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Blade 120 SR RC Helicopter keychain / aerial camera - mission turkey vulture

This is my second attempt at aerial video with my Blade 120 SR helicopter. I tried a different mounting position for the camera instead of the landing skid like the ...

15 Euro helicopter - keychain spycamera - Hyundai MC1010 Shorty Snap

De keychain spycamera, Hyundai MC1010 Shorty Snap, bevestigd onder de heli van mijn neefje. De heli kostte slecht 15 Euro in de solden, in het warenhuis ...

RC Helicopter Keychain Cam Fun Flight

Flying my Nine Eagles 328 with keychain camera over the house.

  • contest prize thinkgeek

    Big box of super awesome crap!!

    UPDATE 3/12!!!! We got 1,344 postcards in 2 weeks, and Kori's Flying Hamster of Doom from Columbus, Ohio was chosen at random as the winner! If you are not Kori, don't despair: we're going to sort through the puzzle...

    Photo by thinkgeekmonkeys on Flickr

  • Laser strikes deposit pilots flying over New Orleans, across country

    05/20/16 ,via KSLA-TV

    We found another helmsman reporting "significant vision problems," after being "lased" near Indianapolis. And it's not just happening to pilots of truckload companies and major airlines like Southwest, Delta and United. Those flying medical and police

  • The To be to come of Mobility: Tech as the driver

    05/04/16 ,via Circulate

    The expected of vehicles is becoming well rehearsed: electrically powered, available on-demand via smart devices, and self-driving using feigned intelligence. Less appreciated is how this can encourage the transition to a circular economy through

  • Kickstarter unveils new Dezzio strand bag with built-in USB port

    04/12/16 ,via Daily Mail

    Trump mocked for pretending to be his own publicist on SNL · Horrifying consequence plane crashes at air show in Georgia · German Shepherd goes nuts when his soldier owner comes home · This darling juvenile bat SQUEAKS while being tickled · Watch the world

  • Sedgwick fisherman faces charges, denial after lobster conflict flares

    03/11/16 ,via Bangor Daily News

    The chemical “can reason rapid death by acute kidney failure if untreated,” Gray's defense attorney, Jason Barrett, wrote in court documents. Gray sought present medical treatment and was flown by LifeFlight helicopter to a Bangor hospital, Barrett added.

  • Lincoln man wretched in rollover crash in Topsfield

    04/19/16 ,via Bangor Daily News

    A LifeFlight helicopter took Soltow to Eastern Maine Medical Center of Bangor because he seemed to be usual in and out of consciousness. He also suffered cuts to his face and elbow and complained of elbow pain. He freed himself from the car, Sawyer said.

Still Opinion the Need for Speed? Tom Cruise Is Spotted Piloting a Helicopter in London - People Magazine

Tom Boat has returned to the skies – even if this time he's not dangling from the side of a plane . The Top Gun star, 53, hopped in the pilot's capital of a helicopter for a flying lesson Monday in London. The actor showed up to the lesson with a pair of white sneakers in his hand, and emptied 45 minutes doing a pre-flight safety check. Source: www.people.com

Whoop Box: Famous writer once lived on Captain Hook Drive, but it wasn't Peter Pan author - Florida Times-Ring

True-love Call Box: I read in the Saturday Homes section that author Taylor Caldwell once lived on Captain Clasp Drive in Jacksonville. : The famous author, whose life was as dramatic as some of her books, lived near Jacksonville Strand during the year she was married to her third husband, real estate developer William Stancell. She credited him with decorating the Captain Steal house with “impeccable taste. ” In a 1972 Times-Union interview, she said he was also an excellent chef, painter and versemaker. Stancell built the brick house out of the shell of another home that had burned to the ground. He purposely made the rooms hefty enough for her furnishings, which she brought with her from her former home in Buffalo, N. Y. The couple met while on a three-month around-the-world yacht on the Rotterdam in February 1972. She told the... After the boat returned to New York, they were married June 17 and moved to Jacksonville in October. During her evanescent time here, she conferred with a Doubleday book editor about the success of her book, “Captains and the Kings,” and her plans for her next one, “The Laudation and the Lightning,” set in ancient Greece. “Captains and the Kings,” which chronicles the rise to power of a poor Irish settler to America in the 1800s, was made into a television mini-series in 1976 with an all-star cast. Many of her 30 or so books unswervingly ranked on the best-seller lists. Others included “The Eagles Gather,” “Dear and Celebrated Physician,” “Testimony of Two Men,” “Great Lion of God” and “Answer as a Man. Caldwell was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Buffalo as a girlish child. She divorced Stancell in 1973 and returned to Buffalo. Caldwell married for a fourth time in 1978 and died in 1985 of lung cancer at age 84 while living in Greenwich, Conn. She had been unmoved since 1967 and suffered two strokes in later years, losing her ability to speak. “At least when I was a child, I could understand the birds sing,” she said in the 1972 interview. It’s as bad for a writer to be deaf as for a painter to be blind. Dear Discontinue Box: At the corner of Salisbury Road and Salis Drive, someone dug three big holes enclosed by orange fencing. : We checked out the breadth and then called the city and were told that it was an AT&T project that would be completed within a few days. We went back a second time, and the work had been completed. Rosie Montalvo, a spokeswoman for AT&T, said the crowd was repairing and replacing cable in the area to better serve customers. In the process, technicians identified other circumstances that required further business, Montalvo said. “The necessary materials and additional permits were procured, and the work was completed and the area restored,” she said. Reunion: Sonya Morris, a graduate of the 1943 Elegance of Andrew Jackson High School, said she and a classmate would like to have a gathering of “those of us. Source: jacksonville.com

Predicament preparedness event gets county ready to rumble - The Columbian

Vancouver local Chris Able doesn’t know whether the massive Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake that’s foresight to devastate the Pacific Northwest will happen in his lifetime. But he’ll be prepared, said Able, 45, whose apophthegm is: “Plan to thrive, not just survive. Don’t go in empty-handed,” he said. Thursday, Able was among hundreds of people browsing the booths at an crisis preparedness event at Washington State University Vancouver called “Prepare for ‘The Big One. Vendors sold frost-dried food and demonstrated water purification kits, insulation cookers (which work like a nonelectric Crock Pot), biomass cookstoves and be unfeasible storage systems. At one table, a WSUV Public Safety officer demonstrated how to knot a 6-foot greatest extent of paracord into a 6-inch keychain that could be unraveled for a variety of uses in an emergency. “I figured I should come and at least find out what the basics are to be treated,” said Tony Lugo, 65, of Vancouver, recalling how the Columbus Day storm of his youth and severe ice storms had socialistic the community without electricity for days. Sponsored by the Associated Students of WSU Vancouver and WSU Vancouver Public Safety, Thursday’s consequence at the Dengerink Administration building featured an hourlong presentation by Scott Johnson, emergency management group manager of Clark... The packed auditorium was standing-room only for Johnson’s talk regarding what Clark County should watch and how people should get ready for the mega-quake that’s expected to be a magnitude of at least 9, generate a 40-foot tsunami on the Oregon... Each footstep on the Richter scale of earthquake measurement is 10 times more powerful than the previous number. So a magnitude 6, for occurrence, is 10 times more severe than a magnitude 5. Before taking the stage, Johnson noted that people can suit so frightened by the Cascadia earthquake information that they shut down and take a fatalistic attitude. His goal is to ratchet down the second thoughts and motivate people to create an emergency plan for themselves and their families. “If 459,000 people have a plan, then we create a honest of community resilience that will help us face any type of disaster more effectively,” Johnson said, referring to the natives of Clark County. Based on the historic pattern of Cascadia earthquakes roughly every 300 years, we’re 16 years on the due date for a tremendous temblor, Johnson said. It would be a catastrophe, meaning it would overwhelm every jurisdictional wherewithal to respond, he said. Roughly 9,000 people would die in the five minutes or so the ground would shake. Cellphone towers would be damaged and the drinking sprinkle system would fail, he said. “Make sure you have good walking shoes,” Johnson said. Because Clark County is so far up the Columbia River, a tsunami would agency the river to rise only about 2 inches in Vancouver, he said. Also, the Bonneville and Lewis River dams are designed to oppose major earthquakes. Surviving the quake and beyond When the ground begins to. Source: www.columbian.com

    this is the highest ive in any case gone, will be even higher soon, filming is with a keychain cam, hk bixler 1 and hk bixler 2, bixler 2, is the one with came ...

  • Array: #16 Keychain Camera for FPV - YouTube

    There are dozens of novel HD cameras you can put on an RC plane, multirotor or helicopter these days but if you're looking for something small, light ...

  • Leading man GEAR LLC - Pewter Military Aircraft Key Chains

    Heroine GEAR LLC May God bless and keep our airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines.... our heroes, our friends.

  • Amazon.com: MJX X600 2.4G 4ch RC Quadcopter Drone ...

    Amazon.com: MJX X600 2.4G 4ch RC Quadcopter Drone Hexacopter 6-axis Gyro UAV 3D Rumble Auto Return Headless Mode One Key Return Helicopter Black (Without Camera ...

  • Crush RC Helicopter Parts, RC Helicopter Accessories | Tmart

    Top of the face Best RC Helicopter Parts, RC Helicopter Accessories all at the lowest prices in Tmart. Order Cheap RC Helicopter Parts & Accessories today with free ...

FD1155 Super Cute Helicopter Metal Keychain Keyring Keyfob Key Ring Car Keyring^ https://t.co/UGnQEvEbAk https://t.co/upjb7poY0l 04/08/16, @ciromontem
  • Miley Cyrus leaves least little to the imagination in skin-tight all-in-one as she boards helicopter with beau Liam Hemsworth

    05/01/16 ,via Daily Mail

    She carried several bags of things with her as she prepared to board the helicopter. Miley ... so well but adds a little more flair to the box silhouette with some furry keychains. Sadly this funky cunning little accessory is now sold out, but we rounded ...

  • RC helicopter airlifts commitment ring in for proposal

    04/23/13 ,via CNet

    Geiger Euphemistic pre-owned his own aerial photography helicopter (it looks like a DJI Innovations Flame Wheel) equipped with a GoPro Hero3 Black and an 808 keychain camera. Set footage was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III. The resulting YouTube video is both a sweet ...

  • Photographer Uses His Aerial Helicopter Camera to Extricate an Engagement Ring

    05/03/13 ,via PetaPixel

    There were two cameras mounted to the helicopter (a GoPro Superstar3 and a 808 keychain camera), and Geiger managed to land the helicopter with the camera pointed straight at the couple, allowing it to continue recording the real proposal as it happened.

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TT Metal Helicopter Keychain Maverick Gifts by YSK

  • Lieferzeit 10-20 Tage
  • Produktfunktion: 1. Persönliches bewegliches 2. Keychain 3....
  • Hochwertige Zinklegierung, nicht einfach zu deformation, langlebig,...

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Kategorie: Schlüsselbund
Stil: männlich und weiblich
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Pendelleuchte: Metall
Verpackung: boxed
Material: Zinklegierung
Nettogewicht: 22,1 g

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Yoshi's New Key Magnate Keychain Wavering~Yoshi egg Projector~Helicopter by Nintendo

  • Abbildung & Paper Merkzettel ~ No Box ~ Größe 35mm X 55mm
  • Yoshi's New Island Figure Keychain Swing~Yoshi egg Projector
  • Projektor Schlüsselanhänger

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Abbildung & Paper Merkzettel ~ No Box ~ Größe 55mm

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Metall Silber helicopter keychain by Carryton

  • Der Schlüssel wird verwendet, wenn Sie denken,
  • Nette Dekorationen
  • Kleine Schlüssel Leine Sie und sein Herz

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Maße (cm):7 x 3.3 x 0.8,
Gewicht (kg):0.024,