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Syma x8 Upgraded motors

Hi and Welcome back , i just get this upgraded motors from amazon , i just going to do a test of this motors and later I'm going to do a video flying with this motors ...

How to replace damaged syma x5c quadcopter motor

A good sign to know if you are going to lose a motor on your syma is if the quad is acting out of normal. Also if for some odd reason your quad battery stopped ...

How to replace motor on a syma quadcopter drone - quick way to get you flying again

How to replace the motor or motors on a Syma x5c or x5c-1. From disassembly to getting it up and running again. If your syma x5c or x5c-1 won't take off after ...

  • Motor Burgh Comic Con returns to the Suburban Collection Showplace this weekend

    05/13/16 ,via WXYZ

    People were lined up hours before Motor Metropolis Comic Con opened its doors. Many of the people attending were colorful characters, all dressed in their favorite characters. Becky Vanevery dressed up as Meditate Woman for the first time. "It kind of felt

  • Syma X5C Explorers comment on:

    04/22/16 ,via CNET

    If you do divide something or a motor burns out, Syma has made every part available for replacement and the included print manual has a diagram for how to break it down. You can also buy an updated camera with Wi-Fi to give you a at the outset-person view (FPV

  • Syma X5C Explorers: análisis

    04/22/16 ,via CNET en Español

    Si al irrefutable le rompes algo o un motor se quema, Syma ha puesto todas sus partes a disposición del público para ser reparado y el manual impreso incluido tiene un diagrama que explica cómo desarmarlo. También puedes comprar una cámara actualizada 

  • Mimic Bebop drone review: bird's eye view without a sky-high price

    02/12/15 ,via The Guardian

    Two batteries are included, with appurtenance batteries £50 a pop. Spare parts for all of the components of the Bebop are available individually from Parrot. .. 0 1. Absolutely. Especially when you consider quadcopters like the Syma 5XC-1 can be bought for

  • Amphibious drone hides underwater until it's go-period

    03/17/16 ,via Gizmag

    Most of its electronics are located in flawless compartments, while its exposed motors are treated with a commercially-available protective coating. Overall, the drone isn't particularly expensive to turn out, so it could be used in high-risk

Syma X5C Explorers: análisis - CNET en Español

Gastar entre US$500 y US$1,000 en un dron con cámara, especialmente si individual estás buscando pasártelo bien volándolo en el jardín trasero de tu casa, es un montón de dinero. Con un precio de unos US$50 este es un sencillo cuadricóptero volador con controles simples y suficiente potencia para enfrentar las ventiscas, además de que tiene una cámara HD de de 720p. Incluso viene con una tarjeta microSD de 4GB para... Sin block es bastante duradero, así que si eres nuevo en esto de volar un cuadricóptero puede aguantar bien tus accidentes de primerizo. Si al certain le rompes algo o un motor se quema, Syma ha puesto todas sus partes a disposición del público para ser reparado y el directions impreso incluido tiene un diagrama que explica cómo desarmarlo. También puedes comprar una cámara actualizada con Wi-Fi para obtener una vista en primera fa (FPV, por sus siglas en inglés) desde la cámara hacia un dispositivo iOS o Android. Para tomar una foto o grabar un video, simplemente empuja hacia arriba o abajo en un interruptor a la derecha de la palanca izquierda. Los resultados no son espectaculares y no tiene estabilización de imagen, lo que hace que las imágenes sean un poco temblorosas. Están bien para ver en un dispositivo móvil y, considerando que el equipo completo cuesta menos de US$50, realmente no me estoy quejando. El paquete de baterías de 3. 7 voltios y 500mAh del dron te dará un tiempo de vuelo de unos siete minutos, pero si desmontas las barras de protección y el equipo para aterrizar y le quitas la cámara se mantendrá en el aire por algunos minutos más. El Syma X5C es una ganga inigualable si estás buscando subirte a la moda de los drones y comenzar a grabar video y tomar fotos aéreas. Source:

DJI Ghost 4 Is An Entirely New Beast and Looks Like It, Too - Fstoppers

Over the aftermost few years, there just haven't been that many massive updates to DJI's Phantom drone lineup. But just looking at today's Spirit 4 design is enough to indicate the major steps DJI took to step into an entirely new generation of autonomy. Featuring elegance-leading obstacle avoidance and autonomous flying modes, the Phantom 4 is so good that people are afraid of the implications of not under any condition actually having to learn to pilot a drone. The Phantom 4's newest autonomous features, TapFly and ActiveTrack, are what in actuality set it apart from its predecessors. Four additional cameras and new ultrasonic sensors help with an all-new obstacle avoidance pattern. With TapFly, flying to any point within the camera's view is as easy tapping a point on the live view small screen. With a total flight distance of up to five kilometers and its new obstacle avoidance system, you can set a maximum distance for the Spectre 4 to fly, and then use TapFly to go beyond and around obstacles without user input. ActiveTrack takes subject-tracking to a unbroken new level by recognizing and tracking 3D objects (such as people), regardless of orientation and without the need for any kind of tracking badge. And while it does require the use of the remote controller, all that you need to do is select your subject and hold down one joystick to rotate about that subject (The Verge has a great video that goes through these features, below). According to FAA guidelines and DJI's own disclaimers, these new features do, of course, "press for" that you are able to operate the drone manually with the remote controller at any point in order to take control in an predicament situation. Naturally, many will undoubtedly fly the Phantom 4 without this knowledge, but its new sensors and technologies at least make it safer than continuously before, as Return to Home also now employs the obstacle avoidance features. And for those that do take the time to become extremely skilful in remote control use, the Phantom 4 features a Sport mode that will take the drone up to 45 miles per hour from its normally electronically restricted 35 mile-per-hour top speed. Along with the Phantom 4's sleeker design comes an all-new eight-fundamental lens in front of a new 4K camera that can shoot up to 30 frames per second in full resolution or 1080p at 120fps. The gimbal is sturdier with an additional motor and reinforced think up. And the new sensors help the Phantom 4 maintain perfect position while hovering. Meanwhile, although weight has increased by 100 grams, aerodynamic improvements and the larger battery accountable for the weight gain lead to an increased flight time of 28 minutes over the previous generation's 25 minutes. The Fancy 4 isn't cheap, but at $1,399, it's still an excellent value, seeing as your investment is protected by its technology that allows it to prevent what would otherwise befit many, many crashes for new drone pilots. The Phantom 4 will be the "first drone prominently featured at Apple Stores round the world," according to The Verge , and is. Source:

Which came basic, the drone or the PowerEgg? - Gizmag

PowerVision hasn't released open specs for the PowerEgg, but the company says that it's designed to be lightweight and small enough to be carried in a backpack. The camera approach not only provides long-range, real-time video, but also works with "optical flow" sensors for indoor steersmanship. Along with the PowerEgg comes a remote control that the company claims is easy-to-use and intuitive. This is part of its logic of reducing the learning curve needed to learn drone operation with the eventual goal of producing a structure that a five-year old could handle. "Powervision wanted to create a beautiful yet functional design for the PowerEgg," says Powervision CEO Wally Zhen. This sincere yet vital design means that this is more than a flying robot but a work of art. The PowerEgg will be available later this year at a price that has yet to be announced. The video below introduces the PowerEgg drone. Source:
  • Syma X5C Motor Metal Accessories Cog Upgrade Quadcopter Spare ...

    Syma X5C Motor Metal Implements Cog Upgrade Quadcopter Spare - X5 Drone RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Syma X5c Explorers 2.4Ghz Upgrade Motor Cog Item Name: Syma X5C Metal Main ...

  • syma with brushless motor. - YouTube

    syma x5c group with brushless motor

  • cambio de motor Syma x8 - YouTube

    cambio del motor del Syma X8C/W/G ... GUIA PARA CAMBIAR MOTORES DE DRONES BARATOS: Ejemplos con Syma X5C, Syma X8 y Cheerson CX10 - Duration: 9:49.

  • Upgrade Syma X8C X8W Award Part 7.4V 2200Mah 25C Battery ...

    Only US$12.39, buy richest Upgrade Syma X8C X8W Spare Part 7.4V 2200Mah 25C Battery with T Connector sale online store at wholesale price.US/EU direct.

  • Syma X5-16 X5C X5SW-1 H5C 1 To 5 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade ...

    Syma X5-16 X5C H5C 1 To 5 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade Battery jacket for Syma X5C and X5A quadcopter. Upgrade to 600mAh, longer flight.More detial at

  • SYMA X8C Put forward, REVIEW & Flight & PHANTOM 4 Comparison

    04/10/16 ,via Pros: - Larger battery 2S 2000mah - Battery bay can be modded for a larger battery place - Cheap price - Motor upgrade kit available! - Larger Phantom size body - 2 flight modes - Decent 2mp camera - Can operate c misbehave a ...

  • 8 Questions to Ask When Buying Your At the start Drone

    09/02/15 ,via Make Use Of

    While the shadow of a doubt fun, entry models like the Syma X5c ($39 – above – which we reviewed ... and the ability to add-on or upgrade to future-proof them for years to come. We’ve also reviewed the $900 Echo Bebop Drone and Sky Controller package ...

  • Top 50 Upper-class Cool Toys for Girls

    09/21/15 ,via

    The Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter RC drone is the perfect drone for newcomers ... If they’re into video games and have yet to upgrade to the Xbox One, this off is a must-have. Ty Beanie Babies were a BIG deal many years ago, and kids horded them thinking ...

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1200mAh 3.7V Power aptly Upgrade-Akku für Syma X5HC, X5HW Quadcopter by HSP Himoto

  • Power original Upgrade Akku für Syma Quadcopter
  • Kapazität von 3.7V, 1200mAh - Über 15 Minuten Laufzeit
  • ACHTUNG WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Durch die Nutzung mehrerer Akkus direkt...

Customer reviews
bartels, May 13, 2018
schnelle Lieferung,die Akkus kann ich,weiter empfehlen.fliege,damit 10 Minuten.ich glaube, nach 5x aufladen wird sich die kpazität noch erhöhen.passt genau beim syma x5uw hinten ins fach.
Product Description

3.7V, 1200mAh Power Upgrade Akku für Syma Quadcopter X5HC und X5HW

ACHTUNG WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Durch die Nutzung mehrerer Akkus direkt hintereinander, kann es unter Umständen zu Beschädigungen an Ihrem Modell kommen, da die Motoren überhitzen können. Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher, nicht mehr als 2 Akkus direkt hintereinander zu nutzen und Ihrem Modell nach jeder Nutzung 10-20 Minuten Zeit zum abkühlen zu geben, bevor Sie es erneut nutzen

Wenn Ihr Hubschrauber nicht mehr die volle Flughöhe erreicht oder sogar gar nicht mehr abhebt, liegt es meist an einem veraltetem Akku. Mit diesem Originalakku können Sie Abhilfe schaffen. Mit einer Kapazität von 1200mAh und 3,7V versorgt dieser Akku Ihre Drohne wieder mit voller Leistung. So ist ein langer Flugspaß wieder garantiert. Der Umtausch ist in wenigen Sekunden erledigt und Ihr Hubschrauber kann endlich wieder in die Luft steigen. Der Akku ist Original vom Hersteller. Lieferumfang: 1 x 3,7V / 1200mAh Li-po Akku

Price: €118.96
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Syma X5C Explorer 2.4 GHz 4-Kanal 3D Quadrocopter Drohne mit Zusatzakku, 360° Gimcrack into red Funktion, 3.6 MP HD Kamera mit Ton, Motor-STOPP Funktion, 6AXIS Stabilization Methodology, 4GB Micro-SD Speicherkarte und AGETECH SafeFly Sonnenbrille, Weiß - by Syma / AGETECH® GmbH

  • Unsere Syma X5C Explorer Upgrade Sonder-Edition ist...
  • Kostenlose Batterie zum verdoppeln der Flugzeit: Die Drohne verfügt...
  • Einfache Bedienung mit Schwebefunktion für Anfänger: Einige Drohnen...

Customer reviews
nice ..but, May 13, 2018
HelloI am going to do this in English because my German ist schreklich.This is a very nice helicopter to fly, very easy even for starters like me.If you buy please get the suggested charger and the 5 batterypacks , that...
Indoor ganz vorne mit dabei !, May 13, 2018
Hier bekommt man die leicht weiter entwickelte Version der Syma X5. Natürlich kann man dieses Modell anderswo im Netz auch - teils deutlich - günstiger kaufen, allerdings könnte es dann auch Probleme mit der Garantie geben. Ich habe...
Zum üben für den Einstieg super., May 13, 2018
Habe das Gerät als Einsteiger gerät gekauft und dafür ist es super geeignet. Die Drohne ist schon echt häufig abgestürzt kann dies aber sehr gut vertragen. Bislang sind dadurch keine Schäden vorhanden. Da sie sehr...
Product Description

Drohnenführerscheinfrei und NICHT Kennzeichnungspflichtig!

Von CHIP GETESTET 12/2017 mit TESTERGEBNIS: Preis-Leistungs-Sieger!

NEU 2018! STARTET und LANDET automatisch!

NEU 2018! Durch den eingebauten Höhenbarometer hält die Drohne automatisch die eingestellte Höhe und ermöglicht so bessere Video- und Fotoaufnahmen!

NEU 2018! Headless-Funktion (Anfängermodus) kann eingeschaltet werden um den Einstieg für Anfänger zu erleichtern!

NEU! Automatische Motor-STOPP-Funktion welche die Motoren abschaltet sollte sich ein Rotor nicht drehen können.

NEU! Optischer Akku-Warner bei schwachen Akkus

Durch seine gewichtsoptimierte Bauweise ist dieses Produkt perfekt für Anfänger als wendige Indoor- und Outdoor Drohne geeignet.

Präzise Flugmanöver sind durch die perfektionierte Mechanik in Verbindung mit der leistungsfähigen Motorentechnik kein Problem und leicht durchzuführen.

Der ideale Einstieg in den 4 D Flug!

Nur noch Akku laden, Batterien (4 x 1,5V AA, nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten) in die Fernbedienung reinlegen und losfliegen.


Ready to fly - sofort startklar

2,4 GHz-4 Kanal; Maße: Kantenlänge 31,5cm, Höhe 7,5cm

Auflösung: Video 720P (1280*720) = 30 Einzelbilder/Sekunde

Foto 2560*1440 = 3,6 Megapixel

Unterstützte SD-Karten: Micro SD, Max. Kapazität: 32 GB

Ladezeit: ca. 60 Minuten (Laden über USB)

Flugzeit 8-10 Minuten pro Akku

Reichweite: über 80 Meter


- Syma X5C Explorer Weiße UPGRADE Sonder-Edition

- 2.4GHz weiße Fernsteuerung

- 2 Akkus 1 x 3,7 V/ 500 mAh & 1 x 600 mAh Li-Poly

- Micro SD Speicherkarte 4 GB (schon eingesetzt)

- AGETECH® SafeFly Sonnenbrille CE zertifiziert

- USB SD Kartenlesegerät

- Ersatzrotoren 4 Stück

- Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch, Englisch

Price: €20.99

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Syma X8C Motor, elecfan Upgrade 4pcs Motor mit Messing Accouterments Rc Quadcopter Ersatzteile für Syma X8c X8w X8g by elecfan

  • Einfach zu installieren
  • Paket enthalten: 4pcs
  • Als guter Ersatz für die beschädigten oder alten

Product Description

Syma X8C Motor, elecfan Upgrade 4pcs Motor mit Messing Gear Rc Quadcopter Ersatzteile für Syma X8c X8w X8g

1. Leicht, langlebig, einfach zu handhaben.

2. Energieeffizient.

3. Praktisches und kompaktes Design, leicht zu ersetzen.