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Drone Racing League | Episode 1: Qualifying Round (Level 1: Miami Lights) | DRL

Check out the first race of 2016 for Drone Racing League at the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Some of the worlds best drone racers meet to compete for the top spot.

Drone racing: First Person View (FPV)

At an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne's west, about 30 drone racers have spent hours custom building their multi-rotor machines and fitting them with ...

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    05/20/16 ,via CBS Local

    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — In an East Bay go-down merchandise a group of maverick pilots are moving the underground drone racing scene to a whole new level. This group of 60 pilots are vying for a time to compete at the National Drone Racing Championships in 

  • The Vortex 250 is the Lamborghini of racing drones

    05/19/16 ,via TechCrunch

    Having disgorge a good deal of time flying UAVs like DJI's Inspire 1 and Phantom 4, I like to consider myself sagacious with drones. So when I came across Horizon Hobby's Vortex 250 Pro racing drone, I didn't think twice that it was labeled for “the 

  • How to Get Started with Drone Racing

    05/18/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    Drone racing is one of the hottest, new sports out there. The sight of hot-shot pilots sending powerful drones racing around a track is a great spectator sport, so it is no surprise that ESPN is planning to start broadcasting races before you know it. And it's

  • Drone Racing Seeks Publicity With a Speedy Flyby

    05/07/16 ,via New York Times

    Hail to drone racing, in which participants fly remote-controlled drones against competitors at up to 80 miles per hour along looping courses that include hairpin curves and drops. Assorted races take place in open fields, but here, racers and

  • Mountain Dew Embraces Drone Racing With Recognition Channel Event

    05/10/16 ,via Variety

    This August, the citrus-y belt will present a new “DR1 Invitational,” a one-hour drone-racing special slated to air on both Discovery Channel and Science Channel, two cable networks owned by Finding Communications. As part of its plan to lure fans

Drone Racing Is the Next Skateboarding, Says IDRA Initiator - Inverse

Low-steady drone ownership is populated with people who “have no idea about drone citizenship, they have no idea about what is acceptable use, they have no idea that there is a law in New York City, because they just look over on Amazon that ‘hey, you... Whereas early skateboarders were running around putting layers of wax on every walk curb and staircase handrail, drone pilots are flying (sometimes haphazardly) in crowded parks in defiance of nearby regulations. The IDRA hopes exposure from its races will get people interested in acceptable drone practices — and open the eyes of Piece of the draw to skateboarding was the rebel-without-a-cause disruption. If the pieces of Refsland’s plan fall in place in just the pronto way, the IDRA might become the X Games of the drone world, clearing up the murkiness of unclear drone regulations along the way. In the meantime, people just have to theme in to the races. Source: www.inverse.com

Sniff out for go-karts, motorcycles and drone racing proposed for St. Peters - STLtoday.com

The asphalt slot would be 1 to 1. 5 miles long, 30 feet wide and feature at least 22 turns and different changes in elevation, Irwin said. He said motorists could test their driving skill on the track with any exemplar of car as long as the vehicle passes a technical inspection on site. He said the track also would be available for various other uses, such as car shows and car drifting. Irwin said drifting is akin to get a fix on skating with a sliding car, with a driver’s ability judged by entry speed, line, angle and smoke. However, he said the capture would require mufflers on all vehicles and noisier events such as stock car racing wouldn’t be offered. “I believe we can have a track and a comely facility and not be obnoxious,” Irwin said. If aldermen sign off on the track idea, Irwin said he’ll begin a crowdfunding exertion to raise as much as $300,000 as seed money and to show the size of the potential customer base as he seeks further financing. He said he plans to hire out go-karts for use on the track on a day-to-day basis and supplement that with racing and other special events such as car shows on some weekends. Source: www.stltoday.com

The Budding Funny feeling Called Drone Racing - Huffington Post

Who would have plan Leicester City would lift the premier league trophy some days ago. At the beginning of the league, I could have bet my last dollar that Arsenal would employ it home. It almost felt as heartbreaking as when I saw Jon Snow fall to the betrayal of his brothers of the night's watch, in Daring of Thrones Season 5. While I congratulate Leicester, I've decided Arsenal and I may need a little break. My next persuade is Drone Racing. Drone racing is basically a race where racers fly drones using video goggles connected through a radio to the drone. The audiences lookout the live feed from its on-board camera and appreciate the turns and maneuverings of their favorite racer. The first resident drone racing champion, Nowak Chad, was crowned in California last year summer. I first noticed Drone navigate, Nowak Chad last year and I was I intrigued at his craft. The first person view (FPV) drone racing is as exhilarating as it is amusing. Interestingly the first preseason will be held in July at the abandoned power station on the banks of the Hudson River. It promises to be fun-filled as the pilots are bringing their A-encounter. Nick Horbaczewski, Drone racing League CEO raised over $8 million in investments and is set to host the Drone Racing World Championship at the end of the year. Besides from the Champions League, Premier League and Formula 1 which I earnestly look forward to, FPV racing is slowing becoming one of them. I imagine in a few years, it would become a recognized sport with its own regulations and leagues. No doubt people are holding off on betting on the races as drone racing is still growing. However, I'm convinced the pilots are set to invite the best to Hudson River come July 11th. Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
  • The Drone Racing Federation | The Premier Drone Racing League.

    FPV racing drones. The top pilots in the society. Epic courses. Join us for the entire DRL 2016 Season where we’ll crown the world champion as the best FPV pilot on ...

  • L'actualité de la ambit de drone et du FPV racing

    L’émission dédiée aux drones de direction et au FPV racing, Ultimate Drone, a été diffusée le 6 avril à 19h sur la chaîne française MCS Extreme.


    The Ceremonial website of the annual US National Drone Racing Championships

  • Drone Racing Australia - Drone Racing Australia

    Drone Racing Australia is the best bib place to find out what is trending in the world of drone racing. We collate all the related digital media and events

  • Drone racing: First place Person View (FPV) - YouTube

    At an dropped warehouse in Melbourne's west, about 30 drone racers have spent hours custom building their multi-rotor machines and germane them with ...

ESPN will start covering drone racing in August https://t.co/Yxwu7TJJZF https://t.co/WVlAr56LQ6 04/13/16, @engadget
Drone racing is about to get cheaper and easier https://t.co/BpknS55fAQ https://t.co/xxW7kGuCjx 04/12/16, @engadget
LIVE on #Periscope: First annual Drone Racing Championship in Russia! Get in here! #Drones https://t.co/Y8yt1FVJIE 04/13/16, @RT_com
With ESPN deal, drone racing gets serious - CNET: ESPN's partnership with the International Drone Racing Assoc... https://t.co/CKYBN9kvoG 04/14/16, @revjosephviolet
  • Drone Racing Seeks Prominence With a Speedy Flyby

    05/07/16 ,via New York Times

    HAWTHORNE, Calif. — Decked out in treble-tech goggles, Steve Zoumas dived low and saw the final gate zooming toward him: a 20-foot-tall metal-framed box ringed with neon. Thrive! His sight went black. The crowd let out a collective “whoa” as pieces of ...

  • Drone-racing enthusiasts look to depress sport into public eye

    05/05/16 ,via Orange County Register

    HAWTHORNE – Decked out in grave-tech goggles, pilot Steve Zoumas dives low and sees the final gate zooming toward him: a 20-foot-gigantic metal-framed box ringed with neon. Boom! His sight goes black. The crowd lets out a collective “Whoa!” as pieces of ...

  • The Budding Coup de th Called Drone Racing

    05/06/16 ,via The Huffington Post

    Who would have vision Leicester City would lift the premier league trophy some days ago? At the beginning of the league, I could have bet my last dollar that Arsenal would take it territory. They were doing really great until they decided it was time to ...

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LHI FPV RTF Fully Carbon Fiber 220 mm Quadcopter A candidate for Copter Racing Drone with Radiolink AT9S Remote Controller 1000TVL Camera TS5828(Assembled) by LHI

  • The LHI 220 FPV RTF Quadcopter well suited for this FPV Monitor...
  • The angle of the FPV camera on it is adjustable (0 degree to 15...
  • Carbon Fiber airframe featuring a solid 3mm thick "Unibody" main...

Customer reviews
Klasse Quadcopter zu fairem Preis!, September 18, 2016
Klasse Quadcopter. Auspacken, Propeller anbauen und los geht's!Der kleine Copter hat ordentlich vortrieb und viele Einstellmöglichkeiten. Fairer Weise muss ich dazusagen, dass dies mein erster Quadcopter in der Preisklasse ist, ich...
Grundsätzlich gutes Produkt aber sehr schlechter service, September 10, 2017
Ich hatte schon 2 dieser Racecopter,grundsätzlich ein guter Copter aber:Der Service des Herstellers/Händlers ist grottenschlecht. er spricht nur schlechtes Englisch, wahrscheinlich aus dem Übersetzer. Teilweise...
geiles robustes Teil, December 8, 2017
Fliege damit kreuz und quer... bin ein Neueinsteiger und hatte bisher nur die billig Drohnen... kann mit dem Ding geil Fliegen.. geht auch ab wie Schmidts Katze!!! Auch schon paar mal in die Wiese gepfeffert, läuft aber immer noch einwandfrei...
Product Description

The racing drone is designed for pursuing the fast speed, which is totally different with those UVA drones like DJI who can provide extremely stable flying. So, for customers who wants to have very stable flying, these racing drones might not be able to fulfill your requirement. Even with GPS, the openpilot flight controller can not be so stable as the commercial flight controller. So, if you are pursuing the fast speed, then buy the racing drone.

LHI 220mm Racing Quadcopter is fully assembled, tuned and tested by the technician. The drone is easy to fly and maintain and it is very powerful. When you get it, then you can fly. MT2204 2300KV Motor with 5045 Plastic Propeller give the 220mm Racing Quadcopter more powers, push the throttle, you will feel the fast reaction of the drone.
Material( 220mm Racing Quadcopter Frame): Full carbon fiber
Remote Controller: Type:RadioLink AT9 9-CH radio with Receiver; Channel:
9; Frequency: 2.4GHz - 2.475GHz; Remote Controller Distance: 700m
Brushless Motor: MT2204 2300KV brushless Motor (CW/CCW)
Brushless ESC: Littlebee 20A Mini esc
Battery: Li-po power 11.1V 1500mAh 35C 3S
Charging Voltage: 110 - 240V

Package Include:
1 x LHI 220 Racing Quadcopter Frame
1 x RadioLink R9D Receiver
4 xLHI 2204 2300KV Brushless Motor (2CW + 2CCW)
4 x Littlebee 20A Mini ESC
1 x Pro Racing F3 Flight Controller Board Cleaflight 6DOF Standard
1 x 1000TVL camera
1 xTS5828
4 x LED
Note:The above parts have been assembled,the following parts are scattered
1 x RadioLink AT9 9-Channel 9CH 2.4GHz Transmitter
1 x FPV 5.8Ghz Antenna
1 x B3 Charger
1 x Carrying Bag
8 x LHI 5045 propeller

Price: €74.99

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REDPAWZ R011 5.8G 40CH Micro FPV Racing Drone mit 1000TVL FOV 120 ° Weitwinkel Kamera FPV Goggles - RTF by REDPAWZ

  • Ein Schlüsselrückkehr: Drücken Sie einfach die Fernsteuerungsknopf,...
  • FPV Goggles Erfahrung, First-Person-Perspektive,...
  • 360 ° Grad Anti-Collision Guard: Allround-Schutz, nicht nur...

Customer reviews
Indoor Spaß für den Winter, November 14, 2017
Kundenvideo-Rezension Länge:: 0:22 Minuten Geliefert wird (fast) alles was man zum Indoor FPV (First Person View) Fliegen in den kalten Wintermonaten benötigt um gleich los zu legen, das einzige was man noch benötigt sind die AA...
Top Set!, November 11, 2017
Sehr brauchbares Set. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für FPV-Einsteiger. Es ist alles enthalten um sofort loszulegen (außer 3 AAA-Batterien für die FB). Die Brille kann man auch für andere Copter benutzen. Macht einen Riesenspaß...
Product Description

Artikelname: Micro FPV Racing
Artikel-Nr .: R011
Quadcopter Größe: 8.3 * 8.3 * 4.35cm
Häufigkeit: 2.4G
Gyro: 6-Achse
Kanal: 4CH
Transmitter Power: 2 x 1,5 V AA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Flugzeit: ca. 5-6 Minuten
Ladezeit: 30-50mins
1000TVL 1/3 CMOS FPV Kamera-Häufigkeit: 5.8G
Drahtloser Kanal: 40CH
Unterstützungssatz schaltet die Speicherfunktion aus

1.Schalten Sie die Taste, schalten Sie die Frequenz
2.Long drücken Sie die Taste 2S, Schalter Frequenz Gruppe (Wenn LD1 blinkt, lassen Sie die Taste)
3.Long drücken Sie die Taste 5s, schalten Sie N / P (LD1 vom Blinken auf aus und lassen Sie die Taste los)
(Wenn das NTSC-System, LD2 lang hell, Wenn das PAL-System, LD2 blinkt)

VR-D1 FPV Schutzbrille
Mini-Style, um High-Definition Vision zu schaffen: Dies ist eine HD angepasst VR Schutzbrille. Basierend auf Fresnel Optical Objektiv Zoom-Prinzip, erhöht es unser immersives Gefühl und bringt uns mehr Aufregung und Spaß. Gleichzeitig ist es sehr einfach, mit der Ein-Knopf-Auto-Suchkanal-Funktion einzurichten;
Aufladen Echtzeit-Standby-Funktion: Dieses Produkt unterstützt DC5V Aufladung Echtzeit-Standby-Funktion. Wenn du draußen bist, kannst du das Produkt benutzen, das es von einem Ladungskopf oder Mobilgerät auflädt;
Einstellbares Stirnband: Hochelastisches Stirnband, frei einstellbar, ergonomisch und angenehm zu tragen.

1 x REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing
1 x Fernbedienung
1 x VR-D1 Schutzbrille
1 x Straight Pole Antenne
1 x Schwammauflage
1 x Nasenauflage
1 x USB Ladekabel
1 x USB Line
1 x Alkohol Colth
4 X Propeller (2 x CW 2 X CCW)
1 x Schraubendreher

Price: €328.00

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XciteRC 15003600 - FPV Racing-Quadrocopter Precursor 250 RTF - FPV-Drohne mit HD Kamera, Akku, Ladegerät und Devo 7 Fernsteuerung by XciteRC

  • Devo 7 7-Kanal 2.4 GHz Fernsteuerung, HD-Kamera mit 5.8 GHz...
  • Flips auf Knopfdruck, Mit Videobrille Goggle2 und OSD-Modul upgradebar
  • Flugzeit bis 14 Minuten durch den leistungsstarken 11.1 V / 2200...

Customer reviews
guter Quadrocopter, December 8, 2017
Bin absoluter Anfänger beim Quadrocopter fliegen. Sie reagiert schnell, am Anfang schwer ruhig zu stellen.Leider ist eines der roten Leds schon kaputt geliefert worden. hat nie geleuchtet. Sonst recht zufrieden. Unterseite sehr dünn, habe...
Bei Lieferung defekt - Rückerstattung problemlos, June 27, 2017
Die drohne ist defekt geliefert worden. Hat von Anfang an nicht funktioniert. Wenigstens die Rückerstattung hat funktioniert, aber eine endkontrolle der Produkte vor der Auslieferung sollte schon sein
Achtung Warehouse Deals !!!, August 9, 2016
Ich habe obwohl es bereits eine Warehouse kauf Warnung gab solch einen Kopter gekauft und nun ja es war so einiges.- Die Drone hatte eindeutig bereits einige Unfälle gras sowie Kratzer und schrammen .- Propeller waren 2 dabei also 1...
Product Description

Extrem schnell, leicht und intuitiv beherrschbar – der neue Race Quadrocopter Runner 250!

Der Runner 250 wird komplett mit der Devo 7 Fernsteuerung und HD Front-Kamera geliefert. Die 5.8 GHz Bildübertragung ist bereits integriert, mit der optionalen Videobrille Goggle2* sehen Sie alles in Echtzeit. Die Sender-Reichweite beträgt ca. 1000 m. Zusätzlich ist das OSD-Modul erhältlich, welches alle wichtigen Telemetriedaten wie Akkuspannung oder Pitch-Winkel direkt auf das Video-Display liefert.

Die vier leistungsstarken Motoren sorgen in Kombination mit dem 3S / 2200 mAh-Akku für reichlich Power und spektakuläre Flugmanöver mit bis zu 14 Minuten Flugzeit. Flips auch für Anfänger einfach auf Tastendruck. Verschiedenfarbige LED's in den Front- und Heckleuchten sorgen für effektvolle Beleuchtung und einfache Fluglagenkontrolle.

Der schlanke Rahmen aus leichtem Carbon ist extra stabil und leicht zu warten. Das geringe Gewicht ermöglicht spektakuläre Manöver. Der modulare Aufbau ermöglicht eine bequeme Wartung und einfache Upgrades.

Beachte: das Modell erfordert eine gewisse Flugerfahrung. Vor dem Erstflug sollten Sie daher mit einem kleinen Quadrocopter, wie zum Beispiel dem Rocket 65XS #15008000 oder einem Flugsimulator üben.

*bitte beachten Sie die nationalen Regelungen der zuständigen Behörden.


Bruttogewicht: 0 g

Nettogewicht: 575 g

Farben: schwarz

Produktart: RTF

Subbrand: Professional

Fernbedienung: 2,4 GHz

Kanäle: 7

RC Funktionen: Gieren, Motordrehzahl, Nicken, Rechts/ Links, Rollen, Vorwärts/Rückwärts

Länge: 225 mm

Breite: 205 mm

Höhe: 92 mm

Anwendung: outdoor

Alter: 18 Jahre

Antrieb: brushless

Anzahl Antriebsmotoren: 4

Eingangsspannung: 11.1

Typ: Li-Po

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