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9053 3 Channel Outdoor Volitation Metal Helicopter W/ Built in Gyro

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WLtoys V913 remote control helicopter Flies neatly in outdoor -

Link to the product: WLtoys V913 is the latest technology among WLTOYS products. It is the first RC helicopter which can fly commodious ...

  • pentax military brisbane helicopter remotecontrol 500mm tamron f8 rc k5 mirrorlens catadioptric adaptall 55bb betlog andrewwadeeglington



    Photo by BETLOG on Flickr

  • Fishing for a bring on: Purple Heart Anglers thanks veterans through outdoor fun

    05/20/16 ,via Sierra Sun

    Netzel's craft — a fine machine equipped with a newfangled fish finder, a remote control steering device and an American flag flying proudly operating costs — is one of a dozen volunteer vessels carrying some 18 U.S. military veterans. The outing is the

  • ATVs, shotguns, parties and fatalities: 'Lawlessness abounds' at Stave Lake mudflats near Purpose

    05/22/16 ,via Vancouver Sun

    Longtime Stave visitors and supervise alike say the mudflats have become significantly busier in the last decade due to the closure of other outdoor recreation areas and a growing population in the region. Regardless of the “There was one incident, that I

  • Summer Adviser | May 2016 events around Seattle

    05/12/16 ,via The Seattle Times

    May 21 Opportunity day of Paine Field flying season, with historic and educational displays, airplane and helicopter rides, food, music, flying, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Distinguished Flight Foundation, 10719 Bernie Webber Drive, Mukilteo; $10-$15, ages 10 and younger

  • Tuppence Technology Will Challenge US Tactical Dominance

    05/12/16 ,via ISN

    The Epidemic Positioning System (GPS) has proven satisfactory for basic autonomous UAV applications such as the unmanned K-MAX logistics helicopter used by the Marine Corps in Afghanistan.[15] However, GPS will be scant for operations in narrow

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    05/19/16 ,via

    Robust a romantic date should be an out door picnic for two under the sweet warm blanket of the beloved Southern sun. My hobby is amateur radio. I took broadcasting in private school and grew a slow liking to it. And would like to invite you to enjoy my

I Took My Outdoor Drilling Professor On A Canoe Trip In Twilight Princess - Kill Screen (blog)

When you recollect of outdoor educators, someone like Z (name changed to protect privacy) probably comes to mind: ancient hair in braids, wearing a wool sweater with jeans and mukluks, she uses her university email account with hesitancy and sees... Her pedagogy born out of her environmental activism in the 70s, Z will talk your ear off about “indoor kids” and the “wired reproduction,” and how the only solution to the oncoming apocalypse is taking technology out of kids’ hands. She’s also curious about The Legend of Zelda: Downturn Princess (2006). I’d applied to her program stream as part of my teachers’ college degree on a whim. Share of the application package asked for a personal artefact expressing our teaching philosophy in a way that a resume couldn’t. I’d submitted—in hindsight possibly a little too boldly—a cross-stitch I’d made of the opening scene of the battle with Red in Pokémon Crystal (2001). she later confessed that she’d captivated me into the program based on that artefact. Z will be speaking at a symposium on canoeing where, for the last few years, the organizers have noticed a go down in younger attendees. there’s a certain staleness to the air, and there are only so many times one can bemoan kids these days. Something modern needs to find its way into the program. Z asks me if I’ve ever played a videogame in which a character goes canoeing. And so we find ourselves, some weeks later, environs up my Nintendo Wii in an empty classroom, and I’m booting up Twilight Princess. Richard Louv’s book Last Baby in the Wilderness (2005) has left its mark all over the outdoor and experiential education field. With urgency and excitement in his tone, Louv describes the causes and effects of “Stripe-Deficit Disorder”, linking a lack of nature in our childrens’ lives to everything from obesity to depression. Certainly, there’s yard goods to be had in the outdoors: silence, a space for reflection, the feeling of dirt between your toes. I’ve taken kids on canoe trips and marvelled at how distinctive they are after two or three days—life’s hectic enough as it is, and sometimes slowing down and appreciating what you have is all you need to re-energize. I trip, though, what exactly “nature” entails, what “slowing down” means, what “disconnecting” can look like. Right up there with my precious memories of watching a pellet bug unfurl or starting a campfire with nothing but a match and some hope, are memories of seeing greenness and life render to Shinshu Field in Ōkami (2006), or finding hidden treasures in... Source:

The To be to come of Veterinary Medicine: Drones in veterinary practice - dvm360

You may have seen a neighbor playing with a drone in the backyard or someone flying one everywhere town. The toy remote-controlled helicopter of yesteryear is growing up and into a device that may revolutionize some components of veterinary practice. What is a drone. A drone may also be called an unmanned aerial conveyance (UAV) or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), but the U. S. government has adopted the term unmanned aircraft system (UAS). Drones are traditionally powered by gas, jet provocation or rechargeable batteries, but the U. S. Navy is experimenting with fuel cell power to keep smaller drones flying longer. The Fleet recently introduced a drone bigger than a 737 airliner with a 130-foot wingspan and flying in days of yore of 28 hours covering 3,290 miles. Compare that size with the hobby Wallet Drone , a pint-sized quadcopter that fits into its own controller—and that controller fits into a pants pocket. Future commercial uses for drones take in virtual reality video tours of foreign countries, viewing vacation real estate, accepted attendance at outdoor sporting events and, most important for you, several veterinary applications. Today, the closest thing to functioning veterinary drones are those hardened by the local government in Houston, Texas, to track stray dogs. What’s delaying more commercial drone use is Federal Aviation Administering (FAA) regulations. 11, 2015, government and noncommercial (“hobby”) drones were allowed to fly at a height of below 400 feet, three miles from an airport and away from populated areas. However, all diversion drones weighing over 0. 5 pounds now require FAA registration. All commercial (e. g. veterinary) drones require loyal authorization, and, according to the FAA website as of Feb. 26, 2016, only two commercial drones have been certified, both of which are limited to the Arctic. A drone equipped with Wi-Fi could look for out unsecured wireless systems for financial and identify theft. These regulations prevent drones from snooping and tangling with power lines, helicopters and airplanes. added to, consider the terrorist attack in Japan April 2014. A drone containing radioactive matter was found on the roof of the function building of the Japanese Prime Minister in Tokyo. Japan now has a police drone with a catching net to capture rogue drones. In the Common States a new service called DroneShield protects airports, prisons, infrastructure, government buildings, commercial venues and even executives. The DroneDefender is a pause-age ray gun that disables GPS and flight controls to incapacitate an illegal drone. In one case a hawk attacked a drone that was possibly viewed as a territorial threat. The drone’s camera caught the hawk with claws extended in full attack status. The Hawk “killed” the drone and flew off. The low-hanging fruit for veterinary drone use is food animal actually, especially where grazing herds are involved. In addition to remote monitoring of herd health, drones can hover with high-explication video, so it is possible to assess the quality of grass biomass , identify poisonous plants and monitor (or annoy) any wildlife that doesn’t belong there. Some drones may be able to gather dirt, grass or water samples. Source:

4 Inland law enforcement agencies are using, preparing to use drones - San Bernardino County Sun

At least four Inland Southern California law enforcement agencies are deploying or preparing to deploy drones — those techy flying devices that are all the freak out these days — in ways, they say, will serve the public. 2 San Bernardino terrorist attack when shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were killed, but authorities weren’t unshakeable if their black SUV was packed with bombs. “Drones are going to be commonplace, eventually,” Hemet Police Chief David Brown said recently. “And people won’t concoct twice about it. ”. Not everyone is thrilled with the concept of skies filled with remote-controlled cop-copters. “Obviously,” Brown said, “the attention today is Big Brother in the sky. Peter Bibring, director of police practices for ACLU of California and senior rod attorney for the ACLU of Southern California, said because there is potential for abuse, limits should be established up front. “Occupation creep is a perennial problem for new surveillance technologies,” Bibring said. “A department may give one reason for acquiring a technology, such as search and save missions. It hasn’t helped that the news media have been abuzz with stories in recent months about FBI surveillance planes circling American cities. And Buzzfeed recently reported that, within 90 minutes of the San Bernardino fall, two government planes were up over the Inland Regional Center. One reportedly was a Cessna operated by the FBI. the other a DHS Pilatus PC-12 observation plane. 2, the online publication stated, the FBI plane circled the Redlands townhome of Farook and Malik. Buzzfeed asserted that for the next several days planes flew in the precincts of a mosque Farook had attended. Lindsay Ram, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Washington, D. C. , declined to address the report of flights over San Bernardino, citing the running investigation into the mass shooting. Ram, however, did say in an email: “The FBI routinely uses aviation assets in support of investigations targeting discrete to individuals and, when requested, in support of state and local law enforcement,” Ram said. “The targets are specific predicated individuals and not buildings. ‘Occupation creep’ Planes and helicopters are reasonably large and noisy. Drones, not so much. Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said in a horn interview that suspicions about the smaller, quieter device torpedoed a drone program there three years ago. “It was uncomfortable, not easily noticed and could fly anywhere,” McGinn said. “It conjured up images of the omnipresent surveillance state. It was unequivocal why Seattle police wanted drones. “They could see the value of getting a different perspective on a dangerous situation,” McGinn said. But it wasn’t so quit to residents how the drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as the industry calls. Source:
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  • Remote Control Helicopters | RC Helicopter | RC Helicopters

    RC Helicopter and Remote Control Helicopters parts at well-known prices. Buy the latest Electric RC Helicopter & Radio Control Helicopters for Beginners to Advance pilots ...

  • WLtoys Overwhelmingly V912 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control ...

    Buy WLtoys Brawny V912 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With Gyro RTF: Toys & Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Remote Control Helicopter Alighting Pad ... Remote Control Helicopter Quay Pad - Complete Edition - LED Lights Installed - Suitable for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Drones, Syma Helicopters: Toys ...

  • 3 Sluice Remote Control Helicopter | Hawkin's Bazaar

    3 Watercourse Remote Control Helicopter - Pilot this 3 Channel Remote Control Copter with precision - HawkinsBazaar

RC Quadcopter Drone Helicopter Camera Remote Control Outdoor Fun Video Photo Spy 04/12/16, @ProductsFine
Hotsale New Remote Control Electric Led Head Light Outdoor Helicopter Toys Last Second OutBid ↺RT, Favor 04/11/16, @youbidderava
remote control helicopter eshion Outdoor ToyS107G RC Mini Metal Model S107G 04/11/16, @items_splendid
remote control helicopter eshion Outdoor ToyS107G RC Mini Metal Model S107G 04/11/16, @ReviewDazzle
  • How Menacing Are RC Helicopters?

    09/07/13 ,via PC Magazine

    It's noteworthy that we understand the facts about hobby helicopters, quadricopters, and drones. Yesterday, 19-year-old Roman Pirozek, Jr. was killed in a Brooklyn, N.Y. car park when his remote-controlled ... can be removed for outdoor flying and to extend ...

  • Trannie Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter

    08/23/06 ,via Coolest Gadgets

    Remote control cars and trucks can wow kids ... You definitely get what you pay for with the Radio-Control Indoor/Outdoor Helicopter from the Discovery Channel Store. It’s a toy, but for adults. It takes a decent amount of practice and skill to get this ...

  • Provoked Birds remote control helicopter hates pigs

    04/05/12 ,via SlashGear

    This may be the coolest dollop remote control helicopter I've ever seen. It has dual counter rotating rotor blades of top and a red unibrowed Angry Bird instead of a helicopter body. The helicopter is designed for indoor and outdoor about b dally and promises to be ...

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  • Helikopter mit robustem Chassis und 2 leistungsstarken...
  • Zwei Geschwindigkeitsstufen und tolle LED-Beleuchtung
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Revell Control RC Helikopter, ferngesteuerter Hubschrauber für Einsteiger, 2-CH IR Fernsteuerung, einfach zu fliegen, Gyro, sehr stabil, einfaches Laden an der Fernsteuerung, Indoor - SKY ARROW 23955 by Revell

  • mit nur 18g Abfluggewicht sehr leicht - nur Indoor geeignet
  • Infrarot-Fernbedienung mit 2 Steuerkanälen und Ladefunktion für den...
  • perfekter Hubschrauber für Einsteiger - durch koaxiliales...

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Revell Helicopter "SKY ARROW" | 23955

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