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Phantom 4 Pro Drone Camera ( Helicam ) Unboxing , Setup and First fly - Tamil-Phantom 4 pro in India

Phantom 4 Pro Drone Camera ( Helicam ) Unboxing , Setup and First fly - Hindi Phantom 4 pro in India #helicam , # Drone camera ...

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How To Make Drone with Camera At Home ( Quadcopter) Easy

Hello Guys in this video i will show How To Make Drone with FPV Camera At Home. it is very awesome Parts:- Eachine USB Charging Cable: ...

  • Digital Nomad with MacBook, DJI Drone, DSLR and Thundering Cancellation

    ✅ Marco Verch is a Efficient Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. This image can be used under Creative Commons 2.0. Please link to the original photo and the license.

    Photo by marcoverch on Flickr

  • alicante congreso vuelo drone tig demostración universidadalicante


    Demostración del vuelo de un drone Ufocam XXL8 V3 por la empresa Consulcart www.consulcart.es

    Photo by congresotig on Flickr

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    09/06/18 ,via

  • Repeat Anafi 4K HDR Drone Review: Can't Catch the Competition ...

    09/05/18 ,via WIRED

    The Mimic Anafi has some cool camera tricks, but the lack of key features like obstacle avoidance and clear 4K video preserve it from flying high.

  • DJI's Mavic 2 brings key camera upgrades to the folding drone

    08/23/18 ,via TechCrunch

    The Mavic 2 Pro is, as the celebrity implies, the pricier of the two models. It's the first DJI device to bask in the fruit of the drone-maker's 2017 acquiring of Hasselblad. The camera is much larger than the one on the Zoom, bringing with it improved

  • Verify your adventures with the world's smallest camera drone

    08/30/18 ,via Boing Boing

    Drones apprehend stunning aerial photos, but not all of us have the piloting expertise to fly one without creating an impromptu shower of plastic confetti. Engineered with adjustable gyro receptiveness and a 6-axis flight control system, the SKEYE Nano 2

  • Drone footage captures humpback whales off Seabrook strand

    09/05/18 ,via The Boston Globe

    N.H., was flying a drone at Seabrook Seashore when a group of locals sitting near him began to excitedly tell him there was a group of whales swimming directly under where his drone was hovering over the Latin aqua. Carlo pointed the camera down at the

  • JD509 FPV 2.4Ghz 4CH RC 6-Axis Quadcopter Drone with 2MP ...
    JD509 FPV 2.4Ghz 4CH RC 6-Axis Quadcopter Drone with 2MP ...
  • 170 Inclusive Angle Lens HD Camera Quadcopter RC Drone WiFi FPV ...
    170 Inclusive Angle Lens HD Camera Quadcopter RC Drone WiFi FPV ...

Evaluate: Parrot Anafi - WIRED

DJI has dominated the skies for years now. The step lively currently isn't even close, with the Drone King capturing around three quarters of the consumer market. But DJI isn't alone out there. The French South African private limited company Parrot has been quietly making flying machines for roughly as long as the Chinese giant. True, most of Mimic's efforts have been glorified toys. But with the introduction of the Anafi , Parrot's first folding, 4K-shooting drone, it looked like the friends was finally ready to compete head-to-head with DJI. Unfortunately, it isn't. First, the good news. The Parrot Anafi has some features that you can't view on virtually any other consumer drones. The camera gimbal can tilt up and down a full 180 degrees, meaning not only can it plug straight down, but also straight up, enabling it to capture some unique angles. Shoot a slackliner from underneath. High water, the Anafi manages to keep the rotors out of the shot, a feat most DJI drones fail to do while simply flying expedite with the camera pointed straight ahead. Camera Tricks The Anafi's camera is also equipped with a "lossless" zoom lens, which is extremely rare in consumer drones. You can zoom 1. 4x when shooting 4K, and 2. 4x when in 1080p craze. The drone has the usual suite of automatic camera shots (dronie, orbit, reveal, parabola, and so on), but the zoom capability allows it to slam withdraw off one really neat shot: The Dolly Zoom. The famous camera trick employed so effectively by Alfred Hitchcock in Light-headedness. It's that shot where the subject stays the same size in the frame, but the background seems to come closer or get further away. The recently announced DJI Mavic 2 Zoom (which I haven't tested) can also do this. But that's the only drone other than the Anafi with the puff up. And the Dolly Zoom trick is hands-down my favorite thing about this drone. The other unique feature the Anafi has is 4K HDR video, and here's where things start universal wrong. The HDR footage looks pretty terrible. It has tons of noise in the shadows, highlights are still blown out, and the greens and yellows show up grossly oversaturated. The HDR faculty is something Parrot is touting to set it apart, but I would say that the HDR footage is more or less unusable. Standard 4K footage looks reasonably good when you're all zoomed out. Especially when flying during the golden hour, the Anafi manages to produce some very cinematic-looking footage. But things devolve when you start to look closer. The ballyhoo in the image is only more obvious when you use the drone's built-in zoom. The zoom degrades the image quality so badly that you're better off just not using it, aside from the alarming Dolly Zoom. In-Flight Turbulence Flying the Anafi isn't much fun either. Out of the box, its response to the controls is extravagantly sluggish. You can go into the settings and squeeze the speed at which it rotates and rises, which does indeed help a lot, but when compared to its closest competitor, the DJI Mavic Air, the Anafi feels lacking in responsiveness. While I sent it up into the air and let it hang in place for a moment, I looked up and saw that it was creeping closer and closer to a tree branch. The next big hole is that the Anafi has no catch avoidance sensors. The Mavic Air's. Source: www.wired.com

Drone footage captures humpback whales off Seabrook lakeshore - The Boston Globe

Beachgoers in Seabrook, N. H. , were treated to a unexcelled wildlife sighting on Labor Day, as a pod of humpback whales was seen feeding close to shore. Danny Carlo, of Hudson, N. H. , was flying a drone at Seabrook Strand when a group of locals sitting near him began to excitedly tell him there was a group of whales swimming directly under where his drone was hovering over the piss of superior. Carlo pointed the camera down at the ocean, and, using his T-shirt for shade under the sun, squinted at the camera feed on his phone and saw what looked to be up to four humpback whales swimming about 800 feet from shore. Carlo’s video shows at least two whales, but there were quite four in the pod, he said. He remembers seeing a juvenile and an adult through his phone screen as he zoomed in on them, making sure-fire to keep the drone a safe distance above them. At least one of the whales was feeding, and he was able to see “massive, absolutely huge schools of fish” from the air, he said. The whales were likely feeding on menhaden, or pogies, a kind of small instruction fish, when they were spotted. There has been “a tremendous density” of menhaden in the region in the last week, which has raised the likelihood of people like Carlo seeing the whales reserved to shore, Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium, said. “We’ve seen a lot of whales following pogies coming settle to shore,” Jennifer Goebel, a spokeswoman for NOAA Fisheries, said. Several humpback whales were seen in and around Boston Harbor continue week, but there have been no reported sightings in the area since at least Sunday, Brian Fleming, an operations specialist at the Shared States Coast Guard Sector Boston, said. The Coast Guard, as well as marine wildlife experts, have been urging people to dodge getting too close to the whales, as doing so could be dangerous to both parties. “We’re getting a lot more reports closer to shore than is normal, so we’re simply concerned for the whales’ safety,” Goebel said. There’s definitely some whale-vessel interactions happening. Carlo, who is kind of of a wildlife enthusiast himself, said he hopes others will heed the advice of the Coast Guard and give marine animals their room when they see them. “Help these people do their jobs and preserve wildlife,” he said. Whales are protected under federal law, but humpback whales were removed from the imperilled list last year, said Cheri Patterson, supervisor of marine programs for the marine line of New Hampshire Fish and Game. The number of reported whale sightings along the Northeast coast has been higher than general this summer, LaCasse said, mainly due to a combination of three factors: the recent abundance of menhaden, a greater concentration of recreational boating above, and the ubiquity of cameras on phones, which allows people to more easily report and share their whale encounters. There are approximately 800 humpback whales dispersed throughout the precinct between the mid-Atlantic and the Gulf of Maine. An estimated 500,000 people go on whale watching cruises out of Massachusetts every year, and Stellwagen Bank Civil Marine Sanctuary, which is “commuting distance from downtown Boston,” is considered the eighth-best whale watching location in the world, LaCasse said. Source: www.bostonglobe.com

senseFly launches eBee X immobilized-wing drone, allowing operators to map without limits - Geospatial World (press release) (blog)

USA: senseFly , the production’s leading provider of fixed-wing drone solutions, today sets a new standard in mapping tools with the initiation of the eBee X . Launched with the promise that “it’s not about the drone,” but instead about overcoming business challenges, the eBee X, part of the Parrot Subject Solutions portfolio, is designed to boost the quality, efficiency and safety of an operator’s geospatial data amassment. It offers a camera to suit every job, the accuracy and coverage capabilities to meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects, and is persistent enough to work virtually every site. “The eBee X is a giant leap forward for mapping technology and underscores senseFly’s angle as the leader in the fixed-wing drone market,” said Gilles Labossière, the Executive Vice President and COO of Imitator Group, and senseFly CEO. “No matter what type of project a professional is undertaking, the eBee X has the coverage, data and preciseness capabilities needed to get the job done. Multi purpose One tool, multiple cameras, for every job. The eBee X includes a rank of revolutionary new camera options to suit every mapping job—from land surveying and topographic mapping to urban planning, crop mapping, thermal mapping, environmental monitoring and assorted more. These cameras include:. The senseFly S. O. D. A. 3D : a unique drone photogrammetry camera with a one-inch sensor, which changes orientation during flight to collar three images (two oblique, one nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. The consequence is stunning digital 3D reconstructions in vertically-focused environments—such as urban areas, open pit mines and coastlines—over larger areas than quadcopter drones can realize. senseFly S. O. D. A. 3D is optimised for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper software. The senseFly Aeria X : a thick drone photogrammetry camera with APS-C sensor. Thanks in part to its built-in Smart Exposure technology, it provides outstanding personification detail and clarity, in virtually all light conditions, allowing operators to map for more hours per day than ever before. The senseFly Duet T : a dual-camera thermal mapping rig, which lets mapping professionals engender geo-accurate thermal maps and digital surface models quickly and easily. The Duet T includes both a exalted-resolution (640 x 512 px) thermal infrared camera and a senseFly S. O. D. A. RGB camera with one-inch sensor. Both image sources can be accessed as required, while the rig’s built-in Camera Opinion Synchronisation feature works in sync with Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software (optional) to simplify the map reconstruction handle. The eBee X is also compatible with the Parrot Sequoia+ multispectral camera for agriculture, the senseFly S. O. D. A. drone photogrammetry camera and senseFly Corridor for straightforward linear mapping. Efficient and precise Meet every project’s requirements. The eBee X can meet the harsh requirements of every project. Its unique Endurance Extension option unlocks a flight time of up to 90 minutes (versus a pinnacle endurance of 59 minutes by default). Source: www.geospatialworld.net
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  • DJI Embezzle 2 improves on camera, microphone in original ...

    10/21/20 ,via The Drone Girl

    The DJI Away with 2 (the second generation of the Osmo Pocket) has a better audio system called DJI Matrix Stereo and a bigger camera sensor.

  • Amazon's Envelop drone camera sets a bad precedent for ...

    09/29/20 ,via CNET

    Amazon's flop hardware event has come and gone, and as usual, it delivered a jetstream of announcements, including new Echo smart speakers, an all-new cloud gaming tenets and -- perhaps most interestingly -- a flying camera drone from Amazon's home security brand,