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SY X25-1 Space Explorer Flying Car Drone Flight Test Review

I actually like this flying car much better than the Syma X9! Watch and find out why. Find it here ...

Syma X9 Flycar Drone Car Drive Flight Test Review

Here's something very new and cool. It's an RC car, and it's a drone. It's both! Find it here for $33.99 with coupon code JRSM9 http://shrsl.com/?~ap3l When on ...

Syma X9 Flying Car Quadcopter Drone Unboxing, Maiden Flight & Drive, and Review

This is the Unboxing, Maiden Flight & Drive, and Review for the new Syma X9 Flying Car Quadcopter Drone. It is very unique RC, so unless you have seen one, ...

  • Xiaomi's To begin Drone Could Look Like a Flying Robotic Spider

    05/20/16 ,via Gearbrain (blog)

    Xiaomi's Principal Drone Could Look Like a Flying Robotic Spider. Gear Up Xiaomi Drone Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is getting into the drone game, teasing an passionate-looking multicopter device that's clearly not aimed at the kid's market. The new

  • Nether regions's kitchens

    05/19/16 ,via The Economist

    The conclusion is a reshuffling of the cards in modern warfare, says Yiftah Shapir, a weapons expert at Tel Aviv University and a former lieutenant colonel in Israel's air enforce. Any side that These might carry bigger payloads than the small

  • DHL Confinement Drone Is Three Times As Fast As A Car

    05/09/16 ,via Popular Science

    DHL's parcelcopter drone is the latest in a series of DHL distribution drones. The first was a quadcopter that carried blood across a river for testing. Since then, they've kept testing and improving delivery, with autonomous drones flying to the core bad weather.

  • Ars explores AUVSI's Xponential bull session—the biggest “unmanned” show on Earth

    05/08/16 ,via Ars Technica

    At the "drone prom," robots that fly, fall, and swim get a chance to dance. . NEW ORLEANS—If you need evidence that drones are big business, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Supranational's (AUVSI) Xponential conference is a good start.

  • UPS Experiments With Drone Liberation In Partnership With Zipline

    05/09/16 ,via Forbes

    Uncharacteristic the popular quadcopter drones, which rely on four propellers, Zipline's drones are ”fixed-wing,” meaning they glide on two wings. The drones fly autonomously by following a set way using GPS to track their position. They're launched with a car

DHL Pronunciation Drone Is Three Times As Fast As A Car - Popular Science

We undertake now that the Wright Brothers were the first to achieve powered, human flight, and that they did so on December 17th, 1903. They were hardly the first to proof with flight, though, and at the time the brother's work was viewed... In the new age of drone flight, video and the internet make celebrity easier to prove, but it’s the exact definition of success that’s hard to pin down. Today, DHL claimed major travel in drone delivery, joining the ranks of other companies claiming the same. From DHL :. “We’re the first worldwide who are able to offer a cartage drone – Parcelcopter at DHL – for end-customer delivery. With this combination of fully automated loading and unloading as well as an increased entrance load and range of our Parcelcopter we have achieved a level of technical and procedural maturity to eventually allow for lea trials in urban areas... DHL's parcelcopter drone is the latest in a series of DHL delivery drones. The first was a quadcopter that carried blood across a river for testing. Since then, they've kept testing and improving expression, with autonomous drones flying through bad weather. Source: www.popsci.com

Gratify the next sport of the modern age: Drone racing - Yahoo News

Neglect doing NASCAR, professional drone racing takes flight and it's incredible to watch. Forget race car driving — finished drone racing is here and it'. s more intense than you can even imagine. The Drone Racing League is a professional drone racing circuit with a series of extensive events culminating in a world championship game. s it like to fly a drone competitively. At drones going 80 mph, it'. s good-looking fast. The pilots come from a great variety of backgrounds from professional video gamers to former race car and motorcycle drivers. it’s his drone that’s salute. The pilot takes off his goggles and crosses to the pilots’ lounge for the replay. Once again his quadcopter drone , a buzzing machine pitilessly the size of a loaf of bread, zooms daringly around obstacles and through hairpin turns. “I was pushing it that lap,” says Zoumas, a 31-year-old construction companions owner. Welcome to drone racing, a would-be sport in which men, and a few women, fly remote-controlled drones against competitors at up to 80 miles per hour along looping courses with hairpin curves and drops. Varied races take place in open fields, but here, racers and spectators have gathered in an abandoned, rubble-strewn mall set up with passage-marking gates across two floors. Fans sit on bleachers behind protective mesh, passing round antenna-equipped goggles to see the pilot’s view. Racing is a labor of love for many pilots. Myriad are born tinkerers, and spend hours customizing their drones with new parts or building them from scratch. Fred Loo, a 31-year-old captain known as “Flying Bear,” says he and his wife even put off having kids so he can spend more time racing. He says he’d give up his drunk-paying Silicon Valley job in a heartbeat if he could figure out how to fly drones for a living. Drone racing is still something of a guerrilla play, even though ESPN has agreed to air a drone special on its ESPN3 channel this fall. Money is tight, and most pilots have to have their day jobs. While high-profile races such as the World Drone Prix, held in Dubai last March, pay out as much as $250,000 to the triumphant pilot, such affluence feels very distant here in the shell of the Hawthorne Plaza mall. That could change if drone racing hits it big, attracting a lion's share audience and the sponsors who want to sell them stuff. Serial entrepreneur Nick Horbaczewski, who founded the Drone Racing In collusion with last year, thinks he knows how to pull that off. The trick, he says, is making the audience feel the same titillation as the pilots. That’s why his league lights up each quadcopter and its pilot’s goggles with matching colored LEDs, which help spectators railway the tiny speeding drones. It’s also why pilots wear T-shirts emblazoned with nicknames like “KittyCopter,” “Rekrek” and “Zoomas. ” Conductor backstories and slick editing build up the drama for videos put online. The fast-talking 35-year-old helped happen “Tough Mudders,” a quirky half marathon in which people pay to slog. Source: finance.yahoo.com

Heroic of drones - Stillwater News Press

Flying busses, quadcopter medical stretchers and of run flying cars could become common modes of drone transportation in the future. In a first of its kind gathering at Meridian Technology Center, a dozen or so people attended an Unmanned Aerial Systems three-hour kind Tuesday but they weren’t thinking about the future of drone use, instead they were interested in how drones... “I hope they walked away with enough report to make an informed decision before they make a purchase,” said instructor Darren Hensley, owner of American Drones in Oklahoma Borough. CREC has been investing in drones since December and is anxious to start using them to help monitor about 4,000 miles of lines in seven counties. Wage-earner Will Clay said that it took three days to restore power to all customers after a fairly recent power outage because their trucks were getting stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out so they could last to drive along the lines,... If we had drones, we could have inspected the lines from the air, sent crews to where they were needed and the outage could have been rooted in one day, Clay said. Lyndy Serpan, a business owner from Edmond who fondly remembers flying remote-controlled aircraft in the 1990s, attended hoping to learn if drones would be a best fit for his business and things like infrared imaging and visual inspections of... Currently, people using a drone for commercial use must have a navigator license, which is a deterrent for some due to the $3,500 cost. Backyard fliers not using drones to make money don’t need a conductor’s license. --> Most in attendance were interested in learning more about the law and what drones are and aren’t allowed to do. The FAA doesn’t give drones to be flown above 400 feet or over crowds, Hensley said. The are other ordinances and regulations depending on intimate vs. commercial use, but there are currently no ordinances in the state of Oklahoma, Hensley said. When shopping for a drone, Hensley said declaration one with both GPS and an altimeter is important. Most drones can stay up 30 minutes or less before the battery needs to be replaced. He suggested knocking on the door of homeowners you will be flying over when thinkable. Overall, Hensley is optimistic about the future of drone use and said that as the technology continues to evolve and and improve, the opportunity will only grow. “I expect the flying car finally got here,” he said. Please confirm the information below before signing in. {* #socialRegistrationForm *} {* socialRegistration_firstName *} {* socialRegistration_lastName *} {* socialRegistration_emailAddress *} {* socialRegistration_displayName *} By clicking "Emblem... Source: www.stwnewspress.com
  • Syma X9 Flying Car Quadcopter Drone Unboxing, Maiden ...

    This is the Unboxing, Maiden Away & Drive, and Review for the new Syma X9 Flying Car Quadcopter Drone. It is very unique RC, so unless you have seen one ...

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    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BGoBeyond?re... Music: The Biocide - Set-up by WompWorthy.com™ B is a revolutionary new remote controlled hybrid car ...

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    Mechanism & Gadgets / Product News & Reviews Flying—and crashing—a $1,300 quadcopter drone Stabilized GPS drone is amazing. Also, I crashed one into a tree ...

  • UDI U818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Come ...

    Amazon.com: UDI U818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, Reciprocation Home and Headless Mode + BONUS POWER BANK: Toys & Games

  • Quadcopter | Drone Flyers

    A blog about quadcopters and drones, providing elaborate insight ,reviews and guides on flying quadcopters

Babrit Elite 6-Axis Gyro 2.4Ghz 4-in-1 RC Quadcopter RC Drone Quadcopter RC Flying Car with… https://t.co/2VagYMBsHF 04/21/16, @Shopping_Now_
eBay: W25 2.4G 8CH 6-Axis 3D Flips Quadcopter Drone Copter Flying Car Land/Sky https://t.co/mwdU72VqTD #drones #uav #uas 04/21/16, @OZDroneSales
Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter Car Remote Control Car and Quadcopter Drone Exclusive… https://t.co/Vk8VSiaWwN https://t.co/Fx2xVSfys5 04/18/16, @Tommy_Torino
Syma X9 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis gyro Speed Switch 3D Flip RC Quadcopter Drone Flying Car Recommended… https://t.co/cecZYPp1g9 04/17/16, @tinygadget
  • DHL Pronunciation Drone Is Three Times As Fast As A Car

    05/10/16 ,via Popular Science

    The elementary was a quadcopter that carried blood across a river for testing. Since then, they've kept testing and improving delivery, with autonomous drones flying through bad bear up against ... it flew in 8 minutes a trip that takes cars half an hour.

  • UPS Experiments With Drone Transportation In Partnership With Zipline

    05/09/16 ,via Forbes

    The startup is testing its drones on broad farm land of rolling grass fields dotted with cows. For now, it’s also doing all the manufacturing on-site and is building about 40 drones for the July fling in Rwanda. Unlike the popular quadcopter drones ...

  • Video: Quadcopter Drone Vs. MO E Car

    03/29/16 ,via CleanTechnica

    As a bit of a fun deviate from more important news, there was recently a video shot of a Lumenier QAV210 quadcopter (piloted ... to ourselves with a drone and a racing car to play with. It was a great provocation, which is what flying these high performance ...

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Syma X9S RC Quadrocopter Drone & Modellauto RC Auto mit 2,4 GHz /4 Kanal /6 Achsen Gyro /360 Grad Kippkübel by Syma

  • SYMA X9S Quadrocopter hat spezielle Aussehens und...
  • 2.4 G Fernbedienung mit Flüssigkristallanzeige (LCD): hat...
  • Der SYMA X9S Quadrocopter verfügt über einen 6-fach-Kreisel- und...

Product Description

Marke : Syma
Modell : X9S
Farbe :Schwarz / Weiße
Produkt Größe: 21.5*21.5*6 cm (L*W*H)
Gewicht: 600g
Brennstoffquelle: Elektrisch
Kanäle: 4 Kanäle
Hubschrauber Batterie: 3.7 V / 600 mAh
Ladegerät: USB.( 5 V / 450 mAh)
Batterien der Fernbedienung : 4* AA-Batterien (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Altersfreigabe : 12+?unter Aufsicht eines Erwachsenen?.
Ladezeit: ca. 120 min
Abstandsregelung: über 30 meter
Flugzeit: über 6.5 minuten
Flug Funktionen:
Flugmodus : aus / unten, links / rechts abbiegen, vorwärts / rückwärts mit Gyro , 360 Grad Drehung, Headless Modell
Fernbedienung Auto Modus: aus / unten, links / rechts abbiegen, Headless Modell

Paket Inhalt:
1. 1*RC Hubschrauber
2. 1*Fernbedienung (Batterien nicht enthalten)
3. 1*USB Ladekabel
4. 1*Gebrauchsanleitung (Englisch )
5.4* Endstückblatt
6. 1*Schraubendreher

Price: €43.26

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megadream H20 C 2.0 MP HD Kamera 4 CH JJRC Flying Quadcopter Drone mit Präzision empfindliche Betrieb 360 Grad verdrehungsfunktion/auto-replacing Modus/6 Axis Gyro/Nacht Helmsmanship Licht/CF Modus für Flying Außen by Megadream

  • Kleiner und leichter RC DROHNE mit 2 MP-Kamera, 720p. Wie der Adler...
  • 5.LED-Leuchten: geeignet für Flüge im Dunkeln der Nacht mit...
  • Ein Schlüssel wieder: Es kann leicht finden Sie den Weg nach Hause....

Product Description

Let 's zeigen, wie megadream h20 C ist die beste Wahl für Anfänger. Drone ist ein neuer Weg, um Farbe ins Leben und einen neuen Ansatz für die Schönheit der Natur.Fliegende Drohne ist wirklich lustig, kann auch genießen Sie die wunderbare Natur
Artikelbezeichnung: RC Quadcopter
Material: ABS
Controller Mode: Mode 2
Fernsteuerung Frequenz: 2,4 GHz
Kanäle: 4 Kanäle
Gyroskop: sechs Achse
Kamera 2,0 MP HD
Speicher: 4 G SD Karte im Lieferumfang enthalten
Funktionen: hoch, runter, links, rechts, vorwärts, rückwärts, side-to Seite Flug, 3D-Rolle (360 Roll), Headless-Modus, auto-return, CF-Modus, Variable Geschwindigkeit, Dazzling Night Navigation Light, Video oder Foto
Fernbedienung Batterie: 3 * AAA-Batterien (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Batterie-/Akkuspannung: 3,7 V 280 mAh Lipo
Akku Maße: 32 * 15 * 8 mm
Maße: 120 x 110 x 30 mm
Gewicht: 25,5 g
Paket Informationen:
Paket-Größe: 18,5 * 15,5 * 10 cm/18,5 x 15,5 x 10,2 cm
Paketgewicht: 348 g/12.3oz
Dieses RC Drohne ist ausgestattet mit kernlosen DC-Motoren, kontinuierliche Nutzung mit verschiedenen Batterien wird nicht empfohlen.
Dieses RC-Modell ist kein Spielzeug und ist nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren. Lesen Sie die Anleitung vor der Nutzung, wenn Sie ein Anfänger sind, ist es ratsam, von einem erfahren - Erwachsene unterstützt werden.
Achtung für die Batterie:
Don 't Überladungsschutz; überentladungsschutz, oder Batterien.
Legen Sie es nicht neben der Hochtemperatur Zustand.
Nicht werfen es ins Feuer.
Nicht in Wasser.
1 x RC Quadcopter (eingebauten 2.0 MP Kamera)
1 x Sender Controller
1 x 3,7 V 280 mAh Lipo Akku
3 x Paar Propeller
1 x USB-Ladekabel
1 x Schraubendreher
1 x 4 g SD Karte eupora
1 x Bedienungsanleitung

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