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Parrot Bebop Drone Review

Here is our full Review of the Parrot Bebop Drone. Unboxing of the new Parrot Bebop Drone. For more videos subscribe to our channel. For More Info On the ...

Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller ULTIMATE DEMONSTRATION in 4K UltraHD

Parrot Bebop Skycontroller Order & Info - http://goo.gl/152Xj9 The Parrot Bebop offers many advantages to other drones on the market today. The Parrot Bebop ...

Dromida Vista UAV Drone RTF Quadcopter Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight

This video is my Dromida Vista UAV Drone RTF Quadcopter Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight. I unbox it, fly it, and review it, so you can see if this ...

  • lake clouds austin river us highway texas traffic unitedstates motorway onramp bluesky aerial intersection uav mopac drone loop1 quadcopter ladybirdlake dji00310

    Downtown Austin from Loop 1 (MoPac)

    Photo by Lars Plougmann on Flickr

  • One happened of a robot taking a human's job where everybody wins.

    06/01/16 ,via The Drive

    Drone maker DJI and Ocean Alliance, a non-profit organization devoted to protecting whales and their environment, have come together to create what could be the ultimate research pawn—at least, for a very specific aquatic task. Together, the

  • Adventurous of drones: Will it fly?

    05/07/16 ,via The Register-Guard

    Zoumas is just healthful, though; it's his drone that's toast. The pilot takes off his goggles and crosses to the pilots' lounge for the replay. Once again his quadcopter drone, a buzzing gang roughly the size of a loaf of bread, zooms daringly around

  • HTC Vive regard: This immersive high-end headset is truly compelling

    05/17/16 ,via The Independent

    Still HTC has a skilled room tracking system so if you get too near the edge of the space, a grid of blue lines appears before you. There's also a setting which allows you to see a shadow adaptation of the room you're in, too, at the touch of a button. You

  • Drones In Search And Liberate: One Man's Tragedy Leads To Advocacy

    05/12/16 ,via Reno Public Radio

    Drones In Search And Let loose: One Man's Tragedy Leads To Advocacy. By Anh Gray • May 11, 2016 “So what normally would be a pretty relaxed route back into the locker—you know it's nothing beyond a blue bulldoze run—the storm became so disorienting, it

  • Google testing nefarious links instead of blue ones, potentially changing the look of the world's best known website

    05/10/16 ,via The Independent

    The presence appears to be trialling black rather than blue links for its search pages. Though the change might appear small, it is a relatively radical one for a errand-boy that has looked largely the same since it began and only changes by tiny increments.

Uber's Consumer Democracy - Jacobin publication

n October 2014, just a month after UberX’s introduction in Toronto, National Post columnist Chris Selley was already worrying about the ride-hailing ceremony’s future. While Uber was “absolutely, mind-bogglingly fantastic,” Selley gushed , “Toronto’s city government is where bold, innovative ideas go to die. ” Uber was in jeopardy because “regulators gotta regulate. ” Toronto drive drivers were required to have special licenses, and UberX — the budget branch of the Uber tree — wouldn’t turmoil if the city enforced that mandate. But Selley had a plan: “immediate, massive Uber adoption. ” If enough people started using the order-flouting service, it would be both impractical and politically unpopular to crack down. “Download Uber. Ride Again. And insofar as Torontonians took Selley’s advice, it appears their “resistance” wasn’t for naught. Last week, the See Council voted to legalize the service, beginning on July 15. True to form, Uber pledges to pick up to operate illegally until then. Uber’s rise in Toronto has followed a pattern established in cities from Edmonton to Mexico Diocese. Confronted with legal obstacles, Uber employs “ principled confrontation ” to circumvent them, paying its drivers’ fines and fighting their court cases. In the meantime, the coterie lobbies politicians and wins over consumers. Eventually city governments relent and bring Uber’s practices within the four corners of the law. In nearly every conurbation it’s entered, Uber’s strategy has succeeded — with far-reaching consequences. By muscling into urban center after urban center, Uber hasn’t just changed how people exertion and get around. Permissionless Innovation ber’s strategy looks a lot like “permissionless innovation” — the libertarian aim that we should make just about everything legal and let the individualized choices of consumers dictate the shape of society. And when people get grieve, laws and lawsuits can retroactively sort things out. “Experimentation with new technologies and business models should generally be permitted by non-fulfilment,” Adam Thierer, a fellow at the Mercatus Center , explains in his book Permissionless Innovation. “Unless a compelling envelope can be made that a new invention will bring serious harm to society, innovation should be allowed to continue unabated and problems, if they happen at all, can be addressed later. Practically speaking, “permissionless innovation” often means start-ups breaking laws so they can give consumers what they after. And laws are often corrupt anyway. “Permisssionless innovation” advocates would look at Toronto’s licensing demand for taxis, for example, as a way to insulate established companies from competition, allowing them to get away with providing bad service. “What is Uber if not the biggest lawbreaker in the age today. “And God bless them for it. ”. And Uber’s lawbreaking may be unprecedented. Steve Tombs, a corporate crime A- at The Open University, says that the company’s open defiance of municipal law sets it apart from even other “disruptors”. Source: www.jacobinmag.com

Drones In Search And Release: One Man's Tragedy Leads To Advocacy - Reno Public Radio

A close tragedy at a Tahoe ski resort this past winter is spurring one family to advocate for advanced technology in search and liberating. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray explores how drones could offer a solution. On a bluebird day in mid-January, brothers Carson and Wyndham May, both ski instructors at Sugar Pan Ski Resort , had a day off to enjoy one of their favorite activities. This is what Wyndham, the younger brother, remembers:. “We were free skiing together with a sound buddy of ours and we were having a great day,” Wyndham says. “The beginning was actually very clear and around noon or one o’clock a attractive nasty stormed rolled in. ”. The brothers decided to separate so Carson could ski back to gather items from the repair to, taking a nearby route that was out-of-bounds. “It’s something that a lot of people do. they don’t think about the terrain just off the other side of the ridge when you’re prospering off that way,” Wyndham recalls. “So what normally would be a pretty relaxed route back into the locker—you know it’s nothing beyond a blue draw a bead run—the storm became so disorienting, it allowed him to get off track. “I go to work pretty early and I saw his stuff at his locker extent and I notified people immediately. KCRV Channel 3 News reported on the search and rescue mission: “Event now, a search for a missing skier in the Sierra. Sugar Bowl ski instructor Carson May has been missing for at least 24 hours now. Freeing crews are up against time and another storm, and with more snow coming in, the window for good weather is closing quickly. Placer County Sheriff’s Advocacy led the search and rescue mission. Sugar Bowl ski patrol and Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue volunteers, along with avalanche dogs, helped. Carson’s confessor Mike May says he felt desperate. As a tech entrepreneur, he immediately started researching any device that could perceive his son. “There’s gotta be something,” May says. “I’ve spent my life innovating technology and finding work-arounds as a person who has been reckless since age three. Mike’s exhaustive search included looking into drones, cell phone location tools, dregs penetrating radar and super-sensitive devices for detecting human remains, but time was not on his side. KCRV Neck 3 News provided an updated report of the search: “Not the news that anyone wanted to hear today here at Sugar Dish. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says it no longer considers this as a rescue operation but as a recovery performance. Mike says it seems Carson was caught in an avalanche. “It’s dangerous for them to be out in avalanche country and we want to restrain somebody else from getting hurt by having technology to help leverage what they’re doing,” May says. Leveraging technology is what gets Richard Kelley out of bed each day. Kelley says UAV developers have been looking to suit drones for search and rescue. “The drone I’ll be. Source: kunr.org

Google testing Negroid links instead of blue ones, potentially changing the look of the world's best known website - The Unearned

Google appears to be testing out a new switch for its search results page, probably the best-known site on the internet. The company appears to be trialling disastrous rather than blue links for its search pages. Though the change might appear small, it is a relatively radical one for a page that has looked in great measure the same since it began and only changes by tiny increments. Like other previous changes, the new link colour appears just to be in testing for now. Google will very use the test to see whether people are more likely to click on black rather than blue links. That's exactly what YouTuber Mehdi Sadaghdar did in a late-model video, after his efforts to bring a destroyed phone back to life disastrously failed. Using the phone's vibrator, a originate battery, a simple switch, a few wires and the bristly part of a toothbrush, he managed to make a simple rarely toy that can skitter around a tabletop as long as the battery last. The FA has announced that for the first time ever it will act the inaugural Emirates FA Cup gaming tournament, with video game fans from across the world invited to joust for glory at Wembley Stadium connected by EE. Early rounds will take... Gamers of varying faculty will descend upon Wembley Stadium as the home of football transforms into an epic gaming colosseum set to turn heads and glow worry palms in equal measure. Oculus has said that it is about to open pre-orders for its Rift virtual reality headset. And it will start being at one's disposal from 6 January 2016, the company has said. The company hasn’t said when the headsets will actually start arriving, or how much they will bring in. It isn’t clear whether the company intends to announce more details before pre-orders begin. A new trick shows a quick way of getting rid of the size up apps that might be cluttering up your iPhone screen — at least for a while. The iPhone comes with a range of apps that are stuck on the phone, and can't be deleted like others. While some are key to the phone — like the Phone app itself — others like Stocks are less spout-regarded. But the new trick shows how you can hide those unused stock apps with just a quick trick using some folders. Every year, companies and technologists attack to show that they have seen what’s coming and that they will be there to offer it. Every year, a lot of people get it wrong. This year’s expectations are as big as ever. Every year, CES unofficially gets a big essence that everything’s supposed to be about — this year that’s virtual reality. A government counter-terrorism adviser has warned that terrorists could use commercially nearby drones to attack passenger planes. Detective Chief Inspector Colin Smith, a security knowledgeable and adviser to the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology, warned. Source: www.independent.co.uk
  • Drone Ominus FPV UAV Quadcopter BLEU - Dromida | Miniplanes

    Ominus FPV UAV Quadcopter Blue - Dromida Avec le Ominus FPV, voyez votre vol forgiveness à un votre smartphone Wi-Fi® compatible vous pouvez le faire fonct

  • Repeat France - Bebop Drone, Minidrones, Zik 2.0, Kits ...

    Copycat conçoit, développe et commercialise des produits grand public et de haute technologie pour les smartphones et tablettes ainsi que des solutions ...

  • BlueBeach Quadcopter CX30W Compatible IOS - Drone pas cher

    Filmez avec la caméra WIFI du drone BlueBeach Quadcopter CX30W qui peut être piloté seulement avec un iphone ou un ipad. Petit, léger et à prix knock off pour se ...

  • Tested: DJI Spectre 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone

    Tested: DJI Phantasma 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone Tested. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1,837,622 1M. Loading ... Standard YouTube License; Show more Show ...

  • AR.Drone 2.0. Ape new wi-fi quadricopter - AR.Drone.com ...

    AR.Drone.com - Mimic Wi-Fi quadricopter. Augmented Reality games on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad & Android

#eBay #deal Radio Control RC Quadcopter Drone Helicopter Camera 3D Flip Toys Blue + 4GB Card https://t.co/uxbQ3zzpvs #eBayUS #BuyNow 05/03/16, @eBayShopperNews
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  • Of: Man attaches paintball gun to drone and terrorises his mates

    06/02/16 ,via Daily Star

    A BLOKE took a drone, joined it to ... he was no match for the quadcopter. The trio wwere even unsuccessful in making a quick getaway in a nearby car. Instead, the lads were probably hand black and blue, while their pal with the remote control was ...

  • Teardown: A bantam drone and its controller

    05/23/16 ,via EDN Network

    Back in February, I picked up a Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter for that expenditure from bargain site ... indicates whether or not it's connected to the drone): And here's the powered-up drone (ditto on the blue LEDs' behavior): True confession: I had only one ...

  • Top 10 Drones for 2016: The Beginner’s Bibliography

    Outrageously Durable with Strong Red and Blue Led Lights, its good for Indoor and Outdoor Use 9. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone : videos and takes pictures within a 180° pasture of view. You can control your flying experience with their FreeFlight 3 app (iOS ...

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Zolimx RC Quadcopter Helikopter Drone Kopflos Modus (Blue) by Zolimx

  • Flugzeit: ca. 5 min. Ladezeit: 30-50 min. Steuerabstand: 30m.
  • Eine Taste automatische Rückkehr: Sie können Ihren Quadcopter...
  • Bunte LED-Beleuchtung: Die Drohne wird in der Dunkelheit leuchten,...

Product Description

Paket-Inhalt: (mit Kleinpaket)

1PC JJRC H36 Quadcopter
1PC Transmitte
4PC Propeller
1PC USB Aufladeeinheit

Price: €32.99

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dlfpv 4 Brushless Motor dl2205 2300 KV CW 2 CCW für FPV Drone Racing Quadcopter 210 220 250 280, Herren, Blue,4PCS by DLFPV

  • 100 % Qualitätskontrolle Lieferumfang enthält 4DL2205 2300 KV...
  • Die Welle läuft in Japanischen NMB Kugellagern. Ein spezielles...
  • Qualitativ hochwertiger Motor. Gehäuse aus extra starkem Aluminium,...

Product Description

DLFPV, 4pcs DL2205 2300KV Brushless Motor für FPV Drone Racing Quadcopter 2CW 2CCW in Rot


CW und CCW Propellerschrauben garantieren einen guten und sicheren Sitz der Rotoren.
Für den Motor werden japanische NMB Kugellager verwendet, der Stator ist von der Marke Kawasaki.
Das Luftansaugsystem sorgt für eine schnelle Kühlung und eine hohe Effizienz.
Jeder Motor wir einem 100%igen dynamischen Test unterzogen.
Perfekt geeignet für FPV-Race-Quadrocopter in den Größen 210, 220, 250,0und 280 mm


Drehzahl: 2300KV
Konfig. 12N4P
Gewicht: 28 gr.
Dauerstrom bei 10 V: 0,45 A
Geeignet für: Lipo 2-4S (11,1 - 14,8 V)
Max. Dauerleistung: 270 W für 180sec
Innenwiderstand: 65 MOhm
Max. Dauerstrom: 24A für 180 sec.
Max. Effizient: 80% bei 4-8 A


2x DX2205 2300 Brushless Motor (CW)
2x DX2205 2300 Brushless Motor (CCW)

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