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Building Arduino quadcopter 30 min flight time + code and schematics

How to make a home made DIY Arduino based quadcopter. Link to Arduino code + schematics: ...

NEW - Chroma Camera Drone - 30 Min Flight Time!

Drone Camps RC gives pilots a quick overview of the new Chroma Camera drone by Yuneec and Horizon Hobby. Hot features: 30 minutes flight time, follow me, ...

Vulcan 900mm Heavy Lift Quadcopter Zenmuse H3 2D Go Pro 30 min flight time

The Rise Above Aerials Vulcan Heavy Lift Quadcopter. Built in house, super stable, crazy flight times up to 30minutes fully loaded with camera gimbal, go pro ...

  • Xiaomi to opening quadcopter drone on May 25

    05/20/16 ,via Times of India

    For those uninformed, the Yuneec Typhoon H drone can record videos in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and can capture 12MP images too. It has a retractable landing panoply and folding rotor arms, and can be controlled using a 7-inch touchscreen remote 

  • VIDEO: Drone can latch onto ceilings like a spider

    05/17/16 ,via Irish Examiner

    a commercially at one's fingertips quadcopter to fly for 10 minutes or less. While that's fine for a fun little jaunt around the park, it's less useful when it comes to more crucial applications of the technology. Better and lighter batteries will be

  • UPS Experiments With Drone Childbirth In Partnership With Zipline

    05/09/16 ,via Forbes

    Zipline is mounting up a network of autonomous drones in Rwanda to deliver blood, vaccines and medical supply to remote areas of the country. The startup said it will be superior to deliver packages to the country's 12 million citizens in 30 minutes once it

  • Drones winning off in SA

    05/18/16 ,via Independent Online

    Depending on the job you be missing done, a drone pilot will charge anywhere between R3,000 and R25,000. For R3,000 you could get around 30 minutes of aerial filming and 20 to 40 aerial photographs. For R25,000 you could get in-profundity game counting and 

  • Quadcopters Rise to New Heights

    05/02/16 ,via Machine Design

    GPS also lets qcopters fly from one way relevancy to another, getting out of range of the operator's controller sight, and flying on their own. Some drones, those with flying times of almost 30 minutes, can fly up to eight or nine miles from their start

Pro-Kremlin propagandist Graham Phillips detained in Crimea - http://en.sobytiya.info/victual

"Dirt from Crimea" (en. sobytiya. This is a project of independent journalists, which pooled their efforts to create the high-quality gossip and opened first in Crimea independent news media without political patronage of the founders in 2012. One can be cocksure of the objective... For centuries the peninsula of Crimea has been the disputed territory and a “tasty morsel” for many states. During the last 100 years Crimea has changed its administrative build, state affiliation or been occupied more than 10 times. In the former Soviet Union Crimea was a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. In February 2014 Russian invaded Crimea with its troops and annexed the peninsula in Pace 2014. Since then Crimea has become a "gray area" on the global map: de jure it is part of Ukraine, de facto it is governed by Russia. Ukraine calls it calling and hopes to return the territory, however, according to the international terms the process that has taken place, is called annexation. Source: en.sobytiya.info

Flying things are fascinating and on useful, too - Athens NEWS

And one disclose suddenly I was a very good paper boy. It was not for the greater glory of paper boys everywhere, it was because I wanted an airplane. Specifically, a cloudless silver model of a P-51 Mustang, powered by a Cox 0. 49 gas engine. I worked hard and won it from the newspaper, and thereafter I could expand on its controller in my hand as I flew it in circles whose radius was the length of the string that connected the plane to the controller. “Inspecting the gutters on Borough Hall requires erecting scaffolding, and it costs about $3,500,” Ward 2 City Council member and drone proprietor Jeffrey Risner told me a week or two ago. But a drone, he pointed out, can fly up and with its camera make the inspection for a fraction of the cost. The DJI Illusion 4 costs about $1,400, and it is good for things beside looking at the gutters. I was talking with Risner at a meeting of the Aerial Robotics and Photography Joining, an OU-based group interested in the useful flight of drones. There are racing drones, for instance. I saw one at the meeting, zooming round with the speed of a hummingbird. They seem to crash a lot. Their owners keep replacement props on hand. The group comprises engineering students, as you might believe, but also journalism students. Drones have become valuable newsgathering tools. With cameras and sometimes microphones, they can go to places photographers wouldn’t or shouldn’t go, either recording to a chime in in the camera or beaming a video signal back to a tablet or other computer, where it can be captured. (There has been talk, though it’s a distant thing if it comes to antiquated at all, of getting a very serious drone for the Athens Fire Department. The licensing and expense of such a thing would be significant. Keep it Deplete b empty. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. PLEASE Evolve OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything. No racism, sexism or any resolve of -ism that is degrading to another person. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Source: www.athensnews.com

Putnam: Prototype aircraft hobbyists fret over drone regs - Lansing State Journal

Lordly LEDGE – Members of a long-established model airplane club fret that anti-drone regulations will put their darling hobby into a tailspin. So they are speaking up. The proliferation of toy drones called quadcopters — and anti-drone regulations — worry members of the Capital Arrondissement Radio-Drone Squadron, which dates back to 1970. Since December, DeWitt and East Lansing, concerned about... And the Federal Aviation Management for the first time required unmanned flying models to be registered by Feb. The Capitol Commission last year banned flights over the Capitol. For nearly 30 years, CARDS members have been joyfully — and with particle attention — piloting their unmanned aircraft on a 10-acre plot south of Grand Ledge surrounded by farmland. The combine owns the land on Otto Road and has a garage and picnic shelter. Now they want to stop flying under the radar. They are reaching out to patronize and protect their passion for flying models. The group joined the Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce, and they make available free flying instructions on Tuesday nights from 5 p. m. to dusk. Newcomers can attend three sessions before they are asked to pay dues to yoke the club. Drones are here. Let’s learn to fly them correctly,” said Dave Marks, CARDS president and a Ford Motor Co. word technology retiree from Delta Township. The group has a weather-defiant flight each New Year’s Day but otherwise the pilots gather on Friday mornings during milder ill months. Year-round, a dozen or two meet each Friday for breakfast at the A&W in Grand Ledge. A tiny maquette prop plane hangs over their regular spot. CARDS has 88 members. Some have been building models since teens while others got into it or rediscovered the hobby in retirement. The majority are male retirees from around the region, though six females and a Lilliputian group of youth are included. I was invited to join the group for breakfast and for the first flight day in April. CARDS is more than a recreation club. The group has friendships so deep that members accompanied two elderly veterans on an honor flight to Washington D. C. in 2014 to by the WWII memorial. How much does the hobby cost. ”) The models can be surprisingly big – they range from toy drones the size of a toaster to working model planes with wingspans of 19 feet and nearly half the size of a real plane. “If you fly ‘em you’re going to crash ‘em,” said Harold Morris of Holt. Fran Gallaway, a retired Customary Motors Corp. middle manager who lives in Eaton Rapids, assembled a quadcopter (with four motors and four propellers) using Dollar Lay away cutting boards and parts he estimates cost him $170. He said he has loved aircraft since he was a kid and he still enjoys them. Mostly, though, the association offers him camaraderie. “It’s enjoyable just to be around the people,” he said. Bruce Cornelius of Haslett, a retired TV hearsay director, was a member of the club 40 years ago when he flew sail planes, which have no engines. Source: www.lansingstatejournal.com
  • DIY Arduino Quadcopter 30 min flight time + specs - YouTube

    DIY Arduino Quadcopter 30 min flight time + specs.

  • Structure Arduino quadcopter 30 min flight time + code and ...

    How to off with a home made DIY Arduino based quadcopter. Link to Arduino code + schematics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qcfd27buc7... Parts: Motors: 4x FC 28 ...

  • Amazon.com: Echo AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter ...

    Conception larger The Ultimate Wi-Fi Controlled Quadricopter Easily controlled by Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet, the latest Parrot AR. Drone 2. 0 Elite Issue ...

  • Outdo Quadcopter Flight Simulator | Drone Multirotor ...

    28 thoughts on “ Upper crust Quadcopter Flight Simulator | Drone Multirotor Trainer ” Machine Vision America 9th March 2016 at 4:49 am. Thanks for sharing this nice ...

  • HB HOMEBOAT® U818S Big-hearted 6-Axis Gyroscope RC Quadcopter ...

    HB HOMEBOAT® U818S Big 6-Axis Gyroscope RC Quadcopter Drone Black Color with FPV Camera & WIFI-818 Real-Time FPV Remote Control

  • UPS Experiments With Drone Articulation In Partnership With Zipline

    05/09/16 ,via Forbes

    Zipline is frame up a network of autonomous drones in Rwanda to deliver blood, vaccines and medical supply to remote areas of the country. The startup said it will be masterly to deliver packages to the country’s 12 million citizens in 30 minutes once it ...

  • Conjure up of Using Drones for Good Takes Flight in Rwanda

    The target is that by next year all 11 million residents of Rwanda will be within 30 minutes ... drone network in Rwanda will focus on delivering blood, but the pattern is to expand the project to include vaccines and life-saving treatments. The delivery of ...

  • Paris Protect Want to Fly Drones Over Crowds to Make Everyone Safer

    04/28/16 ,via Gizmodo

    asking for companies to cause proposals for crowd-monitoring drones. The ideal design will have six rotors, a speed of 10 meters/second, a kilometer spread, HD and thermal cameras, and a flight time of 30 minutes with a payload of 1kg. The cops are also ...

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WYXlink 2017 X8SW neue 0,3 MP HD Kamera Drohne RC Hubschrauber Quadcopter WiFi FPV Telefon by WYXlink

  • Headless-Modus, keine Notwendigkeit, die Position der Flugzeuge vor...
  • Starke Anti-Interferenz-Leistung sorgt für längere...
  • Aufsteigend/Absteigend, vorwärts/rückwärts, linke/Rechte Drehung,...

Product Description


Elementname: FPV Real Time Transmission 4KANAL RC Quadcopter

Video Time/Photos: ca. 30 min Video-oder 800 Bilder

Tiny Miniatur Quadcopter, Ultra Small Design

Speed-Switch-Funktion: drei verschiedene Flight-Modi lassen Piloten aller Schwierigkeitsgrade Spaß haben

Headless-Modus, keine Notwendigkeit, die Position der Flugzeuge vor dem Fliegen anzupassen

Aufsteigend/Absteigend, vorwärts/rückwärts, linke/Rechte Drehung, Throw to Fly, etc.

Starke Anti-Interferenz-Leistung sorgt für längere Distanz-Steuerung

6-Achsen-Kreisel-System macht es stabiler und einfach zu bedienen

Kann 360 Grad Flips/Rollen durchführen (vorwärts/rückwärts, links/rechts)

Mit bunten LED-Leuchten, die den Flug besonders in der Dunkelheit spektakulär machen


Typ: Quadcopter

HD 0,3 MP Kamera

Funktionen: 3D Rollover, Air Press Höhe halten, vorwärts/rückwärts, Headless-Modus, beschleunigen, biegen Sie nach links/rechts, auf/ab, mit Licht

Built-in Kreisel: 6 Achse Kreisel

Fernbedienung: drahtlose Fernbedienung mit 2,4 GHz

Kanal: 4-Channels

Detaillierte Steuerung Distanz: 100 m

Akku: 3.7 v 500mAh Lipo

Fernbedienung: 4 x AA Batterie

Flying Time: über 5-7mins

Ladezeit (h): 70mins

Produkt-Grösse: 31 x 30 x 8,5 cm

Verpackungseinheit: 49 x 9 x 32 cm


1 x Quadcopter

1 x Transmitter

4 x Propeller

1 x Schraubendreher

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