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Swift Stream Z-9 Camera Drone | Unboxing | First Impressions

Unboxing A Swift Stream Z-9 Camera Drone. Plus First Impressions. Hope You Guys Enjoy ...

SwiftStream Z-9 Camera Drone Instruction Video

Swift Stream RC Z-9 Drone has Wi-Fi, a Camera allowing Real Time Video which works with your Cell Phone, Bonus Spare Blades, and a Digital Remote ...

Z-9 Drone Camera Drone

This RC Camera Drone works with your smart phone for real time video. Also includes a wi-fi camera. 5 Channel radio control. Will perform 360 degree flips.

  • newyork us unitedstates reaper syracuse hancock 174 drone mq9


    A U.S. Air Force MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) taxis back onto Hancock Field after a successful takeoff and landing at Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, N.Y., on Dec. 16, 2015. The Reaper was...

    Photo by New York National Guard on Flickr

  • PayPal to Taste Purchase Protection for Crowdfunding Projects

    05/08/16 ,via Fortune

    . by; David Z. Morris · @davidzmorris. May 8, 2016, 1:57 PM EDT. E-dispatch; Tweet; Facebook; Linkedin. Share icons. Photograph by Jeff Chiu — AP Last year, Kickstarter funded a University of

  • Największe europejskie święto muzyki filmowej – od wtorku w Krakowie! 24 maja rusza 9. Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej!

    05/20/16 ,via RMF Classic

    Światowe premiery elektroniczno-symfonicznych tematów filmowych 27 maja na Gali alterFMF: Drone Sounds usłyszymy najsłynniejsze tematy muzyczne kompozytorów uchodzących za nową falę muzyki filmowej m.in. Josepha Trapanese („Wierna” i „Zbuntowana” z

  • Tygodniowy przegląd wiadomości ISBnews z sektora TMT

    05/20/16 ,via Money.pl

    Agora odnotowała wzrost skonsolidowanej EBITDA do 28 mln zł w I kwartale 2016 roku wobec 25,9 mln zł rok wcześniej, podała spółka w raporcie. Skonsolidowana strata netto przypisana akcjonariuszom jednostki dominującej w I kw. 2016 r. wyniosła 7,2 

  • A traveller plane may have collided with a drone for the first time

    04/17/16 ,via The Verge

    Metropolitan Patrol in London are investigating a possible midair collision between a passenger jet on approach to Heathrow Airport in London and a drone. It would be the first time that an airplane from a crucial airline has actually collided with a drone.

  • This is the flying chainsaw drone you knew was coming

    04/04/16 ,via The Verge

    Justifiably, we live in a golden age of Putting Dangerous Things On Drones. We've seen people strap fireworks, paintball guns, sincere guns, and even flamethrowers to quadcopters and the like, and so it was only a matter of time before someone tried with power 

MasterPass Extends Retail Reach to Saks and Poshmark - PYMNTS.com

MasterCard said on Monday (May 9) that its MasterPass digital payments tenets is now being accepted by luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue, and also Poshmark, a social commerce marketplace geared toward taste. The announcement underscores the further expansion of MasterCard into fashion and higher end retail, according to the card giant. Michael Cyr, who serves as a arrange executive of US Market Development with MasterCard, noted that “MasterPass continues to gain acceptance momentum across merchants in all categories, whether via direct relationships like we have with Saks... With increased acceptance of MasterPass, more consumers can go online, point their order and pay with just a couple of clicks. Source: www.pymnts.com

Janus 360°, czyli dron do nagrywania na potrzeby VR - Komputer Świat

Janus dzięki litowo-polimerowej baterii unosić się w powietrzu może przez raptem kwadrans, ale nadrabia to innymi możliwościami. Wyposażony jest w dziesięć kamer o rozdzielczości 4K (nagrywających w 30 klatkach na sekundę), ma podwójną stabilizację obrazu i może zgrać 150 GB danych przez jeden przelot. Dron w sumie z całym osprzętem (i spadochronem) waży 3,9 kg. Jak podają twórcy, przy pomocy Janusa można tworzyć całe wirtualne wycieczki (np. w ramach aplikacji turystycznych czy architektonicznych) czy dowolne wideo 360 stopni. W zasadzie maszyna ma tylko jeden minus. Cena tego drona jest bowiem iście zaporowa - każda sztuka to 20 tys. Obejrzyj wideo - TygodniKS, czyli przegląd najważniejszych i najciekawszych wydarzeń minionych dni:. Source: www.komputerswiat.pl

Documentary Now!: “Dronez: The Look high For El Chingon” - A.V. Club Milwaukee

Documentary Now. is to documentaries as Kroll Show was to fact television. Kroll Show breaks down everything that makes up reality television and then parodies it in the extreme. The show’s advance to parody is comprehensive, taking on not only the writing, directing, and acting styles of the original material, but also the editing. Documentary Now. has a similarly circumstantial and complex satirical style, mimicking specifics and zeroing in on exactly what to heighten for effective comedy. Documentary Now. takes on the added laboriousness of stretching its parodies into whole episodes instead of the sketch-show format Kroll Show follows. But Documentary Now. Even as the latter added new characters and sketches, the overall resonance of the show remained pretty consistent (and that wacky voice was one of Kroll Show ’s greatest strengths). From one episode to the next, Documentary Now. transforms into a fully different show because of how much each of the original documentaries they’re skewering vary. This week’s “Dronez: The Hunt For El Chingon” doesn’t look or commiserate with anything like “Sandy Passages” or “Kanuk Uncovered. But it’s just as effective on the comedy front and the show’s most attainable episode to date. “Sandy Passages” barely manipulates anything from the original Grey Gardens until the bleeding end. “Dronez: The Hunt For El Chingon” has a little more fun—and pokes a little more fun—throughout, so while it doesn’t build as effectively, it’s a much zippier incident than the first. It isn’t all that surprising that IFC released “Dronez: The Hunt For El Chingon” on the internet ahead of the premiere. Overall, it has broader petition than the pilot, attacking the very modern format of Vice ’s HBO documentaries. Even more so than the oddly thoughtful “Sandy Passages,” “Dronez: The Check out For El Chingon” has a message. Written by Duffy Boudreau, Rob Klein, and Bill Hader, the episode targets greatly specific flaws in Vice ’s approach to journalism and heightens them for comedic effect. Hader and Fred Armisen about b dally different iterations of the same stereotype: millennial white dudes who live in Brooklyn and arrogantly risk their lives on harmful assignments in places where their cultural ignorance gets them into a whole lot of... The episode racks up a body calculate as the Dronez reporters keep ignoring everyone around them in their quest for an interview with dangerous cartel chairperson El Chingon. If you’ve watched any of Vice’s documentaries on HBO, then you know that structurally, “Dronez: The Hunt For El Chingon” looks nearly alike (the biggest difference being that the typical Vice documentary covers two topics instead of just one). Jack Black’s Jamison Supporter bears strong resemblance to Shane Smith, the Vice founder who provides context for the documentaries. And while Documentary Now. There’s a stable othering that sometimes comes with Vice ’s methods—an othering that “Dronez” first targets and then accelerates. Source: www.avclub.com
  • Z-9 Camera Drone - SwiftStreamRC

    Retain b challenge your photography soaring to new heights with this large HOBBY GRADE drone. Not only will the Z-9 satisfy the daredevil in you, but this camera drone also ...

  • Speedy Stream RC RC Z-9 Camera Drone w/ Built-In WiFi ...

    Expeditious Stream Z-9 model is an entry level real time video drone. It’s ideal for the beginner pilot learning how to perform Beginning Person View (PFV) f...

  • Parrot AR.Drone 2

    Moved Once. The document has moved here.

  • Z-9 - SwiftStreamRC

    Motor A per motor (awful and white wires) for Z-9 Drone. not rated $4.99 Add to cart. Motor B per motor (red and blue wires) Z-9 Drone

  • SwiftStream Z-9 Camera Drone Instruction Video

    Nimble Stream RC Z-9 Drone has Wi-Fi, a Camera allowing Real Time Video which works with your Cell Phone, Bonus Spare Blades, and a Digital Unlikely Control ...

  • Wicked Friday 2015: Kmart Sale Features 50" LG TV, Half Off Skullcandy Headphones, a $59 Drone

    11/17/15 ,via The Latin Post

    This extent can be found on page 27. A drone with built in cameras will sell for $59.99. The Swift Stream Z-9 camera drone is available in white or black and comes with a unlikely controller. With its four propellers, it can move in multiple directions.

  • Quarry Practice: Chinese Helicopter Tests Shooting Down Drones

    06/06/14 ,via Popular Science

    The TY-90 already arms Chinese waste and assault helicopters like the Z-10, Z-19 and Z-9. The Mil Mi-171 utility helicopter is ... In the future, the TY-90 projectile may not just be used to shoot down drones, but also to arm them. In this, it could follow ...

  • Kmart Negro Friday 2015 Black Friday Ad: View Full Ad Flyer

    11/25/15 ,via BrevardTimes

    evaluation $9.99 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Classic 20" Figures; sale price $9.99, reg. price $19.99 Brisk Stream Z-9 Camera Drone; sale price $59.99, reg. price $99.99 Dakota Spruce 6 ft. unlit tree; sale charge $15.00, reg. price $49.99 Poinsettia ...

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Walkera F210 FPV Drone Let go Parts To Give out (F210-Z-01 + F210-Z-09 + F210-Z-14 + F210-Z-20 + ARRIS Battery Strap) by Frog Studio Home

  • Note: this is original Walkera F210 Racing Drone Quadcopter Spare...
  • This crash pack includes those most easily damaged parts, buying...

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Package Included: 1 x F210-Z-01 Propeller (CW + CCW) 1 x F210-Z-09 Skid Landing 1 x F210-Z-14 Receiver Antenna Fixing Mount 1 x F210-Z-20 Screw Set 2 x ARRIS Specially Made Battery Straps (Yellow + Blue)

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Walkera Despatch-rider 250 Passion up drone accessories parts Brushless motor(CW )(WK-WS-28-014) Compassionate 250(R)-Z-09 by Frog Studio Home

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  • CW Brushless Motor *1
  • Item NO. : Runner 250(R)-Z-09

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Description: Brand name: Walkera Item name: CW Brushless Motor (WK-WS-28-014) Item NO. : Runner 250(R)-Z-09 Color: Red For Walkera Runner 250 Advance GPS RC Drone Quadcopter Package includes : CW Brushless Motor *1

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