Today the quadcopter phantom 3 professional or as it often call "UAV" - it is not simple a toy for fans of radio-controlled models any more, but rather functional device, and the most wide choice of such models which can differ with both appointment, and certain options is presented at the market.

Besides, quadcopters can differ with the sizes. For example, there are tiny models which are often called nano quadcopters. Such devices are not suitable for beginners as demand certain skills of management. Especially as on the street they can fly only to windless weather.

For street shooting it is possible to use pass the quadcopter. However, the majority of such devices is completed with quite modest chambers (about 5 megapixels), but costs they not much, cope easily, and in general well proved in the market. Such models are in lines of most of producers. Thanks to the simplicity and availability they perfectly are suitable for beginners. Though it is possible to use such models and on the street, experts advise at first to test them in house conditions, to practise, and already then to pass to street flights and shootings. There is one more important point. These mini-devices are completed with engines of collector type. It is not the most reliable option therefore it is better to buy the motor for emergency at once.

Many models are presented in average category. Such quadcopters are good the fact that they are more powerful quicker, stronger and therefore resist wind force better. They can be equipped with several engines. It is convenient as the their is more, the loading capacity of model is higher and that more steadily she behaves in flight. As a rule, initially these quadcopters are also completed with very modest chambers. But they can be adapted for professional shooting. In that case it is necessary just to put on them better an action chamber, calculated on shootings in extreme conditions – it will help to improve a little the picture as because of flight it can suffer from vibrations. The best cameras are mounted on big quadcopters. Such models usually possess also function of the autopilot, a possibility of flight on in advance designated coordinates and other useful options.

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In Aircraft Modelers' Neighbourly Skies, Drones Bring Turbulence - WAMC

It's DC Drone Day on a competitors in the part of western Maryland where suburbs give way to parks, rolling hills and farmland. The field is a weekend hangout discoloration for a group called DC/RC , one of several local clubs for people who are into flying things. specifically, pilots of radio-controlled things. Aircraft modeling is a decades-old avocation that counts tens of thousands of followers in the country and has seen its share of changes in technology. Drones arrive as the latest revolt, and aeromodelers are sizing it up with a sense of both intrigue and apprehension — like staring down the new guy at school who's got the cool kicks and someway, keys to all the secret parts of the building,... The District of Columbia itself is a no-fly zone , but a dozen flying clubs from circumjacent areas — including DC/RC ("RC," as in "radio control") — hosted DC Drone Day , a sort of drone appreciation things turned out. On the DC/RC field, a narrow road slices into a vast grassy range and stubs into a picnic area. A bunch of model airplanes crowds one end. Two remote-controlled planes thread the overcast sky with high-speed loops and barrel rolls. To the right is a design of grass designated for model helicopters — and now also their cousins, the drones. There, alone, is Thomas Pfarr. His quadcopter hovers mainly, buzzing like a giant wasp. "I'm the club photographer," says Pfarr. His drone is up in the air filming the escapades of others. Pfarr pops the torso of his SUV. During the day, he helps build giant space telescopes, like the famous Hubble and now its successor, the James Webb. In his relinquish time, he builds and flies aircraft models. Pfarr got into flying as a kid, going out to neighborhood baseball fields to float control-line planes. You maneuver a cable tethered to a plane, a bit like a kite but with far more mechanics and dart, and the aircraft flies in circles. "I couldn't afford back then any of the radio-control equipment. it cost more than a car," Pfarr says. The aeromodeling relaxation has undergone numerous technological metamorphoses over its 80-plus years: Radio remotes replaced railway controls. electric engines overtook gas and jet ones. and the aircraft got lighter, cheaper and easier to fly. Now, Pfarr is into flying proportion replicas of warplanes, but he also has a soft spot for the fun stuff , like electric foam planes. Through the opened boot, Pfarr's SUV looks overtaken by a giant oblong construction, maybe 8 feet long, painted red and whitish-grey with a "Western Air Express" logo. "Every part on here is handmade," Pfarr says. The plane is 30 years old and he has rebuilt it. Before the the universe of plane-building kits or "almost-ready-to-fly" aircraft — in which as little as a few screws can stand between opening a box and enjoying the excursion — this was a crucial skill. Source:

A drone-mounted chainsaw, what could possibly go misguided? - Gizmag

The chainsaw wielding Jack the ripper Drone could be seen as an upstaging of last year's home-made handgun drone , depending on your weapon of choice. What is said to be a isolated-controlled chainsaw is mounted onto a multicopter and then set in flight. Source:

DJI Revenant 4 Review: The first drone for everyone - The Verge

The drone takes off, hovering a few feet off the ground. I tutor it up to about 12 feet with the throttle on the remote control. Then my three year old son takes over. He taps the screen on an iPad event our piloting app. The drone, a DJI Phantom 4, begins to ascend, heading towards an abandoned grainery. My son happily taps away at the shroud, shifting the drone here and there. Eventually he taps on tree. The Phantom 4 cruises towards it, adjusting slightly to keep away from the obstacle. The end result is a dramatic shot, with the drone splitting the difference between two trees, sunset shining on their outstretched branches, loss far closer than I would have felt comfortable with if I was the one in control. Before the Phantom 4, the best a camera drone could offer was the proficiency to follow your GPS signal. The drone has a general sense of where you are, but can’t actually see you or the world around it. With just GPS to rely on, drones struggled to close for sudden changes in direction or speed, to keep subjects in frame when in close range — and... I wearied the last few days putting the Phantom 4 through its paces, spending most of my time on the brand new fully autonomous features. It took me a while to get up the grit to fly it full throttle at a wall, and I felt physically sick with fear when I did, but the unit never failed to wisdom a crash and come to a halt. Along with obstacle avoidance, the Phantom 4 can be flown simply by tapping on your screen, as my son did. And it can use its computer envisaging to identify a specific person and follow them, keeping the subject of your film perfectly in frame. DJI’s Phantom has been our favorite paragon of drone for the last few years, but this latest version doesn’t merely hold onto the mantle as the best section you can buy. By adding computer vision and fully autonomous capabilities, the Phantom 4 has dramatically raised the bar on what is possible with a consumer caliber camera drone, both for finish amateurs who want to start flying and for professionals who are... For starters, the Phantom 4 comes with a new carrying the actuality, a grey styrofoam suitcase which looks like it should be holding the key codes for a nuclear submarine. It’s far more compact and long-lasting than what came with the Phantom 3, which just had a handle on its cardboard box. In our testing, battery life averaged above 25 minutes, which is uniform or better than comparably sized camera drones. The remote control can be charged at the same time as the battery and in our testing lasted inclusive of three full flights without a problem. The new Phantom has a glossy plastic frame and a thinner, more aerodynamic heart. It’s belly is grey plastic, which is a nice break from the all white design. From a distance it’s impossible to tell besides from previous editions, but from up close it’s a slightly more aggressive and attractive design. The controller is identical to previous editions,. Source:
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