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    09/10/18 ,via

  • Newest Mini RC Quadcopter 3D Rotation Drone Altitude Orate Aircraft with WiFi FPV Drone

    08/22/18 ,via Global Sources

    Attention: This RC model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years old. Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it's seemly to be assisted by an experienced adult. Caution for the battery: Don't over

  • This delicate drone is way more fun than it should be, and it's only $19 right now

    09/06/18 ,via Infosurhoy

    Amazon is unceasing a great Lightning deal right now on the Potensic Mini Drone A20 RC Nano Quadcopter, which retails for $26 but has dropped to just $18.99 for a few hours. But don't be distressed if you miss the sale at $18.99, because we're here to help. Just

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    HobbyTron is an online assembly that offers different types of drones including camera drone, video drone, FPV drones, live view drones, mini RC drones, quadcopters, toy drones amidst others. They also sell different types of quality RC helicopters, RC

  • Mini RC Helicopter Even Drone Quadcopter with 0.3mp Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Drone Toy Hobby Aircraft

    03/05/18 ,via Global Sources

    Features: 360 degrees envelop function: The quadcopter will flip forward/backward/leftward/rightward according to your instructions. 0.3MP camera: With a 0.3MP camera for healthier quality images and videos. You can use it to capture specific details and

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Clean Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Quadcopter Drone Review - IGN

Untainted Stone HS170 Predator Mini quadcopter Remote controller (6 AA batteries not included) 3. 7V 350 mAh LiPo battery 4 extremely propellers USB charging cable Small screwdriver and four screws for prop/battery install The HS170 comes with a trait set aimed at a broad swath of consumers, from first-timers learning the basics to experienced pilots who shortage to perform tricky maneuvers at high speed. The HS170 is a tiny drone, measuring just 5. 5 inches across and a hint over six inches diagonally. It's also very light, weighing barely more than a pregnant gnat at just under one pound, which allows it to be classified as a “nano” drone. It's powered by a trifling 3. 7V 350mAh battery unit that fits into its pod-like abdomen (an appropriate design for a device that looks like it's vicinage arachnid) and delivers up to six minutes of flight time. It sports four rotors, with white blades on the fa and black ones on the rear so you can quickly identify which direction it is facing. It also includes LEDs that flash, with pornographic lights in the front and red ones in the rear on a sculpted polycarbonate body, giving it an aggressive stance that could easily merry andrew people into thinking it's the toy version of a police drone. Since this will be many people's first drone, accidents will happen, thus the useful grouping of an extra set of four spare propellers. Two cables protrude from the battery, and the male end connects to the USB charging wire to recharge the battery. In addition to being able to fly around as expected the HS170 is capable performing a simple and chic stunt common among many models in this category known as a “3D flip. ” During flight, momentous down on the right stick initiates a full 360-degree flip in any direction. Press down, the gas b hurry the stick, and it executes a flip before resuming normal flight. This function alone isn't particularly useful per se, but it is fun to clout off, and can make even a beginner feel like a pro. One of the buttons on the RC unit activates Headless Mode, a common drawn in of models in this class designed to make flying easier for newbies. Here's how it works: In normal operation the pointing the drone faces is the "front" as far as the controls are concerned, while in headless mode the pilot’s front is the drone’s front. This can be useful for beginners patently disoriented whenever the drone isn’t facing directly to their front, or because keeping track of such a small craft’s orientation with one’s meagre eyes can be difficult. When headless mode is activated on the HS170 the controller emits a constant beep, which can be relatively annoying. It would be better to indicate headless mode with a single audible cue rather than sounding like a deliverance truck backing up. Still, it’s an especially handy and welcome function for beginners. The remote control unit requires six AA batteries. Unfortunately, these are not included, but I had untested ones on hand so I could start flying as soon as it was charged. The manufacturer claims it needs 90 minutes per protection, but I found it takes about half that long. The HS170 belongs to the RTF (ready to fly) class of toy and hobbyist drones, meaning that it comes with caboodle you need to. Source:
  • Wie een superjacht wil kopen, moet in Monaco zijn (en zijn schoenen uitdoen)

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    We hebben onder meer de keuze uit een seabob (een soort mini-jetski om al zwemmend aan te hangen ... Met een afstandsbedienig kan je de drone zo instellen dat hij je volgt en beelden vanuit een bepaald perspectief schiet. Je kan hem ook vanaf de oppervlakte bedienen om onderwaterbeelden te maken. Maar om helemaal mee te zijn, moet je een ...