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Hands-On with DJI's Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone!

Update: And here's our final review of the Phantom 4, after a month of testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfS20BG13Aw We go hands-on with DJI's ...

Hands-On with DJI's Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone!

We take the new DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional quadcopters out for some test flights! Eric Cheng of DJI joins us to discuss how these new quads ...

Tested: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone

It may sound like the buzzing of a swarm of bees, but it's actually the whirring of the new DJI Phantom Vision+ quadcopter that we've been testing. We head out ...

  • california light sunset green lines photography photo dallas high bright air perspective pic fromabove roads lookingdown dirk aerialphotography rollinghills heli dirka centralcalifornia iphone drone phantom2 gopro mobilephotography iphone5 quadcopter dirkdallas iphoneography iphoneographer instagram djiphantom djiphantom2 fromwhereidrone droneography

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    Photo by Dirk Dallas on Flickr

  • Crashing a $1400 DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone On Resolution

    05/05/16 ,via Fstoppers

    Peer at YouTube star Julien Solomita follow behind-the-scenes as fellow YouTuber Keaton Keller of Tech Well-versed reviews the new DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter obstacle avoidance feature. As a review, it isn't to be taken too seriously with Keller attempting to

  • Get a DJI Phantom 3 Exemplar quadcopter for $399

    05/03/16 ,via CNET

    's Cheapskate scours the Web for tickety-boo deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. And find more great buys on the Deals stage.

  • DJI Phantom 4 Look at – 4K UHD UAV Camera Drone Quadcopter

    04/22/16 ,via 4k

    DJI stays at the top of the UAV consumer drone call with an apparently steady stream of new machines with some great specs, excellent flying ability and plenty of 4K video recording capabilities as properly. The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest example of

  • DJI Phantom 4 Notice: The Best Drone I've Ever Crashed

    05/13/16 ,via Gizmodo Australia

    The DJI Phantom 4 is a smooth, feature-packed drone. People say it's the drone that anybody can fly, the quadcopter that you just can't crash. Let me be painfully clear about two things: 1) Not everyone can fly the Phantom 4, and 2) It's fair damn

  • Manfrotto D1 Backpack Designed For DJI Phantom Drones (video)

    05/16/16 ,via Geeky Gadgets

    Drone pilots that use the DJI Phantom quadcopter might be interested in a new way of transporting it using the awe-inspiring Manfrotto D1 Backpack which has been specifically designed to provide a safe way to transport your DJI Phantom drone. Watch the video 

Neither a bird nor a unbroken - Cape Breton Post

It’s the conduct off and landing pad for his DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — a drone, in layman’s terms. Drones have been used by militaries for years but technological advances and the falling charge have made it more affordable for companies of all sizes and techies to purchase them. Voutier, from Sydney River, started his own establishment, Island Aerial Media, in September. The device is helpful and convenient, because it can fly and hover where most people cannot go. It has been peculiarly useful in the real estate industry where realtors want close up, digital images and steady video of properties for clients. “Capacity homebuyers want to learn just as much about the surrounding properties as they do about their own,” Voutier said, as he monitored his drone’s bird’s-eye view of Sydney from his headstone during a demonstration flight last week. “It comes down to property value and seeing the quality of other homes, playgrounds, churches in all directions from you. Having a drone buzz around a home or commercial property — particularly on the roof — can answer a lot of questions for homebuyers, said Sydney realtor Roger Burns. Burns has acclimatized Voutier’s drones to scan the interior of homes for use as virtual tours on the realtor’s website. The camera stays blunt and steady,” he said. In late April, as the Department of Natural Resources and local volunteer fire departments fought a adipose grass and brush fire in Howie Centre, Voutier got the call to fly his drone over the scene to help fire crews consume the blaze in the best... Voutier, a volunteer firefighter with 20 years experience, said he took images and video of the footway of the fire to assist Natural Resources in deciding the best way to deploy crews to contain it. He said Captivate Canada restricts drones from... “Over a forest fire the air space is always restricted so you have to work with them, get their permission and recall the air space and know when there are other aircraft in the area like DNR helicopters,” said Voutier. “I think they really appreciated getting the look on of the fire scene from different angles. Voutier has a special flight operations certificate issued by Transfer Canada to fly the two drones he owns. There is no cost to apply for a certificate but it must be done prior to each drone flight for commercial use. The fraud must also have $100,000 liability insurance coverage to qualify for the certificate. But even without a certificate — including flying a drone for a recreational motivation — liability insurance is required. He said if the regulations and safety measures are followed by the operator of the drone, a request can be made to impart a special flight operations certificate for a few days to a month or longer. Voutier’s company seeks renewal of his flying certificate a single time finally a year because he spent five months studying the Aeronautics Act, the Privacy Act, and Trespass Act, among regulations pertaining to Canadian aviation and aircraft access in nationalist... Source: www.capebretonpost.com

Insurers Poverty Barriers to Drone Use Reduced - Insurance Networking News

As they advancing from theoretical use cases into the testing phase, insurance companies are witnessing the impact unmanned aircraft systems will have on claims and underwriting processes hastily. Allstate, State Farm, USAA and other insurers foresee drones as a means for roof inspection and scene review after catastrophic events, such as hailstorms or wildfires. This will result in expedited claims estimates for customers and time saved on instructions inspections of damaged property, industry leaders say. The industry’s use of small unmanned aircraft systems is not without restrictions, however. Yet, the drone market-place is booming. According to the FAA’s latest forecast, there could be as many as 7 million small drones flying in national airspace by 2020. Total sales of drones will also lengthen from $2. 5 million to $7 million in the same period with commercial purchases... “Drones are a game-changing technology that we can mutate into something usable like an estimate,” said Kristina Tomasetti, director of strategic innovation at USAA. “The spitting image can deliver data directly into the claims system instead of validating or measuring it through a third social gathering. It also allows us to use manual labor on processes that will remain manual by nature. Early Testing Results Are In. The drones of voice for insurers are quad-rotors: aircraft with four propellers. USAA began testing with 3DR’s Solo Quadcopter north of Dallas and circa Tomasetti’s home in San Antonio before recently adding DJI’s Inspire. The insurer now tests both in residential and rural areas and has been specially busy during hail season, she says. “Testing is about location and the sensors (cameras) on the drone. We test areas where we have losses and are competent to fly, adhering to FAA rules,” she said. “The question for us when we began was, ‘Do we use our own fleet and pilots. Echoing Tomasetti’s sentiment is Erie Assurance’s VP of property and subrogation claims, Gary Sullivan. Erie Insurance began loss control inspections in September and has occupied both the DJI Phantom 2 and DJI Phantom 3 in its testing. DJI, a Chinese tech company that also manufactures the Ronin, controls 75% of the drone market, according to Sullivan. Both Constitution Farm and Allstate said it is still too early to fully gauge results from pilot programs. However, Allstate finds using drones to rank property damage does offer easier access into restricted areas by authorities or debris. In addition, Land Farm commented, “We see drone technology as an additional tool to complement our claim associates. Following a catastrophe event, injure to infrastructure can make it difficult to access damaged communities. While drone data quality is impressive, using the unmanned aircrafts does have its challenges, Sullivan says. Video files pulled from drones have also proven to be too gigantic. Source: www.insurancenetworking.com

DJI's next Phantom dodges obstacles, follows automatically, cruises at 45 mph - Digital Trends

With novelty at the core of what makes DJI so successful, it should come as no surprise the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer drones has just announced the next institution of its Phantom lineup, the Phantom 4. According to a press... Moreover, with its included ‘follow me’ mode, obstacle avoidance, and tap-to-fly features, the Phantom 4 is unmistakably the smartest quadcopter DJI has ever released. So how excited should you be for the next generation Phantom. Despite the fact DJIjust upgraded its Phantom 3 lineup with 4K cameras maladroitly two months ago, the China-based UAV purveyor has made some massive strides with the Phantom 4. As mentioned above, the drone’s lot of smart features is where it... “With the Phantom 4, we are entering an era where even beginners can fly with confidence,” says DJI CEO Frank Wang. “People have dreamed about one day having a drone join forces creatively with them. Concerning ActiveTrack, users have the ability to continuously keep the Phantom 4’s onboard camera focused on a selected prone to no matter the direction it flies. To set the desired subject, pilots simply tap the person on their smartphone or tablet strainer and the drone instantly locks in on them while recording. While locked in, the drone actively assesses the image, even if it changes shape or direction, and has the knack to change its flight pattern while keeping the subject centered and in focus. Related: This helicopter drone helps Australia trace shark activity and reduce attacks. With TapFly, pilots are essentially given the capability of manually setting waypoints for the Phantom 4 to journey to. For instance, a quick double-tap of the flight screen sets a preferred destination and in a matter of seconds, the quadcopter... If a alcohol double-taps another location during flight, the drone smoothly transitions to the new location and yet again finds the best possible itinerary. Additionally, while flying, the Phantom 4 also makes use of its brand-new Obstacle Sensing System, which allows it to send and avoid any obstructions enveloping it. By utilizing two front-facing optical sensors, the quadcopter frequently scans its... What’s perhaps most intriguing about this aspect is that if the drone senses it won’t be able to safely make its way around an obstacle, it simply stops flying and hovers in burden until redirected. Though DJI dramatically raised the bar with the included extras native to the Phantom 4, the company also improved a slew of existing Phantom features. With a new power stewardship system and included intelligent battery, pilots should expect roughly 28 minutes of continuous feather time even while using the onboard camera. Speed junkies should also take note as the Phantom 4’s new Sport Mode. Source: www.digitaltrends.com
  • Amazon.com: DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for ...

    Buy DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro: Quadcopters & Multirotors - Amazon.com Unrestricted DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Amazon.com : DJI Phantom 3 Polished Quadcopter 4K UHD ...

    Amazon.com : DJI Phantom 3 Efficient Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone : Camera & Photo

  • Tested: DJI Phantom 2 Sight+ Quadcopter Drone - YouTube

    It may solid like the buzzing of a swarm of bees, but it's actually the whirring of the new DJI Phantom Vision+ quadcopter that we've been testing. We head ...

  • UDI U818A QuadCopter with Camera Phantom Drone Unboxing ...

    Unboxing and Inspect of the $77 U818A Quadcopter with Camera. Its a cheaper alternative to a Phantom 2 Drone with gopro. The Video records to avi format ...

  • DJI Phantom 1 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for Go Pro ...

    eFuture(TM) DJI Phantom Propellers Props Blades Protectors Prop Guards Anti Vibration For Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter -Milk-white +eFuture's nice Keyring

#DJI Phantom 3 Professional RC Drone QuadCopter 2 Battery COMBO W/ GPS 4K Camera https://t.co/gZS8IkmKXb On ebay UK https://t.co/VqqdrlclQI 04/21/16, @HelcoAerial
#Review DJI #Phantom 3 #Drone Professional #Quadcopter with 4K Video Camera. #Buycheap https://t.co/rBdYwuu7aW https://t.co/VTSqySFAII 04/21/16, @BuyCheapLow
DJI Phantom 4 Pro GPS QuadCopter Phantom4 Drone 4K 12 MP HD + 2 Extra Batteries! https://t.co/ez32nsqdTR https://t.co/NxoxUAq2nS 04/21/16, @ultragranddeal
DJI Phantom 4 Pro GPS QuadCopter Phantom4 Drone 4K 12 MP HD + 1 Extra Battery! https://t.co/J8ZA89emFK https://t.co/O7ByHasjfT 04/21/16, @olaldejenofonte
  • Crashing a $1400 DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone On Target

    05/05/16 ,via fstoppers.com

    Take heed of YouTube star Julien Solomita follow behind-the-scenes as fellow YouTuber Keaton Keller of Tech Well-educated reviews the new DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter obstacle avoidance feature. As a review, it isn't to be taken too seriously with Keller ...

  • Get a DJI Phantom 3 Yardstick quadcopter for $399

    05/03/16 ,via CNet

    Though marketed by DJI as the "drone for beginners," the Phantom 3 Archetype offers some pretty high-end ... and called it "the best beginner quadcopter you're going to find for the money." I concur, except that there's indeed nothing "beginner" about ...

  • Neither a bird nor a plane

    05/11/16 ,via Cape Breton Post

    It’s the scram off and landing pad for his DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — a drone, in layman’s terms. Drones have been used by militaries for years but technological advances and the falling set someone back have made it ...

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RCYAGO Phantom 3 Rucksack,Hardshell Wasserdichte Hochdichte Schaum Tasche Schulter Tragekoffer UAV Drohne Box für DJI Phantom 2 3s Curriculum vitae-words FPV Drone Quadcopter by RCYAGO

  • Hochwertiger Rucksacktasche Passend für DJI Phantom 3 DJI Phantom 2...
  • Dieser dji phantom 3 case ist sehr stark, Tragfähigkeit ist groß....
  • Dji phantom 3 rucksack mit doppel-EPP-Schutz, geben Sie Ihrem...

Product Description

Phantom 3 UAV Drohne Rucksack Hardshell Tasche Rucksack Schulter Tragekoffer Hard Shell Box für DJI Phantom 2 3s Standard FPV Drone Quadcopter (Kohlefaser Linien)
Warum musst du diesen UAV Rucksack kaufen?
Es gibt atmungsaktive 1.und bequeme Riemen und Rückenlehne
2. Exquisit und schön
3.Innerhalb der Struktur kann Schutz für Ihre 3 unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge bieten, wenn Sie reisen
4. Schulterriemen können so eingestellt werden, bis sie zu Ihrer Länge passen
5.Innenmaterial des Tragekoffers: EPP, besserer Schutz für DJI Phantom 3 Drohne Phantom 3-Batterie, Kontroller und Zubehöre. Das ganze Material ist umweltfreundlich und diese Tasche ist arbitronbeständig und perfekt Schutz für DJI Phantom 3 Drohnen.
6.Kundenspezifischer Schaum: die Essenz des Schaums ist weich, es darf in eine kleine Reichweite angepasst werden. Machen keine Sorge, dass diese Tasche Größe nicht geeignet für Ihre DJI Phantom 3 Drohne ist. Wie ein Kind in den Armen seiner Mutter, sicher und komfortabel, um die Haltbarkeit und den Schutz der Tasche zu erhöhen. Hochwertiger Schaumstoff, starke und dicke Isolierung

Stil: lässig Reisen
Anzug für phantom 3
Farbe: Grün
Material: ABS(outside), EPP(inside)
Größe ca.: 22,9 cm Breite × 44. 7cm hoch × 31. 8cm tief
Netto Gewicht: Ca. 1,65 KG
Max. Gewicht: 10 KG
Phantom 3 Kapazität:
1 × DJI phantom 3 Drohne
1 × DJI phantom 3 Fernbedienung
1 × DJI phantom 3 intelligente Flugakkus
1 × DJI phantom 3 Propeller
1 × DJI phantom 3 Serie Akku-Ladegerät

Bitte beachten Sie:
Es scheint mehrere Defekte auf der Oberfläche haben. Bitte nicht falsch. Das ist die Schutzfolie.

Price: €599.00

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DJI Phantom 3 Criterion by DJI

  • 2.7K HD Video
  • Lieferumfang:Phantom 3 Standard;12MP Kamera;Gimbal;Remote...
  • 3-Axis Gimbal

Customer reviews
Absolut sein Geld wert, nicht Firmware Upgraden!, November 10, 2017
Ich hatte vor dieser DJI Phantom 3 Standard nur so kleine Quadrocopter die so nur um die 100€ wert waren. Da die aber nichts taugten und bei Wind immer davon getrugen wurden, dachte ich mir SO jetzt ist es soweit, jetzt kaufst du dir was...
Intuitive "Profi"-Filmdrohne für Anfänger zum erschwinglichen Preis, November 10, 2017
Ganz kurz bevor's los geht: meinen 5-Punkte-Check vor dem Start findet Ihr ganz unten.Als ich neulich auf einem Multivision-Vortrag von Dirk Bleyer (fotografiert auch für National Geographic) war, war ich von seinen Luftaufnahmen...
Perfekt für Anfänger, April 13, 2017
Die DJI Phantom 3 Standard ist eine Geniale Drohne für Anfänger und Amateure!Dank der 2,7K Viedeokamera und dem Sehr gut funktionierenden Gimbal Entstehen Super Aufnahmen.Auch die Reichweite der Phantom ist für Amateure...
Product Description

Quadrocopter, ferngesteuert, Live HD-Bildkontrolle, 2.7K Kamera (iOS/Android kompatibel)

Produktfarbe : Weiß

Maximaler Betriebsabstand : 1000 m
GPS Konpmatibilität : Ja
Maximale Aufstiegsgeschwindigkeit : 5 m/s
Maximale Senkgeschwindigkeit : 3 m/s
Vertikale Schwebegenaui

Price: €24.99
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Neewer 4 Stück Down in the gob-blooded Kit für DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Quadcopter, ND4, ND8, ND16 und ND32 Strainer, aus Optisches Glas, Aluminium Legierung Rahmen und wasserdicht MRC 16-layer Beschichtung (schwarz) by Neewer

  • KOMPATIBILITÄT: Speziell für DJI Phantom 4 Pro entwickelt; Hinweis:...
  • ND FILTER: Sie Könnten ohne Beeinträchtigung der Farbe die...
  • KIT ENTHALTEN: (1) ND4 Filter, (1) ND8 Filter, (1) ND16 Filter, (1)...

Customer reviews
passt und bietet die notwendige Ergänzung zu den Filmaufnahmen mit der P4P, November 10, 2017
machen genau das, wo für was ich sie brauche, lassen sich leicht wechseln und bieten mir die notwendigen richtigen Videoeinstellungen
Product Description


1. Diese Filter können NUR nach Entfernung der Original-Filter montiert werden

2. Quadcopter ist nicht enthalten.

- Eigenschaften:

Neutrale Dichte ND4, ND8, ND16 und ND32 Filter:

Sie Könnten ohne Beeinträchtigung der Farbe die Lichtmenge reduzieren, die an den Film erreichen werden.

Mit den hätten Sie mehr Kontrolle über die Blende des Quadcopters, die Belichtungszeit und die Sensorempfindlichkeitseinstellungen.

Mit diesen Filter könnten eine flachere Schärfentiefe produziert oder ein schärferes Foto erreicht werden.

ND4 verringert die Belichtung durch 2-Anschläge

ND8 verringert die Belichtung durch 3-Anschläge

ND16 verringert die Belichtung durch 4-Anschläge

ND32 verringert die Belichtung durch 5-Anschläge

- Technische Daten:

Kompatibilität: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Gewicht jedes Filters: 4,25 Gramm

Material: HD-optisches Glas, Aluminiumlegierung Rahmen

Farbe: Schwarz

- Packungsinhalt:

1x ND4 Filter

1x ND8 Filter

1x ND16 Filter

1x ND32 Filter

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter

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