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    3dp_3dr_mmf_logo Berkeley-based drone fabricator 3DRobotics has teamed up with 3D printable model marketplace MyMiniFactory to release a free 3D printable version of their flagship drone the IRIS+. The unusual IRIS+ was launched back in 2014 

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    2. Flirtey - Urban Expression If you've ever ordered anything online or via catalog, you've probably experienced, at least once, the frustration of waiting for that containerize to arrive. Particularly if it's a package you need to sign for – I've had to

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    20160317_figure of speech3_lg Drones are becoming more and more flexible and capable of things that were unheard of just a few years ago. We're seeing 3D printing drones and firefighting drones. Futurists have predicted the practical existence of drones large 

  • BBC Cameraman Breaks “World's Safest Drone” Prototype at CES 2016; 3D Printing Comes to the Rescue

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    fleye2 It wasn't the best of moments for BBC anchorman Jen Copestake. On the scene at CES 2016, Copestake was reporting on the Fleye, an innovative drone that has been introduced by a Belgian startup via a currently-race Kickstarter campaign.

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    Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China at the half a second, but this company tends to manufacture all sorts of smart gadgets. They've introduced smart TVs, tablets, fitness bands, and a number of additional smart gadgets. I don't know if

Google aims to Save 5G Speeds with Project Skybender Drones - Android Headlines - Android News

, Google is already experimenting with barrel new aircraft at Spaceport America in New Mexico, according to reports. However, these aren’t ordinary drones – they’re solar-powered flyers with Internet connectivity which are allegedly designed to turn over high-speed Internet to remote locations. This unique initiative aptly codenamed Project SkyBender has obviously started last summer when Google built several of these high-tech drones and is now in the process of testing them. The unscathed initiative is based in Spaceport America where Google rented 15,000 square feet of hangar expanse from the multi-billionaire Richard Branson for the purposes of housing their latest drones and related technology while also mounting up its... In other words, SkyBender drones could surpass even the telecommunications providers’ Regardless of the final results of Toss AirBender, it is still unclear how exactly does it fit in Google’s future plans regarding drones and Internet... Honestly now, the experiment is formally a part of the Google Access division that’s also overseeing creations such as Project Loon, a behemoth balloon-turned-cell-tower aimed at bringing Internet access to developing countries, so it can at least be... Source:

Xiaomi Patents A Mi Border-Controlled Drone - Android Headlines - Android News

Spectacularly, it seems like Xiaomi is planning to join the drone train. According to this info, the company plans to unshackle a drone which you’ll be able to control via a Mi Band, or at least something that looks exactly like a Mi Band. This licence was published by the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, and there are a couple of really graphic images available in the gallery down below. Now, according to the info, the drone would be connected to the wearable wirelessly, and you’d be adept to control it by performing various gestures. In one of the images, you can even see a person riding a bike, and the drone is flying beyond everything him, which is probably some sort of a pre-set command or something. Now, we can consider this news to be somewhat confirmed considering it was published by an endorsed body, but who knows if it will get released. We’ll just have to wait and see what does Xiaomi plan to do with this, but if this document is any indication, we’re in for a rather interesting 2016 as far as this China-based gathering is concerned. Anyhow, it is also worth mentioning that there were some rumors a while back which indicated that Xiaomi’s upcoming drone might cost surrounding 999 Yuan, which translates to $154. Either way, stay tuned for further info, if Xiaomi really does plan to... Source:

Drone makers DJI set in motion a social network for drone enthusiasts - Android Community

DJI, one of the elated’s largest commercial drone manufacturers, is bent on bringing drone users and enthusiasts closer together – even just purposes – with a new social network called “DJI+ Discover”. The company aims to connect like-minded drone enthusiasts and people who are outr about drone technology and usage to professional service providers who may have businesses nearby. People interested in drones can now “learn from each other and interest experiences with like-minded people,” said Paul Guo, Director of E-Commerce at DJI. “In the same way, people want an serene way to find trustworthy professional aerial service providers nearby. DJI+ Discover lets people in the same scope connect socially and professionally in a way that will bind the drone community even tighter together. Users can access DJI+ Descry via an app that connects people socially and professionally by allowing drone-pilots and enthusiasts to start topical conversations and even meet up. The app also functions as a adept marketplace for service... The app has a few main functions – “Nearby Search” shows users common and professional users nearby, as well as flying hotspots and geo-tagged photos from SkyPixel. The Store allot takes users directly to DJI's online store. If you are a drone user or just curious about the technology, you can download the app via the creator link below. Source:
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