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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter Part 2 - The Build

This video takes you step by step through the building process for your racing drone or quadcopter. We condensed six hours of building into ninety minutes and ...

How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter Part 1 - Parts List

For all things drone, please visit: http://www.readysetdrone.com If you have thought about building your own racing quadcopter, this video is a great place to start ...

Basic Quadcopter Tutorial - Chapter 1 - Parts and Setup

For more RC related stuff feel free to visit my Homepage: http://rc-creator.jimdo.com/ List of the parts used: ...

  • aerialphotography hexacopter houstonaerialphotography dronephotography rchelicopterphotography

    Upgraded quadcopter

    Upgraded with the NAZA stabilizer and bound to a Spektrum 8ch

    Photo by eschipul on Flickr

  • Xiaomi drone to be launched on May 25

    05/21/16 ,via Pc-Tablet Media

    However, the drone is believed to have a cultivated camera and could record 4K quality videos and could be operated via gesture control. The teaser released by the company said that the device will be released on 25 May and will be released at the start in 

  • RoboBees situate during flight to save too much energy consumption

    05/20/16 ,via NH Voice

    "Robots designed for aerial surveys and consanguineous observational tasks, like quadcopters, are currently limited by short flight times. They tend to run out of battery rather lickety-split. While perching won't extend a drone's actual time in the air, the

  • How to Get Started with Drone Racing

    05/18/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    But before you go that wise, you'll need to get your feet wet. The best place to start is with a simple, cheap drone like the $120 Hubsan X4. This small, set fire to quadcopter has a good amount of speed and control, and cheap parts for when you inevitably

  • Drone Racing Seeks Notice With a Speedy Flyby

    05/07/16 ,via New York Times

    He took off his goggles and crossed to the pilots' tete- for the replay. Once again, his quadcopter drone , a buzzing machine roughly the size of a loaf of bread, zoomed daringly around obstacles and entirely hairpin turns. And once again, it met its

  • Drone-racing enthusiasts look to pester sport into public eye

    05/05/16 ,via OCRegister

    The shepherd takes off his goggles and crosses to the pilots' lounge for the replay. Once again his quadcopter drone, a buzzing machine roughly the size of a brick of bread, zooms daringly around obstacles and through hairpin turns; once again, it meets

The sphere's simplest drone stays in the air using just ONE moving part - Daily Mail

A crew of researchers has created the simplest drone in the world. The 'monospinner' was demonstrated at the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena and has just one emotive part – a rotating propeller that allows it to spin through the air. Its movements may look erratic, but the drone is controllable, using feedback to pay attention to the vehicle near its equilibrium. The monospinner works by maintaining an 'unconventional equilibrium. The wishbone-shaped drone uses a worldly algorithm to allow control, which prevents it from crashing. It only produces one thrust and must be launched, recovering and staying in the air a demeanour similar to a Frisbee – by spinning in circles. The remarkable drone was revealed on YouTube by one of the researchers on the team, Weixuan Zhang. This occupation, which also included Mark W. Mueller and Raffaello D'Andrea, built upon earlier research from the Flying Machine Arena. This makes its exodus look very different from other types of drones. Other than this part, the wishbone-shaped drone has no additional actuators or aerodynamic surfaces. A gauge quadcopter produces a collective thrust that is equal to its weight to stay still in the air – but, the design of the monospinner doesn't allow for this. In disposal to hover, the monospinner can't just lift off from the ground but must be launched 'like a Frisbee. 'The monospinner cannot hover like a gauge multicopter,' explains Weixuan Zhang in the YouTube post. For a certain constant angular speed and propeller intensity, the monospinner is able to remain substantially in one position. Feedback control keeps the vehicle near this equilibrium. Animated control prevents the monospinner from crashing. It produces only one thrust, the video explains, and uses a sophisticated algorithm to let control. The monospinner's mechanical design is based on two 'robustness metrics. 'The mechanical design is carefully chosen as such that the modus operandi is robust to manufacturing imperfection, aerodynamic uncertainty, and system noise,' the video explains. The project which supported by the Swiss Nationalist Science Foundation, and researchers from the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control joined forces with ETH Zurich. Unfixed forward, the researchers say they're looking to push the technology to even greater simplicity by creating a flying machine that has no thrilling parts at all. You could be sent to prison and charged with a felony for shooting a drone from the sky. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

6 Things Drones Will Redress Next Year - Huffington Post

However, during termination Christmas, it was anticipated for drone sales to touch 1 million units, which was a major concern for (FAA) as it significantly increases the probability of malicious use and accidents, for those reasons (FAA) made it... Amongst sundry other rules, quadcopters and drones that weigh more than 0. 55 pounds and less than 55 pounds have to be registered. Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Lebanese drones tackling forest fires, NAR - Wamda

So, along with some friends, and cofounder Charlie El Khoury, and as to all intents of a final year university project in 2015, Zaatar built a small quadcopter. Three months later and it evolved into a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing-place) drone, they were able to engineer a prototype that could fly for up to two hours and - better yet - resist high winds, a common ingredient in forest fires. Unsatisfying to take into account non-tech savvy users, the desktop application means that anyone can operate the drone. The military equivalent, aside from the red tape around getting one off the ground, can only be flown by a trained military pilot. NAR’s application allows the user to beacon the drone by simply adding map coordinates. Importing all parts from elsewhere in the region, as well as the US and Europe (no intrinsic parts were sourced in Lebanon) they have been funded so far by Kafalat’s iSME program , the accelerator Hustle@BDD. A drone before completion. Franck Keszi of Terre Liban, the NGO fighting those fires back in 2014, told Wamda that they hadn’t reach-me-down the drones yet except in practice “but we aim to acquire drones for the protection of our forest and we hope that we will be able to promote... MEMakers or the “Maker in ME” lead is built on the belief that there is a maker in everyone. Our goal is to help you find the “Maker in You. We’ll work together to patronize a new generation of start-ups, focused on the region’s challenges of today and building a better tomorrow. Source: www.wamda.com
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    RadioC is a important UK supplier of quadcopter parts, drone parts and multicopter parts including motors, ESCs, flight controllers, frames, gimbals, and FPV parts.

  • Syma X11 - X11C Quadcopter Drone Small Parts

    Syma X11 X11C Quadcopter Drone Auxiliary Parts Uk UK stock of X11 X11C replacemant parts

#AliExpress US $4.63 4 Colors Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Quadcopter Spare Parts Motor Pinio... https://t.co/PJVh6bh34M https://t.co/aaD0vcWlRa 04/14/16, @AliAlistore
RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter w/ 360 Flip: Crash Proof, 2.4GHz, 4 CH, 3 Bladed Propellers, - https://t.co/z620bftCCV https://t.co/kj4MRTQeai 04/14/16, @fama05
Storm Drone (Clone) RoboCat FPV Quadcopter- Damaged For Parts or Rebuild. https://t.co/BEgDgQDnrO https://t.co/Twaj5XpBqL 04/14/16, @DiskinOlive
Storm Drone (Clone) RoboCat FPV Quadcopter- Damaged For Parts or Rebuild. https://t.co/WckektN570 https://t.co/WU1XPeQM9V 04/14/16, @UltraReviews
  • Here's the Smartest Drone Conveyance Idea We've Seen Yet

    05/09/16 ,via Gizmodo

    Quadcopter-based deliveries have to toil with ... And because they’re made of 3D-printed parts and require little manpower to fly, the drones cost about the same as a motorcycle delivery too. But where after a motorcyclist makes a delivering they ...

  • Drone racers touchy, still need day jobs

    05/09/16 ,via NWA Online

    Promptly again his quadcopter drone, a buzzing machine roughly the size ... Many are born tinkerers, and spend hours customizing their drones with new parts or erection them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries ...

  • See the next sport of the modern age: Drone racing

    05/06/16 ,via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Again again his quadcopter drone , a buzzing machine roughly the size ... Many are born tinkerers, and spend hours customizing their drones with new parts or erection them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries ...

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Ryze DJI Tello - Batterie für Mini-Drohne mit Micro-USB-Anschluss, 1100 mAh Kapazität und 3,8 V Spannung, leicht zu montieren - Schwarz by Ryze

  • ÜBERSICHT: Lege die Batterie in den Batterieschacht ein und lade...
  • LIEFERUMFANG: Tello Batterie × 1
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Speziell für die Tello konzipiert, Hochwertige...

Product Description

(Part 1)

Price: €19.99

FREE Shipping.
FREE Returns.

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Quadcopter Drone TaoTronics 2.4GHz RC Flugspielzeug, 2-in-1 Duale Gleit- & Quadcopter-Drohne by TaoTronics

  • Vollständig manövrierbarer Gleiter: Die flexiblen Flügel lassen Sie...
  • Langstreckenfernsteuerung: Der kabellose 2.4GHz-Transmitter lässt...
  • Verwandelt sich in einen Helikopter: Stecken Sie den Rahmen drauf,...

Product Description

TaoTronics - Optimieren Sie Ihr Leben
Kommen Sie voran, entdecken Sie Ihre Möglichkeiten, optimieren Sie Ihr Leben mit TaoTronics. Wir helfen Menschen, Produkte zu finden, die sich mit alltägliche Bedürfnissen auseinandersetzen und Sie dazu inspirieren, Ihr Leben zu optimieren. Von Haushaltswaren über Fitnessbedarf bis hin zu Audiozubehör - machen Sie mit Produkten, die genau auf Sie zugeschnitten sind, den nächsten Schritt in Ihrem Leben.

Technische Spezifikationen
Übertragungsfrequenz: 2.4GHz
Kontrollbereich: 50m / 164 ft
Flugzeit: Etwa 6-8 Minuten
Ladezeit: Etwa 35 Minuten bei 0,5A-1A Eingangsleistung

Das ist im Lieferumfang enthalten:

1 x TaoTronics Quadcopter Spielzeugdrohne (Modell: TT-DR001)
1 x Fernsteuerung (2 x AAA Batterien NICHT enthalten)
1 x USB-Ladekabel
1 x Motorunterstützung
1 x Schutzrahmen
3 x Kunststoffunterlagen
1 x Bedienungsanleitung

Price: €45.99
You Save: EUR 25,00 (54%)
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Metakoo M1 Mini Drohne mit Höhenstabilisator, Mini Drone Quadcopter , Nano RC Quadrocopter 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Modus, Kinder Drone mit Fernbedienung, Mini UFO drohne RC Spielzeug für Anfänger by Metakoo

  • 【 SICHERHEIT 】 Verminderte Verletzungsgefahr durch die Rotoren dank...
  • 【 GARANTIE 】 METAKOO bietet Ihnen 12 Monate beschränkte Garantie...
  • 【 KLEIN UND GÜNSTIG 】 Mini Drohne für mini Geld, man kann sie...

Product Description

Was ist mehr?......
BEREITS ZUSAMMENGEBAUT Nur die Akkus aufladen und man kann direkt loslegen
MEHR STROM, MEHR FREUDE Zwei Batterien geben Sie doppelte Spielzeit, so dass Sie Ihre Sucht und Ihren Wunsch genug befriedigen.
Metakoo Intelligent Altitude Durch MIA Luftdrucksensoren kann der Quadrocopter selbstständig die Höhe halten und der Pilot muss nicht mehr die Höhe manuell halten.
WETTER-UNABHÄNIG Bei schlechtem Wetter ist die Mini-Drohne für Indoor-Flüge sehr gut geeignet.
KOPFLOSEN MODUS Der Headless Mode ist vor allem für Anfänger gut geeignet. Egal in welcher Ausrichtung die Drohne sich befindet, sie bewegt sich immer in die Richtung wo man den Steuerknüppel hin bewegt.
LUFTAKROBATIK 360° Überschlag, nur horizontale Manöver sind zu langweilig. Probiere den neuen 3D Rolleffekt und überrasche deine Freunde.

Material: ABS Kunststoff
Motor: Gebürsteter Motor
Frequenz: 2.4GHz
Flugzeit: ca. 5-7 min.
Ladezeit: ca. 50 min.
Drohnen-Akku: 3.7 V 220 mAh Li-Po
Fernbedienung Entfernung: ca. 30 - 50m
Fernbedienung-Batterien: 2 x 1,5V AAA Batterien (sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

1 x Metakoo M1 Mini Drohne / Quadrocopter
1 x Fernbedienung (ohne Batterien)
2 x Drohnen-Akkus
4 x Ersatz Propeller
1 x USB Ladekabel
1 x Benutzerhandbuch

Ersatz-Propeller und Zubehör für Metakoo M1 sind im Amazon-Markt erhältlich. Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, wenn Sie Fragen oder Probleme haben. Wir sind immer hier, um Ihnen zu helfen.

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