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DJI Phantom 3 First Flight and DJI Pilot App Overview HD

The DJI Phantom 3 is arguably the best aerial platform for video and photo and is so easy to fly! Here we flight test DJI's Phantom 3 Professional and give you a ...

Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WIFI FPV Camera

This is Syma X5SW Quadcopter with WIFI FPV Camera. It's the same old Syma X5C Quadcopter but this time it is equipped with a WIFI Enabled camera that ...

Mini Drone With Camera Super Nano Quadcopter with Camera Control by iPhone And Android SmartPhone

MINI Drone with camera wifi fpv ...

  • Xiaomi's before all drone will be unveiled on May 25th

    05/20/16 ,via The Verge

    In episode, the drone bears a remarkable similarity to Chinese manufacturer Yuneec's Typhoon H, with what appears to be the same underslung spherical camera. Could this be a collaboration between the two companies? Xiaomi We've seen a crowd of leaks

  • Introducing Drift, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone

    04/26/16 ,via Fast Company

    Hang is more a flying camera than a joyriding drone, and the controls on its paired smartphone app are for delicately repositioning it, not zooming to atrial heights. But the real breakthrough trait is its sophisticated AI programming that not only

  • No helicopter needed: How drones are onset the sky for filmmakers

    05/17/16 ,via Digital Trends

    Quadcopters are where it's at, their flying and camera capabilities now Sunday enough for capturing incredible footage that can wow audiences – subject to the director's artistic vision and flying skills, naturally. Tim Spondulix, a filmmaker from Bend

  • To Prohibit Drone-Airplane Collisions, US FAA Seeks Airport Detection System

    05/18/16 ,via NDTV

    The Federal Aviation Application said Tuesday that it will explore ways to spot "rogue" drone operations that might collide with planes around airports. The force said it has launched an initial research program to evaluate drone detection

  • Periscope will let you publish straight from a DJI drone

    05/15/16 ,via Digital Trends

    Earlier this week, Snicker's video streaming service added DJI drone support, which means that you can now natively connect the app to your quadcopter and live broadcast this footage to the world. The removal comes shortly after Periscope added GoPro

As drones get smarter, so must their owners - Engadget

On Sunday, April 17th, British Airways decamp BA727 from Geneva to London was coming in for a landing when the pilot saw something -- reportedly a drone -- disable the front of the aircraft. The collision was said to have happened above Richmond Park, an area where drone flying is prohibited (but not because of its vicinity to the airport). Perhaps more worrying was that the impact happened at 1,700 feet -- well above the 400-foot high point limit for all drone flights in the UK, even in permissible areas. Fortunately, BA727 landed safely and without incident. But with more and more amateur drone pilots engaging to the skies, how long until it happens for real. If the BA incident had involved a drone, I might have had mixed feelings. Last summer, I was testing a drone. To assess the device and its camera, I wanted to find a safe yet picturesque place to fly. I chose a quiet stretch of beach, a sweet deficient in bus ride south of where I live in Spain. I say quiet: That was until two police officers rolled over the sand dunes on quad bikes and told me to a halt. It turns out that I, too, was in a national park. How can I roll my eyes when I've done the same thing. ) In my (weak) defense, I knew it was near a nationalistic park, but thought I was outside the boundary. Almost a year later, I'm testing another drone: the FlyPro XEagle Divertissement. This time, I want zero chance of encountering the police (or airliners full of people). In fact, for a car-less megalopolis dweller, finding somewhere scenic and legal without plenty of planning is hard. As more drones fly themselves , filming us autonomously , we sine qua non to be more careful. A smart drone still needs a smart human. The XEagle is one such drone -- a "follow me" quadcopter for capturing sporting moments, comparable to AirDog. The "Sport" edition has no ground station (controller). Instead, the XEagle follows a wearable that looks like an '80s-era Casio for kids. You can buy a argument station for it, but all I have is the wrist-watch thing. All the more reason to find somewhere open and away from people. With no "sticks," you have less pressing control over a drone. The XEagle lands at the press of a button, and there are dials on the watch to move it up/down and left/prerogative, but this is still hardly what I'd call "control. If there's a barking dog or an object below it, or it's now unsafe to land where you took off, you don't have many options. The main photo for this article is the XEagle splashdown in a pothole it obviously couldn't see. In fairness, it righted itself and returned to the spot where it took off. When searching for a good take down a peg or two happen to fly, Google Maps is an obvious place to start. I used its measurement tool to draw a five-mile role from the nearest point of the airport (the distance Spain's aviation authority requires). This gave me an easy cityscape of the most important no-fly zone where I am (Valencia). Local laws also require you fly in unpopulated areas. This effectively means I must sanction the city, as there are no parks big enough to comfortably avoid people. Valencia's airport is to the west, meaning. Source: www.engadget.com

Get prompt for a drone you can play games with - Mashable

WowWee is bringing pro-neck drone moves down to earth. The new $79 Lumi, which is now on Indiegogo , can dance, learn choreography and, like drones that cost hundreds more, dodge obstacles on its own. Designed primarily for indoor use, Lumi is a relatively small drone, but features a surprising number of sensors. There are at least four in the mean so it can see the world around it and the floor below. At the heart of the quadcopter is its ability to play games with users and with other Lumi drones. The produce will also ship with a beacon that you can place on the floor and have Lumi stabilize directly over it. You can also pick up the beacon and Lumi will accept wherever it goes. One game, Lumi to the Beat, taps into any song you have on your smartphone and challenges the user to fly Lumi in sync with the palpitate. There will also be a free app so pilots can remotely fly the Lumi Drone. Through it, users will be able to perform one-tap drone stunts like a twist. What the drone doesn't have is any kind of camera. Source: mashable.com

Drone 'fireworks' active up Mount Fuji (Tomorrow Daily 357) video - CNET - CNET

[MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the internet, accepted to Tomorrow Daily, the best news talk show in the known universe. I'm Ashley Esqueda, Jeff Cannata is out on a plug for today and tomorrow. You can check out some of the behind the scenes stuff on his Instagram. But for now, let's hit the headlines. Fingerprint technology in travelling phones is huge right now. That sounds a little boring but instead of using a traditional button mechanism that has a fingerprint scanner, this module would abide Under the glass cover of the display making a button unnecessary. waterproofing a device would be much easier with this type of configuration and not worrying about a not working home button is always a plus, especially for an iPhone owner. Even better, unlike much of the futuristic stuff we talk about on this show, We'll see devices using this technology as in the end as later this year. So we love drones, and we love fireworks. What about drone fireworks. Performance of 20 choreographed drones in face of Japan's Mt. Fuji recently. More than 800 LEDs decorated each drone and a group of musicians played traditional Japanese instruments as the quadcopters. And, with spectacle like man-made meteor showers rumored to show up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, we wouldn't be surprised to see a unimaginative drone firework action, too. Well these are really good stories, I have to choose one for Thursday because Jeff isn't here and honestly, I make up I'd like to talk about drone fireworks because they are the best. That is it for our headlines, if you guys want to talk about drone fireworks, tell me what you wish for to see. What do you want drones to be able to create in the sky, use the hashtag HEYTD on Twitter and if you like to tweet They'll end up on our Thursday extended show. With that being said let's check out our phonetographer for the day. [MUSIC] Our phonetographer of the day today is Adam who shot this on his iPhone 6s. Adam says Ashley and Jeff, affection the show. I've been waiting for a Spring-themed to send this often panorama of a double rainbow I took in my neighborhood on my iPhone 6S. My five year old daughter loves rainbows, draws them constantly, and even has a rainbow long story she loves singing. But this is the first time she's ever seen a rainbow. She loved it. Please feel free to use the duplicate on the show. Well, first of all, congratulations to your daughter on her very first rainbow because that must have been a very exciting moment for her. Also, you did all the things revenge. You sent us a picture. You told us what device you took it on. You told us the story about it and you gave us permission to use the picture on the show. If you do all those things, and you email tomorrow at cnet. com, you too, can potentially be featured on phonetographer of the day. And the essay this month, in May, is spring. So if you have an older picture, if you live in the southern hemisphere, you got an older picture laying hither from your spring, Or, if you are in the Northern hemisphere where spring is happening right now and you just snapped something cool... That is it for today's show you guys. Source: www.cnet.com
  • Imitate AR.Drone - Official Site

    AR.Drone.com - Ape Wi-Fi quadricopter. Augmented Reality games on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad & Android

  • Amazon.com: Repeat AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by ...

    Amazon.com: Ape AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices (Orange/Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer): Cell Phones ...

  • AR.Drone 2.0. Mimic new wi-fi quadricopter- AR.Drone 2.0 ...

    AR.Drone 2.0 ceremonious site - Fly with iPhone and iPad, Record videos in HD, Share on YouTube

  • iphone drone | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Mould ...

    Espy great deals on eBay for iphone drone spy camera helicopter. Shop with confidence.

  • AR.Drone 2.0. Parrot new wi-fi quadricopter- AR.Drone 2.0 ...

    Ape AR.Drone France - Le 1er quadricoptère Wi-Fi piloté par un iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Parrot Ardrone. Videos; Photos; ... HD Camera : 720P 30fps;

LastChanceEbay: NEW Walkera QRW100S iPhone WiFi controlled FPV HD Camera Quadcopter Drone https://t.co/eHlrrrJNNM #ebay #deals #toys #gam… 04/14/16, @CardFlame
NEW Walkera QRW100S iPhone WiFi controlled FPV HD Camera Quadcopter Drone https://t.co/KiUnSsurXX #ebay #deals #toys #games 04/14/16, @LastChanceEbay
  • Skye Perspicacity Technology Announces Skye Orbit, a New Quadcopter Drone and App with Precise Auto-Follow and Instant Social Sharing Capabilities

    04/05/16 ,via Business Wire

    XI'AN, China--(Proprietorship WIRE)--Skye Intelligence Technology, inventor of a hands-free camera drone designed for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy capturing and sharing weighty moments, is announcing Skye Orbit, a quadcopter ... with iPhone 5 and above ...

  • GoPro Principal5 specs, Camera drone latest news: Quadcopter being developed

    12/15/15 ,via Christian Today

    This includes developing its certainly own drone. GoPro released a sneak peek of its Quadcopter drone recently and ... photos using Canon and Nikon cameras. Apple's iPhone and iPad was the third most preferred camera to upload photos. GoPro, on the other ...

  • PhoneDrone turns your smartphone into a quadcopter

    10/27/15 ,via CNet

    All five "sharks" took a off in xCraft, a company with one drone in production ... with the iPhone 4S and later, Samsung Galaxy S2 and later, and "most similar-generation Android smartphones." Whatever phone you use will draw camera duty as well ...

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