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a custom fitted case for a quadcopter or drone

build a light plywood box re-inforced it and this video shows the process of machining out the custom fit, used john walsh's drawing board and software ,aspire ...

Must Have Drone and Quadcopter Accessories

In this video I go over the must have accessorizes for a new drone pilot. These are the accessorizes which anyone with a Drone or Quadcopter will find use in.

TX Juice Pocket Drone – RC Quadcopter with recharging controller case!

Introducing the NEW TX Juice Pocket Drone, another amazing innovation from TX Juice. This drone fits in your pocket and charges while travelling. The drone's ...

  • aerialphotography hexacopter houstonaerialphotography dronephotography rchelicopterphotography

    Upgraded quadcopter

    Upgraded with the NAZA stabilizer and bound to a Spektrum 8ch

    Photo by eschipul on Flickr

  • Xiaomi Teases Drone Unveiling On The 25th Of May

    05/20/16 ,via Ubergizmo

    For exemplar an app was leaked that showed 4K recording capabilities for its drone, and a patent for a quadcopter that could be controlled via a wearable. In any case the announcement is expected to take place on the 25th of May, so remember to check

  • iPad Pro users grumble after iOS update breaks their expensive devices

    05/20/16 ,via The Independent

    present drones to attack passenger planes. Detective Chief Inspector Colin Smith, a security expert and adviser to the Domestic Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology, warned that small quadcopter drones could easily be used by terrorists

  • The 'Google of accepted reality' could be just around the corner, senior VR executive says

    05/20/16 ,via The Independent

    The 'Google of essential reality' (VR) could be just around the corner, a senior industry executive has said. The comments come from Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of VR at AMD, the American computer component producer. Speaking to The 

  • iPhone TouchID fingerprint sensor could be toughened to unlock Macs with new version of OS X

    05/20/16 ,via The Independent

    People will altogether soon be able to unlock their computer just by sitting near it. Upcoming versions of Mac OS X will be able to tell when a person's phone is near the computer and then use its TouchID fingerprint sensor to unlock it, according to MacRumors.

  • Facebook to subsume more conservative news sites in its trending topics, according to attendees at recent summit

    05/20/16 ,via The Independent

    at one's fingertips drones to attack passenger planes. Detective Chief Inspector Colin Smith, a security expert and adviser to the Knowledgeable in Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology, warned that small quadcopter drones could easily be used by terrorists

As Ascension case settled, Legislature looks at regulating drones over surreptitiously property - The Advocate

Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, holds up a tube of nickels saying his amendment 508 to HB27, the alcohol beverage tax, would only raise price of a can of beer, on lectern, five-cents on the next to in the end day of the special session. Claitor's amendment was defeated 12-26 but HB27 passed 38-0. “I brought bills on this difficulty three years ago, but people didn’t really see the implications at that time,” said Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, the founder of the two drone-related bills introduced this session. With the growing use of hobbyist, commercial and government drones, Claitor said he believes there is more property in legislation now. Aaron Hernandez, the owner of the drone shot down last fall, thinks clearly defined regulations on the use of drones fundamental to be made. “I think things need to be cleared up,” Hernandez said. “I just think people need to put things out there to let people be sure what their rights are. “They have some sophisticated drones,” he said. “What’s going to happen when people shoot down a drone delivering pizza. He said he’s delighted the case has been settled and is in the past. The guy’s my neighbor, so I’m satisfied,” Hernandez said. For his part, Derek Vidrine, who shot down Hernandez’s drone that he said had flown several times over his realty, unsettling his wife, said, “Really, the only reason why I did settle is because there aren’t any laws on it yet. Last October, Hernandez, of St. Amant, sued Vidrine in Ascension Parish’s 3rd Judiciousness Court seeking damages of $1,260, just weeks after Vidrine shot down Hernandez’s drone. In his lawsuit, Hernandez said Vidrine’s outset two shots caused the quadcopter drone to lower to 30 to 40 feet, at which time more shots were fired and the quadcopter was destroyed. In his answerable for to the suit, Vidrine contested Hernandez’s claims and said he and his family had first noticed the drone in August 2015, when it hovered over a childrens’ Give someone the slip-N-Slide birthday party at a relative’s house at the front of Vidrine’s... The drone also appeared several more times over Vidrine’s resources, in August, September and October. There were times it appeared two or three occasions every week, often when his mate was outside on the property, Vidrine said in the court documents. 5, Vidrine was squirrel hunting, when he saw the drone again flying over his oddity, and shot it down. In his response to Vidrine’s letter to the court, Hernandez replied he has no knowledge of a children’s celebration with a Slip ’N Slide. I fly in large circles and naturally cross into airspace over other people’s property, but I have never ‘hovered’ over anyone’s domicile, property or family with any intent of spying. Justice of the Peace John Hebert ruled in Hernandez’s favor in January, ordering Vidrine to pay damages. After Vidrine appealed Hebert’s ruling to the 23rd Magisterial District Court in Ascension Parish, a trial date was set for April 19. Earlier this month, however, Vidrine and Hernandez settled out of court at a a bit lower cost, the two men said. Hernandez said he earlier had the. Source: theadvocate.com

Accepted Reality for Business: 9 Key Use Cases - Datamation

Is accepted reality for business for real. This year could finally be the year virtual reality takes off, after so many failed attempts in the erstwhile. There is an abundance of hardware choices on the VR market and VR technology finally seems to be catching up with the concept. However, VR for business is still on the prospect. VR is overwhelmingly being positioned as a form of entertainment and gaming. As of 2016 Q1, virtual reality for business is something of an afterthought, at least to the munitions vendors like Oculus and Samsung. But that's not to say businesses are shunning virtual reality. There are some exceptional examples of VR for subject use that are slowly emerging even as people play games. Some are designed to give a virtual experience, while others give an alternate skill. Virtual reality for business is still in its infancy but is already showing promise to help companies provide customers with intelligence in ways that a 2D monitor simply cannot deliver. And it will only improve as vendors get better at it and more VR firms for business and not games set the market. IDC says that shipments of VR headset worldwide will reach 9. 6 million units by the end of this year, up from 350,000 remain year, and reaching 64. 8 million by 2020. While it expects the bulk of use to be for games, there will be some business... Accepted Reality for Business: Key Uses 1) IKEA's virtual store. Then when you get to the floor models for room designs, the maquette might be only in one style and you don't have the option of seeing other designs. So the Swedish retailer partnered with HTC, maker of the Vive headset, to father an VR for business app called the IKEA VR Experience. It allows interior decorators and designers to create custom kitchens and enquire into different three different kitchen designs and customize them at will. The user can change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click and make around the kitchen from the perspectives of small children or tall adults. The app was has its roots in gaming, developed by French game flock called Allegorithmic and using the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. The app is sold through Steam, the online have faith that is to PC game sales what iTunes is to music. 2) Excedrin's Migraine Experience. Now why would anyone want to experience a migraine annoyance if they don't get them. Excedrin's VR Migraine Experience makes a non-sufferer go through at least the visual element of a migraine, even if it can't simulate the pain (and be thrilled it doesn't), so they see that what the migraine sufferer endures is not a minor experience. Novartis, maker of Excedrin, says 36 million Americans are false by migraines, about one-tenth of the population, but that "Migraines are still widely misunderstood — largely because those who don’t experience the condition can’t fully... Source: www.datamation.com

FAA Implements Drone Owners' Registry With Outrageously Saturate Penalties for Noncompliance - CNSNews.com

Earlier this month, it was reported that an rejected aviation first had finally occurred: A British Airways jet on final approach into London’s Heathrow Airport hit a modest unmanned aircraft system, commonly known as a drone. Regulation-happy bureaucrats and headline-seeking media organizations seized the communiqu as proof that drones are as dangerous to our skies as they would have people believe. Last week, British officials concluded that the Airbus A320 tortuous in the incident had likely not hit a drone after all. In fact, it is entirely possible that what the pilot reported to be a quadcopter was just a plastic bag drifting in the wind. How could a trained aviatrix misidentify a bit of litter as a consumer drone. It’s a mistake that is quite easy to make when you consider the multitude of things competing for a helmsman’s attention as he prepares to land a jetliner, and the fact that at the relative speed of a few hundred miles per hour, drones may be prominent... Consider also that the popular class of consumer drones able to rise high enough to enter departure lanes (the British Airways pilot reported the “collision” at about 1,700 feet) are a mere 1 to 2 feet across, making them firm to spot at all beyond a... These factors combine to make reports of drone sightings and near misses highly undependable. Drone Registry. Of course, that did not stop the Federal Aviation Administration from relying on these pilot reports as part of the justification for the intervention’s rushed, rapid promulgation of its recreational drone owners’ registry. In fact, the agency cited hundreds of wheelsman-reported drone sightings in the months leading up to the establishment of the drone registry as proof of the imminent danger posed by unregulated drone hobbyists. In items, a detailed review of 764 such sightings, conducted by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the nation’s leading archetype aircraft hobbyist group, found that just 27 reports were genuine “near misses. In fact, the Academy of Model Aeronautics acclaimed that some of the sightings were of drones that appear to have been operating within the FAA’s own guidelines for safe drone flying. But trimming the number of drone “incidents” would cut into the up factor, and that might undercut the agency’s argument that exigent circumstances required it to save us all from a drone disaster. In actuality, a catastrophic smash-up between a drone and a manned aircraft would seem to be an exceedingly rare possibility. Threat Posed by Drones. A recent report by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University concluded that, based on bird attain data, “small UAS under 2kg [4. 4 pounds] pose a negligible risk to the safety of the national airspace. ” The Mercatus analysts guesstimate that a collision between this class of drone and a commercial aircraft resulting. Source: cnsnews.com
  • Amazon.com: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Carrying Case. Military ...

    Buy Imitator AR.Drone 2.0 Carrying Case. Military Spec Waterproof and Airtight Drone Hard Case. Foam fits Quadcopter and its Accessories: Carrying Cases - Amazon.com ...

  • XIRO Xplorer Aerial UAV Drone Carrying case Trek ...

    XIRO Xplorer Aerial UAV Drone Carrying case Trek Quadcopter Waterproof Case Review. . Best Price On: http://amzn.to/1THgU3t

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    Buy DJI Delusion Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro: Quadcopters & Multirotors - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • XT-XINTE - Pre-eminent Wholesale Drone | Professional DIY ...

    Research for Best Drone including quadcopter,6 Axis,APM 2.8 Flight Controller GPS Compass & Gimbal,10000 models Fashion Jewelry,0.1$ self-ruling shipping worldwide

  • FreeX GPS RC Drone Quadcopter - RTF With Aluminium Delight a win Case

    With its trade mark new design and state of the art, brand new flight controller FreeX offers an unmatched yet extremely safe and reliable flight execution. Comes with ...

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  • GoPro's drone delayed until the holidays

    05/06/16 ,via Mashable

    SEE ALSO: The Air Case is the ultra-thin as a rail battery case Apple should ... You can see the smooth footage taken from the drone yourself below: "The [quadcopter] boom exists because of GoPro and now it's growing much bigger than GoPro," Woodman told Mashable ...

  • Hubsan FPV X4 Weigh: The Beginner's Racing Drone

    05/06/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    This quick drone has a lot of power and maneuverability, packed into a tiny case that is cheap to fix when you crash (and you will). The quadcopter has a small camera on board, and a screen on the controller shows the video for a in the beginning-person view (FPV ...

  • What up to date hell is this?

    05/09/16 ,via The Record-Journal

    Since decisive summer, millions of people have watched a video that shows a drone — an unmanned aerial vehicle, in this case a small quadcopter — that had been rigged to fire a handgun while in airliner. This was the invention of a young man from Clinton ...

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SunFounder Racing F3 Shove off Controller Advisers aboard Compatible with SP Racing F3 Cleaflight 6DOF Guideline for FPV Racing QAV250 ZMR250 QAV280 QAV180 QAV210 Multicopter Quadcopter Drone (with case) by SunFounder

  • Supports aircrafts including tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters,...
  • The new-generation processor STM32 F3 incorporates hardware...
  • Suitable for OneShot ESC and more than 8-channel RCs. Includes a...

Product Description

The SF Racing F3 flight controller is designed to provide flight experience of excellent performance for the hobbyists.
With verified sensor algorithm, it provides incomparable I/O capabilities. The SF Racing F3 runs a new-generation 32-bit STM32 F303CCT6 processor, an MPU6500 accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor, all high integrated on a lightweight PCB to improve the flight performance. In addition, it offers more practical functions to your aircraft.

What Makes It Powerful and Special:
•I/O ports can be connected to various devices like OSD, GPS, battery monitor and so on at the same time
•16 PWM I/O lines for ESCs, servos and legacy receivers.
•Fully supports OneShot ESCs for easy PID tuning.
•Supports SBUS, SFektrum1024/2048, PPM, PWM and XBus receivers and needs no external inverter (already has one built in).
•Dedicated programmable LED light strip provides a variety of signal lights for orientation, racing and night flying.
•Specific I2C port to connect an OLED display, needless of extra batteries.
•Selectable serial wire debug (SWD) and boot mode to ensure the bootloader not to be locked.
•Looptime is about 2 times of the previous STM32F1.
•Configuration of the flight controller can be done via a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).
•Works with a variety of aircrafts like tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, fixed-wing planes, etc.

Package Included
1 * Introduction Leaflet
1 * SP Racing F3 Flight Controller
1 * 8x3-pin Straight Pin Header
1 * 8x3-pin Right-angled Pin Header
2 * 4-pin Header
2 * 2-pin Header
2 * 4-pin Anti-reversing Cable
2 * 8-pin Anti-reversing Cable
1 * 3- pin Anti-reversing Cable
1 * Case
5* Self-tapping Screw

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RCYAGO Ghost 3 Shadiness 4 UAV Drone Backpack,Drone Bag, Shared Obdurate Go finished with the roof Case Waterproof Drone Rucksack, Drone Tragetasche, FPV Rucksack, for DJI Quadcopter (Kohlefaser Linien) by RCYAGO

  • Wasserdichte Materialien, leichter, praktischer, besser geeignet...
  • Stoff ist atmungsaktiv und komfortabel, dicken Schwamm und breiten...
  • Es eignet sich für DJI Phantom 3, DJIPhantom 4.Three-Jahre Garantie,

Product Description

DJI Phantom 3 Phantom 4 UAV Drone Backpack,Drone Bag, Shared Hard Shell Case Waterproof Drone Rucksack, Drone Tragetasche, FPV Rucksack, for DJI Quadcopter

Warum musst du diesen UAV Rucksack kaufen?
Es gibt atmungsaktive und bequeme Riemen und Rückenlehne
Exquisit und schön
Innerhalb der Struktur kann Schutz für Ihre 3 unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge bieten, wenn Sie reisen
Schulterriemen können so eingestellt werden, bis sie zu Ihrer Länge passen

Stil: lässig Reisen
Anzug für phantom 4
Farbe: Carbon Fiber gefüttert
Material: ABS(outside), EPP(inside)
Größe ca.: 22,9 cm Breite × 44. 7cm hoch × 31. 8cm tief
Netto Gewicht: Ca. 1,65 KG
Max. Gewicht: 10 KG

Passend für DJI Phantom 3 Phantom 4 UAV Drone Standard FPV Drone Quadcopter

Phantom 3 Kapazität:

1 × DJI phantom 3 Drohne
1 × DJI phantom 3 Fernbedienung
1 × DJI phantom 3 intelligente Flugakkus
1 × DJI phantom 3 Propeller
1 × DJI phantom 3 Serie Akku-Ladegerät
Phantom 4 Kapazität:
1 × DJI phantom 4Drone
1 × DJI phantom 4 Fernbedienung
1 × DJI phantom 4 intelligente Flugakkus
1 × DJI phantom 4 Propeller
1 × DJI phantom 4 Serie Akku-Ladegerät

Bitte beachten Sie:
Es scheint mehrere Defekte auf der Oberfläche haben. Bitte nicht falsch. Das ist die Schutzfolie.

Price: €59.98
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Koffer for DJI Spook 3 Add to away from Carrying Case Aluminum Knotty Out Box Maestro Advanced for Drone DJI Over 4 zubehör Quadcopter by Crazepony-UK by Crazepony-UK

  • Scomparti Interni, Schiuma Ad Alta Densità Par Accessori
  • Équipe de dal Garantizarse Dopo Problemi di Vender Sono Completo...
  • Speciale Progettato pro 4 DJI Fantôme, Anche Par Fantôme 3 pro Adv...

Product Description

Alluminio Su Misura Viaggi Rigida Par 4, Fantôme Fantôme 3 pro Adv e estándar


Dura, Struttura Esterna En Alluminio Con Comme protettiva
Chiusure Con Treme durevole
Salt de Schiuma Dans Interno Alta Densità
Scomparti Par accessori
PIEDINI Dans Plastica Protettive e Tabla pastiglie
Confortevole manillar


Persönlichen Par il Trasporto alle
Tamaño Peso: 11.5* 23.5* 16,5 cm
Peso del Pacchetto: 4000g/8 lb

30 Giorni Soldi Indietro o un Servizio Clienti Cordiale 24 Ore e Garantía 12 Meses!
Pacchetto comprende
1 * 4 phantom DJI Alluminio Custodia duro

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