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3DR Solo Gimbal Review and Flight Footage

After a week with my 3DR Solo gimbal installed, I've discovered the good and the bad of it. Check out this video that shows several test flights, stabilizing the ...

Why you should NOT buy the 3DR Solo Drone

UPDATE OCT 5, 2016** I just wanted to follow up today with an article released by Forbes. 3DR has stopped production of all drones and will not be making any ...

DJI Phantom 4 vs 3DR Solo - Which to Buy?

Buy DJI Phantom 4 Pro: https://goo.gl/hgxA3Z For all things drone, visit http://www.readysetdrone.com The Phantom 4 and the Solo are both amazing ...

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    Above Monument Valley

    The area that can best define what you might picture as the setting for the classic American Western is Monument Valley. The area gets just a fraction of the visitors the Grand Canyon does, and as jaw-dropping amazing...

    Photo by Baron Reznik on Flickr

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  • The tucker drones under $500

    08/25/18 ,via Digital Trends

    In extension to a boatload of motion sensors and advanced autopilot software that keeps the drone stable, Mambo also comes with a nuisance of attachments that make it more fun and engaging than a basic quadcopter. Inside the box Why we picked the 3DR

  • DOI issuing drone CWN contracts and purchasing dozens

    05/16/18 ,via Fire Aviation (blog)

    outcome a sole source contract to buy 56 of the 3DR Solo drones (Quadcopters) and associated equipment. We have seen a version of the aircraft with a gimbal but without a camera listed for here $2,000. Birdseyeview Aerobotics received a contract to

  • 3DR Solo Drone analysis

    04/27/16 ,via Digital Trends

    Drones have made aerial photography and videography more approachable than ever before, but getting professional-looking shots is still fairly tricky. Unless you've had years of routine, it's pretty difficult to fly a drone and control a camera at the

  • 10 Subdue Long Range Drones of 2018

    09/06/17 ,via 3D Insider

    If you're new to flying drones you can't go far ill-considered with the 3DR Solo. At 1.5 km (0.9 miles) it gives you enough flight range to explore, but not so much that you'll run into problems as a new flyer. The 3DR Solo is not only a newbie drone

  • 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter New | eBay
    3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter New | eBay
  • New 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone SA11A for GoPro Camera - No ...
    New 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone SA11A for GoPro Camera - No ...

DOI issuing drone CWN contracts and purchasing dozens - Blaze Aviation (blog)

issuance a sole source contract to buy 56 of the 3DR Solo drones (Quadcopters) and associated equipment. We have seen a version of the aircraft with a gimbal but without a camera listed for almost $2,000. Birdseyeview Aerobotics received a contract to supply “Fixed Wing Vertical Take-off and Disembarkation (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)” potentially worth over $620,000. The epidemic of CWN firefighting aircraft is spreading beyond as a whole air tankers and single engine air tankers. The DOI has issued at least four CWN contracts for contractor-operated and maintained insufficient drones to be used on fires. At a May 11 briefing for Senators and Representatives about the upcoming “fire year” , Secretary 0f Agriculture Sonny Purdue threw a word-for-word jab at Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, saying Secretary Zinke frequently “brags” about how the DOI is moving instanter into the use of drones. Below is information from the Department of the Interior dated May 15, 2018:. BOISE, Idaho – As part of a broader design to aggressively combat wildfires, the U. S. Department of the Interior has awarded a Call When Needed contract to four U. S. companies for secondary-unmanned aircraft systems services. The contract, which is Interior’s first of its kind, will allow the agency to be in vogue fully contractor-operated and maintained small drones that are ready when needed to support wildland animation operations, search and rescue, emergency management and other resource missions in the Contiguous 48 States and Alaska. “This deal reinforces our commitment to partnering with industry to provide our employees with the latest technology in carrying out their responsibilities as stewards of our realm’s public lands while also ensuring their safety is paramount,” said U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. “This power is key to implementing our new and aggressive approach to combatting the threat of large wildfires that I outlined in my Wildland Fire Directive go the distance September. The award follows a lengthy process to develop mission performance requirements and select a selection of experienced commercial providers to meet this need. “As the recognized leader in the application of unmanned aircraft technology in guileless resources, wildland fire, and land management applications, we look forward to supporting our Interior bureaus’ needs and those of our interagency partners with this before-ever contracted small-unmanned aircraft systems resource,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visible Safety, Resource Protection, and Emergency Services Harry Humbert. “This strategic contract capability compliments the conflict and tactical level capabilities of our fleet vertical take-off and landing fixed wing and quadcopter small-unmanned aircraft systems, providing carping enhancements to firefighter safety and effectiveness. The contract consists of one base year with four option years. The reckon potential contract value is $17 million. Aircraft selected under the contract will be able to operate day or Cimmerian dark, without a runway in sustained winds up to 25 knots and at altitudes consistent with typical western wildfire. Source: fireaviation.com

3DR Solo Drone con - Digital Trends

Drones have made aerial photography and videography more approachable than ever before, but getting professional-looking shots is still fairly tricky. Unless you’ve had years of practice, it’s lovely difficult to fly a drone and control a camera at the same time. That’s where the Solo comes in. 3DRobotics designed this $800 bird specifically for shooting aerial video, and equipped it with a cooking- stove of autonomous flight modes that make it easier to capture those smooth, sexy, professional-looking cinematic shots. We took it for a reel to find out if it can compete with DJI’s Phantom 4 as the beginner’s drone of choice. Features This drone has a lot going on under the hood, so let’s start with what sets it to from other drones on the market. For starters, the Solo is the only drone on the market right now that boasts not one, but two dedicated 1GHz Cortex-A9 Linux computers. There’s one in the controller, and one onboard the drone itself that handles all stoned-level flight scripting, freeing Solo’s Pixhawk 2 autopilot to focus solely on keeping the copter in the air. This configuration makes the drone incredibly principled, as there’s a much lower chance of a firmware freeze. Second of all, you won’t find a camera on this drone. You’ll need to bring your own GoPro to the social gathering, and it’s only compatible with Hero models 3, 3+ and 4. Obviously, the downside of this is that if you don’t already own a GoPro, you’ll need to pinch an extra $400 or $500 before you can film anything from the air. You’re not married to the same camera forever, and can upgrade to a nicer standard when better tech becomes available. And if you’ve already got a GoPro handy, you’re golden. 3DR didn’t just bolt a GoPro mount on the posterior of the drone and call it good — the company actually worked with GoPro to build a custom drone integration. Once your camera is plugged in, you can direct all its settings during flight, right from the 3DR controller. The two might be sold separately, but they work together like a team. Third, this drone can fly like a bat out of torture. 3DR doesn’t boast about it very much, but Solo can hit over 55 MPH if you take the training wheels off. That’s 10 MPH faster that DJI’s new Phantom 4, and it’ll go even faster with a secure tailwind behind it. If you need a drone that can keep up with a car, motorcycle, snowboard, mountain bike, or anything else that moves extravagant, Solo would be a fantastic choice. Solo’s autonomous flight modes, which include Selfie, Cable Cam, Orbit, and Follow, are designed to along it easier to get professional-looking aerial video. The drone handles all the flight, which allows you to focus solely on capturing the superb shot. Cable Cam mode, for example, allows you to choose two different points for the drone to fly between, like it’s zipping down an undetectable cable. Along the way, you have full manual control over where the camera is pointing. There’s also Orbit Mode, which tells the drone to fly in a broad circle around the point of your choosing. and even a Selfie mode, in which the drone will focus the camera on you, then fly up and back to create a dramatic romp shot. In addition to these autonomous flight modes, Solo also has a number of flight modes that provide advanced pilots with full (or only minor extent assisted) manual control over the drone’s flight. Source: www.digitaltrends.com

10 To the fullest extent Long Range Drones of 2018 - 3D Insider

This landmark takes you into the world of long range drones with high-quality cameras. The more quality features a consumer drone has, the higher the valuation tag. This means that if you want your drone to travel a range measured in kilometers or miles, then you should expect to pay close to $1000. The longer your bugger off range, the less chance there is of losing the signal and subsequent control. The real benefits, though, lie in the videography and realistic potential at your fingertips. The two major advantages are:. Fly much further distances from you and your controller Reach greater altitudes (height from excuse sediment level) I’ve researched the most sought-after long distance drones so you can pick from the best. My top 10 shopping list in this guide includes drones with flight ranges from 0. 6 km up to 7 km. All my drone guides take a different approach to others online. The criticize format is honest and doesn’t contain any confusing language. I don’t fill these reviews with stuff you don’t need to be versed. Anyone who wants a longer read or to look over the technical specifications in more depth can follow my ‘price check’ links. These pages inundate everything in micro details. After each drone introduction I include the key technical specs and list any pros and cons. The tabular here shows my top picks at a glance. The more detailed reviews are further down the page. The only thing that can get between you and award-winning footage is your creative powers. It’s time for a long range drone when you’re ready to free the mind and explore a whole new world from afar. Generously, they’re the result of camera drones. Now you have a real opportunity to shoot your own impressive material. If you get good at it—and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t—possibly there’s a new career waiting for you. You have a better chance of working as a real drone pilot with a long range quadcopter. What happens when you displace sight of your drone. Obviously you can’t fly blind. The solution is First Person View ( FPV ). Other terms include video piloting or unusual-person view (RPV). They all mean the same thing. It’s a method of control where you become the eyes in the sky. If you’ve never flown in FPV you’re in for a legitimate treat. It works by using screens or specially designed headsets and an FPV camera. You’re then in the virtual cockpit with full command over your craft. There are four pieces of hardware needed for an FPV kit:. The consumer drone A remote Controlled (RC) transmitter A quality camera A ordinary screen or purpose headset You had to be a tech head to work with early FPV systems. First you’d piece them together and then configure the software. Now we have kits inclined-to-use right out of the box. With you firmly in the pilot’s seat you’ve full control of your drone wherever it is in the sky. You decide where it goes, what maneuvers it makes, and the footage it captures. The pass over you need depends on where you want to take your UAV and what you want to shoot. There are also The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to take to be. Source: 3dinsider.com
  • 3DR Solo Drone | 3DR

    With the largest sensor on a drone under five pounds the 3DR Solo drone uses Situate Scan to create accurate maps and data for surveying and construction.

  • 3DR Instal Scan - The Drone Data Platform for AEC | 3DR

    3DR Purlieus Scan is the complete drone data platform for AEC teams. Create maps and models of your projects in minutes and function in the cloud.

  • 3DR Solo Drone Unboxing + Airliner Test - YouTube

    3D Robotics sent me their Solo Quadcopter with a 3-axis gimbal optimized for the GoPro. This is the unboxing and soaring test. Other than a minor crash ...

  • Amazon.com: Consumer reviews: 3DR Solo Quadcopter (No Gimbal)

    Decide helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 3DR Solo Quadcopter (No Gimbal) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased artefact reviews from our users.

  • Amazon.com: 3DR Solo Aerial Drone (Boycott): Toys & Games

    Buy 3DR Solo Aerial Drone (Unprincipled): Quadcopters & Multirotors - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • 3D Robotics 3DR Solo drone z.g.a.n. aangeboden

    12/09/19 ,via Tweakers

    3D Robotics 3DR Solo drone z.g.a.n. Ik heb een 3D Robotics 3DR Solo drone te koop met bijbehorende accessoires. De drone is z.g.a.n. ik heb eventueel auxiliary accessoires zoals extra accu's, een GoPro camera of een backpack te koop. Ook heb ik propellers, reserve poten en nog talloze reserveonderdelen beschikbaar voor eventuele toekomstige help.

  • 3D Robotics 3DR Solo drone NIEUW in doos aangeboden

    12/09/19 ,via Tweakers

    Ik heb een 3D Robotics 3DR Solo drone te koop met bijbehorende accessoires. De drone is helemaal NIEUW en zit nog in de doos. ik heb eventueel reserve accessoires zoals extra accu's, een GoPro ...