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My Controversial Review the Syma S107G RC Helicopter for Beginners

The S107G RC Helicopter from Syma is one of the most famous helicopters around remote control devices lovers. The reason is very simple, everybody seems ...

Syma X5SW Quadcopter - [Unboxing & Review] - 6 Axis - 2.4GHz - WIFI - FPV - 2MP Camera

Please subscribe for more! Got this quadcopter from here: You can watch this video in 1080P @ 60FPS! Highlights: -Brand ...

Repair Syma X5C Receiver Board with new Replacement Part

I get problems with my Syma X5C, when starting to fly quadcopter fall and always fell like losing signal. some people say that my battery is damaged, then I did a ...

  • 3DRobotics Releases 3D Printable IRIS+ Drone Not busy on MyMiniFactory

    03/16/16 ,via

    Not only has Downey documented his strengthen, including the 3D printing, assembly and testing process, but he has also created a set of optimized 3D printable parts that are 50% lighter than the standard parts, but require 80% less in material. In

  • 3D Printed Drone Delivers: Flirtey Makes Experiences in Nevada

    03/28/16 ,via

    2. Flirtey - Urban Childbirth If you've ever ordered anything online or via catalog, you've probably experienced, at least once, the frustration of waiting for that parcel to arrive. Particularly if it's a package you need to sign for – I've had to

  • Freedom the CRACUNS! 3D Printed Drone Can Lurk Underwater for Months Before Launching Into the Air

    03/21/16 ,via

    The 3D printed drone is lightweight but difficult, capable of withstanding water pressure several hundred feet below the surface without requiring structural metal parts or machined surfaces. It can be docked either at an underwater garrison or on an

  • According to Futurists We Will Be 3D Printing Underwater Cities, Concern-Moving Drones and Even Our Meals within ...

    02/22/16 ,via

    3dp_100years_smartthings_logo Being a futurist has to be a rather great job. Not only do you get to spend all of your time thinking about how the world is going to be in the future, but no one is really going to be able to check your work because by

  • 3D Printed Drones, An Emerging Rage

    04/02/16 ,via

    It is sporadic out of order down as follows, instead of creating costly manned aircraft in small amounts, the defense department might be able to establish thousands of custom drones with the assistance of 3D printed parts, through the use of automatic assembly lines

Onwards of the game: DJI's Phantom 4 introduces obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrack and Sport Mode - Gizmag

It seems adequately clear that a future version of the Phantom will have these cameras on all sides, giving you the ability to fly sideways and backwards for a shot without worrying about crashing - and that'll be expert. The Phantom 4 remote now includes three different modes: Position, Sport and Attitude. Sport is an captivating one - it appears to be a high rate GPS mode that retains the GPS hover stability of P mode but lets the aircraft slope much further over and gives it extra thrust and responsiveness for a top speed of 45mph. Battery capacity is increased from 4480 to 5350 mAh, boosting its flying time to 28 minutes instead of the Phantom 3's 25. Setup and teardown will be quicker than ever due to a new click-on, beg button release propeller design, presumably similar... DJI says this more secure prop organized whole is part of what makes the Phantom 4 able to accelerate so much harder than the P3. The biggest improvements in the 4K camera include a 56% reduction in chromatic aberration and a 36% reduction in lens... Those upgrades, when combined with changes to the camera firmware, now approve for much clearer images, although there's no mention of a technology fix for the shutter shadow problems you can get flying in bright sunlight - so you'll still necessity to... A new slow motion mode gives you 120fps in 1080p, but the frame will be effectively zoomed aright in when you do it. That's no bad thing, as the frame is super wide in 4K at 20mm and you've got to be almost dangerously close to a subject to get... The improved camera and its gimbal are now integrated into the centre of the Phantom 4 and positioned closer to the drone's center of gravity for even greater image stabilization. DJI is taking pre-orders on the Illusion 4 at a cost of US $1399, although that price may increase after launch. Take a look at the video to see the Phantom 4 in action. Source:

Fleye could be your intimate autonomous robot drone - Gizmag

The Fleye is designed to travail in conjunction with an iOS or Android app, but is more "set it and forget it" than "buy it and fly it". The drone sports an array of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, GPS, sonar, optical issue,... Basically all you need to do is power it up, open the app, choose what you want your drone to do, and toss it into the air. Though the Fleye may drudgery for anyone, it's built to be hacked and developers who want to get busy with small flying robots are clearly being targeted by the institution. "A machine becomes a robot when it is capable of observing its environment and taking autonomous decision based on what it sees," the enterprise states. "This is exactly what you can do with Fleye. You can write on-board applications that leverage the camera feed, perform computer view tasks and control the drone based on the content of the image. Fleye runs Linux and supports OpenCV, a universal computer vision library. The drone can be controlled remotely through its Wi-Fi connection using a JSON-over-UDP API. In other words, any ruse that can send messages – such as a game controller, smartphone or a computer – can communicate with the Fleye. The company is currently developing an API, and plans to lay down various SDKs to make it easy to work with the aircraft. The standard edition of the Fleye comes with an 800 MHz ARM A9 dual-marrow computer, 512 MB of RAM and a microSD slot for storage, which is more than enough for using the smartphone app and developing some simple programs. For those who really need to maximize power, the company is offering a special Developer, or Power, Edition reward that comes with a quad-quintessence computer and 1 GB of RAM. As of writing, all of the early bird Kickstarter perks have been snapped up. The lowest available pledges start at €799 (all about US$875) for the Standard Edition, representing 30 percent off the expected retail price. Sources: Fleye , Kickstarter. Source:
  • Syma RC Quadcopters, Syma RC Helicopters, Syma Upgrades ... offers the unbelievable's biggest collection of Syma radio controlled quadcopter and helicopters including the famous X5C, S107 rc helicopter with gyro stabilization.

  • Syma S107G Deliver Replacement Parts - RC Quadcopters ...

    Syma S107 Metal Series Gyro. Replacement parts for the Syma S107 Metal Series Gyro.

  • Syma S107G 3 Watercourse RC Helicopter with Gyro, Blue

    Syma S107G 3.5 Neck RC Helicopter with Gyro in Blue color scheme. Flight Control Includes Up/Down, Left/Right Turn and Forward/Dumb movements.

  • Syma X5C / X5C-1 Thin Parts - SymaToyStore

    Power belabour: Blue,suit for V6 model circuit board DESCRIPTION Syma X5C Spare Parts IT..

  • Syma Helicopters & Parts - RC Quadcopters, Indifferent Toy ...

    Looking for Syma Helicopters & Parts? Inform on our extensive selection of Syma Helicopters & Parts for a great price!

Syma X5 X5c x5c-1 Quadcopter Propellers Landing Skid Protectors Spare Parts Blue 04/13/16, @get_listed
Blue Syma S107G RC Helicopter Spare Parts Main Blades Connect Balance AD 04/09/16, @BuyBuycheapdeal
Blue Syma S107G RC Helicopter Spare Parts Main Blades Connect Balance AD 04/09/16, @OfferNice
Blue Syma S107G RC Helicopter Spare Parts Main Blades Connect Balance AD 04/09/16, @ReviewDazzle
  • SYMA S6 Mini 3 - canal Remote Control Helicopter Model Airplane Toys - Blue

    04/18/16 ,via

    This paragon is miniature in size and its light weigh... Syma S800G 4 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts - Black & White 4 Conduit Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts! Swashplate controlled Sideway flight as well as forward ...

  • Most Wanted Christmas Gifts for Boys in 2013

    11/19/13 ,via Dubai Chronicle

    Syma Helicopter Blue – Your boy will disburse all his free time flying this ... The classic bomber model contains 148 parts, all painted in silver and black. Of way, assembling them is not an easy task – it requires moderate skills, careful attention ...

  • Confession: My DJI Drone Defeated Me

    08/29/15 ,via

    I bought a SYMA X5C-W 4CH 2.4G Quadcopter with Camera for $50.45 from ... and the obscure controller. See all the parts for the drone? You have to bring your own tablet to act as the controller! And the coffee helps a lot. I’ve been trying “something ...

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Syma X5c-1 X5c X5 2pcs Anti-clockwise Motor and 2pcs Clockwise Motor with Rudeness Appliances,leftover Parts for Rc Quadcopter Toys Set of 4 by LiDi RC

  • Package included: 2x Anti-clockwise Motor & 2x Clockwise Motor
  • Completely compatible for Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 RC Quadcopter,high...
  • Syma X5C X5 Motor Set,Clockwise Motor & Anti-clockwise Motor

Product Description

Package included: 2x Anti-clockwise Motor & 2x Clockwise Motor

Price: €12.49

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Hometalks®upgraded 4 Farben Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Neue Deviation from the normally Ersatzteile 16pcs Hauptblatt-Luftschrauben & 16pcs Propeller Rahmen & Protektoren Blades 8St Commuter-lodgings Skid inklusive Befestigungsschrauben für Rc Mini Quadcopter Toy by HomeTalks

  • Ultra haltbar und leicht, vollständig kompatibel für Syma X5 X5C...
  • Farbkontrast, leichter Orientierung der Drohne im Flug zu sehen
  • Haupt Blatt Propeller und Propeller Rahmen & Protektoren Blades...

Customer reviews
Gutes Produkt, September 5, 2015
Die Teile sind sehr passgenau. Die vorgefärtigten Löcher für die Schrauben müssen ab und zu vorher durchstochen werden.Die Teile machen ein stabileren Eindruck als die Orginalen (sind nicht so weich)Die Farbvielfallt...
Passen hervorragend!, February 7, 2018
Ich habe mir die Teile als Ersatz bestellt, falls mal ein Propeller kaputt geht. Da mir die weißen (Original-)Anbauteile zu langweilig waren, habe ich die Füße und die Protektoren schon mal ersetzt. Passen perfekt, die Protektoren...
Gut, February 7, 2018
Schnelle Lieferung. Günstig. Viele Teile mit 4 Farben. Gut.Nur es braucht ein bissel Geduld und Kraft damit die Teile an der Drohne angebracht werden.
Product Description

Hometalks® Spare Parts for Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 Main Blade Propeller / Propeller Protectors Blades Frame /Landing Skid Color: White,Black,Red,Blue Ultra durable and light weight,completely compatible for Syma X5 X5C X5C-1 RC Quadcopter. Come with 32pcs mounting screws for props and blade frame,great to have on hand for easier replacement. Color contrast,easier to see the drone's orientation while in flight. Package included: 16x Propellers (4 White/ 4 Black / 4 Red /4 Blue) 16x Propeller Protectors (4 White / 4 Black/ 4 Red/ 4 Blue) 8x Landing Skids (2 White/ 2 Black /2 Red /2 Blue) 32x Mounting Screws(16pcs for props and 16pcs for blade frame)

Price: €4.26

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Syma X5 X5C H5C LED Rumble Bones In the on lap-by out of X5-09 Blue Orange 2 PCS by IRISMARU

  • Item Name:LED Light
  • Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may...
  • Condition:New

Product Description

2 x LED Light

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