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X8 RC Quadcopter Drone for $36

Watch me unbox my 2nd drone. X8 RC Quadcopter. Website link http://goo.gl/Nxtm7p or amazon - http://amzn.to/1WPkzyh. This is my 2nd drone I've ever had ...

Bayangtoys X8 Camera Drone Great Syma X5C Clone

This is one of the best clones that I've seen to date of the Syma X5C. Yet it costs close to $20 less! UPDATE: apparently Bayangtoys has recently been shipping ...

Flying 3D X8 Drone Gimbal Flight with HD Camera

Although these cheap $45 gimbals are advertised for DJI and GoPro, they also work with a little adjustment on just about any gimbal capable quadcopter, and ...

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    X8 multicopter

    Photo by jdlasica on Flickr

  • Flying 3D X8 look at

    08/20/15 ,via PC Advisor (registration)

    There are mess of budget drones around if you want a cheaper alternative to a DJI Phantom. Here's our review of the Flying 3D X8 quadcopter, which currently costs £155.83 from GearBest. See also: Quadcopter consumer's guide. We should start by saying

  • X8+ drone keeps you in its never boost, and accepts lots of gear

    11/17/14 ,via Gizmag

    Launched just two months ago, 3D Robotics' Iris+ quadcopter has one big peculiarity that separates it from the company's base Iris drone – it features a Follow Me function, which allows it to automatically fly along above a exciting ground-based GPS-enabled

  • 3D Robotics' new drone can check up on you around, carry a mirrorless camera

    11/22/14 ,via Engadget

    The 8-prop UAV is designed to stock GoPro or lightweight mirrorless cameras, while offering a fully automated flight control system starting at $1,350 (without a gimbal or camera). That evaluation may The X8+ is an upgrade on the X8 model in nearly

  • Santé : Stork-X8, ce drone prêt à voler à notre secours

    03/08/16 ,via Objectif Aquitaine

    Dès les autorisations obtenues, le consortium lancera, sans doute cet été à Bordeaux, les premiers vols tests en conditions réelles du drone transporteur de produits de santé urgents (Crédits : D.R) Le consortium Drone For Moving spirit (DFL), qui vise à

  • La chronique d'Anthony Morel: Les drones médicaux qui viennent au secours des malades - 13/05

    05/13/16 ,via BFMTV.COM

    Et à Bordeaux, le projet du consortium Drones For Existence met en place le transport de colis médicalisés en milieu urbain par drones. L'appareil s'appelle Stork-X8 et est talented de livrer notamment des trousses de premiers secours sur les sites d'accidents.

Flying 3D X8 re-examination - PC Advisor (registration)

There are plenteousness of budget drones around if you want a cheaper alternative to a DJI Phantom . Here's our review of the Flying 3D X8 quadcopter, which currently costs £155. 83 from GearBest. We should start by saying the Flying 3D X8 isn't new. Uninterrupted firmware updates have ironed out some issues, while a build quality issue concerning cracks in the plastic protection beneath the motors has also been sorted – we're told. The X8 is a distinctive quad, with its GPS receiver perched on top and a 'cockpit window' at the fa, making it look more like a miniature spy plane than most. The long landing legs arc out from the body giving friendly stability as well as good height clearance if you want to install a gimbal and camera. There are four holes for mounting a gimbal (the Walkera G-2D fits) as without difficulty completely as connectors for 12v power and tilt control. In addition to GPS for holding position, the X8 also has a barometer for holding altitude and a compass so it knows in which governing it's flying. The quad will return to home if it's running low on power (if you set a return point) and it will also try to auto land. The battery is a 2200mAh Lipo with a T-dean connector and slides into the nurture of the quad in a plastic tray. It's all a bit awkward and the sharp plastic will no doubt cause you to bleed at some point. Flying even so is roughly 15 minutes, and spare batteries can be picked up easily for around £10-15 so it's cost impressive to increase flying time. We're fans of the remote control with its large LCD display and lots of controls. On the LCD you can see all sorts of stats such as the quadcopter's battery voltage, heading and altitude. You can also use it to replacement settings through the menus. It's a basic dot-matrix mono LCD, but it's valuable. Only the right-hand control puncture is sprung. The left-hand one is used for throttle and can work in two basic ways. First, it can operate as a true throttle, so moving it up from the bottom increases thrust, and returning to the bottom (and keeping it there) will cause the props to impede spinning. Second, it can work like a Phantom – or the V303 – and movements above half way make the X8 advance, with movement below 50 percent making it descend. There are also two potentiometers, one of which you can use to control the camera's tilt. In fact, you'll chance yourself using forums and Google to try and find out what the status LEDs mean as the manual negates to list all the different sequences, or the distinct beep coded emitted by the transmitter. It takes four AA batteries (not provided) and also has a trainer port at the back. Talking of the box contents, you don't get any lanky props, so order some with the drone. Like the V303 they’re not self-tightening so you will need a spanner (also not provided) to tighten the dome nuts. Flying 3D X8: In go If you try to turn on the quad without the switches and sticks in the right places it will beep and refuse to start up. When you've got it right, you're basically in non-GPS rage and can fly the X8 manually. Source: www.pcadvisor.co.uk

X8+ drone keeps you in its dram, and accepts lots of gear - Gizmag

Launched just two months ago, 3D Robotics' Iris+ quadcopter has one big idiosyncrasy that separates it from the company's base Iris drone – it features a Follow Me function, which allows it to automatically fly along primarily a moving ground-based... The resulting X8+ quadcopter can not only autonomously get tracking shots of its biking, sustained or skiing user, but it can also be outfitted with a variety of cameras or other devices. The Iris+ is optimized to carry a GoPro Exemplar actioncam, which is fine for many users – as are the house-brand HD cameras included on drones such as the DJI Phantom and Reinforce 1. More serious videographers, however, might want to use their own... Using the Follow Me app on their Android mobile device, users can set parameters such as the detachment and angle that the drone will maintain relative to them. Once the X8+ is in flight, it will automatically keep pace with them, keeping them centered within the nip by panning and tilting the camera via a motorized gimbal mount. Users can see things from its point of view in essential time using 3DR's new FPV (first-person view) video feed kit, although it's an optional extra. Described as being like "a power drill that you can gear with different bits," the quadcopter's aluminum frame can also be equipped with other user-supplied tools, allowing it to be inured to for applications such as mapping, point cloud-based... It can even be outfitted with a magnetized cargo mount, for the enunciation of small items. The X8+ can be piloted in real time using an included radio remote control, or it can autonomously perform flight paths plotted on its free mission-planning software. Its flight time ranges up to about 15 minutes, depending on what it's carrying. It's available now, priced at US$1,350. The FPV kit is an additional $350. Source: 3D Robotics. Source: www.gizmag.com

3D Robotics' new drone can track you around, carry a mirrorless camera - Engadget

It'll hold up 800 grams (1. 76 pounds) and fly up to 18 minutes, but if you're willing to sacrifice endurance, you can carry up to 2. 2 pounds with, say, a mirrorless camera. 3D Robotics says it'll fly Blackmagic Intent plot's Pocket Cinema Camera , for instance, which is rather heavy for its size at 350 grams (0. 78 pounds). That means it'll effortlessly work with Sony's mirrorless NEX cameras or compact models like Panasonic's LX100. For an extra $350, you can also kit it with an FPV GoPro liveview kit for easier scouting and aerial photography. 3D Robotics also has some compelling automation options for its latest drone. The X8+ can track you around while keeping you centered in your videos using the 3PV follow me mode, dexterous for filming your own sporty exploits. Using the DroidPlanner 2 software, you can simply draw lines on a map with an Android device to fly it round, hands-free. You can even map a region-of-interest (ROI) waypoint, to keep the camera locked on a target throughout the flight. While the X8+ starts at $1,350, it'll run a lot more to kit it up appropriately. With a carrying case, gimbal, 3DR FPV liveview for GoPro and a GoPro Hero 3+ camera, you'll be looking at nearly $2,600 -- or everywhere $2,700 for 4K with the Hero 4. That's Inspire 1 territory, so choosing between the two may come down to a simple... Decisions, decisions. Source: www.engadget.com
  • Atom X8 360 - Frenchidrone votre référent en drones

    Fabricant de drones civils, opérateur de prise de vue aérienne, notre office mettre notre passion au service de votre projet

  • Drone x8 - Achat / Vente jeux et jouets pas chers

    Où trouver l’offre Drone x8 au meilleur prix ? Dans le magasin Jeux - Jouets de Cdiscount bien sûr ! Avec des prix débutant au together with bas aujourd’hui vendredi 4 ...

  • X8+ | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology

    The Power To Do More. The to begin consumer drone that could be called an intelligent tool: a ready-to-fly heavy-duty copter with lifting power that extends payload ...

  • Drone syma x8 - Achat / Vente jeux et jouets pas chers

    Achat Drone syma x8 à prix rebate. Vous êtes à la recherche d'un jeu Drone syma x8 moins onéreux qu'ailleurs sur Internet, hâtez-vous et empressez vous d'aller ...

  • X8 - DIY Drones

    X8 Build Mods. Started by Wessie. Endure reply by Ben Norris Jul 25, 2015. 28 Replies 3 Likes. Hi AllJust thought I would share my build mods of my x8, there are many ...

3DR X8+ Heavy Lift Drone RTF https://t.co/j5NwKl2sxg https://t.co/jhlXE31LUt 04/13/16, @item_nice
  • X8+ drone keeps you in its by no chance, and accepts lots of gear

    11/17/14 ,via Gizmag

    Launched just two months ago, 3D Robotics' Iris+ quadcopter has one big play up that separates it from the company's base Iris drone – it features a Follow Me function, which allows it to automatically fly along above a moving dirt-based GPS-enabled ...

  • 3D Robotics X8+ exclusive drone can carry heavy camera loads

    11/18/14 ,via SlashGear

    DJI isn't the only maker with a shining drone to show off this month. In comes 3D Robotics' X8+ drone, a personal UAV that boasts a rugged construction and enough power to tote around pro-grade mirrorless camera models. With it comes 3D Robotics' own to begin ...

  • 3D Robotics X8+ Octocopter Drone Unveiled From $1,350

    11/24/14 ,via Geeky Gadgets

    3D Robotics has this week unveiled a new octocopter it has created in the coin the 3D Robotics X8+ that is equipped with a flight time of 15 minutes and a payload capacity of over 800 grams. The 3D Robotics X8+ drone has been specifically designed for ...

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Syma X8HW (aggiornamento del popolare Syma X8W) 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Wifi FPV con la macchina fotografica HD RC Quadcopter Drone (X8HW) by Syma

  • 6-Achsen-Gyrosensor Quad-Drehflügler Flug, starke Stabilität können...
  • The quadcopter kann sowohl Innen- als auch outdoor.Including 4CH...
  • High Halten-Modus kann der Höhe einstellen, nach der linken...

Customer reviews
Kleiner teufel, December 18, 2017
Klasse teil! Habe sie mir ohne vorkenntnisse zu drohnen gekauft und man kommt schnell mit der steuerung zurecht auch wenn man als ahnungsloser zum ersten mal mit der drohne fliegt. Die drohne ist recht laut aber das ist sicher bei jeder drohne...
Ich, als Dohnen-Neuling, bin begeistert., December 18, 2017
Kundenvideo-Rezension Länge:: 10:35 Minuten Ich habe mir dieses aktuelle Modell SYMA X8HW bestellt und habe es mal etwas genauer angeschaut:*** Verpackung und Lieferumfang ***Inhalt:Drohne1 AkkuFernbedienung...
Preis/Leistung sehr gut., December 18, 2017
Tolles Spielzeug für das Geld. Man kann sie sicher nicht mit teuren Drohnen für mehrere hundert Euro vergleichen, aber wie für Anfänger und Kid's ist sie meiner Meinung nach gut geeignet.
Product Description

Markenname : LiDi RC
Item NO .: X8HW
Farbe: Weiß, Blau
Frequenz: 2.4G
Kanal: 4-Kanal
Gyro: 6 Achse
WIFI Kamera: Fotos / Video (1 MAGE)
Akku für Quadcopter: 7,4V 2000mAh Li-Poly (im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Sender Batterie: 4 x AA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Flugzeit : Ungefähr 5 ~ 7 Minuten
Ladezeit : Über 200 Minuten
Steuernabstand : Ungefähr 70 Meter
Produktgröße : 50 * 50 * 19cm
Box Größe: 74 * 35 * 13cm
Package Listing:
1 x Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x HD Kamera
1 x Ladegerät
4 x Ersatzpropeller
1 x 7,4V 2000mAh Lipo Akku
2 x Schutzrahmen
1 x Schraubendreher
1 x Handy-Halter
1 x-Benutzerhandbuch
deutscheLIDI RC®Bedienungsanleitung
In order to ensure the  product brand new and  can work properlly, our staff will conduct product testing before shipment, so maybe the color box adhesive tape is opened.

Price: €19.99

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Mondpalast @ 2x Lipo Batterie Ersatz Akku 7,4V 2000mAh für RC Quadcopter Syma X8C X8W X8G Drone by Mondpalast

  • 7,4V 2000mAh Li-Po Akkus
  • kann helfen, Ihre Quadcopter fliegen viel höher und schneller,...
  • nur für Drohnen mit rundem Anschluss geeigent

Customer reviews
Top Akku, September 3, 2017
Ich kann diese Akkus nur Empfehlen. Sie halten genauso lange wie der Original Akku von meinem Syma X8HG Quadrocopter. Die Akkus wurden schon öfter geladen und funktionieren Einwandfrei. Habe mir aus Überzeugung noch zwei bestellt.
Defekt - leider keine Reaktion, December 18, 2017
Leider war einer der beiden Ersatzakkus defekt, was ich wegen der witterungsbedingten Flugpause erst nach der Rücklieferungsfrist festgestellt habe.Der Support war nicht besonders erquicklich.
defekt, November 9, 2017
Leider waren die Akkus nach 2x benutzen schon defekt. Meine Drohne ist durch die daraus resultierenden Abstürze nicht beschädigt worden.
Price: €8.48
You Save: EUR 3,49 (41%)

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MagiDeal 2 Stück Alighting Gadgetry Fahrwerk Schutzteile für Syma X8 X8c X8w X8g X8hc X8hw RC Drone - Schwarz by MagiDeal

  • Aus hochwertigem Kunststoff, langlebig und leicht
  • Material: Kunststoff
  • Landing Gear für Syma X8 X8C X8W X8H X8HC X8HW X8HG RC Drone...

Product Description


- Landing Gear für Syma X8 X8C X8W X8H X8HC X8HW X8HG RC Drone Ersatzteile Upgrade Version

- Aus hochwertigem Kunststoff, langlebig und leicht

- Menge: 1 Set (2 Stück Fahrwerk)

- Material: Kunststoff

Paket beinhaltet:

2 Stück Fahrwerk


Wegen des Unterschieds zwischen verschiedenen Monitoren kann das Bild die tatsächliche Farbe des Artikels nicht widerspiegeln.

Wegen der manuellen Messung kann es 1-2mm Fehler in der Größe geben.

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