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Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review

This quadcopter may be the perfect entry level quadcopter for FPV racing. BUT NOT FOR BEGINNERS! Beginners, this is NOT the quad for you to learn to fly ...

Walkera Runner 250 Advanced GPS Racing Quadcopter Drone Unboxing & Flight Test

Now available at ...

Walkera Runner 250 Size Racing Quadcopter Drone Racer Unboxing & Flight Test

www.HobbyFlip.com We provide all runner parts and also accessories! Links below: ...

  • The Vortex 250 is the Lamborghini of racing drones

    05/19/16 ,via TechCrunch

    But, as I in good time learned, this crazy sensitivity and ability to rapidly change direction is what differentiates a multi-purpose quadcopter and a legitimate racing drone. And this is absolutely a legitimate racing drone. The quad weights a little over a

  • Introducing Wait, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone

    04/26/16 ,via Fast Company

    Most amateur consumer drones are affordable quadcopters robust enough to fly outdoors and snap photos or video. But they don't work very equably inside buildings. The startup Zero Zero Robotics is coming out of stealth mode to announce its first product

  • Richest drones on a budget: Buying guide

    12/11/15 ,via Gizmag

    This coming sabbatical season will see a veritable swarm of drones unwrapped and unleashed upon the world. That may or may not be a good thing, but if you are looking to join this airborne horde and haven't yet absolute where to spend your dollars or how 

  • Wow! Around Camera Requires No Stick for Selfies

    05/08/16 ,via Small Business Trends

    to transmute that with Hover Camera. This revolutionary quadcopter isn't even on the market yet, and it's already redefined the way consumers interact with drones. At just under 250 grams, it's unusually lightweight, totally portable and features

  • AI-powered selfie drone takes 13MP photos and 4K video, wows GMIC Beijing 2016

    05/01/16 ,via ZDNet

    Does not want FAA registration: Only weighs 238 grams, so it's below the 250 grams where the United States FAA requires drone registration for hobbyists. Like Zano, Lily Camera is another selfie-attractive quadcopter--albeit a much more viable one.

Drones Joining Arsenal of Malady-Fighting Tools - Inside Unmanned Systems

Insect-borne diseases masquerade as some of the biggest health challenges worldwide. These kinds of illnesses, called vector-borne diseases, account for 17 percent of all contagious disease and kill 1 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization. Dengue and a assemblage of other ailments—including malaria, sleeping sickness, chikungunya, West Nile, and zika—are transmitted by mosquitoes. “When it comes to tender tragedy, no creature comes close to the devastation caused by the mosquito,” wrote Bill Gates and British civil servant George Osborne in January in a joint article in. But fighting mosquitoes and other insects is not easy. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes are suitable resistant to insecticides. The Aedes aegypti mosquito, the carrier of dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and zika, can create in as little as a teaspoon of water. They bite during the day, so mosquito bed nets do little good and they’re highly adapted to living indoors—set to rights near their food sources. To help stem the spread of vector-borne diseases, researchers have turned to increasingly complex solutions, some being made more functional by new tools including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), which can be used to target the insects that spread... By affluent where humans can’t—and doing it faster and more cheaply may finally give humanity fighting chance against these illnesses. One approach gaining purchase in the scientific community is reducing the size of bug colonies by introducing sterile males. Females mate with the infertile males and fail to produce offspring, thus shrinking the size of the next generation. At least two companies are attempting to disentangle this problem by creating sterile insect delivery drones. Height Tech, a German company, and Embention, a Spanish attendance, both presented their solutions at the Drones for Good competition in Dubai in January 2016. Height Tech developed a quadcopter superior to deliver sterile mosquitoes, and Embention was... Their approach offers many advantages including quicker, wider assignment. The scientists developing the sterile mosquitoes “are using gamma rays in the laboratory, but the distribution [method] is they are putting mosquitoes in Coca-cola cans,” said Marius Schroeder, on the Acme Tech team. This approach is complicated by the fact that, at least in Africa, mosquito males “are not very nimble. ” Manually distributing sterile male mosquitoes could take up to a day just to cover one square kilometer, Schroeder said. The females, which snack humans, cover a much broader range, traveling up to a few kilometers to go from inaccessible-to-humans breeding grounds to human settlements, where they spread the malaria scrounger. Height Tech modified an octocopter it had already built to create a custom mosquito distribution machinery. The drone can carry 25 containers, each the size of a film canister. Inside each container are 1,000 male mosquitoes, chilled to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that puts the mosquitoes into stopgap hibernation. Source: insideunmannedsystems.com

Drones: Registration and ordinance move forward amid near misses - GPS World magazine

So it’s especially distressing for these law-abiding drone owners when a wildcat operator gets into the approach path at an airport — and it’s really bad if that airport happens to be one of the busiest in the U. S. Unfortunately there are... For happened, a Lufthansa A380 pilot recently reported that a drone passed approximately 200 feet above the huge A-380 aircraft he was flying while it was at 5,000 feet altitude on way into LAX (Los Angeles airport). The FAA immediately got on the phone to the Los Angeles Police Department responsible for air support. Just last week, an unmanned aerial channel (UAV) was reported to have struck a British Airways Airbus as it descended into London’s Heathrow Airport. The increase in drones might be compared to an burgeon in the bird population, and a recent study concluded that the risk to the airspace caused by single, light-worth drones is probably quite low. It seems that good airmanship and eyesight have so far avoided any drones being sucked into commercial aircraft engines — no thanks to a uninspired number of irresponsible drone flyers who are tempting fate by intruding into “no-go” airspace. Let’s get the FAA small UAV regulations published and give all clear rules by which even these people are required to fly their drones. Along the same lines, the FAA is researching a new approach which could detect drones and descry their operators who fly near airports. The FAA has implemented a number of programs and tools to educate drone operators and make them aware of the dangers of encroaching on controlled airport airspace, but even so, such incidents carry on with to occur. CACI International has therefore been awarded a Pathfinder contract by FAA to investigate technology that will allow the FAA to “identify rogue unmanned aircraft systems” near airports. The CACI discovery aims to provide a proven way to passively detect, identify and track UAS/drones and locate their ground-based operators. So, confidently we may soon have regulations along with a detection system for rule breakers, and we’ll then need an approach to administer penalties. But let’s obsecrate in the meantime that we don’t have any drone/Sullenberger incidents. The FAA has recently predicted sales of commercial UAS will increase from 600,000 in 2016 to 2. 7 million by 2020, so we healthier get a handle on this soon. It’s even forecast that there could be a jump to 2. 5 million commercial UAS sold in 2017 should the FAA get its small UAV regulations out and implemented this year, as the intercession has announced. Meanwhile, the FAA has turned to an industry/agency committee to ask if they could relax the FAA’s own rules for very small drones and under incontrovertible conditions allow them to fly over people. The committee — known as the Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Aviation Rulemaking Commission (the “ARC”) — met and quickly published a report that came up with. Source: gpsworld.com

Fly Before You Buy: Drone Testing Hem in Unveiled at B&H Photo Manhattan SuperStore - EIN News (press release)

com / -- NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 04, 2016) - Customers can now trial drones up close and personal inside the B&H Superstore in Manhattan, where a brand new testing cage resides within the " Drones and Aerial Imaging Turn on. " Complete with a landing pad, the cage allows customers to choose any B&H drone and watch it fly with the help of a supervisor. The hutch confine measures 900 cubic feet (10' x 10' x 9') and will be available to use during regular store hours. The new drone trust in, affectionately known as "The Drone Sanctuary," is located on the second floor just around the corner from the photo camera kiosks. There you will descry a gigantic selection of drones, from the palm-able Hubsan H107D Quadcopter , to the larger, best-selling DJI S1000+ Spreading Wings Octocopter that can impel up to 24 lbs. Prices range from under $20 to over $30,000. These remote-control drones are available to test in the pound, along with other flagship models such as the DJI Inspire 1, 3DR Solo Quadcopter, Parrot BeBop, Blade 350 QX, Yuneec Typhoon G, and tons more. "People are blown away by the cage," said Eli Daskal, director of the SuperStore. "We provide our customers with a unique, stunning hands-on experience. We want all of our customers to be able to play with the drones and demo them properly. Our customers are truly excited about the cage. Considering the ever-increasing applications of drones, consumer confidence has never been more substantial. Civilians use UAV technology to capture footage of hikes, sporting events, parties, action sports and more, while professionals discover use across many industries, including media and communications, urban planning and architecture, emergency... DJI Uplift 1 Quadcopter Product Highlights:. com/c/product/1097099-REG/dji_inspire_1. 4K MFT Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal 15mm f/1. 7 Lens Included Up to 1. 2 Mile Trannie Range GPS-Based Stabilization System Optical Flow Sensor for Indoor Flying DJI Lightbridge Process Integrated Live 720p HD Monitoring with Lightbridge Retractable... http://www. com/c/product/1133723-REG/3d_robotics_on one's own. Capture Aerial Photos/Video with a GoPro Linear Tracking with Cablecam Mode Follow Me: Tracks Your Expressive Device HDMI Output on Transmitter Android and iOS Mobile Apps Video Game-Style Controls Recurrence Home and "Safety Net" Modes One-Button Flying... Any item needed to trick out a drone can be found in "The Drone Sanctuary," including surrender props, batteries, transmitters, motors, and even replacement body kits. And since not everything will fit on a shelf, almost all things else you could want will be kept in stock in B&H's inventory. Just ask a friendly sales professional for the item and it will appear near the reservoir's exit. Source: www.einnews.com
  • FPV Racing 250 Bent | DroneShop - Drone Shop, l ...

    FPV Racing racers 250 / Drones 3D. FPV Racing racers 250 / Drones 3D. Nouvelle control dans le monde des drones, ... 300 Quadcopter combo Carbon - Emax.

  • 250 Quadcopter combo Carbon - Emax - Drone Research, l ...

    250 Quadcopter combo Carbon - Emax Racer 250 en combo prêt à monter. Chassis 100% carbone Contenu du kit - 250 Quadcopter Form carbon kit (couleurs s

  • Drone 250 - Achat / Vente jeux et jouets pas chers

    Vite ! Découvrez nos réductions sur l'offre Drone 250 sur Cdiscount. Livraison rapide et économies garanties !

  • Drones 250 - Achat / Vente jeux et jouets pas chers

    Drone | Ce midi Quadcopter de taille 250 est parfait rain pitchforks débuter dans les courses de drone FPV, très léger et de co... 218 €29 . Vendu et expédié par NET-LOISIRS

  • FPV Racing & Drones 250 Racers Aucun produit dans cette ...

    FPV Racing & Drones 250 Racers Aucun produit dans cette catégorie. Sous-catégories. Châssis Seuls; ... Vortex Racing Quadcopter ; Parrot . MOD RC empty AR Drone ;

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Eachine I6 2.4G 6CH Tra. https://t.co/F7TBrQ52nE https://t.co/f17Rn4gEKx 04/13/16, @robertoliver829
Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Eachine I6 2.4G 6CH Transmitter 7 Inch... https://t.co/UEueDC68Nt 04/13/16, @cartooncases
https://t.co/WEYPEhLs5j Newest Original Walkera Runner 250 Advance FPV Quadcopter RTF RC Drone with Camera OSD Goggle 2ss 04/13/16, @opticastudio
RC Drone w/Camera 800TVL Walkera Runner 250 Advance Quadcopter No Transmitter https://t.co/A58tBvDCGv https://t.co/HByhw7dDhq 04/13/16, @product_ultra
  • Wow! Wait Camera Requires No Stick for Selfies

    05/08/16 ,via smallbiztrends.com

    This rebellious quadcopter isn’t even on the market yet, and it’s already redefined the way consumers interact with drones. Hover Camera certainly ... At just under 250 grams, it’s hellishly lightweight, totally portable and features a 13 ...

  • Introducing Hang in the air, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone

    04/26/16 ,via Fast Company

    Foremost, the team wanted to future-proof Hover against any drone regulations, so it had to be under the FAA’s 250-gram threshold ... and then sending course-chastisement instructions to each quadcopter motor in fractions of a second. The best open-source ...

  • Drone users desideratum permission to fly within 4km of Marlborough aerodromes

    04/27/16 ,via Stuff

    The value only stocked quadcopters, or entry-level drones, which were priced between $60 and $250. During the summer months ... advice on how to safely use drones were placed next to the quadcopter fraction in the store. "We're very focused on ensuring ...

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SunFounder 250mm FPV Quadcopter Drone Utter Kit CC3D Controller EMAX ESC Simon 12A Motor MT2204 2300KV 11.1V Li-po Battery Window Fiber Racing Flying 4-Axis CW/ CCW Propellers Even out Charger for Lumenier QAV250 ZMR250 by SunFounder

  • With detailed user manual containing 35 projects, code, Fritzing...
  • The SunFounder 250 quadcopter is tailored for hobbyists and...
  • It runs the firmware of CC3D flight controller, working with the...

Product Description

Technical Details
Note: The remote control and its receiver are not included.

The realization of FPV flying starts from having a SunFounder 250 aircraft. The SunFounder 250 Quadcopter is tailored for the hobbyists for FPV flying. It features stability, flexibility and activity. You can realize a stable flight in a high or low altitude or in a forest with the SunFounder 250. The skid landing damping sponge tubes bound onto the motors help stablize the flight and protect the frame through increasing the buffer between the frame and the land when the aircraft is landing.
It runs the OpenPilot firmware of the flight controller firmware and the 12A EMAX brushless electronic speed controller. This kit is designed to meet the hobbyists' higher requirement of flying the aircraft. You can realize a stable flight in a small space or a rapid 3D flight based on your own configuration and parameter setting.
For the FPV TFT LCD, please refer to this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXZAP8M

Package included
1 x Quadcopter Frame (set)
4 x EMAX CW /CCW Motor
1 x Balance Charger
1 x Battery Indicator
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Li-Po Battery
4 x CW/ CCW Propellers
1 x CC3D Flight Controller
1 x Adapter Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Heat Shrink Tubing
5 x 3M glue
20x Nnylon Zip Ties
4 x Damping pipe
12x Female Plug Connector
12x Male Plug Connector
1 x Damping plate (set)
1 x Section Board
1 x Lashing
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Velcro Tape

Price: €28.99
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DroneAcc Martian II RX220 FPV Racing Drone Carbon Sod off out Quadcopter Rahmen wie QAV210 etc (4MM) by DroneAcc

  • Viel Platz, um Ihren FPV leicht zu passen und alle Drähte...
  • Features ein X-Design, das derzeit die beliebtesten...
  • Quick Release Fixings Aluminium-Befestigungsmaterial, ermöglicht es...

Product Description

Features ein X-Design, das derzeit die beliebtesten Mini-Quad-Layout ist.
Aus hochwertiger Carbonfaser, entworfen, um Crash zu erhalten
Super starker und reibungsloser Flug: 1.5mm Vollkarbonfaser-Rumpf und 3mm Maschinenarme reduzieren effektiv Vibrationen während des Fluges und garantieren die Flugfähigkeit des Quadcopters.
- Radstand: 220mm
- Material: Kohlefaser
- Gewicht: 165g
- 4mm Kohlefaserarm
- 1,5mmm Kohlefaser-Rumpf
- Empfehlung 2204-2208 Motor
- Unterstützung bis zu 5 Zoll Propeller

Tipps: anderes Zubehör (wie Motor, ESC, Requisiten) nicht enthalten.

Vorgeschlagene Bauteile:
* Requisiten: Gemfan 5 'Bullnose Requisiten

* Motoren: EMAX MT2204 2300kv / MT1806 2300kv oder ähnlich

* ESCs: EMAX Nano 12amp ESCs mit SimonK
DLHeli Nano 12A:

* FC: OpenPilot CC3D oder EMAX Skyline32 Naze32
Emax Naze32 Skyline32: http: www.amazon.com/dp/B00XX2UWT6
Emax Naze 32 Skyline 32 Advance Version http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014WCFEN4
Paket inklusive
1 * Martian II RX220 FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fibre Quadcopter Rahmen

Price: €53.65

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dlfpv 4 Brushless Motor dl2205 2300 KV CW 2 CCW für FPV Drone Racing Quadcopter 210 220 250 280, Herren, Disconsolate,4PCS by DLFPV

  • Der "DL2205 2300 KV" Brushless Motor ist ideal geeignet für...
  • Integrierte Verarbeitung zwischen Stützhalter und Motordeckel, 100%...
  • Qualitativ hochwertiger Motor. Gehäuse aus extra starkem Aluminium,...

Product Description

DLFPV, 4pcs DL2205 2300KV Brushless Motor für FPV Drone Racing Quadcopter 2CW 2CCW in Rot


CW und CCW Propellerschrauben garantieren einen guten und sicheren Sitz der Rotoren.
Für den Motor werden japanische NMB Kugellager verwendet, der Stator ist von der Marke Kawasaki.
Das Luftansaugsystem sorgt für eine schnelle Kühlung und eine hohe Effizienz.
Jeder Motor wir einem 100%igen dynamischen Test unterzogen.
Perfekt geeignet für FPV-Race-Quadrocopter in den Größen 210, 220, 250,0und 280 mm


Drehzahl: 2300KV
Konfig. 12N4P
Gewicht: 28 gr.
Dauerstrom bei 10 V: 0,45 A
Geeignet für: Lipo 2-4S (11,1 - 14,8 V)
Max. Dauerleistung: 270 W für 180sec
Innenwiderstand: 65 MOhm
Max. Dauerstrom: 24A für 180 sec.
Max. Effizient: 80% bei 4-8 A


2x DX2205 2300 Brushless Motor (CW)
2x DX2205 2300 Brushless Motor (CCW)

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KDS Kylin 250 5.8G 600mW 32CH FPV Racer 800TVL HD Camera RC Quadcopter Drone Mode 2 RTF Black

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Walkera Runner 250 Drone Racer RC Quadcopter 250 Size Racing Modular UFO with DEVO 7 Transmitter / Charger / Battery Basic 1 One Version

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Walkera Runner 250 Drone Racer RC Quadcopter with HD Camera / Picture Transfer Modular / DEVO 7 Transmitter / Charter / Battery Basic 2 Two Version

Seller: Tmart Tmart by Tmart Tmart

Tmart.com store provides cool gadgets, cell phones, consumer electronics, LED flashlight, car accessories, phones accessories, computer accessories, games accessories, holiday gifts and security camera.

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