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Landing Pad - Good or Bad?

LighTake sent me a drone landing pad to review for my drones. Check it out! Buy it here: ...

Is a Drone Landing Pad Worth It?

I was recently sent a landing pad and some cases for my DJI Mavic pro from lightake.com to check out. In return i was asked to include them in a video and give ...

DJI Mavic Drone Landing Pad

To buy a drone landing pad on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hFS6fN DJI Mavic Pro: http://amzn.to/2dLof4L The landing pad from RC Style is perfect for the DJI Mavic, ...

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    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Space exhibit panorama (Space Shuttle Enterprise)

    See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article. Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Space Shuttle Enterprise: Manufacturer: Rockwell International Corporation Country of Origin:...

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

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    09/06/18 ,via

  • How Landing Pads for Confinement Drones May Be the Next Great Battle in Last-mile Logistics

    08/24/18 ,via Electronics360

    It wasn't great ago when Amazon first announced it was considering using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a package delivery method. As a substitute for of parcels delivered through a traditional truck-based delivery company, a drone would carry the package and 

  • Worldpay Creates Precedent for Payment on Drone Deliveries

    08/07/18 ,via Multichannel Merchant

    Worldpay is testing out a documentation of concept that ties together payment verification with residential drone delivery via a special landing pad that doubles as a payment bumf communication system. Using EMV contactless payment card technology, the 

  • 'Vertiport' Startup Skyports Will Buy Your London Rooftop to Real estate Drones On

    08/24/18 ,via Drone Below (blog)

    A UK-based startup is snapping up rooftops in London as it gears up to think up a network of 'vertiports' for drones. Skyports has already acquired the rights to use 15 rooftops in the UK peerless, which it intends to convert into landing and recharge

  • WiBotic Announces a Wireless Power Scheme for DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones

    08/30/18 ,via sUAS News

    The WiBotic PowerPad, a drone landing pad that contains the transmitter components, also protects against moisture, trash and corrosion that can impact outdoor charging stations over time. Components in the WiBotic Wireless Power Set-up for DJI M200 and 

  • FSLabs Drone and Quadcopter Landing Pad 32 inch RC ...
    FSLabs Drone and Quadcopter Landing Pad 32 inch RC ...
  • Drone / RC helicopter Landing Pad | eBay
    Drone / RC helicopter Landing Pad | eBay

How Landing Pads for Childbirth Drones May Be the Next Great Battle in Last-mile Logistics - Electronics360

In preference to of parcels delivered through a traditional truck-based delivery company, a drone would carry the package and stop it off at your door. The idea was universally laughed at, with critics pointing to the unproven technology, let alone a drone with the carrying office to handle most boxes. Would the drone crash before it arrived at its destination. Fast forward to 2018 and drone delivery is not just a sensible business model for last-mile logistics, but one that is becoming highly competitive with numerous companies currently in helmsman projects for a variety of delivery markets, including retail goods, food and grocery and healthcare, such as delivering remedy and blood samples between hospitals or delivering care to remote locations. This market has developed significantly in a short just the same from time to time and includes efforts such as:. Workhorse Group, with its Horsefly autonomous delivery system Zipline’s on-demand predicament delivery service An e-commerce delivery system from Matternet and Daimler that involves drones and vans Flytrex’s scoff delivery service , which is being tested in Iceland Drone Delivery Canada’s plans to expand the reach of medical services to slight locations in Canada This is just a handful of the projects that have emerged in the past few years. Stelios Kotakis, senior delve into analyst for service provider technology at IHS Markit, told Electronics360 that while the potential for drone deliveries in the days is great, the market still has some growing to do. In many countries drone regulation status to address public safety issues and abridge risks still needs to be defined. “When these issues are concluded, industries will be able to fully utilize drone capabilities for enunciation which are very high judging from the companies, institutions, scientists and everybody else working towards this operation but also from technologies already in place,” Kotakis said. IHS Markit forecasts that more than 50,000 drones will be shipped for the emancipation market by the end of 2019, showing that this market is going to be impacting last-mile logistics in the near future and in a significant way. For the most generally, consumers in the U. S. are receptive to the idea of having packages delivered through drones, meaning these pilot projects that are being conducted have a greater viability of tasteful a true business model. Enter Home Drone Platforms. The potential of delivery drones is now giving rise to new ideas in how to overwhelm facilitate UAVs landing and dropping packages off at consumers’ homes. One such platform is from Worldpay, which recently introduced its drone landing pad that is placed in face of a door and doubles as a doormat. The concept uses EMV contactless payment card technology to verify the accord of the consumer, which is embedded in the landing pad. When a drone lands, it matches the information to the card details and the parcel is released. This type of technology could put up with online shoppers to have a package delivered to a location that is convenient to them, without having to be there or check the item before accepting it. Another South African private limited company,. Source: electronics360.globalspec.com

Worldpay Creates Norm for Payment on Drone Deliveries - Multichannel Merchant

Worldpay is testing out a data of concept that ties together payment verification with residential drone delivery via a special landing pad that doubles as a payment bumf communication system. Using EMV contactless payment card technology, the Drone Pay test accesses a customer’s card details stored within the landing pad, via a flip from the drone. If the information matches that of the correct recipient, the parcel is released by the drone. Greg Worch, senior vice president of ecommerce at Worldpay, said there is no layout at present for deployment of such a system, but Worldpay’s innovation team designed it in anticipation of drone delivery adoption in the near later. “It’s an outgrowth of our research, exploring how merchants will want to use drones, and what the expectations are,” Worch said. “There are a lot of regulatory, operations and logistics hurdles that have to be knocked down before it becomes a Aristotelianism entelechy, but here’s one way once we’re past the barriers that payment can happen in a frictionless way. While payment confirmation normally happens on the face end of an ecommerce transaction, the idea is that by having card details stored in the landing pad it ensures greater security, avoids chargebacks and helps foil theft. “This ties delivery to the payment itself,” Worch said. “It creates certainty for the consumer and the merchants in terms of, this fallout is being delivered, it’s at the door now, and the card is charged at that point. Worldpay surveyed 507 U. S. adults in July on their attitudes toward new utterance technologies with its partner Socratic Technologies. The study found Gen Z consumers were the most open to drone or autonomous/robot transport, with 71% looking forward to it, compared to 45% for millennials, 49% for Gen X and 30% for baby boomers. Thirty-seven percent of Gen Z respondents await this to become a reality in the next 2-5 years. Clothing, non-perishable groceries and pet supplies were noted by 50% or more of respondents as make away for automated delivery, across all age groups except retirees. While drone delivery is already a reality in places like Iceland and China , the regulatory development is moving slower in the U. S. , where the FAA has approved 10 test projects that are in various stages of deployment. To order cycling apparel maker Hincapie Sportswear has leveraged this capability to gain greater visibility into interest streams, turning opportunities into sales more quickly while gaining overall operating efficiency. Download this ecommerce precise report from Multichannel Merchant to more. Source: multichannelmerchant.com

'Vertiport' Startup Skyports Will Buy Your London Rooftop to Catch Drones On - Drone Below (blog)

A UK-based startup is snapping up rooftops in London as it gears up to spawn a network of ‘vertiports’ for drones. Skyports has already acquired the rights to use 15 rooftops in the UK capital, which it intends to remodel into landing and recharge pads for drones. Working with award-winning London architect firm Barr Gazetas, the troop envisions a future where drones will make use of the network of vertiports as they complete a variety of missions from carrying wagon-load to providing an alternative to passenger transport. Managing director of Skyports, Duncan Walker, told Dezeen that one day in the near unborn, the presence of UAVs in cities will be as normal as a bike or a car. This is certainly likely to be the case, with one report predicting that drones will hearten the UK economy by £42bn by 2030. “I can see it being absolutely commonplace,” said Walker. Just as we were designing bike parking spaces into buildings five years ago, I can see drone ports proper standard in buildings. The benefits of having a drone landing pad network not only include the drone operators and customers. Skyports believes that the attendance of a vertiport on a building would also present the opportunity to list sustainability as a feature of the building, shifting residents assisting more environmentally friendly mobility. “There are many city buildings where vertiports can be efficiently and sensitively incorporated, from celebrated blocks and shopping centres to open spaces,” Barr Gazetas director Jon Eaglesham said. “We are plotting discreet, efficient, secure and environmentally friendly places, that will promote a new level of connectivity within the city. London is a complex and involve city however, with development of new UK-wide drone regulations underway. Already there are regulations in the UK, similar to other countries, that prevent drones flying at higher than 400ft and within 1km of airports. Skyports intends to succour users of the vertiports by securing appropriate regulatory approvals to ensure safe, cost effective running of the drone landing pads. “We’ve got very complicated airspace in the UK, particularly in London,” Walker said. “We’ve got four or five airports all us, we’ve got quite a densely-used airspace and we’ve also got a historic city beneath us. ”. “So the aviation authority, who we are delightful with on a monthly basis, is quite cautious. But they’ve got an entire drone team and they recognise it’s coming,” Walker added. Skyports are currently focussing their efforts in London but in the end want to create a global network of vertiports. The plan to develop a network of drone landing pads harks to the romantic sequence put together by German passenger drone company Volocopter, wherein autonomous air taxis land gracefully atop a burgh building, picking up and dropping off passengers. Source: dronebelow.com
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    Amazon.com: LETMY 42" Limitless Drone Landing Pad launchpad - Foldable Waterproof large Landing Pad for RC Drones Helicopter, DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 2/3/4/4 Pro ...

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  • Autonomous spaceport drone cutter - Wikipedia

    An autonomous spaceport drone get out (ASDS) is an ocean-going vessel derived from a deck barge, outfitted with station-keeping engines and a chiefly landing platform.

  • landing an autonomous drone steamer on an ocean ... - spacex.com

    During our next abscond, SpaceX will attempt the precision landing of a Falcon 9 first stage for the first time, on a custom-built zillions platform known as the ...

  • DJI's Unsurpassed New Drones, Parts and Accessories 2018

    We all can say bye, bye to some of our favorite drones, with the just out launch of the impressive DJI Mavic 2 drone, DJI has just announced the.....

  • Silverwing presenteert nieuwste toestel

    12/12/19 ,via De Ingenieur

    De eerste testvluchten met de nieuwe, bemande drone hebben inmiddels plaatsgevonden ... een elektrisch back-upsysteem en is in staat om in geval van nood een zachte landing op de buik te maken. “Door onze zelfontwikkelde software en controlesystemen ...

  • Meer tijd op zebrapad door handige ’langergroen-app’

    12/05/19 ,via MSN

    Rijswijk is condensed op weg om een ’Smart City’ te worden. Nadat eerder plaatsnaamborden van bamboe en drones voor zwerfafval in gebruik werden genomen, heeft de gemeente nu ook een noviteit om veiliger o