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Control camera-heading on DJI drone with Samsung Gear VR

We used the sensors (head-tracking) from the Samsung Gear VR to control the camera's gimbal mounted to a DJI drone. It's nice!

Using GEAR VR + Galaxy S7 to Fly A DRONE !

Over the weekend I picked up a Parrot Bebop Drone. Compared to a DJI Phantom 4, its basically a toy, in specs and price. However, to my surprise, it has great ...

How-to Cheap & Easy FPV "VR" Goggles for Phantom 4 & DJI Drones

Phantom 4: http://amzn.to/1rW6W3e BlitzWolf VR Headset: http://amzn.to/1WpV0UE Litchi (Android): https://goo.gl/aeGau7 Litchi (iOS): https://goo.gl/wpHNTo ...

  • drone barberpark afsdxvrzoomnikkor55200mmf456gifed barberparkorlandofl vinceflnikond7000orlando


    Thanks for all of your comments, faves, and invites. I appreciate them! I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW FLICKR!

    Photo by VinceFL on Flickr

  • Drone cages, quick cars, and unrelenting hordes in our CES Asia VR tour

    05/13/16 ,via Digital Trends

    CES Asia may not be unreservedly as overwhelming as its Las Vegas counterpart, but it's still pretty crazy. There's the same spectacle, the same gadgets, the same self-driving cars, the same drones — all the same technology, just catering to an Asian bazaar

  • ICYMI: VR manipulation and drone emancipation for 3D tissue

    05/06/16 ,via Engadget

    Ehang, the intimate drone we all drooled over at CES in January, announced a partnership with a 3D-printed tissue company that may be more aspirational than real, but would be incredible if it really happens. And Moog, the synthesizer band, put out

  • China eyes stick-mobile era, steps up on drones, VR, and more

    05/07/16 ,via VentureBeat

    Wang outlined how VR would affect areas ranging from entertainment to education. Meanwhile, Xiaomi announced plans to launch the company's first drone and smartwatch. Discerning home appliances were on display throughout the GMIC show floor.

  • GoPro CEO Hints at Consumer Understood Reality Camera as Company Delays Drone

    05/05/16 ,via Variety

    GoPro just introduced its from the word go professional virtual reality (VR) camera a few weeks ago, but the company's CEO Nick Woodman is already thinking about how to sell the same amicable of technology to consumers. “We think GoPro has an opportunity to be a

  • Janus 360 drone shows two heads are better than one

    05/14/16 ,via Gizmag

    You wont be expert to film your feature-length immersive VR experience in one go with the Janus 360, though, as each charge of the drone's battery pack will get you about 15 minutes of lam out time. The package also comes equipped to capture 150 GB of 

GoPro CEO Hints at Consumer Understood Reality Camera as Company Delays Drone - Variety

GoPro just introduced its in the beginning professional virtual reality (VR) camera a few weeks ago, but the company’s CEO Nick Woodman is already thinking about how to retail the same kind of technology to consumers. “We think GoPro has an opportunity to be a leader in consumer VR,” Woodman said during GoPro’s Q1 2016 earnings attend Thursday. GoPro began taking pre-orders for its Omni VR camera last month. Omni VR consists of six GoPro Actor4 cameras, which are synchronized and ship with a dedicated remote as well as battery packs and other accessories. All of that doesn’t come at: Omni VR is currently priced at $5000, and won’t ship until August of this year. GoPro also started to hand out a 16-camera virtual reality rig dubbed Odyssey that it has developed in partnership with Google to select producers. The Odyssey has an even heftier $15,000 bounty tag, but Woodman tried to assure analysts Thursday that proice for VR cameras will eventually come down. “As you see those products get smaller, you can see which government we are heading for consumers,” promised Woodman. Turning VR capture devices into mass-market products could be key for the Theatre troupe as it deals with waning interest in its action cam products. Woodman made its remarks as the company delivered another dwelling of bad results to investors, with revenue declining close to 50 percent year-over year from $363. 1 million to $183. 5 million. Still, on the steelyard sheet, numbers didn’t look good, with GoPro booking a net loss of $86. 7 million, compared to $35. 6 million net profits a year ago. And GoPro had further bad news for investors: Karma, the company’s long-anticipated entry into the drone market, is being delayed. Woodman said that the circle was fine-tuning the drone’s technology, which forced the company to move its expected shipping date from the first half of this year to the break quarter. Source: variety.com

30 years after Chernobyl, drones abduct you on a VR tour of the silent city - CNET

When Wojciech Pazdur was 9, his initiator came home from his job as a nuclear physician in Poland and said all his equipment had gone crazy. He said this meant "something bad had happened. The Chernobyl Atomic Power Plant in Soviet Ukraine had exploded, sending radioactive debris into the sky over Europe as emergency crews battled toxic radioactivity to bring the catastrophe under control. Thirty years later, Pazdur is part of the team that visited the wild city of Pripyat, home of the Chernobyl plant, to create a 3D, virtual reality version of the now-deserted tract. To mark the 30th anniversary of the disaster, which killed 31 people and contributed to the deaths and long-term fettle problems of thousands more, the team has released a haunting 360-degree trailer that allows you to explore the unearthly remains of... Pazdur is creative director at Reality 51 , a Polish video game circumstance company. The 3D version of Chernobyl and Pripyat is produced using photogrammetry, a technique that involves laser scanning and photographing the compass in precise detail. This video explains how it's done:. Click here to view the 3-minute, 40-second trailer for the video calculate on YouTube. You'll need to view it on a mobile device or in a browser with Flash enabled. The project began as the conspire set out to take people to an interesting place they could never visit in real life. "At first it was play: How fun it would be to go to Chernobyl. " Pazdur told CNET's Ian Sherr. "But then we went to Ukraine and talked to people. It's substantial to bring the world's attention to the disaster. Up to 60 percent of the proceeds from the video project, which fully launches in June, will go to charities supporting victims of the tragedy. Among the people most affected were the "liquidators" who worked to contain the disaster, such as firefighters, medical personnel, soldiers and locals. Radioactive levels were so spaced out that liquidators clearing the rooftops of surrounding buildings could only work for 40 seconds at a time. "They didn't have perfect protective suits," said Pazdur. "We heard from one man they had better suits but didn't wear them to avoid scaring the other workers. " Liquidators were exposed to horrific levels of dispersal, many without knowing how dangerous the situation was. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, 237 people showed signs of severe radiation sickness. In the 30 years since, the disaster has contributed to serious illnesses and birth defects for people in substantial parts of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The city of Pripyat was evacuated the following day. Even now, the silent city is a dangerous one. "You have to be all day on your feet. If you sit, you may get [radioactive] dust on you," Pazdur said of the precautions his pair had to take when photographing and scanning the area. You can drink but you have to spit first. Source: www.cnet.com

'Skywand' Uses VR and Autonomous Drones to Catch the Perfect Shot - Road to VR

In a jiffy upon a time if you were a filmmaker who wanted an aerial shot, you paid a hefty fee to charter a helicopter and brought a camera along for the take in. Today, filmmakers can use virtual reality to pre-plan and deploy an autonomous drone which will fly off and automatically capture the desired footage, thanks to Skywand. Although drones have made aerial photography much more reachable, there’s still a level of expertise needed to operate a professional grade drone with a pricey camera payload. The filmmaker may have a far-sightedness of the exact shot he or she wants, but unless they know how to operate the drone, that vision must be filtered through an operator/guide. Skywand aims to put the filmmaker in direct control with perhaps the most intuitive flight planning scheme yet seen for the task of capturing aerial photography via drone. With no knowledge of how to fly the drone itself, Skywand allows filmmakers to tower over a virtual duplicate of their subject as if they were a giant holding a camera. They can then frame the precise shots they want, using the virtual subject as a landmark. This is all an autonomous drone needs to fly off and capture the shots exactly as the filmmaker has envisioned them, with no need to actually know how to carry on the drone. The company’s site is filled with impressive footage that they say was captured using their intuitive drone flight-planning system. You can see the literalism with which the captured footage lines up with the flight plan created in virtual reality:. At that time the drone was trending and I was genuinely amazed by awesome aerial footage. But I crashed my first drone on its first flight since I was really not good at unrelated controlling. Since then, I had been considering to create a more intuitive interface of flying drones for filmmakers who love to get awesome aerial shots but don’t shortage to master the remote controllers. So I thought that what if you could actually hold the camera in the sky by your hand, just like in the ground. Just like a wonderful giant standing in the city to control the drones. Thanks to the emergence of VR/AR technology, it gives me a chance to contrive Skywand’s VR/AR interface to control camera paths in the virtual world. For filmmakers, they are more familiar with storyboard mindset, but not joystick. Source: www.roadtovr.com
  • DRONE MULTIROTOR Publication

    Drone MultiRotor n°7 est disponible aujourd’hui en numérique, et jeudi 25 février chez tous les marchands de journaux ! Au sommaire de ce numéro : des vols de ...

  • Skydrone chairlady en vidéo aérienne par Drone, formation ...

    Skydrone spécialiste en vidéo aérienne par Drone, array pilotage et la location de drone. Basé à Paris nous intervenons en France et à l'étranger.

  • visite virtuelle panoramique 360° cyclope vr

    cyclope vr société spécialiste de la visite virtuelle 360° et photographie panoramique mulitplate forme et html5

  • FLYBi drone features VR headset, wrist faint and ...

    The crowdfunded drone mushrooming continues with the FLYBi, a quadcopter designed to put you in the "cockpit," sort of. It aims to fulfill the promise of earlier ...

  • Drone Racing Band Will Give You a Wild Robot’s-Eye ...

    With elaborate-profile investors and a video strategy that dovetails nicely with VR headsets, the Drone Racing League is preparing for big things in 2016.

VR + drone with 360 degree camera = new way to do a home buying walk-through. 04/13/16, @BaldConspiracy
Had so much #fun piloting a #drone for the very first time 2day. Got 2 experience #VR again also. ❤ed both of them #XXICentury 04/13/16, @AnneBlondel
Holding out for the VR selfie drone. https://t.co/3nNdQW5uxm 04/13/16, @petepachal
You will not catch me dead with any of these VR gadgets or a personal "drone." #suckers 04/13/16, @A1birdman
  • China eyes situate-mobile era, steps up on drones, VR, and more

    05/08/16 ,via Pakistan Defence

    Economists may still classify China as a developing frugality, but those of us in the technology space see China as the world’s largest incubator for new ideas and products. At the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing this week, a Tesla ...

  • ICYMI: VR manipulation and drone confinement for 3D tissue

    05/06/16 ,via Engadget

    A regularly clip show designed to dig up the offbeat and interesting stories that get buried by the biggest headlines.

  • Samsung's VR bedtime and Boaty McBoatface sets cruise as a drone sub

    05/08/16 ,via HQ Comox Valley

    British officials say they did not determine the most popular name suggestion for their top of the line research ship, because "Boaty McBoatface" was not "suitable" to capture the polar review vessel's importance. But all is not lost for Boaty McBoatface ...

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Jamara 422021 - F1X VR Altitude FPV Wifi Kompass Flyback - Descent Drone, inklusiv VR-Brille, über Sender und App steuern, 3 Geschwindigkeiten, 40 KM/h, Höhenkontrolle (Barometer) und Rückflugautomatik by Jamara

  • Racedrohnenbauweise mit sehr heller LED Heckbeleuchtung zur...
  • Über 2.4GHz Sender und App steuerbar. 3 Geschwindigkeiten (langsam,...
  • Altitude Hold Adjustment (AHA), elektronische Kompass/Flyback...

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Jamara F1X VR Altitude Wifi FPV 14+

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Jibing Bebop 2 FPV Drohne im Set mit Skycontroller und FPV-Brille weiß by Parrot

  • 14 Megapixel CMOS-Weitwinkel-Kamera mit 3 Bildformaten: RAW, JPEG, DNG
  • Interner 8 GB Flash-Speicher, Integriertes GPS: GPS + GLONASS...
  • 25min Flugzeit, Leistung: Motor 1280kv, Leistungsstarker 2700 mAh-Akku

Product Description

Motortyp: Bürstenlos. Maximaler Betriebsabstand: 300 m, Maximale Geschwindigkeit: 16 m/s, Frequenzband: 2.4/5. Kamerabildpunkte: 14 MP, Maximale Video-Auflösung: 1920 x 1080 Pixel, Video-Auflösungen: 1920 x 1080 Pixel. Batteriekapazität: 2700 mAh, Betrieb

Motortyp : Bürstenlos

Frequenzband : 2 4/5
Maximaler Betriebsabstand : 300 m
GPS Konpmatibilität : Ja
Maximale Aufstiegsgeschwindigkeit : 6 m/s
Anzahl der Rotoren : 4
Anzahl der

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JY018 Mini Selfie Faltbarer RC Quadcopter Drone mit Höhenhaltung FPV VR Wifi 2MP HD Kamera 2.4GHz 6-Achsen Gyro Headless Set aside A Key Results JY018 Drone((JY018 drone+3 battery+USB-Ladegerät) ------YACOOL by Yacool®

  • ★Portable Foldable Design, Falten Mini RC Quadcopter Drone, Einfach...
  • ★Geben Sie die Taste auf Sender, und Sie erhalten 360-Grad-Flip,...
  • ★Altitude Hold Mode: Es hat Fluggeschwindigkeit zu wechseln und mit...

Product Description

Technische Daten:
✈Drone Größe: 14 x 14 x 3,5 cm
✈Drone Gewicht: 156 g
✈Drone Batterie: 3.7V 500 mAh Li-po Batterie (eingeschlossen)
✈Ladezeit: ca. 60 Minuten (USB-Lade)
✈Flugzeit: ca. 8-10 Minuten
✈Steuerabstand: ca. 80 Meter
✈Unterstützung Telefon Typ: iOS / Android
✈Echtzeit-Schießen funtion: Ja
✈Kopfloser Modus: Ja
✈Kamera: 2MP
Wichtige Tipps für Drone:
✈1.Die Motoren und Platine werden sich mit miseuse.We vorschlagen, die Benutzer nehmen eine 10 Minuten Abkühlung zwischen den Flügen, um sicherzustellen, dass die Teile so lange wie möglich zu halten.
✈2. Um zu vermeiden, dass das USB-Ladegerät verbrannt wird, sollte es unter Strömungseingang 0,5A verwendet werden.
✈3.Die Drosselklappe nicht direkt hoch schieben. Stellen Sie den Gashebel langsam ein, um Schäden zu vermeiden, die durch den Verlust der Kontrolle verursacht werden.
✈4.Das Gewicht des Quad-Copter ist weniger als 0,5lb und keine Registrierung ist für dieses Modell auf FAA erforderlich.
✈1 x Quadcopter
✈1 x USB Ladegerät
✈4 x Propeller
✈1 x Schraubendreher
✈1 x User Manul
✈3 x 3.7V 500mAH Batterien.

Promark P70 VR Drone

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