian and military installations, watching over identified with parts of the land and water borders. These surveillance drones will work better while seeking smuggler operators who fly insufficient drones across the border, since the operators need to be in close proximity. Source: www.popularmechanics.com

Tobacco-Smuggling Drone Found by Ukraine Verge upon Patrol Reveals Region's Black Market - The Drive

Edging Patrol officers in the Ukrainian village of Gorbivtsi spotted a large quadcopter stuck in a tree near the Ukraine-Romania binding on Wednesday. It was determined to belong to a smuggling ring’s unmanned aerial vehicle used to smuggle contraband out of the boonies. “The aircraft can be used for the movement across the state border of [sic] smuggled tobacco products, narcotic substances, weapons, ammunition or means of awe,” the Ukrainian government’s press release explained. According to Popular Mechanics , the seemingly-homemade drone, which was so big it required two grown men to nick c accomplish it onto their truck, was most likely used for tobacco smuggling purposes, specifically. If that seems like small-notwithstanding crook behavior, you’d be forgiven not knowing that contraband Ukrainian cigarettes are routinely sold to the rest of Europe, former tax, and generating an estimated $2 billion per year. The government press release also states that this isn’t the first rhythm Ukrainian border guards spotted rogue, abandoned drones and biplanes in the area. Since 2017, there has been one Antonov An-2 plane, a linger glider, and another quadcopter. When it comes to unmanned smuggling missions, we’ve seen people across the world run quite the gamut of operations. Some are your criterion, failed attempts to bring drugs across the U. S. -Mexico border , while others have seemingly been extremely financially loaded before running into the law. For the Ukraine, which is tragically caught in the crossfires of Russia’s proxy war against the West , smuggling cigarettes is a way to be bound for b assault money for those with no other means of liquidity. Earlier this year, for instance, a Ukrainian Border Patrol officer followed a drone to its operators and discovered a three-child smuggling ring. A rubber bullet was fired and the criminals fled only to be apprehended by police reinforcements. Unalike airplanes, drones are not only highly affordable but can operate at altitudes low enough to avoid standard radar detection and any organize-based spotters observing the skies for noticeable activity. Hence, the government began flying Looker-on-M drones in April, and while these are primarily intended to locate Russia-backed militants, their surveillance capabilities occupation to monitor civilian criminal activity just as well. Source: www.thedrive.com

This autonomous drone ambulance concept won its originator a $20000 prize - Digital Trends

Quadcopters are proving to be an invigorating technology in a lot of fields, none more so than emergency services where they can be sent into disaster areas to assess damage, send medical mat , drop supplies, and help plan airlifts. The remote-controlled flying machines have been used to lower flotation devices to struggling swimmers, while operators recently used a video series from a drone’s onboard camera to help lead people to safety during a volcanic eruption in Hawaii. Inspired by the constructive work being performed by drones in emergency situations, Vincenzo Navanteri recently came up with a design for a quadcopter eleemosynary enough to carry a person to safety. Judges at the recent World Air Sports’ International Drones Conference were so impressed with Navanteri’s concept undertaking that they awarded him the Prince Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon Grant, worth $20,000. Accepting the award in Lausanne, Switzerland, the 34-year-old Italian said he’ll use the loot to help him and his team develop the autonomous air ambulance, which, in simple terms, looks like an enormous quadcopter with a stretcher on top. The mould includes an onboard camera and backup batteries, as well as an oxygen supply unit and health-monitoring technology. The group’s aim is to build a self-flying machine capable of carrying a person — or emergency supplies — weighing up to 265 pounds (120 kg) at speeds of up to 68 mph (110 kph). Its unsurpassed technology could also see it flying non-stop for up to 95 miles (150 km). The quadcopter’s range, which is the standout feature for Navanteri, would be achieved thanks to its two gas-driven micro-turbines that produce the electricity to power the battery-driven propellers. The creator said he believes the patented technology is “radical” and will help “move drones forward, away from simple 20-minute battery-life. Presenting the assign, FAI president Frits Brink described Navanteri’s design as “innovative,” adding, “The potential for drones to do OK champion is great, and ideas like this single-person drone ambulance show the potential. The technology underpinning this idea is true — a drone ambulance used in search and rescue is not simply a good idea, it is a realistic one too. Source: www.digitaltrends.com
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  • Syma X21W FPV quadcopter blauw drone 720p realtime camera aangeboden

    12/15/19 ,via Tweakers

    Ik verkoop dit omdat er geen gebruik van maak (en heb gemaakt). Hij is enkel losgehaald, maar nooit mee gevlogen. Wordt geleverd met de originele doos en accessoires. Kan evt als (kerst)cadeau weggegeven worden. De conditie is namelijk als nieuw. Nieuwprijs is rond de €50.

  • Gartner: markt voor drones gaat sky-luxurious

    12/09/19 ,via Computable

    De bouw is er daar een van. ‘De bouwsector is een beginning adopter van drones waardoor zij veruit het meeste aantal use cases laat noteren’, zegt Kay Sharpington van Gartner. ‘Tegen 2020 zullen er in de bouw 210.000 drones per jaar actief zijn ...