FlySky FS-i6 Review

The most difficult task for newcomers to the copter industry is choosing the right remote control. The Taranis is a premium, high-quality remote control that you should buy immediately. If you’re just starting out with drones, however, it can be difficult to spend more than $200 on one remote control. We decided to look at the FlySky FS-6, an affordable alternative to the Taranis.

FlySky FS-i6

FlySky FS-i6, Turnigy TGY-i6 or Eachine i6?

The remote control can be sold under several names. All remotes sold under different names are the same except for packaging and stickers. If your remote control looks very similar to the FlySky FS-6, it is most likely the same (no matter the name).

Flysky FS-i6X 2.4G 10CH AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter w/Receiver for RC Airplane Drone

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as of 26.09.2022 19:25

2.4GHz system: AFHDS 2A / AFHDS. The FS-i6X transmitter and FS-iA6B receiver constitute a 6 channel 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A digital proportional computerized RC system. Adopt AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System Second Generation) technology.

Form factor

When you open the FlySky FS-i6 box for the first time, you will be surprised how compact and light it is. The FS-i6 is almost half the size of the Taranis and DX-18. In addition to its compact size, the FlySky remote boasts a reinforced antenna – it won’t be easy to break it.

Four AA batteries power the remote control. To ensure that the remote control does not run out of batteries in the middle or end of flights, we recommend that you always have spare batteries on hand.

FlySky FS-i6 Best beginners radio

FlySky FS-i6 Best beginners radio -This is the transmitter I recommend for beginners.

They work fine. They aren’t as good as the more expensive remotes (e.g. DX-18), but they perform better than any remotes with RTF drones. They are made from aluminum, and can be adjusted for responsiveness (just like the Taranis).

FlySky FS-i6

Settings menu and software

The FlySky FS-i6 settings interface is intuitively simple. If you have had at least some experience with radio-controlled models, you will be able to figure out the settings in literally the first few minutes. This is a big plus for the FS-i6.

The settings menu is also very comprehensive. You can access all the basics like throttle settings, exposure, custom curves, and so forth. The remote control is compatible with all aircraft, including helicopters, planes, and quadcopters.

Telemetry receiving functions are another undisputed advantage of FS-6. You will need to connect iBUS compatible sensors to your drone. Otherwise, the remote control won’t be able show the battery charge.


FlySky FS-6’s biggest problem is its transmitters. Depending on the place you purchase your remote, one of the four transmitters will be included.

The most popular transmitter is the FS-iA6. It does not support PWM output, and it will not work with remote controls other than FlySky. Antennas can’t be replaced.

FS-iA6B – This transmitter is best suited for quadcopters who race. It is also too heavy and difficult to fit onto small frames. The antennas are also not replaceable.

Flysky FS-iA6B 2.4GHz 6CH Receiver PPM Output iBus Port for FS i4 i6 i10

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as of 26.09.2022 19:25

Flysky FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6S, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G. FS-GT2F, FS-iT4S. 1 x Flysky FS-i6ab receiver. Compatible Transmitter RF Receiver Sensitivity: -105dBm. i-BUS Port: Yes. Data Acquisition Port: Yes.

A8B – This transmitter is small but has one antenna.

FlySky’s most advanced transmitter, the X6B, will bring FlySky nearly on par with FrSky. It features iBus output, telemetry, and replaceable antennas. This transmitter is rare, but we do know where you can find it.

The main problem with non-replaceable antennas is the following: You will likely break your racing quadcopter’s antennas quite often. In this case, you will need to replace the whole transmitter. I find the price of spare transmitters very affordable, which means you can purchase them in the future.

FlySKY FS- i6 Basic 4ch Setup

RC Basics. How to setup a 4 channel plane with the FlySKY FS-i6 or Turnigy i6 transmitter.


When we first saw the FlySky FS-6, our first thought was that it would make a great starter remote control. It is not easy to call this an “entry-level remote control.” Over the last five years, much has changed in the world of aircraft modeling. The FS-i6 functions better than remotes sold in the 2000s for between $ 400-500. The FlySky FS-i6 remote controller is a great option if you are looking to get into quadcopter racing on a tight budget.


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