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How did i make my background song??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3uB5AcGX70 Hey What's up guys, i hope you guys enjoyed that video! Sorry for a ...

Holy Stone F181 Time Test RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Review

Full Battery Flight Test DRONE DAYS FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/680142485472890/?ref=br_rs&qsefr=1.

Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter with Headless mode!

Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter with Headless mode! Get one here on Amazon: http://goo.gl/xutgTO Music- Acoustic Breeze - Like this video? Check out these ...

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  • This importantly-rated drone features an HD camera and 360-degree flight options

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    can act it with ease, and the one key start allows it to return to you on its own. The Quadcopter Drone is usually $100, but Amazon has knocked 30% off, so you can get it for $70. Tiki: Holy Stone · Get the Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

  • UK kids could be banned from flying downcast drones under new flight laws

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    The Combined Kingdom's Department of Transport (DfT) is considering a raft of new rules to fight against the misuse of drones including placing restrictions on the measure of UAVs that kids will be allowed to fly. Coming into effect at the end of November

  • Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter Drone Reconsideration

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    For more, know our Terms of Use. The F181 drone by Holy Stone toy company is a small and versatile entry-level quadcopter that's great for beginners and priced accordingly at on all sides of $110 (See it on Amazon) / (See it on Amazon UK). Despite its lowish

  • The pre-eminent drone of 2017 (so far) is the DJI Mavic Pro

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    In the end, this isn't the greatest quadcopter on the sell — not by a long shot. But if you're looking for a well-designed entry-level UAV that can still shoot stellar HD video, the Holy Stone F181 RC is the most talented affordable drone that we could find

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Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter Drone Examine - IGN

F181 drone with 6 axis gyroscope stabilization. 2MP (1280 x 720), 720p. still/video camera. Prop guards and pier gear (not installed). 7v 750mA battery installed under the camera. 4Ghz remote control with two control sticks and LCD info strainer. it runs on 4 AA batteries (not included). Complete set of extra propellers. Small Phillips screwdriver for installing prop guards and quay gear Extra (yes, extra. 7v 750mA battery. Two (2) USB charging cables. Extra set of screws and gears for motors. Since the F181 is only about 5oz (0. 3lbs) and enclosing 12. 5" measured diagonally, it falls under the FAA’s UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) registration weight limit of. 55lbs, so you can start flying without contacting the Feds. The F181 is swarthy, which allows it to visually stand out when compared to the mostly white drones in this price range. It sports two pairs of LEDs underneath its prop extensions, with red indicating the bum and blue the front. The LEDs can also be shut off using the left trigger button on the remote, but I wouldn't recommend doing this since they supporter with overall visibility. Flight time is about 6 to 8 minutes and it takes about 75 to 80 minutes to charge one of the two included batteries. Management of the drone is handled by a 2. 4GHz remote control that features comfy ergonomics similar to that of a console controller. Even when loaded with four AA batteries (not included), the remote is light, though it does feel a bit cheap. The LCD screen on the remote does not offer FPV (leading-person view), but it does display pertinent information such as camera mode (video or still), battery life, the drone's run the gamut, and gain trim (drift adjustment, basically). There's also a return-to-home button that lets the F181 fly back to its prototypical take-off point, which is a feature not normally included on a drone in this price range. It's also packing a 2MP camera that shoots stills at 1280 x 720 and records video at 720p. It only took me about three minutes to inaugurate the prop guards and landing gear before charging the battery for its maiden voyage. I noticed immediately that I was proficient to connect one of the two included USB charging cables directly to the drone (with the battery installed) right to my laptop instead of having to eradicate the battery to charge it like on most cheap drones. Not only is this more convenient, It also let me charge the second battery simultaneously, which is a basic feature. The remote requires four AA batteries, but luckily I keep a large stock of these on-hand so I was well-proportioned to go. Before taking to the air I installed the included prop guards as an insurance policy. Even if you have some experience flying drones, I always urge that pilots install prop guards if they’re included. This was especially useful for me since my first flight took place in some nice-looking significant wind, which was around 15 - 20mph at low altitude. Finally, before lift off I consulted the user manual and saw it offered a foretoken to not to fly in rain or snow, around animals and people, and in areas with obstacles such as trees when there's significant wind. Since I live on an isle in Maine, wind is something I often can’t. Source: www.ign.com

The outdo drone of 2017 (so far) is the DJI Mavic Pro - BGR

Drones have revolutionized both the talented and recreational photography and videography markets. With easy maneuverability, focused stabilization, and a high quality camera, the normal drone can help you grab that impossible to reach shot you’ve always been looking for. but just how much of this relatively young market is cheap gimmicks and gaudy sales techniques. To help cut through the noise, we’ve determined exactly what makes the perfect drone tick — or fly. The honourable UAV should first and foremost be able to fly with ease and focus and shouldn’t impede clear video. Of course, a drone should be equipped with a blue blood camera, as well as means of controlling the camera. Finally, the perfect drone should be fun to control and be loaded with the high-tech advancements needed to towards piloting a breeze. While the market is already rich with top-shelf options, we’re confident that we’ve found the best of the best. Let’s nightspot in. Best overall – DJI Mavic Pro. For professionals and drone enthusiasts alike, the DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect marriage of unparalleled flying cleverness, a high quality camera, and a low profile design. Simply put, it’s the best all-around drone that money can buy. If you’re aspiring to manage the most out of your drone purchase, chances are you’ll be taking it on the road. While there’s many great quadcopter options on the market (including DJI’s Hallucination 4 , which we will get into below), the Mavic Pro is the only one that offers a compact, travel friendly design without sacrificing function or quality. Uncharacteristic other premium drones that require tedious disassembling before being crammed in your luggage, the Mavic Pro is designed to fold in on itself and fit safely in even the tightest bag. While the journey-ready aspect already gives the Mavic Pro a leg up, its engineering sends it over the top. First, let’s take a look at the camera. While flying into winds up to 19-24 mph, this slick and compact UAV offers stable and crisp HD video at 4K/30fps or 1080p/96fps, as well as photographs in 12MP Raw or JPG format. The onboard camera shoots at slight smaller frame than the DJI Phantom 4, but offers a rotating module to change the orientation from landscape to characterization, a useful tool for photographers. It also features focus adjustment that allows the user to hone in on any object and advance within 19 inches of it, which is a more useful feature in close up videography than in high-flying aerial capture. Exciting on from the camera, the Mavic Pro is not only up to par with the DJI Phantom series, but an improvement. This quadcopter’s improved OcuSync transmission system allows the drone to fly as far as 4. 3 miles away while burning streaming 1080p video to whatever smart device you’ve attached to its video-game like controller. Post-haste it’s time to return home, the Mavic Pro’s Precision Landing system uses its video and GPS information to govern and land it with one inch of where it took off. The accompanying app is truly where the fun begins. Within the app, you can have total control of the Mavic Pro and adjust everything from decamp path to color balance. The Intelligent Flight Modes offered include Point of Interest, which allows the drone to loop a selected point, Waypoints for repeating paths, and the Follow Me function. You can also manipulate the Mavic. Source: bgr.com

Constabulary Drones Could Come to Kentucky in the Near Future - Sanvada Tech News (blog)

Most dominant cities around the world are prone to violence in one way or the other. It’s been proven that police officers alone are not good enough to take care crime under control, especially when some officers are walking hand-in-hand with corruption. Additionally, there’s no police force on the planet that can pity quickly every time to reports of shots being fired among other things. Therefore, probably the best way to aid officers is to get drones on the job. Just fancy a future where a single or few gunshots can alert a drone to quickly fly to the scene in hopes to capture the perpetrator on camera before he or she escapes. RoboCop Drones are Coming to Louisville… Perchance Here’s the low down, Louisville is working on a program that could connect drones to ShotSpotter. Now, if you’ve been living on Mars for most of your mature life, then you might not have heard about ShotSpotter, a program listens for gunfire via microphones placed throughout Louisville. The program being proposed by officials could divulge for a safer city, but that’s still up for debate at this time. To get a hold of the ShotSpotter technology, the city of Louisville has to shell out $1. 2 million for a dues back in 2017. Now, the service works by calculating the location of gunshot sounds with three microphones, and then that information is sent to the nearest the heat station. So far, the system has been adopted in major cities such as New York and Washington, D. C. Louisville is taking this system a bit further by taking into consideration the idea of taking advantage of the FAA’s U. S. Unmanned Aerial System Integration Pilot Program. Yes, it’s a federal program that pairs exclusive drone companies with local government for important projects. As it stands, Louisville appears to be the only city that’s planning to relationship drones with ShotSpotter, and that’s making privacy advocates uneasy. “From my perspective, actually having the city blanketed in stationary cameras is a bigger secrecy concern since those cameras are always on and always rolling,” the city’s Metro Chief of Civic Innovation Grace Simrall told WDRB. “We concluded that if we could leverage camera technology, we could get much faster to the episode of a crime, specifically the detection of a gunshot. Here’s What Privacy Advocates are Saying Senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Even-handedness, Rachel Levinson-Waldman believes this plan could lead to unequal surveillance of communities with low income. She says the ShotSpotter software was installed in minority neighborhood in the former times, which means, the city would likely do the same with these RoboCop drones. “Similarly, it seems quite likely that these are the neighborhoods that are going to end up with these drones flying maintenance, and drones that are collecting information for police purposes but are being collected by a private third-party company, which may have even less culpability in some ways,” she said. The good news is, instead of police officers coming on the scene, which could make matters worse, drones will be sent. Source: sanvada.com
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