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Syma S107G Helicopter with parts removed.

I removed everything it didn't need so it would weigh less and make the battery last longer. It ain't pretty but it still flies great. Flight time is almost 10 minutes!

Syma S107G main shaft repair on the Top Rotor.

Part required.

My Controversial Review the Syma S107G RC Helicopter for Beginners

The S107G RC Helicopter from Syma is one of the most famous helicopters around remote control devices lovers. The reason is very simple, everybody seems ...

  • German Schoolboy 3D Prints an Amazing RC Hovercraft That Can Travel on Land & Water

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    hovercraftani Functionality continues to be one of the more low-grade themes for popular 3D printed designs as of late. Most people are no longer excited by the mere fact that they can simply put out an object, so they are now turning to printing unique

  • Magazine: The Syma S107 R/C Helicopter Is The Coolest Thing You Can Buy For Under $20

    09/01/11 ,via TechCrunch

    The controller has three direct parts: two control sticks and a central knob. The leftmost control stick accelerates the propeller, sending you up or down. The right command stick allows you to lean forward or back, or turn left or right. The center

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    The Knife® 180 QX combines the latest in quadcopter innovations with HD video and image capture capabilities. Utilizing SAFE™ technology, the 180 QX HD maintains excellent stability in three flight modes. With the included E-flite® EFC™-720 camera

  • SYMA S107 Helicopter SYMA S107 Parts Shopping list SYMA S107G ...

    SYMA S107 S107G Helicopter Specifications - By-product Feature: Up/down, left/ right, forward/backward. 3.5CH with GYRO. - Battery: 3.7V 150Mah Li-poly

  • Syma S107G In addition Replacement Parts - RC Quadcopters ...

    Syma S107 Metal Series Gyro. Replacement parts for the Syma S107 Metal Series Gyro.

  • Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter *Colors Shift ...

    Buy Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter *Colors Modify: Helicopters - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Syma S107 Helicopter Inspect

    My ideal honest review of the Syma S107 Remote helicopter-A very stable Heli-has good and bad points-review them now.More Syma Helicopter reviews.

  • Syma S107G 3 Sluice RC Helicopter with Gyro ...

    Syma S107G 3.5 Pass RC Helicopter with Gyro in Blue color scheme. Flight Control Includes Up/Down, Left/Right Turn and Forth/Backward movements.

US Full Replacement RC Spare Parts Set for Syma S107 S107G RC Helicopter Red 04/10/16, @ReviewDazzle
Product Code: B00LACKMYQ Rating: 4.5/5 stars List Price: $ 49.99 You Save: $ 22.09 Special… 04/10/16, @rchelicopteru
Full Replacement Parts Set Spare Pack Kits for Syma S107G RC Helicopter Yellow 04/09/16, @ReviewDazzle
Blue Syma S107G RC Helicopter Spare Parts Main Blades Connect Balance AD 04/09/16, @BuyBuycheapdeal
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    The Coarse Power List of Top 5 Best RC Helicopters for Sale includes a huge price range of RC helicopters ... The #1 wealthiest-selling RC helicopter is the Syma S107G, but why is it so highly sought-after? For one simple reason: it’s the best beginner ...

  • SYMA S6 Mini 3 - artery Remote Control Helicopter Model Airplane Toys - Blue

    04/18/16 ,via

    Syma S107G 3 Gutter RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro ... Syma S800G 4 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts - Black & Snow-white 4 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts! Swashplate controlled Sideway flight as well ...

  • JP Traffic s107g-yellow 3ch Syma S107G Mini RC Helicopter Metal Series with Gyro - Yellow

    09/08/10 ,via

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Product Description

Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Red Helicopter;2x Spare main Upper blades, 2x Spare main lower blades;1x Balance Bar, 1x Connect buckle,;1 set of Spare Upper Main Grips;1x Spare Tail Blade (Rear Rotor )

Product Description

Full Replacement Parts Set for Syma S107 / S107G RC Helicopter, Main Blades,Tail Decorations,Tail blade,Balance Bar,Connect Buckle, Inner Shaft. Red Set.

Price: €24.80

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Yellow Syma S107G RC Helicopter Redress out Parts Set Headcover Significant Mailgram Blades Behind Decorations Pin Buckles Leftovers Bar Rummy the township red up with Blades Dependable flue by Frog Studio Home

  • 1 x Headcover S107-01 4 x Main Blades S107-02 1 x Tail Decorations...
  • The yellow set picture is currently unavailable, check the blue set...
  • Yellow set replacement parts for S107G

Product Description

Package Included: 1 x Headcover S107-01 4 x Main Blades S107-02 1 x Tail Decorations S107-03 2 x Connect Buckles S107-04 1 x Balance Bar S107-05 2 x Tail Blades S107-06 1 x Screw for balance bar