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Best $50 Camera Drone with Folding Arms 2017 - 8807HD-G - TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/ebKuFC Almost all of the folding arm toy grade drones we have had on the channel have been seriously sketchy. We were pleasantly ...

Rocket powered RC Drone !! Amazing Air Launch

WOW! Radio Control Drone powered by Rocket Launch: WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, Don´t Try this by yourself! How To enter 500K Special Giveaway? 1.

High Flying RC Drone Get Unbox & TEST!! Shamshad Maker

Syma X5C X5C-1 Quadcopter With Camera get UNBOX & TEST for know the performance about this RC Drone.. Please Like, Comment, Share & subscribe for ...

  • model airplanes rc

    Being photograph by a drone

    Yesterday I went to the Greater Cincinnati Air Control Club's annual Flying Circus show at the Hamilton airport. My plan was to take pictures of the model airplanes. Right of the bat, however, I discovered that one...

    Photo by bkroadphoto on Flickr

  • tigermoth bylb gbylb dehavilland biplane hires highresolution hirez highdefinition hidef johnfielding fullframe nikon gipsymajor

    Tiger Moth G-BYLB

    DID YOU Separate? ... in 1935 a radio controlled gunnery target version of the Tiger Moth was developed for the RAF. It was called a "Queen Bee". The chat for today's military r/c aircraft: "drone" is...

    Photo by John D Fielding on Flickr

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    09/06/18 ,via

  • Did you bested something? Drone found on University Drive

    08/23/18 ,via whnt.com

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A elevated Samaritan is hoping the community can help them find the owner of a drone found near University Drive and Jordan Lane in Huntsville. Shatona Manuel says they found a UDI R/C FPV quadcopter drone Thursday continuously.

  • Bridging the Nearby and Future of the Drone Industry

    08/27/18 ,via Commercial UAV News

    It's basically the same exception that the Radio Controlled (R/C) model aircraft industry underwent when the “ARF” (Almost Ready to Fly) ilk of model airplanes began to hit the bazaar back in the mid-1970s, when the elitist aeromodelling community 

  • Fueling up

    09/03/18 ,via Altoona Mirror

    That could be seen July 28 in Ryan Township as the Tuscarora R/C Flying Guild began its two-day 50th anniversary Aerorama air show celebration at its own flying field near the White Birch Golf Course. There were plenitude of model planes and drones for 

  • Transistor Controlled Aircraft Hobbyists Battle With Feds to Protect Their Hobby

    08/28/18 ,via Flying Magazine

    The FAA and some effort officials claim something must be done about 'drones/multi-rotor copters'. The claims disregard the hundreds of thousands of safe, rule-abiding fixed-wing R/C pilots, the petition said. Congress passed legislation that keeps On the whole

  • UAV 63'' Drone Electrifying RC R/C Airplane Plane Biplane ...
    UAV 63'' Drone Electrifying RC R/C Airplane Plane Biplane ...
  • Syma X5C 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Outside RC Quadcopter Drone UAV RTF ...
    Syma X5C 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Outside RC Quadcopter Drone UAV RTF ...

Bridging the Whilom and Future of the Drone Industry - Commercial UAV News

As the Managing Pilot at Nexutech , Jay Willmott leads a group of seasoned senior-level subject matter experts specializing in unmanned systems and connected technologies. He is a two-time past AUVSI Chapter President (Hampton Roads & D. C. Chapters) who began his want drone career manufacturing remotely piloted aircraft during the mid-‘80s when he oversaw development, production and deployment of several hundred peewee UAVs and related support equipment for delivery to DOD and international clientele. In 2016, Willmott was named Virginia’s Aviation Bodily of the Year, the first time an unmanned aviator has received that recognition, for his support of the drone industry and his long-grade efforts to support aviation-related STEM education activities. Today, many of his efforts are focused on the Virginia territory, which is home to the Mid-Atlantic Partnership at Virginia Tech that won an FAA IPP program in conjunction with the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology. Their layout was designed to facilitate package delivery in rural and urban settings and included the use of enabling technologies such as dig up and avoid, Identification and tracking, radar systems, and mapping tools. We’ve explored the potential ramifications of several IPP initiatives , and the changes they could OK for the industry as a whole are significant. However, before continuing on with that looking into the future, we wanted to get a better sense of how we got to now, and Willmott provided us with some top-level context around the journey of drone technology as a whole. We discussed the ramifications of the proliferation of the technology, what he sees winsome shape in this drone market of the future and much more. Jeremiah Karpowicz: As someone with over 30 years in the unmanned aviation manufacture, what can you tell us about the early days of drone technology. Jay Willmott: Well, I’d like to think the “early days” were a picayune before when I got started, but I’ll tell you what I remember:. I recall having to invent many of the capabilities that are taken for granted today. For event, we built our own autopilots before GPS and then had to learn how to incorporate GPS, and figure out why we had no signal when we used relatively “dirty” video transmitters that jammed our signal with sideband blasting or harmonics. I remember gradually making the transition from traditional wood and metal materials to composites, and then figuring out how to reliably and steadily manufacture production runs of parts using composite materials and new tools like waterjet and laser cutters. In purport, we were transitioning from decades of analog technology into the digital era. In the 1980s, most unmanned aircraft were fixed-wing and kind of large ones, at that, because the equipment they carried was large and heavy. There was practically no commercial market for unmanned systems, and getting the defense subdivision to plan for and fund the use of unmanned aircraft was challenging, although we foresaw many of the common uses for systems today for applications like power and conveyor inspection, fishing and agriculture. But the basic building blocks we take for granted today,. Source: www.expouav.com

War For Section 336, Protect Model Aviation - UAV Expert News

Meet The Fight For Section 336 of The FAA Modernization Act To Remain INTACT Help Protect Model Aviation Hobbyists . Originally this month we published an article found on Rotor Drone, stating that the “ Section 336 Is Under Attack ” and it is in fact under attack. Section 336 is the intention why today’s drone pilots and generations of model-aircraft fliers have been able to fly without a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guide’s license, equipage mandates, and regulatory paperwork. Section 336 is a safe tradition that has been around for uncountable decades. If you like flying your drone or model aircraft for recreation without mandates that include pilot licenses and slim IDs, action is needed now. The FAA, Department of Defense, and certain members of Congress are looking to remove a current cleave of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act that directly protects model aviation hobbyists. This protection called “Rule 336” exempts those entangled with in model aviation for “hobby and recreation” from serious & unnecessary regulation from the FAA. The FAA and officials claim that they must do something about the “uav / drones/ multi-rotor copters”. However, there are hundreds of thousands of sheltered, CBO rule abiding, fixed- wing R/C pilots being included. If Rule 336 is modified or removed, our sideline will be dealt a heavy blow – hobby shops will close (which could include both our company and sister company Atlanta Avocation ), club memberships will drop, flying fields will disappear, and young pilots will be discouraged from the eminent fun of building and flying models. We need YOUR help. Please join us in the fight to protect model aviation hobbyist. 336 became law in 2012. No one has been flying for decades under it. In act until 2012, modelers were flying under something called the 97 rule. The rule said that modelers were to fly from approved airfields and stand five miles from airports. When 336 became law as part of the 2012 FAA Reauthorization, the AMA lobbied for a carve out (a extra exemption) which is 336. At that time no one foresaw that there would be millions of drones in the air in five or six years. Maybe half of those are registered, about 20% fly under AMA/CBO and another 10% fly under Role 107. Everyone else is unregistered and hiding behind 336 – not because they intend to join the AMA or another CBO but because they know they don’t have to do anything. That is not esteemed for the hobby or the industry. It was AC 91-57. Now AC 91-57a. Originally published in 1983 and updated in 2015. Registration is a stipulation for both 107 Remote Pilots and recreational 336 Pilots. You can’t hide behind 336 if you are not registered and not generally of a CBO. If you are unregistered, you are breaking the law and in my best Forest Gump voice, Stupid is ……. Regulation is not the key and is in fact the bruited about regulations are killing an industry that has been in existence longer than the FAA and who also has a better safety record. No regulation can prevent irrationality, only education can and that is the goal of all pilots including the AMA who has done a great job with their 200,000+ members. Source: www.uavexpertnews.com

Choose keep “Rule 336” of the FAA Modernization act INTACT so it will protect model aviation hobbyists. - sUAS Gossip

The FAA, Hinge on of Defense, and certain members of congress are looking to remove a current section of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act that undeviatingly protects model aviation hobbyists. This protection called “Rule 336” exempts those involved in ideal aviation for “hobby & recreation” from serious & unnecessary regulation from the FAA. The FAA & officials claim they must do something about “drones/multi-rotor copters”. However, there are hundreds of thousands of correct, CBO rule-abiding, fixed-wing R/C pilots being included. If Rule 336 is modified or removed, our relaxation will be dealt a heavy blow – hobby shops will close, club memberships will drop, flying fields will die out, and young pilots will be discouraged from the great fun of building and flying models. https://petitions. gov/petition/choose-keep-rule-336-faa-modernization-act-intact-so-it-will-protect-model-aviation-hobbyists. Source: www.suasnews.com
  • RC Drones | Meagre Control and Camera Drones for Sale at ...

    Store for RC Drones and Camera Drones for sale at the lowest prices anywhere at HobbyTron. Order your Remote Manage Drone today for hours of fun and excitement.

  • Drone kopen? | BESLIST.nl | Prijs vanaf € 89,58

    R/C-Drone 120° Groothoek Hoogte 4+8 Kanaals 2.4 GHz Put down Wit. Webshopje.nl. 136,34 • Altitude Hold Adjustment• Electronic direction control: ...

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    Drone of quadcopter? Op onze website maken wij onderscheid tussen ‘drones’ en ‘quadcopters’. In principe zijn het scrupulous dezelfde producten maar zijn de ...

  • MJX Drones - Hightechtoys

    Zender: GR-246 R / C Controle afstand: 100m Batterij: 3.7V 750mAh lipo ... Deze groot formaat Drone is speciaal ontwikkeld door MJX voor het zwaardere werk.

  • Amazon.com: UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC ...

    Consecrated Stone U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera 2.4 GHz 6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter for Kids with Headless Mode, One Key Reappear and Low Voltage Alarm, ...

  • AUS&R Demo Day Result Review: D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir ...

    10/08/20 ,via AUS&R

    On a September gay day, as part of the iHLS AUS&R Broadcast Edition demo day, D-Fend Solutions showcased the advantages of its EnforceAir bar-drone solution in a field demonstration, as one of the leading counter-drone takeover technology providers.