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How to replace damaged syma x5c quadcopter motor

A good sign to know if you are going to lose a motor on your syma is if the quad is acting out of normal. Also if for some odd reason your quad battery stopped ...

Syma X5SW-1 Motor Replacement

How to: Syma X8C brushless motor conversion, inside and out!

How to video: convert your Syma X8C or X8W quadcopter to brushless motor power. Included: which transmitter and flight controller to use, how to power it, and ...

  • Motor Burg Comic Con returns to the Suburban Collection Showplace this weekend

    05/13/16 ,via WXYZ

    People were lined up hours before Motor See Comic Con opened its doors. Many of the people attending were colorful characters, all dressed in their favorite characters. Becky Vanevery dressed up as Gape Woman for the first time. "It kind of felt

  • Syma X5C Explorers rehashing:

    04/22/16 ,via CNET

    It's reliable, but all of its parts are available for repairs when you need them. If you do break something or a motor burns out, Syma has made every part available for replacement and the included stamp manual has a diagram for how to break it down

  • Syma X5C Explorers: análisis

    04/22/16 ,via CNET en Español

    Si al last le rompes algo o un motor se quema, Syma ha puesto todas sus partes a disposición del público para ser reparado y el manual impreso incluido tiene un diagrama que explica cómo desarmarlo. También puedes comprar una cámara actualizada 

  • Amphibious drone hides underwater until it's go-term

    03/17/16 ,via Gizmag

    Most of its electronics are located in without loopholes compartments, while its exposed motors are treated with a commercially-available protective coating. Overall, the drone isn't particularly expensive to mass production, so it could be used in high-risk

  • Seven things you should positive before buying your first drone

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    You can readily find parts and extra batteries for it, and its size -- while still small and light -- makes it easier to keep track of outdoors than smaller models. It even has a camera on it, albeit a toy so fixtures -- and fingers -- are safe

Do not uncovered until 2957: MIT uncovers time capsule - Gizmag

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  • Syma Helicopters assets weigh up replacement parts for the Syma S107 ...

    Syma RC Interest Partial main blade Grip Set S101-07, S107 Lower Grip Retail Price: : $7.00 ... Motor A S107-16 Retail Rate: : $8.00 . Sale Price: $6.00

  • Syma Meagre Parts - SymaToyStore

    Clarify Search. Syma F1 Spare Parts (45) Syma F3 Spare Parts (39) Syma F4 Spare Parts (42)

  • Syma RC Helicopter Deliver Parts

    Syma RC Helicopter Rescue Parts. ... Syma S022 Spare Parts: Syma S109 Spare Parts: ... Main Motor S026-14 Retail Price: : $7.00

  • Syma X5C Quadcopter Parts Motor A Motor B Slight Boards ...

    Syma X5C Quadcopter Parts Motor A/ Motor B/ Starlight Boards/ Battery Blade Cable in | eBay

  • Syma X5C / X5C-1 Liberate Parts - SymaToyStore

    Narration Syma X5C Spare Parts ITEM INCLUDED X5C-01 -Body-cover x 1 ... DESCRIPTION Syma X5C Spare Parts ITEM INCLUDED X5C-07-Motor-A x 3 100% Syma.. USD12.00 ...

2 Pcs Syma Parts(universal) Motor A&b For Syma X5/x5c/m68 Rc Quadcopter Dron Last Second Ebay Bid ↺RT, F 04/13/16, @ShisleYoubidder
4pcs Syma X5c Motor Gear Rc Quadcopter Helicopter Spare Parts Accessories X5 Ebay Bid Last Second ↺RT, F 04/12/16, @YoubidderC
2 Pcs Spare Parts Motor For Syma X5sw X5sc Rc Quadcopter Drone New Ebay Bid Last Second ↺RT, Favorite, S 04/11/16, @HobbsYoubidder
  • 8 Questions to Ask When Buying Your Before Drone

    09/02/15 ,via Make Use Of

    While obviously fun, entry models like the Syma X5c ($39 – above – which we reviewed ... Not all ARF kits are created equal though, and some might require additional parts or components such as motors, durability control units, flight controllers ...

  • The Greatest Indoor Drone For Every Need

    11/17/14 ,via Gizmodo Australia

    and accidentally splendid out one of the motors (while trying to remove that propeller) over the course of an afternoon. While it comes with two sets of propellers and spare parts are modular and cheap, you’ll insufficiency to be a seasoned quadcopter pilot before ...

  • SYMA S6 Mini 3 - conduit Remote Control Helicopter Model Airplane Toys - Blue

    04/18/16 ,via

    Syma S800G 4 Trough Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts - Black & White 4 Channel Remote Control ... High efficient driving motor and voltage power. Auto sensible rotor blade system for steady lift-off. Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Remote Control ...

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Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Quadcopter Crowded Bamboozle a aid in Set 4*motors Propellers Deplaning Skid Protectors Motor Assured by All together4DEALS by Syma

  • Paket enthalten: 4x Propeller; 4x Propeller Protektoren; 2x Landung...
  • Fit für Syma X5C-1 X5C X5 RC Quadcopter Drone
  • 100% nagelneu

Customer reviews
Perfekt, February 13, 2018
Guten Tag,also wer eine Syma X5C hat, und es sollte mal ein Motor oder Getriebe kaputt gehen dem kann ich dieses Ersatzteile Päckchen nur empfehlen.Man sollte sich allerdings mit Löten auskennen damit man die...
Naja preis ist top Qualität lässt zu wünschen übrig, February 13, 2018
Getriebe laufen zwar haben aber zu viel axial spiel, bei Lastwechsel klacken sie hin und her, bei dem kopter ist das zwar egal, könnte aber besser sein
Super Ersatzteile, November 26, 2015
Die Ersatzteile sind gut verarbeitet und leicht zu montieren.Die Qualität wirkt stabil und auch die ersten Abstürze haben die Teile bis jetzt gut überlebt.
Product Description

Quick Wear Parts for Syma X5C-1 X5C X5 Quadcopter, Ultra durable & light weight, Great to have on hand for easier replacement, Main blade propeller & Propeller Protectors Blades Frame & Landing Skid & motor & motor base for Syma X5SC X5C-1 X5C X5 Quadcopter, Package included: 4x Propellers & 4x Propeller Protectors & 2x Landing Skid & 4x motors & 4x motor base

Price: €12.98

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Syma X5c-1 X5c X5 2pcs Anti-clockwise Motor and 2pcs Clockwise Motor with Cheek Mat,let go of Parts for Rc Quadcopter Toys Set of 4 by LiDi RC

  • Syma X5C X5 Motor Set,Clockwise Motor & Anti-clockwise Motor
  • Completely compatible for Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 RC Quadcopter,high...
  • Wire colors match original, making replacement easy: Clockwise...

Product Description

Package included: 2x Anti-clockwise Motor & 2x Clockwise Motor

Price: €49.99
You Save: EUR 20,00 (25%)
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Syma X11C 4 Narrows 6 Axis 2.4G RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Gyro/ Jiffy Lights 360-the actuality 3D Helicopters (Syma X11C Red) by Syma by Syma

  • Mit 2.0MP HD Kamera, können Sie Fotos und Video aufzunehmen.
  • 2,4-GHz-volle Funktion Funksender (Mode 2). Ausgestattet mit...
  • Hohe Präzision 6-Achsen-Gyros Stabilisierung gibt Ihnen Super...

Customer reviews
Top Drone für Anfänger und Fun Flüge zuhause, February 13, 2018
Diese Drone fliegt sehr stabil und ist super für den Einseiger geeignet.Das Material der Drone macht einen guten eindruck und die ersten Kollisionen mit Schrank und Wänden hat sie gut gemeistert.Der mit gelieferte Schutzring...
Great quadcopter, November 4, 2015
Excellent responsive little quad. Perfect for beginners into quadcopters. Excellent build Quality and good bang for the buck! Will definately buy this quad again! The camera is just a gimmick though. Do not expect quality pics or videos from this...
Übungsgerät top, September 24, 2016
Für ein Anfänger teil...super zum üben.Kamera für das Geld..voll okGeht nich kaputt nur etwas rücklastig.Aber so sehr gut
Product Description

Syma X11C 4 Channel 6 Axis 2.4G RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Gyro/ Flash Lights 360-degree 3D Helicopters (Syma X11C Red) by Syma

Syma X5 Motor A Spare Part X5-07


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