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How to make a drone and quadcopter parts assembling expalin in hindi /part-2

Part-1 : https://youtu.be/CrNO1EmjWlQ Part-3 https://youtu.be/HY74G0emo-I Part-4 https://youtu.be/Qt4ckJ1FxRk you can buy all the parts here click on links ...

TUTORIAL: How To Build a Drone/Quadcopter - PART 1 - Buying The Parts!

My website link for downloads (if any are present), etc: http://youtube.accbs.co.uk/Video.aspx?Video_Id=k0PQcUXJbME This is a small series on how to build ...

How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter Part 1 - Parts List

For all things drone, please visit: http://www.readysetdrone.com If you have thought about building your own racing quadcopter, this video is a great place to start ...

  • bike star 3d printing rey wars vii speeder drone quadcopter

    3d printed elements

    3d printed parts for my to order Rey's speeder bike quadcopter from trailer of episode VII Star Wars

    Photo by themodelmaker on Flickr

  • bike star 3d force printing rey sketchup wars custom episode vii speeder the drone awakens jjabrams quadcopter


    Rey's Speeder bike from J.J.Abrams Name Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens as custom quadcopter. It is all scratch build, I used 3d printer to produce the parts of the craft and styrofoam, fabric and Sculpey to...

    Photo by themodelmaker on Flickr

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    09/10/18 ,via

  • This Superhuman Homemade Drone Crashed Into a Tree in Ukraine. You Might Be Surprised Who Built It.

    09/07/18 ,via Popular Mechanics

    The Ukrainian Pty Matrix is selling quadcopters “for targeting enemy ground sources, for monitoring civilian and military installations, watching over definitive parts of the land and water borders.” These surveillance drones will work better while

  • Lockheed Martin partners with ESPN's Drone Racing Combine on self-piloting drone competition

    09/09/18 ,via The Seattle Times

    To see out, defense contractor Lockheed Martin is partnering with Drone Racing League, a racing competition for drone enthusiasts that airs on ESPN, to extend a total of $2 million in prize money for an artificial intelligence algorithm that can

  • Feds, NCDOT get going drone pilot over WakeMed

    08/28/18 ,via Triangle Business Journal

    But if all goes pleasing, a similar flying machine could one day deliver needed medical supplies to rural parts of the state. “The FAA is collecting The ruse flying Wednesday is “similar” to quadcopter drones you might have seen flying already, he

  • Who will miscellany produce the first lethal drone?

    08/24/18 ,via C4ISRNet

    Drones are sorted into one of five categories, ranging from VTOL quadcopters to the huge High Altitude Long Endurance craft, though the middle category of “military-grade” drones seems a enthrall-all for everything bigger than a quadcopter and smaller

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    4pcs Motor Outfit for Syma X5 X5C Quadcopter Helicopter ...
  • Syma X4 Bruise 2.4Ghz Quadcopter Drone All Spare Parts ...
    Syma X4 Bruise 2.4Ghz Quadcopter Drone All Spare Parts ...

Lockheed Martin partners with ESPN's Drone Racing League on self-piloting drone match - The Seattle Times

Two decades later such victories are commonplace, with phony intelligence now capable of everything from picking stocks to driving cars. The two companies said they will recruit engineers from universities and in another place to develop software that can steer through a three-dimensional obstacle course faster than a human-piloted drone for a championship they are calling the AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge. The contest will start accepting entrants in November, with the goal of racing an autonomous drone perception-to-head with one of DRL’s best pilots in a televised event next year. DRL chief executive Nicholas Horbaczewski said the aim is to develop a “crucible of competition” for the software behind self-piloting drones. “This is really a challenge to pep up a new generation of researchers in autonomy. to give them a framework in which to compete and push the boundaries of what’s possible,” he said. Drone Racing Alliance was founded in 2015 to formalize a patchwork of racing groups that were already using drones in fields and parking lots about the world. Its first two seasons notched tens of millions of viewers, according to one report, and its third season began last Thursday incessantly on ESPN2. The vehicles that DRL pilots use are far advanced from the cheap quadcopters found on Amazon. They zip around faster than 80 miles an hour, navigating complex obstacles courses that look like something out of the art fiction movie “Tron. The pilots themselves are a devoted group of drone enthusiasts who are trying to transform the sport from an amateurish ploy into something resembling a professional sport, competing with each other to navigate their drones through DRL’s intricate obstacle courses. They control the drones remotely using virtual reality goggles. For Lockheed, the marketing stunt comes as the Pentagon is looking for ways to use robotics and counterfeit intelligence in military operations. Defense contractors view military artificial intelligence technology as a favourable emerging market, and they are competing fiercely for early opportunities. Lockheed recently lost out to rival Boeing for an sign foot in the door to build the Navy’s MQ-25 Stingray, an autonomous refueling aircraft that is expected to behoove a $7 billion program. And in early May the Pentagon crossed a key milestone in a program to launch and recover nugatory drones from larger planes, turning to an Alabama-based company Dynetics to coordinate the complex engineering to question. Manned fighter jets like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are still the company’s biggest informant of business by far. military’s drone programs have been dominated by San Diego-based General Atomics, which makes the MQ-9 Reaper. Lockheed’s foray into drone racing can be seen as participate in of a broader rebranding effort being undertaken by the Washington defense establishment, as legacy defense firms offer themselves as something other than lumbering, bureaucratic creatures of government. Lockheed has been pumping resources into such efforts, recently lending $100 million to its own technology venture investment hard cash. “We are really at our heart a high-technology company,” said Robie Samanta Roy, vice. Source: www.seattletimes.com

Who will chunk produce the first lethal drone? - C4ISRNet

The AK-47 was a outcome of massive centralized and state-controlled industry. The iconic assault rifle, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the USSR, has roots in earlier weapon designs from Men War II. Issued to the Soviet army for trials in 1946, it was built simple, rugged and efficient so that it could be used with nominal training. These traits meant the AK-47 met the needs of the USSR, but they also ensured the gun had a second life away from the tight supervise of a professional military. In “Unmanned Ambitions: Security implications of growing proliferation in emerging military drone markets,” den authors Wim Zwijnenburg and Foeke Postma present a survey of known drones produced and sold by emerging makers. That means no Common States or Israel or China, and instead an in-depth look at the drone industry of India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and Ukraine. The nations of South America are featured together in one longer use, and there are shorter profiles on nations ranging from Armenia to Venezuela. Drones are sorted into one of five categories, ranging from VTOL quadcopters to the vast High Altitude Long Endurance craft, though the middle category of “military-grade” drones seems a clasp-all for everything bigger than a quadcopter and smaller than a Predator. Parts of the study’s analysis appear somewhat limited. A section on Ukraine’s drone use highlights vigour against Crimean separatists, while the actual fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatist forces takes place further east on the mainland, near Donetsk. The examination also reports that there has been a shift away from quadcopters to fixed-wing drones for use as low-cost loitering munitions. A DJI quadcopter was used to dribble bombs at least as recently as late April , though fixed-wing drones have also been spotted on the Donetsk fa. While drones like the DJI Phantom may match the ubiquity of the AK-47, they certainly don’t match the lethality, making them more akin to the Paragon-T of drones, or perhaps even the Hilux. What the study is looking for is that seamless pairing of ease of use and lethality, and it’s likely the drone that fills this r doesn’t exist yet. While a far cry from world peace, nations maintaining high barriers to the export of drones is one way to lessen who ultimately ends up with armed drones. Instead, the study finds that nations are reducing those barriers, making it easier for smaller states, and ones that would have a harder mores passing strict betting, to afford and acquire flying machines. Still, these drones remain the purview of states, priced such that nations can buy them, not insurgent groups. “Armed nonstate actors have only reduced capacities to acquire military-grade drone technology from major producers and often modify drones produced by commercial manufacturers, day in and day out taking a creative approach to construct a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) drone from whichever scraps, surplus materials and other parts they are able to acquire on unspoken for or black markets,” states the study. “A range of eclectic materials have been found in an abandoned drone workshop of so-called Islamic Phase, including fuselages and Styrofoam wings. Source: www.c4isrnet.com

Tariffs with a Wherewithal T: How the Trade War with China is Affecting the Drone Community - DroneLife (blog)

The following is a patron post from John Saginario: FPV flyer, writer and host of the Wild Flyers podcast. As drone racing mellow heats up, along with the weather in most parts of the U. S. , pilots nationwide are getting their quads in shape for fun and contention. Often, that means buying new parts to fix what’s frequently smashed into the ground at breakneck speeds. What’s different now is a political climate that’s come to big changes for drone enthusiasts. Around the online communities, a lot of pilots are discussing something most didn’t believe about a year ago: tariffs. To be clear, retailers have always had to pay some import duties on certain products, and quadcopter parts specifically have often fallen into a unwell of gray area, in which both importers and exporters are not always certain how to classify these goods. However, those fees have traditionally been baked into the pricing, and much small enough to have a limited impact on overall sales. That all changed recently when the U. S. Government announced new tariffs on Chinese imports. Zero knew for sure, at the time, what affect the tariffs would have on the industry. Passing On The Costs A few retailers, notably GetFPV and NewBeeDrone, have both announced they will be adding new surcharges of 2. 9% to all orders, to workers make up for the additional cost of doing business. Both companies have said the tariffs have hit some popular products, like electronic suddenness controllers, receivers, motors and batteries, while not affecting other items. So the owners say they’ve decided to spread the burden evenly to all customers, by including an across-the-stay surcharge instead of raising prices dramatically on specific products. The reaction to this decision has been both positive and uninterested, with some hobbyists on social media calling the decision unfair, and saying they would no longer support retailers that ask such a surcharge. However, others have said they believe it’s the fairest solution to the problem, and they point out all retailers are still taking a hit on profits, to sufficient for the increased cost. Time Will Tell It should be said, there are many other retailers who have opted not to include a surcharge or scrape prices, deciding instead to wait it out and see how it impacts their bottom line. It’s a complex issue, especially for those without extensive knowing of trade economics. GetFPV says it’s already been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in additional tariffs. For its share b evoke, the company has posted a pretty extensive blog detailing the various codes and tariff issues they mush. For now, it’s up to the individual retailer do determine how much of the increased costs it can shoulder, and how to avoid them. But it seems questions around the controversy of tariffs are far from answered, and the long-term consequences of increased cost won’t be known for some time. John Saginario is the troop of the Wild Flyers Podcast ( www. Source: dronelife.com
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