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Syma X5 Quadcopter Motor B Motor X5-X8 Syma X5 Spare Parts Gearbest

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Repair Syma X5C Receiver Board with new Replacement Part

I get problems with my Syma X5C, when starting to fly quadcopter fall and always fell like losing signal. some people say that my battery is damaged, then I did a ...

Syma X5SW-1 Motor Replacement

  • Syma X5 SC-1 Is an Leave out Entry-Level Quadcopter [REVIEW]

    01/11/16 ,via Tech Cocktail

    For a quadcopter under $50, the Syma X5 SC-1 is filled with a lot of enormous functionality and add-ons. For starters, this model is especially great for first-time flyers primarily due to the “Headless” mode. Headless mode allows you to look a direction

  • Drone Kind 1: Choosing a beginner quadcopter

    12/11/15 ,via Gizmag

    The Syma X5 is larger and more established, but very, very lightweight, and you can pick it up for $40 or so with a heap of spare parts and bonus batteries. Its bigger size and bright lights remodel it easier to get your head around the orientation stuff we'll

  • 3DRobotics Releases 3D Printable IRIS+ Drone At liberty on MyMiniFactory

    03/16/16 ,via

    Not only has Downey documented his erect, including the 3D printing, assembly and testing process, but he has also created a set of optimized 3D printable parts that are 50% lighter than the standard parts, but require 80% less stick material. In

  • 3D Printed Drone Delivers: Flirtey Makes Recital in Nevada

    03/28/16 ,via

    2. Flirtey - Urban Expression If you've ever ordered anything online or via catalog, you've probably experienced, at least once, the frustration of waiting for that package deal to arrive. Particularly if it's a package you need to sign for – I've had to

  • ​Drones in 2015 get started from 'wow, that's neat' to 'uh-oh'

    12/01/15 ,via CNET

    Chinese drone maker DJI offers a number of amateur and professional models, including this Inspire 1 equipped with a high-end Zenmuse X5 camera system. DJI. In 2015, as drones started swarming the skies, the stinting unmanned aircraft transformed from 

  • Syma X5 X5A 5C 2.4G 4CH RC Quad Copter and slim parts

    Syma X5 X5A X5C X5C-1 2.4G 4-course RC Quad Copter Free shipping to the world wild . The following parts can be used for yma X5 X5A X5C X5C-1 rc quad copter

  • Syma X5 4 Neck 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter

    Buy Syma X5 4 River-bed 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter: Home & Kitchen - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Syma X5 Quadcopter Reading |

    Inhibition out Sciautonics in-depth Syma X5 reviews and Analysis. Learn more about specs, and features plus amazing online discounts and offers for this drone.

  • TOOGOO (R) Upgraded Syma X5C X5 3.7V 600mAh 25C Lipo Battery

    Countersign your model number above to make sure this fits. Feature: Upgrade to 600mAh, longer flight. Suitable for Syma X5C X5 quadcopter; Inventory: 3.7V 600mAh 25C ...

  • Syma X5-15 X5C X5SW-1 H5C 1 To 4 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade ...

    Syma X5-15 X5C 1 To 4 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade Battery ensemble for Syma X5C and X5A quadcopter. Upgrade to 600mAh, longer flight.More detial at

2 Pcs Syma Parts(universal) Motor A&b For Syma X5/x5c/m68 Rc Quadcopter Dron Last Second Ebay Bid ↺RT, F 04/13/16, @ShisleYoubidder
Syma X5 X5c x5c-1 Quadcopter Propellers Landing Skid Protectors Spare Parts Blue 04/13/16, @get_listed
Moda Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Quadcopter Spare Parts Crash Pack Kit Replacement 04/12/16, @get_listed
  • Syma X5 SC-1 Is an Exceptional Entry-Level Quadcopter [REVIEW]

    01/11/16 ,via Tech Cocktail

    The Syma X5 SC-1 is an omit entry level quadcopter to get you started ... almost every component can easily be replaced and the parts are cheap. The only part that would not be good a repair in the body itself. However, even after hitting the ...

  • Drone Prime 1: Choosing a beginner quadcopter

    12/12/15 ,via Gizmag

    Then, there will be stand in awe of. Lots of fear. The Syma X5 is larger and more stable, but very, very lightweight, and you can pick it up for $40 or so with a heap of spare parts and bonus batteries. Its bigger immensity and bright lights make it easier to get your ...

  • Upgraded Battery, 7V 720Mah, Heli Parts, 25C Upgraded, 720Mah 25C

    04/23/16 ,via

    Drone Video at 5 x WLtoys V930 V977 RC Heli Parts 3.7V 520mAh 30C Upgraded Batteries ... 600Mah 20, 3 7V 600Mah, Actualiza X5C, X5C X5Sw 1, X5 15 X5C, 600Mah Upgrade, X5C H5C, Syma X5 15 FamilyMall(TM)Drone piezas 4 PCS 3.7V 600mAh de bater ...

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HB HOMEBOAT® Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Jammed Constituent Set Ersatzteil-Set 4*Motor Propeller Technically off the earmark moor Skid Schutzbügel Motorbasis by Syma

  • HB HOMEBOAT? Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Quadcopter Full Part Set 4*motors...

Product Description

Quick Wear Parts for Syma X5C-1 X5C X5 Quadcopter, Ultra durable & light weight, Great to have on hand for easier replacement, Main blade propeller & Propeller Protectors Blades Frame & Landing Skid & motor & motor base for Syma X5SC X5C-1 X5C X5 Quadcopter, Package included: 4x Propellers & 4x Propeller Protectors & 2x Landing Skid & 4x motors & 4x motor base

Price: €1.99

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efaso Ersatzteil Quadcopter Syma X5 / X5C - 05 - Motorhalterung by efaso

  • Ersatzteil für Quadcopter Syma X5/ X5C
  • Geliefertes Teil: Motorhalterung
  • Ersatzteilnummer: X5-05

Product Description

efaso Ersatzteil Quadcopter Syma X5 / X5C - 05 - Motorhalterung

Geliefert wird eine Motorhalterung für den Syma X5.

Price: €58.40

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Kingtoys 4 PCS Rc Quadcopter 3.7v 850mah Li-po Battery with 4 in 1 X4 Battery Charger for Syma X5 X5c Rc Slim Parts by Frog Studio Home

  • Package Included: 4x 3.7V 850mAh battery, 1x 4 In 1 Battery...
  • capacity: 3.7V 850mAh, this is the syma x5 orginal battery upgrade...
  • suitable for syma X5SC X5SC-1 x5sw ect cheerson cx30 rc quadcopter...

Product Description

battery specification: Battery suitable for syma X5SC X5SC-C x5sw ect cheerson cx30 rc quadcopter (battery may not a little tight for x5 and x5c ,need to a little adjustion when plug in ? battery type:Lithium battery voltage:3.7v capacity:850mah charging time:around 150min using time:8min size: 7/8 inch wide X 1 3/4 inch long X 5/16 high with 4 In 1 Battery Charger can charge 4 batteries at one time ,greatly improve charging effciency , provide quadcopter player much longer flying time charger specification: 4-In-1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger suitable for :3.7V lipo battery Could be us ed with android or iphone adapter,Max Current Input:2.5A Safe Current Output:500mah, Voltage Input: DC 5V Max Current Input:2.5A Voltage output: 4.2V Current output: 500mAh Convenience:USB Port Connecting with Computer or Adapter, Safety:Over Charge Protection and Short Circuit Protection When the battery is charging, the light turn red. Compatible RC Quadcopter battery: Battery with JST plug need JST Converting cable then can be used syma x5 x5c x5c-1 x5sc x5sc-x x5sw Hubsan: H107 H107L H107C H107D. Wltoys: V686G V686K V686J V202 V252 V939. UDI: U817 U817C U817A U818A 818A-1 JXD/FY: FY310 FY310B/YIZHAN: X4/DFD: F180. JJRC: H20 H6D H11D V686G V686K V686J H22 1000A 1000B 5000. This kind of charger can enable you to charge 4 batteries at the same time and make your rc helicopters have enough spare battery. So that you have more flight enjoy time. PS: Charging indicator red LED light indicates battery is charging. Package Included: 4x 3.7V 850mAh battery, 1x 4-in-1 charger 1x USB Cable

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