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Eachine EV800 VR Video Goggles for FPV Racing Quadcopters

Eachine EV800 Video goggles are designed with FPV racing Drones in mind. Its equipped with a Race band 40 channel 5.8ghz Video Receiver that offers Auto ...

Walkera QR Ladybird V2 outdoor FPV with FatShark Goggles

Buy QR Ladybird FPV Quadcopter here https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/walkera-ladybird/?wpam_id=7 This is the outdoor FPV Flight video of ...

Quadcopter Racing with First Person Video!

We've tested different types of quadcopters before, but have never flown them like this! Norm tags along a meetup of local FPV quadcopter racers--people who ...

  • aerialphotography hexacopter houstonaerialphotography dronephotography rchelicopterphotography

    Upgraded quadcopter

    Upgraded with the NAZA stabilizer and bound to a Spektrum 8ch

    Photo by eschipul on Flickr

  • U.S. Drone Guidelines Say Not to Spy on Neighbors -- Unless You Have a Passable Reason To

    05/20/16 ,via Inverse

    The The Native Telecommunications & Information Administration is tackling the issue of drone privacy with a list of “Voluntary Best Practices” for drones in order to cover citizens and give companies a template to base their policies. As

  • The Vortex 250 is the Lamborghini of racing drones

    05/19/16 ,via TechCrunch

    Having out a good deal of time flying UAVs like DJI's Inspire 1 and Phantom 4, I like to consider myself qualified with drones. So when I came across Horizon Hobby's Vortex 250 Pro racing drone, I didn't think twice that it was labeled for “the 

  • Drones charming off in SA

    05/18/16 ,via Independent Online

    Drones come in multifarious shapes and sizes and can range from about R1 500 for a toy quadcopter to over R1 million, depending on the built-in technology. Filming and photography is one of the main applications of commercial drones sold, as it makes 

  • Swipe: Is Drone Racing The Enjoyment Of The Future?

    05/12/16 ,via Sky News

    At an air show in Brighton, pilots sprint their quadcopters around a variety of courses, moving at speeds of up to 80mph. Competitors wear goggles to steer their vehicles based on a live video wine from a camera on the drone's nose. Audience members can 

  • Outline breaker

    04/25/16 ,via The Verge

    Most commercial drones now come forward a way to connect the live stream to goggles or a headset. This allows you to fly from the perspective of the drone, or FPV. It's a thrilling experience for any pilot, and it's also the foundation for drone racing, an

Drone racing just became a mainstream romp, thanks to ESPN - Quartz

On a frosty January evening, its exposed-brick walls and man-bunned bartenders hosted a launch party for a new sports club allied with, called The Drone Racing League. It’s the brainchild of Nick Horbaczewski, who previously helped turn Tough Mudder tenacity runs into something that people enjoy doing, and Ryan Gury, a former advertising creative director and drone racer. The two have created a public limited company that intends to be the cool face of drone racing. ESPN, the US sports cable network, announced today (April 13) that it will telecast a three-day drone-racing event in New York. The cable network will livestream the competition—organized by Scot Refsland, the man who hosted the from the word go US national drone racing competition last year—on ESPN3, its online channel. Add into the mix a What’s strange about drone racing, however, is that it’s not very like any sport that’s come before it. It’s got the fast-paced racing action of sports like Formula 1 and NASCAR, the DIY, outsidery stand of skateboarding, and... But unlike all of these other sports, or really any sport before it, drone racing is actually best viewed from a footage, after the fact. These drones are small and travel upwards of 60 mph around large, three-dimensional racetracks. Millions of fans are sharing videos online of pilots juking and jiving finished with abandoned buildings, old power stations, parking lots, empty fields, and watching them on their phones, and laptops. But certainly few people are showing up to see drones races in real life. Indeed, what we may be witnessing is the birth of the first new diversion of the internet age: A sport that isn’t bound by time or collective experience, but instead a sport that is atomized and doled out in digital chunks, like so tons Snapchats,... A sport for the 21st century. Like many of the greatest technical achievements to come out of the US in recent decades, the first jingoistic drone racing competition was born in the garage of a well-to-do suburb in the Bay Area. It was the brainchild of Scot Refsland, a whilom professor, virtual-reality researcher and perennial entrepreneur. The day we visited, his garage was littered with multiple 3D printers, drones, transmit-controlled planes, VR headsets (he was a fan of the early Oculus Rift headsets, for what it’s worth), power tools, workbenches, soldering irons and just about... Refsland had been flying RC helicopters and planes for years, and from top to bottom his studies on VR, came across Augmented Reality—a technology that allows digital information to be overlaid on unaffected life, like how Google Glass works. When he first discovered FPV, everything sort of clicked for him—the nervousness of VR and AR, flying, and technology. “Up to this point, FPV Racing has always been in a field with a bunch of nerds and geeks,” Refsland said. There’s not in any degree been anybody who’s perfected the sport, like Formula One racing. Another emerging player in FPV is DRL. Unlike Refsland, DRL’s Horbaczewski opted to retard away from live events when he launched with that splashy. Source: qz.com

Edge breaker - The Verge

Shape of the Gadget Union This is where we’re at. This is where we’re going. "Gadgets are back. That phrase has basically become an in-joke here at The Verge , because it’s so obvious that the technology energy has reached an inflection point. The smartphone has dominated attention for so long and spawned so many other industries that it felt that’s all there would be. Everybody had a one-mislay mind, even if that track has led us into beautiful and strange new vistas. But eventually, the track hit the coast, and now we’re looking for where to go next. We spent so divers years creating the pieces that made the smartphone possible, but it turns out those pieces can make so many more things — things that we’re just now beginning to notable out. Tablets came first, but now there are electric skateboards, intelligent thermostats, flying cameras, virtual Aristotelianism entelechy headsets, and wrist-mounted computers. Gadgets are back. But they’re also wonderful. full of potential that everyone can see and nobody has achieved. That’s why we are launching Pale Breaker , because tracking all the strange new things happening in technology day-to-day is going to be a blast. We don’t have to wait for the slick and integrated Next Big Fixation, we get to watch it get built together in real time. But before we do, we wanted to see where we’re at before we embark toward where we’re going. The notion of wearing technology on our bodies is not a new one. you could even disagree that the smartphone falls into the category of wearable tech, since a lot of us treat our smartphones like an appendage. But wearable tech goes much deeper — in some cases, in fact — and much weirder than the common smartphone. A smartwatch that tracks biometrics and also pings you when your Uber has arrived and also pays for your overpriced coffee. A "quick-witted" sports bra, or a pair of pants that can measure electromyography, something that usually requires multi-thousand-dollar paraphernalia. WiFi-connected glasses (or headsets) that display contextual digital information about the world around you. When most people entertain the idea about wearables right now, they’re mainly thinking Fitbit, or maybe Apple Watch. The former over the past eight years has helped predecessor the whole connected-fitness movement, and became a bellwether in an industry that still offers surprisingly little sales matter: once Fitbit — the Kleenex of fitness trackers — went public in... Apple Watch, while still largely acknowledged as a first-gen device, has achieved a cachet that few other smartwatches could. Meanwhile, Google’s Android Wear operating plan is showing up on everything from blinged-out Huawei smartwatches to dedicated surf watches. There’s also Pebble, the upstart that turned a remunerative Kickstarter campaign into a series of smartwatches that are way better than something you’d expect a tiny company to be able to develop. So are these things just Tamagotchis on our bodies, or the. Source: www.theverge.com

Drone racing is about to get cheaper and easier - Engadget

Those imperturbable videos from drone races may have tempted you at some point, but where do you start. Traditionally, you'd have to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on components, added many more on a remote controller and a monitor or goggles. Not to mention the several hours needed for assembling the drone. Don't worry, because RotorX is now oblation its latest micro racing quadcopter, the RX122 Atom V2, either fully assembled or as a quick DIY kit that apparently takes less than 30 minutes -- not five to ten hours like the V1 -- to put together. Beat yet, the ready-to-fly version can include a controller with a built-in monitor for a grand total of just $499 for the first 50 backers on Indiegogo , and then $549 for the next 200. The new Atom comes in at just 122mm deviating, and thanks to... For the same reasons, this tiny drone comes with greater crash resistanance as well as maneuverability than its bigger counterparts. The practice-made brushless motors and propellers allow the Atom to reach speeds of up to 60 mph or 100 km/h, and depending on how angry you push it, its swappable lithium ion battery will last for somewhere between three to ten minutes. Video feed is politesse of a 600TVL CMOS camera with a 120-degree field of view at the front, and on the receiving end the 480p check out features 40 channels on 5. 8 GHz, with a range of 1. 5 miles or about 2. 4 km. Should you wish to record video,... The Atom exclusively starts from as low as $299 on Indiegogo , if you manage to be one of the first 50 backers and don't mind doing some basic soldering. Then you have the aforementioned enthusiastic-to-fly packages, along with a $849 premium option that also comes with Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV goggles, but these won't arrive until September, which gives you prodigality of time to try other slower drone... Richard's love for gadgets was probably triggered by an electric shock at the age of five while poking his point to into power sockets for no reason. Since then he has managed to destroy a few more desktops and phones until he was sent to England to start unessential education. Follow Richard around in electronic stores and you will witness some intense exchanges between him and the sales reps. Source: www.engadget.com
  • Quadcopter NYC - FPV Quadcopters | Drone Copters ...

    Quadcopter NYC has the whole shooting match you need if you are an avid quadcopter racer. We carry the very best in drone copters and multicopters as well. Shop here!

  • Amazon.com: UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD ...

    Buy UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera - 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF Includes Perquisite BATTERY + Power Bank (Quadruples Flying Time): Quadcopters ...

  • HobbyGaGa - Achats en Ligne Globaux let out Hélicoptères ...

    HobbyGaGa est Célèbre sally forth l'Expédition Rapide, Prix bas et Bon Service. Nous aimons Modèle RC et FPV, Prise de Vue Aérienne, Caméra Cardan! Nous avons la Gamme ...

  • LANDVO JJRC H8D FPV Headless Style RC Drone RTF 5.8G 2MP HD ...

    Buy LANDVO JJRC H8D FPV Headless Rage 6-Axis 2.4Ghz Gyro RTF RC Quadcopter Helicopter Drone with 5.8G 2MP HD Camera EU Plug with US Adapter Red Designed with LANDVO ...

  • JYU Hornet S Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & Gimbal 12MP HD ...

    JYU Hornet S Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & Gimbal Manifestation FPV With 12MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter

Holy Stone X300C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Wifi Camera 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RTF Headless… https://t.co/R1uyGdmjZh https://t.co/8nHnhpV1Y0 04/14/16, @EpicMolex
Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video One Key Return… https://t.co/CODqoY0IlC https://t.co/N2B8ZoPURg 04/13/16, @dnv79
Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video One Key Return… https://t.co/sjFo5z4WrW https://t.co/4YiKhe1uJ6 04/13/16, @crazymaddeals
Holy Stone FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera Bundle with Goggles https://t.co/0AoRTEzxqz https://t.co/ubngySEA2B 04/13/16, @ItemStunning
  • LH-X16DV most superbly selling products drone quadcopter fpv video goggles for drone with camera

    04/20/16 ,via VivirLatino

    This well-educated drone performs 360 flips, flies forward and backward, turns, flies sideways, and ascends and descends with ease via the included 2.4GHz transmitter. App Switch & First-Person View (FPV) Video on Your Smartphone/Tablet Download and install ...

  • Drone Racing: 5 Fastest Racing Drones to Buy

    03/18/16 ,via heavy.com

    Here are the 5 fastest racing drones to buy good now to get you started with the thrilling hobby: Drone racing is exploding in popularity, and now it's heading to ESPN. If you want to get into the hobby, you're going to need a reasonable set of FPV goggles.

  • Drone enthusiasts fence in local FPV races

    03/05/16 ,via Orlando Sentinel

    You don’t have to search far to chance a drone in the sky these days, especially if you were near Sorrento this past weekend. ¿The 5th annual Central Florida FPV Meet for 2016 brought drone, flyer and quadcopter ... video gifted goggles as well as ...

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REDPAWZ R011 5.8G 40CH Micro FPV Racing Drone mit 1000TVL FOV 120 ° Weitwinkel Kamera FPV Goggles - RTF by REDPAWZ

  • Ein Schlüsselrückkehr: Drücken Sie einfach die Fernsteuerungsknopf,...
  • 360 ° Grad Anti-Collision Guard: Allround-Schutz, nicht nur...
  • Kopfloser Modus, Freier Flug: Der durchbrechende kopflose Flugmodus...

Customer reviews
Indoor Spaß für den Winter, November 14, 2017
Kundenvideo-Rezension Länge:: 0:22 Minuten Geliefert wird (fast) alles was man zum Indoor FPV (First Person View) Fliegen in den kalten Wintermonaten benötigt um gleich los zu legen, das einzige was man noch benötigt sind die AA...
Tolle 5 Zoll FPV Brille, November 30, 2017
Im Lieferumfang der REDPAWZ EV800 FPV Brille habe ich gleich am Anfang eine nette Überraschung gehabt, denn die Brille wird in einer Robusten Hartschallentasche geliefert. Alles was zum Betreiben der Brille benötigt wird ist dabei: die...
Top Set!, November 11, 2017
Sehr brauchbares Set. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für FPV-Einsteiger. Es ist alles enthalten um sofort loszulegen (außer 3 AAA-Batterien für die FB). Die Brille kann man auch für andere Copter benutzen. Macht einen Riesenspaß...
Product Description

Artikelname: Micro FPV Racing
Artikel-Nr .: R011
Quadcopter Größe: 8.3 * 8.3 * 4.35cm
Häufigkeit: 2.4G
Gyro: 6-Achse
Kanal: 4CH
Transmitter Power: 2 x 1,5 V AA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Flugzeit: ca. 5-6 Minuten
Ladezeit: 30-50mins
1000TVL 1/3 CMOS FPV Kamera-Häufigkeit: 5.8G
Drahtloser Kanal: 40CH
Unterstützungssatz schaltet die Speicherfunktion aus

1.Schalten Sie die Taste, schalten Sie die Frequenz
2.Long drücken Sie die Taste 2S, Schalter Frequenz Gruppe (Wenn LD1 blinkt, lassen Sie die Taste)
3.Long drücken Sie die Taste 5s, schalten Sie N / P (LD1 vom Blinken auf aus und lassen Sie die Taste los)
(Wenn das NTSC-System, LD2 lang hell, Wenn das PAL-System, LD2 blinkt)

VR-D1 FPV Schutzbrille
Mini-Style, um High-Definition Vision zu schaffen: Dies ist eine HD angepasst VR Schutzbrille. Basierend auf Fresnel Optical Objektiv Zoom-Prinzip, erhöht es unser immersives Gefühl und bringt uns mehr Aufregung und Spaß. Gleichzeitig ist es sehr einfach, mit der Ein-Knopf-Auto-Suchkanal-Funktion einzurichten;
Aufladen Echtzeit-Standby-Funktion: Dieses Produkt unterstützt DC5V Aufladung Echtzeit-Standby-Funktion. Wenn du draußen bist, kannst du das Produkt benutzen, das es von einem Ladungskopf oder Mobilgerät auflädt;
Einstellbares Stirnband: Hochelastisches Stirnband, frei einstellbar, ergonomisch und angenehm zu tragen.

1 x REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing
1 x Fernbedienung
1 x VR-D1 Schutzbrille
1 x Straight Pole Antenne
1 x Schwammauflage
1 x Nasenauflage
1 x USB Ladekabel
1 x USB Line
1 x Alkohol Colth
4 X Propeller (2 x CW 2 X CCW)
1 x Schraubendreher

Price: €55.99
You Save: EUR 5,00 (9%)
FREE Shipping.
FREE Returns.

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Eachine Mini FPV brille VR-006 3inch 500*300 Array 5.8G 40CH Headset Shoe in 3.7V 500mAh Battery for Racing Drone Quadcopters FPV Goggles by Crazepony-UK by Crazepony-UK

  • One key auto-search function and key operation, no need to remove...
  • This is a HD Mini customized VR goggles to create high-definition...
  • Size: 138mm x 129mm x 79mm (5.4inch x 5.1inch x 3.1inch)

Product Description

Description :
Size : 138*129*79mm(without antenna)
Weight : 164.7g
Display : 3 inches
Resolution : 500*300 pixels
Antenna Connector : RP-SMA
Working Voltage : 1s Battery (3.7-4.2v)
Working Current : 350-450mA
Receiving Sensitivity : -95dBM
Build in Battery : 500mAh 3.7V
Working Time : 1h

Features :
Small and Light, convenient to carry
With One Key Auto Search function.
Only English available.
Support OSD function, can display current power
Support AV-IN
Single receiver with clover and panel antenna, stronger receiving signal.
Build in 3.7V 500mAh battery, 1h working time.

Package Including
1 * Eachine VR006 Goggles
1 * Clover Antenna
1 * Panel Antenna
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * Cloth
1 * User Manual

Price: €52.99

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Quadcopter Drohne YH-19HW Wifi FPV 2MP 120 ° FOV Kamera Faltbare 2,4G 6-achsen Selfie Quadcopter Drone Spielzeug (Weiß) by MMLsure

  • Einzigartiger Rumpfentwurf und hochwertige Malerei, hervorragendes...
  • Das neueste 6-Achsen-Flugsteuerungssystem sorgt für einen extrem...
  • Mit hochfestem Metall-Material und ausgestattet mit...

Product Description


     Modellname: YH-19HW
     Hauptmaterial: ABS
     Motortyp: kernloser Motor
     Kamera Pixel: 0.3MP
     Funktion: vorwärts / rückwärts, auf / ab, links / rechts, Seitwärtsflug, schwebend, 3D Flips, H / L-Geschwindigkeit, Headless-Modus, Wifi FPV, Fotoaufnahme, Videoaufnahme
     Steuerungsmodus: Modus 2
     Entfernte Entfernung: ungefähr 100m
     Ladezeit: Über 80 minuten
     Flugzeit: ca. 10 Minuten
     Quadcopter-Batterie: 3.7V 800mAh LiPo-Akku
     Senderbatterie: 3 * AA (nicht enthalten)
     Entfaltet: 40 * 33 * 6.5CM
     Gefaltet: 15 * 10 * 6.5CM
     Paketgröße: 21 * 16.5 * 8CM
     Paketgewicht: 607G


     1 * YH-19HW Quadcopter (2.0MP WiFi Kamera)
     1 * Sender (Modus 2)
     1 * 3.7V 800mAh Li-PO Batterie
     2 * Ersatzpropeller
     1 * USB-Ladegerät
     4 * Propeller Wache
     1 * Schraubendreher
     1 * Handbuch

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