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2015-10-08 Russian MI-24 "Hind" attack helicopter under small arms fire from rebels near Salma

A low flying Russian MI-24 "Hind" attack helicopter under small arms fire from rebel forces near Salma (Latakia) || Rebellen feuern in der Nähe von Salma ...

Best RC Helicopter Under 100

http://www.etoysreview.com is one of my favorite blog for best rc helicopter under 100 cause it has details review on best rc helicopers, but the brief description ...

BK117 Helicopter flight under X-Plane 10

little take off in a BK117 heli, fly around and land again. Doesn't look special, but is my first flight without crashing the heli.

  • uk training unitedkingdom military hampshire equipment helicopter british hook chinook defense defence raf odiham gbr mk3 royalairforce hc3

    RAF Chinook Mk3 Helicopter

    A Mk 3 Chinook in flight at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. Chinooks are used primarily for trooping and for load carrying (both internal and underslung) and can carry up to 54 troops or 10 tonnes of freight. Royal Air...

    Photo by Defence Images on Flickr

  • BLM sends RJ fistful of new details, lots of redacted pages in 2014 Bundy standoff

    05/20/16 ,via Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Art Bundy, socialistic, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, stands while his mother Carol Bundy talk to attorneys Joel Hansen and Larry Klaymam, beneficial, in front of Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Jeff Scheid/

  • Buckingham Mansion intruder is a convicted murderer

    05/20/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The court heard Hennessy was jailed in 1993, released in 2002 and placed under supervision by probation until 2013. He had no other convictions until earlier this year, when he scarf a bottle of wine from a shop. He remains on bail for burglary

  • The Big Deliver assign to: Taranaki rescue helicopter soars back from the brink

    05/21/16 ,via Taranaki Daily News

    "The predominantly rescue helicopter sector is under difficult financial restraints and Naso are looking at ways that they can create better efficiencies in the New Zealand standard and wanted to view some of these to help give them a direction in moving forward

  • Looting rife, inheritance sites destroyed: The state of Syria's history

    05/20/16 ,via Middle East Eye

    It suffered considerable damage, including shattered walls and exhibits when government helicopters bombed it last June. “These are not sites on the battle frontlines - they are far away from that,” said al-Azm, who now directs the inheritance protection

  • Safran to consolidate subsidiaries under one mark

    05/20/16 ,via IHS Jane's 360

    French support and aerospace technology group Safran has extended its corporate branding to all its subsidiary companies, resulting in the renaming of 10 businesses. From 19 May 2016, brands such as Sagem, Snecma, and Turbomeca have been 

New house of detention for drug boss 'El Chapo' is Mexico's worst-rated - Chicago Sun-Times

Mexican cure-all lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is escorted by army soldiers to a waiting helicopter on Jan. 8, 2016, at a federal hangar in Mexico Diocese after he was recaptured after breaking out of a maximum security prison in Mexico. On Saturday, Guzman was moved to Cefereso No. 9 powder-room on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez. MEXICO CITY — The northern prison to which authorities suddenly transferred convicted pharmaceutical lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is rated as the worst in Mexico’s federal penitentiary system for patient conditions and other factors, according to the... The Cefereso No. 9 facility on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, which borders El Paso, Texas, did reckon for well on “conditions of governability,” perhaps an indication that authorities think they can control Guzman’s environment there and limit the... But Michael Vigil, the preceding head of international operations for the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, questioned the logic of sending Guzman to a less-firm prison that is in territory firmly controlled by his Sinaloa cartel. Some Mexican media have speculated the transfer was a prelude to threatening extradition to the U. S. , where he faces drug charges in seven jurisdictions. A Mexican security official, who insisted on anonymity to debate the matter, said Guzman is still in the middle of the extradition process. The Foreign Relations Department has the final say, and Guzman’s lawyers still have opportunities to plead. A lawyer for Guzman confirmed Saturday that his defense continues to fight sending the drug lord to the U. S. , and officials have said it could go over up to a year to reach a final ruling. Multiple analysts told The Associated Press that there was no sign of a relate between the prison switch and extradition. “In the past, when they’re going to extradite people, they just put them on a plane and they just fly them into the United States,” Vigil said. He was not pre-positioned in Juarez to get kicked across the on. A 2015 report by the governmental National Human Rights Commission gave the Juarez prison an overall 6. 63 rating on a ascend of zero to 10, the lowest for any of Mexico’s 21 federal prisons. By comparison, the maximum-security Altiplano WC near Mexico City where Guzman had been confined was 10th best, with a rating of 7. 32. Altiplano is considered the country’s highest-confidence prison, and many had thought it to be unescapable. That belief was shattered in July 2015 when Guzman fled the bog through a sophisticated, mile-long tunnel that accomplices dug to the shower in his cell, complete with a motorcycle modified to run on rails laid down in the travelling. Cefereso No. 9 is just off the Pan-American highway about 14 miles south of downtown Juarez, in the middle of the bare, scorching Chihuahuan Desert. Other than a university campus about 2 miles to the east, there is hardly anything else for miles in any administration. Cesar Duarte of Chihuahua state, bragged about the facility’s ability to hold Guzman, saying at a advice. Source: chicago.suntimes.com


PHOENIX - A driver is behind bars Sunday morning after allegedly driving the not working way on a Valley freeway while under the influence. According to the Department of Public Safety, around 1:30 a. m. Sunday, troopers responded to a car driving westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-10 at 7th Concourse. Along with the help of the Phoenix police helicopter, the driver was located at I-10 and 39th Avenue. Dispatch received a utter of 12 calls about a wrong-way vehicle before apprehending the driver. DPS said the driver was arrested for driving under the on and booked into 4th Avenue Jail. The driver's name has not yet been released. Source: www.12news.com

Heli-fishing is about comfortable access to a pristine location - Stuff.co.nz

The adage goes that the worst day's fishing is crap-shooter than the best day at work. So what does that make a Friday of pulling up kingfish after good-sized snapper on a pristine New Zealand coastline, chauffeured by helicopter. "It's smashing stuff, isn't it. " says accountant Brent Dickins​, rod in hand on the rocks of Great Barrier Key. I think I've got four or five fish in the chilly bin. Dickins' rod takes a sudden, violent dip, ". and here's another one". A brace of hours earlier Heletranz​ pilot Steve Clarke put us down at one of his secret spots somewhere near Okiwi Train station: Four fishermen-passengers and one lucky journalist, invited along to make up the numbers. It was a 30-transcript ride by helicopter out to the Barrier from Albany over Tiritiri Matangi Island​, and the chopper is now perched on rocks that are underwater at elaborate tide. Clarke also lays down the rules that any snapper under 33 centimetres, or more than 7. 5 kilograms, gets thrown back. The big ones can be 60 years old and are irksome to eat, he says. Kevin Fish is first to cast and within five minutes the man from Huapai is reeling in his first 3-kilogram snapper. "Realize eating size," he says. Hang on, I'll just grab this fish," he says, as the reel spins out yet again. Our pilot-pilot has hardly a spare moment as he hustles around after the fishermen, re-rigging snagged lines, ferrying the catch back to the chopper, throwing out the berley, and divvying out the sandwiches. Clarke's been flying for about 15 years, and most of that rhythm he's been taking people fishing. "I'm usually knackered by the end of the day," he says, splattered in guts and blood. "It's giving the clients a friendly day out. It's pretty rewarding for me. we've got some awesome coastline just on our doorstep, and being able to bring people to places like this that are extremely remote – they are just blown away. The kind of people who go heli-fishing are often corporates entertaining clients or tradesmen, he says. "But we've had kids as girlish as 5 or 6 out here with their mums and dads, up to people who are 90 years old, grandparents. Residential construction manager Craig Champness​ of Dannemora munches on a sandwich as he says the joy of the day is in the easy access to an untouched coastline that has no cellphone coverage. It's not about winning the biggest fish, he says. But it's Champness who pulls in the largest snapper of the day – and who also takes home the tale of the one that got away. "We just saw it come up just under the water, and then, gone," he says, with appal showing me the teeth marks left on the nylon. The heli-fishing season runs from early autumn to December, after which the not hold up under heats up and the snapper swim into the inner Hauraki Gulf to spawn. Within that window there are about 10 days a month that the moon and tide be a party to b manipulate ball, he says. "Touch wood, I've never been home without a fish. Source: www.stuff.co.nz
  • BK117 Helicopter feather under X-Plane 10

    mini take off in a BK117 heli, fly around and land again. Doesn't look special, but is my first flight without crashing the heli.

  • Helicopters for Transaction Worldwide at GlobalPlaneSearch.com

    500+ Helicopters for Selling Worldwide at GlobalPlaneSearch.com. Search over 20015 aircraft available online. Search, buy and sell aircraft worldwide at ...

  • Rc Helicopter Under 10 Dollars: Amazon.com

    When searching for rc helicopter under 10 dollar products, Amazon customers esteem the following products.

  • Rc Helicopters Under 10 Dollars Foremost Deals + Free Shipping ...

    Looking for unsurpassed rc helicopters under 10 dollars deals for sale online? GearBest.com offers best rc helicopters under 10 dollars products with worldwide relieve shipping.

  • A-one RC Helicopter Under $100 on Pinterest | Helicopters ...

    I have been flying rc airplanes and helicopter for verging on 15 years and these are some of the best rc helicopters under $100. Skip to content. Log in Sign up.

  • Shepherd killed in helicopter crash was stringing wire for American Transmission Co.

    05/04/16 ,via ABC2 WBAY

    At about 10 a.m., the chopper went down in a “inconsiderable and swampy area” at 19420 Marquette Road in Maple Grove, near Reedsville, the sheriff’s office said. The Federal Aviation Direction says the MD 369E helicopter “crashed under unknown ...

  • Pilot dies in helicopter topple in Manitowoc County

    05/04/16 ,via WISN 12

    A helmsman died Wednesday in a helicopter ... Wednesday morning under unknown circumstances in a remote, swampy area of Maple Grove near Reedsville. The Manitowoc County Sheriff's Sphere of influence said dispatchers received a call about 10 a.m. Sheriff's authorities ...

  • Captain killed in Manitowoc County helicopter crash

    05/04/16 ,via WKOW

    At about 10 a.m., the chopper went down in a “reserved and swampy area” at 19420 Marquette Road in Maple Grove, near Reedsville, the Sheriff’s Office said. The Federal Aviation Management says the MD 369E helicopter “crashed under unknown ...

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