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Review: Cheap carbon Chinese 250-size mini quadcopter (part 1)

How do the cheap Chinese 250-sized mini quadcopter frames compare to the Blackout Mini H and QAV 250 frames? I've had a lot of emails from people who've ...

Updated: How to build a Mini Quadcopter for FPV Racing By Mini Quad Bros

Drone Kit used in this video: https://www.miniquadbros.com/products/miniquadkit Follow the Build Guide for Part Two until it is released. Naze configuration ...

LHI 250 Quadcopter Instructional Build Video

LHI 250 Quadcopter: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0778HXRFL Amazon US: ...

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    09/10/18 ,via

  • Belarus Invents Tank-Fatality Quadcopter Drone

    06/05/18 ,via Popular Mechanics

    The RPG-26 weighs 6.39 lbs., has a choice of about 250 yards, and penetrates between 400 to 500 millimeters of rolled homogeneous steel armor, the pattern metric for armor plating. The RPG-26 can't 

  • Fat Shark 101 drone kit will have you FPV racing for $250

    12/21/17 ,via CNET

    A racing drone is typically the keep on place you want to start if you're learning to pilot a quadcopter. Camera drones like the DJI Mavic might be skilful to fly fast, but they're loaded with sensors and GPS to keep them stable in the air, avoid crashes and

  • 11 To the fullest extent DIY Kits for How to Make a Robot

    03/28/18 ,via Interesting Engineering

    The LHI 250mm Pro Unadulterated Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit come with a CC3D Flight Controller, MT2204 2300KV Motor, Simonk 12A ESC and 6030 CF Propellers. The 250 Carbon fiber Quadcopter form is solid and lightweight. The flight controller of the 

  • UK Common Deals: £250 off Dell Inspiron 7000 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop, Preorder Nintendo Paradigmatic Mini: NES for £50

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    Nintendo Change-over with Zelda and Labo ToyCon Robot Kit for £324. If you are looking for a great Nintendo Switch console lot, head down to Tesco where you can get a Nintendo Switch console in a colour of your choice, one game, including The Narrative of 

  • TAROT Mini 250 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Framework Kit Built-in ...
    TAROT Mini 250 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Framework Kit Built-in ...
  • ZMR 250 Pro Spotless Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter ...
    ZMR 250 Pro Spotless Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter ...

Belarus Invents Tank-Fatality Quadcopter Drone - Popular Mechanics

The armed forces of Belarus have demonstrated a new quadcopter drone that can transport a tank-killing rocket launcher. The drone carries a RPG-26 single-shot rocket that is remotely fired by the drone machinator. And while the drone is of questionable effectiveness as a tank destroyer, it is a deadly harbinger of things to come on the unmanned battlefield. The exemplar of drone is unknown, but it appears to be a quadcopter capable of lifting of at least 7 lbs. The RPG-26 it's carrying is a single-shot shoot up launcher. Inside is a short-range 72. 5-millimeter rocket with a shaped charge warhead. The RPG-26 weighs 6. 39 lbs. , has a group of about 250 yards, and penetrates between 400 to 500 millimeters of rolled homogeneous steel armor, the beau id metric for armor plating. The RPG-26 can’t penetrate enough armor to take out an American M1 Abrams main fray tank—at least head on, anyway. It probably can’t penetrate the M1’s flank armor, either. However, a rocket-firing drone could conceivably maneuver to scion at the top or rear of a tank, where armor is thinnest. The RPG-26 could also be dangerous to lighter vehicles such as the M2 Bradley, Stryker battle vehicle, and the new Army Multi Purpose Vehicle (AMPV). Shooting the rocket is one thing. The drone appears to require a useful aiming system and the video doesn’t even bother to show the rocket flying downrange. Ideally, a organized whole like this would have a camera parallel to the path of the rocket, with an aiming point projected on the drone operator’s sift. The Belarusian tank drone is the start of what could become a very uncomfortable trend for Western tankers. The RPG-29 "Vampir", a 105-millimeter take off fired from a reusable rocket launcher, actually has disabled Abrams tanks. Although the entire RPG-29 scheme weighs 27 pounds, the rocket itself weighs just about 12 pounds. If drone makers can triple the payload of an anti-tank drone they could spawn a creditable tank killer, capable of swiftly charging at enemy armor and then firing crippling shots against their dim spots. Source: www.popularmechanics.com

This Autonomous Quadrotor Bunch Doesn't Need GPS - IEEE Spectrum

The tremendous majority of the fancy autonomous flying we've seen from quadrotors has relied on some kind of external localization for position intelligence. Usually it's a motion capture system, sometimes it's GPS, but either way, there's a little bit of cheating involved. This is not to say that we mind cheating, but the mess with cheating is that sometimes you can't cheat, and if you want your quadrotors to do tricks where you don't have access to GPS or the necessary motion capture machinery and software, you're out of luck. Researchers are working hard towards independent autonomy for flying robots, and we've seen some powerful examples of drones that can follow paths and avoid obstacles using only onboard sensing and computing. The University of Pennsylvania has been doing some exceptionally amazing development in this area , and they've managed to teach a swarm of of a dozen 250g quadrotors to fly in close development, even though each one is using just one small camera and a simple IMU. This is probably the largest swarm of quadrotors which don't rely on motion capture or GPS. Each dollop quadrotor is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight development board. The board includes an onboard quad-gist computer, a downward facing VGA camera with 160◦ field of view, a VGA stereo camera pair, and a 4K video camera. For these flights, though, the drones are only using one or two cores of processing power (operation ROS), a simple onboard IMU, and a downward-looking VGA camera with a 160 degree field of view. Each quadrotor's job is to use visual inertial odometry (VIO) to consider how far and in what direction it's moved from its starting position, which gives a good approximation of its relative location. To do this, it simply identifies and tracks visual features in its camera arable of view: if the drone's camera sees an object, and that object moves right to left across the configuration, the drone can infer (with some help from its IMU) that it's moving left to right. Either that, or there's an earthquake going on. Dead reckoning approaches like these do upshot in some amount of drift, where small errors in position estimation build up over time, but UPenn has managed to stow away things under control, with overall positional errors of just over half a meter even after the drones have flown over 100 meters. As each drone keeps wake trace of its own position, it sends updates at 10 Hz over 5 GHz Wi-Fi to a ground station running ROS. The ground station collects all of those belief updates, and sends commands back to the swarm to change formation. The only thing that the individual drones get back is a set of target coordinates and a age to start moving. each drone calculates is own trajectory, meaning that the ground station isn't doing all of the planning. This keeps things lightweight and distributed, so that the flock can easily scale up to more drones. However, it's worth noting that as far as each drone is concerned, it's not really part of a swarm at all— it's just monitoring its own position and telling from coordinate to coordinate, and isn't aware (directly or indirectly) that there are other drones around it. Still, the system works very expressively, and as you can see from the video, the drones don't run into each other. Source: spectrum.ieee.org

The largest drones for 2018 - Tech Advisor

Drones are undeniably unsociable, but unless you have the necessary know-how making an informed purchasing decision is virtually impossible - there are so many options, from for a song quadcopters to expensive professional drones for which you'll probably need to justify spending that much on a 'toy'. If money is going to lender heavily in your buying decision, you should also check out our guide to the best cheap drones. If you're more interested in having the get the better of drone we've some options below. There are laws on flying drones, though, so read up on the rules for flying drones in the UK and also where you're allowed to fly. Your Buying Handbook for the Best Drones in 2018 What is the difference between a drone and a quadcopter. In the majority of cases you can think of a drone and a quadcopter as the same thing, though you'll in many cases find more expensive devices are marketed as drones and cheaper toys as quadcopters. In truth, a drone is any unmanned aerial mechanism, while a quadcopter is any drone controlled by four motors. At the entry level, toy drones start at just £10, but you won’t get a camera unless you pay round £40-50. Increase your budget towards £100 and you should expect to get live video (first-person impression) on your smartphone via a free app, or even a colour screen on the remote control. For that you will need to spend £300+. Although some manufacturers declare a range of over 100m for cheap drones, it’s best to assume you’ll never get more than about 50m. By law in the UK, you must keep drone in your line of peek at all times, anyway. Small and light drones will be blown around in the wind, so warm, windless days are the unexcelled times to fly, although the smallest micro drones can be flown indoors. For bigger drones, such as DJI's Phantoms, expect retreat times around 20-25 minutes and a range measured in miles, not metres. These use big batteries but are of course bigger and heavier than toy drones. Even the most extravagant consumer drones (and we're talking £2,000) don't fly for longer than 30 minutes. Spares - and the availability of spares - are primary You will crash your drone and you will break things, usually propellers. Almost all drones come with a full set of spare rotors, but as two twirl anti-clockwise and the other pair clockwise, you’ve got only two spares for each pair of spindles. Check first if spare parts are calm to obtain for a particular drone, and also their prices. Cameras Not all drones come with cameras. You don’t need a camera, since you should always have the drone in your short-listed for of sight while flying it. And even if a drone has a camera, it may not offer FPV (First Person View, a real-time video row) which you need in order to fly it without line-of-sight. At the cheaper end of the price scale you’ll be lucky to get even 720p (1280x720) video, but if you stand in want a drone for aerial video go for at least 1080p (1920x1080). Bear in mind that - as ever - you can't hand over specs alone. Read our reviews to find out how good each drone's camera is. However, you’ll only get great quality footage if you buy a drone with a gimbal. This is a stabilised mount for the camera which keeps it date when the drone tilts or. Source: www.techadvisor.co.uk
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    The most affordable FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter Kit within reach, by Mini Quad Bros. The 250 size FPV Racer comes with everything needed to build a mini quadcopter.

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    Hallo ik heb een aantal vragen over enkele drones die ik heb gezien op het web. Ik heb nog geen racedrone gehad enkel wat simpele "speelgoed" drones.

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    Amazon Prime Day may have come and gone, but that's just where it begins when it comes to pre-red-letter day deals this year. In an effort to work around postal issues and shipping bottlenecks this fall, assorted brands and retailers are pushing out their holiday sales earlier than usual.