Eachine E52 Folding Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

Eachine E52 package contents:

  • Eachine E52 quadrocopter
  • Li-po battery 600mAh with JST connector
  • Control panel (in RTF version)
  • Smartphone holder
  • USB cable for battery charging
  • 4 spare propellers
  • Screw removal tool
  • Manual (in English and Chinese)
Eachine E52

Eachine E52 review:

The quadcopter looks like a supercar, with its sleek red body and bright lights at the rear, and a strip of illumination in the front. We are impressed by the appearance of the quadcopter. The drone’s plastic is thin and may not withstand strong falls. You will need to be careful. The device allows for such flight patterns, which is a good thing. The Eachine E52 folds easily and can be carried with you anywhere you go. The quadcopter weighs in at 86g.

The installation of motors in the E52 was a unique approach by Eachine engineers. They are horizontally located. Gears are used to transmit torque to propellers. This allows for a slight increase in the efficiency of the propeller motor group. So that the drone looks neat and compact in flight, the battery is placed inside the drone’s body. The E52 requires a proprietary battery. This means that other drone batteries will not work. You will need to purchase special batteries.

Eachine E52

A quadcopter camera is not a miracle tool. It’s a toy that costs just over $30. The Eachine E52 is not capable of taking serious photos. The camera’s capabilities allow for plenty of fun in the air. You can also change the angle of your camera.

E52 WiFi FPV With High Hold Mode Foldable Arm RC Quadcopter RC Quadcopter Model

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1 x Eachine E52 RC Quadcopter. The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics,lightweight and durable resistance. With foldable arm, small size, easy to carry. With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.

Remote Control:

For the $ 6 extra, you get an RTF model with a remote control and a smartphone mount. Eachine has done their best and made a beautiful and convenient remote control that is pleasant to hold in your hands. Controlling the remote control is much more convenient and familiar than using an app on a smartphone, so we advise you to buy the RTF version right away.

To calibrate the gyroscope, you need to tilt both sticks down and to the right. The LEDs on the drone will blink, informing you that the calibration has been successfully completed. The upper left button on the remote control allows you to select from three flight modes (short press), as well as to urgently turn off the motors (long press).

Eachine E52

The top right button is responsible for automatic 360-degree flips – nothing new here. The smartphone mount allows you to use the remote control with models up to 6 inches.

Flight impressions:

After pressing the auto-takeoff button, the Eachine E52 immediately takes off. You can set the device to automatically hold altitude. The E52’s engines are very quiet, which is a huge plus for a pocket-sized selfie drone. The control of the drone is easy. Even for people who have never flown a quadcopter before, flying the Eachine E52 will feel comfortable. The smooth flight allows for acceptable video quality without any shaking.

Eachine E52 TX Pocket Drone With Foldable Arm 4CH 2.4G 0.3MP Camera

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All parts looks good. In original box with instructions. Maybe you will have better luck.

Communication range is sufficient – we were able fly 70m without any issues. The FPV image freezes after 40m, especially if the drone is flying in trees. If you are not sure if the drone can be brought back, it is best to use the quadcopter outdoors. The Headless mode, which allows for control over long distances, is available in case the pilot loses orientation. You can also use the auto return home function but it is not perfect and it does not work all the time.

Eachine E52-TX Pocket WiFi Quadcopter/Drone! : REVIEW & SAMPLE CLIPS!

There are many options available in the app for Android and iOS smartphones. You can toggle the altitude hold and tilt modes, take off and land, as well as turn on or off the altitude holding mode. The Eachine E52 can follow a track to fly to your desired destination. All you have to do to get your quadcopter there is to swipe your finger across your smartphone’s screen.


The Eachine E52 quadcopter is small and affordable. It has a good flight time of up to 6 minutes and has FPV video transmission/communication range of approximately 50 meters. For beginners, drone controls are easy to use. This device is a great design. It was however not without its flaws.

Eachine E52

A quadcopter camera is not recommended for serious work. This model is not the right one if you want to capture stunning aerial videos. The E52 is a great value for money at a price point of under $70.


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