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Blade 350 QX3 Quadcopter Drone from Horizon Hobby

I decided it was time to step up my drone game, so I asked Horizon Hobby to send over this beast, the Blade 350 QX3. Massdrop link: http://dro.ps/linustechtips ...

Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone | Flite Test

We try out the Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone's autonomous Follow Me Mode and Tracking Mode feature! Learn more about the Chroma 4K Camera Drone ...

Quadcopter Drones, Spin Your Props and Brush Your Teeth!

If you notice any power reduction or reduced flight time on your drone, it may be time to brush your teeth! This simple preventative maintenance can help prevent ...

  • uk trip travel sea vacation england blackandwhite bw holiday black beach mono coast fly sand awesome flight 7d spy bigbury carbonfibre drone bigburyonsea quadcopter ardrone

    AR Drone 2.0 - Spy in the Sky!

    Carbon Fibre Blades, SS Bearings. Bigury-on-Sea, Devon

    Photo by myfrozenlife on Flickr

  • MIT researchers open perching bee robot

    05/19/16 ,via UPI.com

    Robots designed for aerial surveys and mutual observational tasks, like quadcopters, are currently limited by short flight times. They tend to run out of battery rather lickety-split. While perching won't extend a drone's actual time in the air, the

  • How to Get Started with Drone Racing

    05/18/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    Drone racing is one of the hottest, new sports out there. The specs of hot-shot pilots sending powerful drones racing around a track is a great spectator sport, so it is no surprise that ESPN is planning to start broadcasting races lickety-split. And it's

  • New Drone Takes Off Like A Helicopter, Flies Like A Skate

    05/06/16 ,via Popular Science

    Hampered for decades by the formidableness of building such an aircraft that can switch from hovering to forward thrust mid-flight without jeopardizing the humans inside, drones have rapidly adapted to the test of strength. Like this one, the Above, it hovers, the

  • Eachine E10C Mini Quadcopter Parade: Fun In A Small Package

    05/13/16 ,via Techaeris

    They're trifling and super inexpensive and give users a chance to experience flying a drone or quadcopter. You can pick up replacement blades on Amazon for cheap and honestly, if you buy one of these you should future-stay and get some extra blades.

  • Canada is using drones to ascertain the cause of its massive wildfire

    05/09/16 ,via Digital Trends

    As Canadian firefighters extend to tackle the devastating wildfires in and around Fort McMurray, drone technology is being called upon to try to determine the precise cause of the massive light. The stitched imagery has the potential to place the

Defray the next sport of the modern age: Drone racing - SFGate

(AP) — Decked out in apex-tech goggles, pilot Steve Zoumas dives low and sees the final gate zooming toward him: a 20-foot-big metal-framed box ringed with neon. it's his drone that's toast. The pilot takes off his goggles and crosses to the pilots' vegetate for the replay. Once again his quadcopter drone , a buzzing machine roughly the size of a loaf of bread, zooms daringly circa obstacles and through hairpin turns. "I was pushing it that lap," says Zoumas, a 31-year-old construction friends owner. "I just wanted to put on a show for the crowd. Welcome to drone racing, a would-be sport in which men, and a few women, fly remote-controlled drones against competitors at up to 80 miles per hour along looping courses with hairpin curves and drops. Innumerable races take place in open fields, but here, racers and spectators have gathered in an abandoned, rubble-strewn mall set up with undoubtedly-marking gates across two floors. Fans sit on bleachers behind protective mesh, passing all about antenna-equipped goggles to see the pilot's view. Big-screen TVs show off unique camera angles while glowing copters whizz by, emitting the turned on-pitched hum of weed whackers on steroids. Racing is a labor of love for many pilots. Many are born tinkerers, and assign hours customizing their drones with new parts or building them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries, propellers and camera mounts. Ken Loo , a 31-year-old airman known as "Flying Bear," says he and his wife even put off having kids so he can spend more time racing. He says he'd give up his lofty-paying Silicon Valley job in a heartbeat if he could figure out how to fly drones for a living. Drone racing is still something of a guerrilla relaxation, even though ESPN has agreed to air a drone special on its ESPN3 channel this fall. Money is tight, and most pilots have to sustenance their day jobs. While high-profile races such as the World Drone Prix, held in Dubai last March, pay out as much as $250,000 to the bewitching pilot, such affluence feels very distant here in the shell of the Hawthorne Plaza mall. That could change if drone racing hits it big, attracting a cluster audience and the sponsors who want to sell them stuff. Serial entrepreneur Nick Horbaczewski , who founded the Drone Racing Ally last year, thinks he knows how to pull that off. The trick, he says, is making the audience feel the same excite as the pilots. That's why his league lights up each quadcopter and its pilot's goggles with matching colored LEDs, which help spectators shadow the tiny speeding drones. It's also why pilots wear T-shirts emblazoned with nicknames like "KittyCopter," ''Rekrek" and "Zoomas. " Aviator backstories and slick editing build up the drama for videos put online. The fast-talking 35-year-old helped diverge a start up "Tough Mudders," a quirky half marathon in which people pay to slog through artificial quagmires, into a $100-million-plus transaction as its chief revenue officer. He sank his own money into the drone league last year, though he also raised $8 million from the likes of Miami Dolphins ' P Steve Ross , the talent business Creative Artists Agency. Source: www.sfgate.com

Zero Zero's Linger Drone Promises Simplicity, Portability - Popular Photography Magazine

By now, you in all probability have a pretty good idea of what a camera “ drone ” looks like, but as the technology evolves, it will be interesting to see how the traditional quadcopter layout changes. The Wait drone from Zero Zero folds up like a small rectangular book, containing its spinning blades inside a rectangular pen. But, there are more interesting aspects to the Hover drone beyond it’s unique shape. The Hover is made to stay in close closeness to whatever it’s shooting. It shoots 13-megapixel photos and 4K video using the built-in camera. Because the blades aren’t exposed, it’s less susceptible to expense in a crash and you can even push the drone around in the air as it’s flying. The product isn’t actually out in the wild yet, but they’re planning to bring it to market for a cost tag that will reportedly remain “under $600. ” Extra features like 360-degree panorama mode and autonomous journey make it seem pretty interesting. Official site. Source: www.popphoto.com

DJI Delusion 4 Drone Review - Tom's Guide

While the flying smarts of the DJI Fancy 4 haven't reached Terminator levels yet, DJI's drone seems to be on the verge of gaining sentience. The $1,399 drone's new features will helper novice fliers get off the ground, with the help of its object-avoidance system and smart camera that can track and go after subjects. Experienced fliers will appreciate that the new model is significantly faster and lasts longer on a charge than the Phantom 3. However, the technology isn't unfailing nor completely intuitive to use. Design The Phantom 4 keeps the sleek, white design of previous models, but it has put on a taste weight. With a takeoff weight of 3. 06 pounds and measuring 19. 25 inches from rotor tip to tip, it is about the same size as the Phantasm 3 (2. 69 pounds), though it's slightly heavier. This weight also means that you will need to register it with the FAA before you fly it outside. The majority of this weight comes from the battery. A socking great chunk of lithium-ion-polymer chemistry slides into the body of the drone and locks into place with two catches. This battery holds a sizable 5,350 mAh of tax — an increase from the 4,800 mAh for the Phantom 3 battery. DJI has changed the design of the battery here as well. you can't use Phantom 3 batteries with the Mirage 4. There are a number of new sensors around the quadcopter body, with two small cameras on the front near the legs, and two more cameras and two ultrasonic sensors on the scurrilous. The small cameras and ultrasonic sensor form what DJI calls the object and vision positioning system: They see objects in fa of and below the drone, which takes that data, interprets it and tries to avoid collisions. The gimbal that holds the camera and keeps it position as the quadcopter pans and tilts has also changed, with a much cleaner design than the Phantom 3 and few exposed parts. The rubber cushions that care for the camera from the vibrations of the body are now hidden inside the quadcopter's body. As for the camera, it's smaller than a GoPro — about the size of a cellphone battery, with a great lens protruding from the front. Specs: Rotors: 4 (2 blades per rotor), 5-inch diameter. Battery Dimension: 5,350-mAh Lithium Polymer. Battery Life: 28/24 min (claimed/tested). 25 x 8 inches (Rotor tip to top). Controller DJI redesigned the controller to be smaller and more close than the ones on previous Phantoms. It has the same clean, white aesthetic as the quadcopter, with two large Wi-Fi antennas and a holder for a cellphone or memorial on the top. The sides and back are covered with soft-grip plastic, which makes it comfortable and easy to hold, even when you have to take one at one's fingertips off the controller to touch the screen of the cellphone or tablet. There is no screen on the controller. video previews and other information are shown on the DJI Go app ( Android and iOS ) that accompanies the drone. Source: www.tomsguide.com
  • Amazon.com: Reverential Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with ...

    Amazon.com: Heavenly Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Bonus Battery and 8 Blades: Toys & Games

  • Bees assault Quadcopter blades - YouTube

    My Quadcopter filmed a car topple take place while flying at Lake Logan State Park. - Duration: 4:08. Jason Gadrim 198,933 views

  • XT-XINTE - Paramount Wholesale Drone | Professional DIY ...

    Workshop for Best Drone including quadcopter,6 Axis,APM 2.8 Flight Controller GPS Compass & Gimbal,10000 models Fashion Jewelry,0.1$ liberated shipping worldwide

  • Richest Quadcopter And Drone Reviews Guide For 2016

    Looking for the in the most suitable way quadcopter or drone? We've put this huge guide complete with reviews of all the top rated quadcopters and drones that you can trust.

  • [Spry Review] Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter 2.4G 4CH Drone

    Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Drone 2.4G 4CH HD Video Camera & Micro SD Birthday card Check out our hands-on unboxing and testing video of the Syma X5C Explorers ...

AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, Gyro Headless, 360-degree 3D Rolling Mode 2 RTF RC Drone… https://t.co/gsWaRhkBrP 04/14/16, @dnv79
AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, Gyro Headless, 360-degree 3D Rolling Mode 2 RTF RC Drone… https://t.co/fViEV3snGs 04/14/16, @crazymaddeals
Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Bonus Battery and… https://t.co/3BTwB4nNBP https://t.co/jI5Opby5rQ 04/14/16, @EpicMolex
AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, Gyro Headless, 360-degree 3D Rolling Mode 2 RTF RC Drone… https://t.co/eZXKG9yLIX 04/10/16, @NoticiasNewss
  • Hubsan FPV X4 Look at: The Beginner's Racing Drone

    05/06/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    Four 2.2-inch rotor blades fit justly onto the motors ... where moving the right stick will make the quadcopter flip in the indicated direction. Like most small drones, this maneuver requires a fair amount of space, as it needs at least 5 to 6 feet ...

  • 11 pre-eminent drone quadcopters to buy now: Parrot, DJI, Hubsan and more

    05/05/16 ,via Pocket lint

    Dromida offers its Ominus FPV for those that thirst a full quadcopter experience at a lower price. The drone offers an HD camera feed directly ... it's also an aerobatic flier capable of flips and rolls too. The Penknife comes with an anti-vibration GoPro ...

  • Pick-propeller 'drone' flies when you throw it like a frisbee

    05/07/16 ,via Mashable

    A drone, or quadcopter as it's technically called ... not a drone) that only needs one cutlass to fly. SEE ALSO: The Air Case is the ultra-thin battery case Apple should have made The flying machine is called the Monospinner and is billed as the "simplest ...

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DroneAcc 12pcs 5045 3-Garb-unassuming it out bag out at Propeller 5 Inch Tri Bayonet Props for 2204 2205 2206-2306 Brushless Motors FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter ( Transpicuous-Red,Blacklist,Na-Dip) by DroneAcc

  • Size: 5045 5.0x4.5,Mounting hole: 5mm
  • 5045 Propellers 3-Blade Props:Suitable for 2204-2306 brushless...
  • Color:Transparent-Red,Black,Transparent-Blue

Customer reviews
Fast unkaputtbar, July 3, 2018
Habe gerade als Einsteiger ziemlich harte Crashs mit den Teilen überstanden und selbst nach brutalen Kontakt mit dem Boden sind die Probs entweder nur leicht verbogen oder etwas kürzer ;-) Trotzdem noch voll flugtauglich. Preislich für mich aber an...
Sehr stabile und qualitativ gute Props!, April 13, 2018
Erfüllt voll und ganz meine Erwartungen. Ich benutze diese Propeller momentan sowohl an meiner Drohne als auch an einem Nurflügler; bin auf jeden Fall zufrieden mir dem Ergebnis!
Super Props!!!, April 23, 2018
Super Propeller, die genau das richtige Level an Steifigkeit und Robustheit haben. 1A - klare Kaufempfehlung!Viel Spaß beim Fliegen!
Product Description

Model: T5045C
Material: PC
Center hole installation diameter: 5MM
Color: Transparent-Red,Black,Transparent-Blue
This paddle is very violent, the wind area is large, the root to strengthen the bombing, mini wear competition, practice preferred!
Suitable for 2204-2306 brushless motor,200-250mm wheelbase frame

Professional but yet elegant mold design and development
Tested by many top pilots before mass production.
High quality raw materials, to ensure the high quality propeller.
Advanced equipment and first-class technical staff, to ensure all the propeller is high quality.
Package Including
4 * 5045 propeller Black
4 * 5045 propeller Transparent Red
4 * 5045 propeller Transparent Blue

Price: €9.99

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Crazepony-UK 16pcs Transparente Tri-Stiletto 5042 Propeller CCW CW für QAV250 FPV Drone Quadcopter by Crazepony-UK

  • Modell: 5042 Farbe: Schwarz, Orange, Rot
  • 8 im Uhrzeigersinn (CW) 8 gegen den Uhrzeigersinn (CCW)
  • Gut ausgewogen, sauber verarbeitete und dauerhaft sein, um den...

Product Description

Speziell für Mini-multirotors, ideal für 280, 250 und 210 große FPV Racer, wie: QAV250, HK250, Walkera 250, FPV250 QAV250, Blackouts andamp; andere multirotors Quadcopter enthalten und Hexacopter.
Material: Kunststoff
Farbe: Clear, Pink, Grün, Blau
Länge: 12,7 cm/125 mm
Hub-ID: 5 mm
Hub Dicke: 7 mm
Screw Pitch: 10,7 cm
Gewicht: 45 g
16 * Tri Blade 5042 Propeller

Price: €23.77
You Save: EUR 20,00 (84%)

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Cewaal Farbe zufällig 4 Stücke Ersatz Propeller Blades Requisiten Ersatzteile Für JY018 Folding 4-achs RC Quadcopter Drohne by Cewaal

  • Super Balance mit stabiler Leistung.
  • Es gibt 4 Stück Klingen in dieser Packung, Die Farbe ist zufällig.
  • Leicht, langlebig und praktisch, Mit hoher Qualität, einfach zu...

Customer reviews
Absoluter Schwiß, July 24, 2018
Die vier Teile sind soweit in Ordnung werden aber nie zum Einsatz kommen weil die Drohne das größte Gelump ist was ich gekauft habeGruß an Amazon werde in Zukunft mir 2 mal überlegen bei Amazon etwas zu bestellen
Product Description

Technische Daten:
Farbe: Schwarz + Mintgrün
Material: ABS
Anwendbar: Für JY018 Flugzeuge
Menge: 4 Stück
Produktgröße: 7 * 1 * br> Packliste:
4pcs x Propellerblätter für JY018 Drohne

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