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Syma X8C Changing Motors & Gears

At the request of one of my subscribers I decided to do an instructional video on replacing the motors & gears in the X8C. First I want to apologize for a couple ...

Syma S107G Gear repair

How to take apart and repair gears on a Syma S107 Helicopter.

Syma X8C Quadcopter Fit DJI Landing Gear

Will fit the syma x8c x8w black legs ...

  • Syma X5C Explorers review article:

    04/22/16 ,via CNET

    The drone's 3.7-volt 500mAh battery call it a day will get about 7 minutes of flight, though removing the prop guards and landing gear and detaching the camera will get you a few minutes more. Recharging takes roughly 90 minutes, but mark-up batteries are cheap

  • Kindest drones on a budget: Buying guide

    12/11/15 ,via Gizmag

    This coming recess season will see a veritable swarm of drones unwrapped and unleashed upon the world. That may or may not be a good thing, but if you are looking to join this airborne horde and haven't yet resolute where to spend your dollars or how 

  • Amphibious drone hides underwater until it's go-habits

    03/17/16 ,via Gizmag

    Not too want ago we heard about the Loon Copter, a land-based quadcopter that can go into the water and "fly" beneath the surface. Well, a together at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has created something that's sort of the 

  • Do I Extremity to Register My Drone? Check This List

    12/15/15 ,via WIRED

    Starting December 21, the FAA wants you to record your drone. If it weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds, you're legally required to tell the country about it. (Which, yes, is all absurd given that you don't have to do the same for a

  • 3DRobotics Releases 3D Printable IRIS+ Drone Unrestrictedly on MyMiniFactory

    03/16/16 ,via

    The sundry customized accessories include a set of extended landing gear legs, a mounting bracket with a DYS three axis gimbal and mount for a leading person view camera and transmitter. You can find the full collection of the 3D printable accessories here.

  • Syma X8C Quadcopter Fit DJI Alighting Gear - YouTube

    Will fit the syma x8c x8w disgraceful legs white legs Show less.

  • Syma S107G Gear fix up - YouTube

    How to convoy apart and repair gears on a Syma S107 Helicopter.

  • Unceasingly Lions Tech(tm) Upgraded 4pcs Motor with Brass Gear ... Twilight Lions Tech(tm) Upgraded 4pcs Motor with Brass Gear Rc Quadcopter Spare Parts for Syma X8c X8w X8g: Toys & Games

  • Syma X5c - GearBest: Online Shopping - Most successfully Gear at Best ...

    Looking for foremost syma x5c deals for sale online? offers best syma x5c products with worldwide free shipping.

  • Syma RC Quadcopters, Syma RC Helicopters, Syma Upgrades ... offers the superb's biggest collection of Syma radio controlled quadcopter and helicopters including the famous X5C, S107 rc helicopter with gyro stabilization.

#CZXin 4pcs Gear for Syma X5 X5C X5SC X5SW Quadcopter Drone Parts Package Included: 4 X Gear, CZXin #BatteryPacks 04/27/16, @LightingDealsUS
New post: Sale #Gearbest Spare Motor + Propeller + Gear + Motor Base / Protection Ring Set Fitting for Syma X8C 04/27/16, @bestgadgets101
#C17 8 pcs Motor Engine Wheel Gear For SYMA X5C X5SW RC Quadcopter Heli #SuperDeals 04/26/16, @SuperDeals_C17
Clockwise Mudder 4 Piece Anti And Motor Brass Gear Syma X5 04/26/16, @LuxuriantFind
  • Syma X5 SC-1 Is an Champion Entry-Level Quadcopter [REVIEW]

    01/11/16 ,via Tech Cocktail

    The Syma X5 SC-1 is an with the exception of entry level quadcopter to get you started ... and that is also based on if you have the landing gear, blade protectors, and are recording video. Without those, it’ll run a bit longer. Luckily you can bring to light some super ...

  • FitGirl: Revolt Studio offers a total cycling workout

    06/25/14 ,via Chron

    Owned by manage and wife Kim and Mitch Syma, Revolution Studio takes the indoor-cycling experience ... 20 classes are $350. Fit Gear The shoes: Shimano cycling shoes, $99, and clips, $25, sold singly. You can rent shoes with clips for $2 a class ...

  • Tomas Tatar, CCM shock Clark Park hockey team with new equipment

    03/31/16 ,via WXYZ

    CCM made the tidy donation of equipment, which includes helmets, after hearing the program was facing challenges including the inability to provide gear for its players ... The Now Detroit's Syma Chowdhry was on submit when they donated the equipment.

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RC Quadcopter Drone Ersatzteile Set für lamaston x5sw-1, Syma x5sc, Displayschutzfolie Wachen, Ersatzklingen, Jetty gears & #-; Schraubendreher, Schrauben & #-; USB Ladegerät im Lieferumfang enthalten, weiß by lamaston

  • Material: aus langlebigem Kunststoff
  • kompatibel mit lamaston x5sw Syma x5sc RC Quadcopter Drohne
  • Paket inklusive: 4 x Propeller, 4 x Landing gears, 4 x Propeller...

Product Description

lamaston Original Syma x5sc x5sw Drone Zubehör Crash Pack Ersatz-(weiß)
* Absolut verträglich für lamaston X5 C-1 RC Drohne
* Lieferumfang: 4 Stück Propeller
4pcs Propeller Guards
2pcs Landung Beine
8 Schrauben
1 Schraubenzieher
1pcs USB-Ladegerät

Price: €15.90
You Save: EUR 1,00 (6%)
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YUNIQUE DEUTSCHLAND ® 4 Stück Ersatzteil Gears Getriebe für Syma X5SC X5SW RC Quadrocopter Drohne by Syma

  • Teil Gears Getriebe für Syma X5SC X5SW
  • 4 Stück Ursprüngliche Syma
  • X5SC X5SC-1 X5SW

Product Description

YUNIQUE DEUTSCHLAND ® 4 Stück Ursprüngliche Syma X5SC X5SC-1 X5SW Teil Gears Getriebe für Syma X5SC X5SW RC Quadrocopter Drohne

Price: €10.13

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Fernbedienung Flugzeug Hubschrauber weiß Prime Gear für Syma F3–07 by sourcingmap

  • Produktname: RC Hubschrauber Main Gear; Fit für: Für Syma...
  • Main Gear Maße: 25,5 x 1,5 mm/2,5 x 0,2 cm (D * T); Gesamthöhe:...
  • Für Welle Loch Dia. : 2,5 mm/0,3 cm; Material: Kunststoff, Metall

Product Description

Funk-Fernbedienung Toys Ersatzteile - RC Hubschrauber Flugzeug.This ist Nicht-OEM Produkt.

Syma S107G Gears Spare Part S107G-07 (Pack of 4)


Syma S107G Gears Spare Part S107G-07 (Pack of 4)

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Syma S107-09 Gear Set RC Helicopter Replacement Part

Seller: Trend Times Toys Trend Times Toys by Trend Times Toys & Hobbies Trend Times Toys & Hobbies

Syma S107-09 Gear Set RC Helicopter Replacement Part

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4pcs Syma X8C X8W X8C-03 RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Landing Gear Orange

Seller: Tmart Tmart by Tmart Tmart store provides cool gadgets, cell phones, consumer electronics, LED flashlight, car accessories, phones accessories, computer accessories, games accessories, holiday gifts and security camera.

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