In our today's review we will get acquainted with the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV which appeared in the market relatively recently, but already occupies the TOP of a position on sales, considerably advancing other models.

There is no phenomenon here, and it, with its fine specifications, ease of management, and, the main thing is explained by a combination of rather low cost of the quadcopter, a possibility of direct transfer of stream video on the screen of your smartphone under control of Android or ios.

General information

The Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV model is a quadcopter of the last generation, key features which are:

  • Extensive functionality, including free applications for the smartphones and tablets working on the Android or iOS operating systems;
  • Possibility of transfer of video from the camera mounted on the quadcopter, in real time;
  • The built-in system of protection against loss of a signal allowing the quadcopter to soft-land independently;
  • System of three-axial stabilization;
  • Revolution in air by 360 degrees simple pressing of the button and many other things.

The undoubted advantage of the quadcopter NineEaglesGalaxyVisitor 6 is the possibility of so-called "thin" control which allows to adapt it for needs of any user. Besides, the quadcopter Galaxy Visitor 6 has rather small overall dimensions and weight that allows to start it with success, both in rooms, and on the street.

Complete set

The complete set of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 includes the UAV, the control panel, the special holder for the smartphone, the rechargeable battery and the charger to it which is powered from USB port, HD a video camera with the Wi-fi module, a memory card of Micro SD with a capacity of 2 GB, a set of spare propellers, detailed the user's guide.

The quadcopter is delivered completely ready for operation with the preset factory settings.

Technical characteristics

Overall dimensions of Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor of 6 - 199х240 mm.;

Height – 50 mm;

Quadcopter weight – 115 grams;

Frequency – 2.4Ghz;

Control paths – 4;

Gyroscope – three-axial;

Accumulator capacity – 700 mAh;

Accumulator type – LiPo;

Approximate time of flight – 10 min.;

Charging time – 60 min.


The design of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV does not cause any complaints. The aircraft has very attractive appearance, and its case is made of high-strength materials which will allow not to worry that the quadcopter will fail after falling from small height. For flights at night Galaxy Visitor has the built-in LED illumination.


Specifications of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV allow to make full flights are operated according to video via the smartphone screen. In fact, possibilities of this quadcopter concede to top quadcopters only a little while its price is approximately ten times less. All applications for work with Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV are available free of charge in Play Market or App Store. The password to the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 camera, is established by default – 1234567890. But we recommend it to replace with the. If other user is connected to your kopter, then the image will be gone from the screen of your smartphone.

Impressions of operation

Operation of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV is an infinite positive. The quadcopter can be adjusted so it would be more or it is less sensitive to control panel joysticks that is especially important for beginners and skilled pilots. Function at which the quadcopter itself sits down in case for any reasons the signal was lost is very convenient. The Flip button on the panel allows to make revolutions in air and various acrobatic tricks. Very high quality of video filming which files not only are displayed the smartphone but also remain on a memory card. There are in the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 also some shortcomings. The first, this small time of flights which provides the regular accumulator so it is better to buy additional at once. In particular for flights on the street. The second negative moment is an impossibility of shutdown of a video camera which will constantly request a signal and to spend energy even then when it is not necessary.


You should not think of what pros and cons purchase of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV has. Today this model is ideal on a ratio the price quality. In this price segment of the worthy competitors allowing to make FPV simply is not present. You can buy the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6 FPV in one of the online stores which are partners of our project.

Review of the quadcopter Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 6

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