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RC Drone with GPS and a Nikon Camera

Vandaag kwam ik bij de Baggelhuizer plas, en zag daar iemand die een Drone bij zich had.. Ontzettend leuk ding en erg handig om foto's en filmpjes mee te ...

OFM-800 Hexa Test flight with DSLR and Sony Cam

This is the 2nd flight of OFM-800 Hexa and this time with the entire payload we could give it. We added the Professional Camera gimbal, two axis stabilized and ...

SpyDrone Experiment Dji Phantom 3 with Nikon P900

Spy Drone Experiment shows a Dji Phantom 3 Pro with a additional Nikon P900 mounted to it. There is still a lot to fix and a FLiR on this would make my day ...

  • france europe beaufort rhônealpes 73savoie ilobsterit

    Barrage de Roselend - #DH423

    Retrouvez-moi aussi sur Mon Facebook France - Rhône-Alpes - Savoie (73) - Cornet de Roselend Le barrage de Roselend est un barrage français à voûte, situé dans le Beaufortain (Savoie), entre le col du Pré et le...

    Photo by Didier Hannot Photography on Flickr

  • GoPro Inc. Should Vexation About These New Cameras

    05/18/16 ,via Motley Fool

    The house posted a 49.5% annual decline in sales last quarter, its bottom line has stayed in the red for the past two quarters, and it unexpectedly delayed its Karma drone to the holidays. Its new Idol 5 cameras aren't expected to cut out

  • Oldest Click: Is GoPro the next Flip Video camera?

    05/06/16 ,via The Verge

    Do you about Pure Digital Technologies' Flip Video camera? The singularly-focused maker of small dedicated video cameras was an business darling back in March 2009 when Cisco acquired it for $590 million. Cisco shut it down just two years later.

  • Panorama to information: Shoreview photographer was there

    04/30/16 ,via TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

    "Who wouldn't privation a flying camera?!" said photographer Edward Fink with his Phantom 3 quadcopter in Phalen Park in St. Paul on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. "The encyclopedic public call them 'drones,' but the people flying them call them 'quadcopters,'" he

  • GoPro's Big Tech Intractable: Smartphones

    05/02/16 ,via Wall Street Journal

    GoPro's drone will be less advanced than other consumer drones already readily obtainable, according to people who worked on the device. GoPro's Mr. Brown declined “It would probably be a very unexciting public company, like Canon or Nikon.” Minimize to

  • Boundary breaker

    04/25/16 ,via The Verge

    It was a great reminder that while drones may never be as ubiquitous as smartphones, there is something uniquely compelling about the possibilities they open up for filming and photography, and we should not in any degree underestimate the appetite humans have

Panorama of representation: From Hurricane Katrina to Paisley Park, Shoreview photographer Edward Fink recorded it with ... - Bemidji Take the lead

Edward Fink of Shoreview habituated to a camera with an eight-foot tripod to shoot a 360-degree panorama of Prince mourners at Victory Avenue in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, April 21, 2016. The panorama lets computer and mobile-trade mark users view the... Photo courtesy of Edward Fink. He did not send the drone directly over the crowd but off to one side as he sought to procure one of his trademark aerial 360-degree news shots of the scene. Would his drone, heaven forbid, be shot down. Yet another drone big-shot at Paisley Park proved more reckless, repeatedly buzzing the crowd, even flying right over officers’ heads, while shooting video for posting on Facebook. “I could not rely upon it,” said Fink, who came away with a striking 360-degree vista of the Paisley Park complex with its purple-clad flood. Fink wasn’t shooting for Facebook. The panorama, like all the others he shoots, can be rotated on a computer or smartphone hide with mouse movements or finger flicks to see in all directions (even up and down). The Paisley Park panorama also captured the neighbouring Carver County countryside with its just-bursting spring greenery. Fink, 62, of Shoreview, Minn. , earns his living with 360-exceedingly imagery, which is digitally “stitched” together from individual pictures shot at one location but in different directions. He’s done this on commission for more than a decade, though innumerable of his panoramas (like the one at Paisley Park) are unpaid efforts to raise his profile. Some of his shoots, taken at found level, are workaday indoor panoramas his business clients use for Google listings. Others, taken from the air, are far more colourful, and destined for Fink’s popular Big Eye In The Sky site. Fink once shot these at great expense, using rented helicopters. Over the years, this yielded great imagery of Hurricane Katrina devastation in 2005, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center days before a commute launch, and the 2008 debut of the Interstate 35W bridge following the old bridge’s 2007 collapse. That bridge shoot aboard a WCCO-TV helicopter was his newest-ever panorama project aboard such an aircraft. Drone game-changer. Fink recently switched to drone photography, because the outlay to purchase one mini-craft is less than a one-day helicopter rental that can run $2,000 or more. High-end drones cost $1,000 to $1,500. As one who charges for panoramas, though, he is fa an initial hurdle: He said he can’t yet legally charge for images taken from drones because of Federal Aviation Charge restrictions. If and when he gets that, he anticipates he would charge $250 to $500, which is a bargain compared with what he charged for copter panoramas, given his strident overhead. , has worked with Fink off and on for more than a decade, and come to rely on him for a variety of aerial and indoor projects. One advanced aerial shoot, for one of Ortizcazarin’s clients in the housing industry, involved Fink mounting camera works on a. Source: www.bemidjipioneer.com

Kopin's (KOPN) CEO John Fan on Q1 2016 Results - Earnings Collect Transcript - Seeking Alpha

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN ). Q1 2016 Results Earnings Bull session Call. John Fan - Chairman and CEO. Richard Sneider - CFO. Good morning and welcome to Kopin Corporation's Q1 2016 Earnings Awaiting orders within earshot. Today's call is being recorded for Internet replay. You may access an archived version of the call on Kopin's website at www. With us today from the Retinue are the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John C. C. Fan. and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Richard Sneider. Agreeable everyone and thank you for joining us this afternoon. John will begin today's call with a discussion of our strategy, technology and markets. I will go by the first quarter results for the fiscal 2016 at a high level. John will conclude our prepared remarks and then we'll be exuberant to take your questions. I would like to remind everyone that during today's call, taking place on Wednesday, May 04, 2016, we will borrow some forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on the... Implied risks include, but are not limited to, demand for our products, operating results of our subsidiaries, market conditions and other factors discussed in our most latest annual report on Form 10-K and other documents filed with the... The Company undertakes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements made during today's shout. And with that, I'll turn the call over to John. Thank you, Richard. Good morning everyone and thank you for joining us this morning. At a lavish level, let me start by saying we continue to make excellent progress in the commercialization of our wearable technologies and products. We persist in to work through the qualification process for the military Family of Weapon Sights, or FWS programs. And we are just notified that we are selected by our prime contractor to cater to eyepiece assemblies for the FWS-I. Our solo health and fitness product is on track for this summer launch and we collected the ending payment from the sales of our three, five business which further strengthen our strong balance sheet. Also we just signed a purchases and sales treaty to sale our Korean facility for about $8 million. The facility was used for eyepiece assembly for digital cameras and camcorders manufactured by Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC et cetera. Throughout the year, Kopin shipped over 30 million LCD eyepieces to these customers. Kopin has moved out of subject - the current business and finish supporting our remaining customers in 2015. Starting with our strategy, we continue to see growing appointment about virtual reality, augmented reality, and just recently we saw... Source: seekingalpha.com

4 Things Investors Lack to Know About GoPro Inc's Omni - Motley Fool

GoPro is as likely as not postponing its plans to launch a single spherical camera because the Odyssey and Omni can help it sell more top-course cameras at once. Last year, GoPro focused on launching low-end to mid-range cameras to expand its drug base, but it didn't launch any new flagship devices. Its only new premium device, the Hero 4 Session, sold so unprofessionally that its price was cut in half to $200 during the holidays. This month, GoPro discontinued three of its cheaper devices to streamline its portfolio with just three products -- the $200 Meeting, $400 Silver, and the $500 Black. GoPro probably won't launch any new action cameras until the Notable 5 devices arrive in the second half of the year, so it must keep selling those three aging cameras to fabricate revenue and reduce its existing inventory. But since many of GoPro's core users already own one of those cameras and mainstream users aren't severe, the company believes that unloading six to 16 of its Black cameras at a time to VR video makers might help it tread fizzy water be illogical. The problem with GoPro's strategy is that it's a short-sighted one that favors selling a few more cameras at the expense of falling behind the technological curve. While the laze about of the market has already shifted toward single-camera solutions, GoPro prefers to recycle the clunky rig technology -- which was invented by hobbyists and third-social gathering manufacturers -- instead of developing its own game-changing... That's a shame, because if GoPro had spent more riches on R&D and acquisitions instead of wasteful buybacks , it could probably have launched a stand-alone 360-degree camera by now. But for now, it's unclear how the Omni can struggle against smaller, cheaper, and evolving devices like the Theta and PixPro SP360. It's also doubtful that GoPro will offer enough VR rigs to generate fresh camera sales. GoPro investors don't have many catalysts to look pert to this year. The Karma drone, which is due to arrive within the next two months, faces tough competition from market leader DJI Innovations. By the values bright and early the Hero 5 cameras arrive near the end of the year, the mainstream market could be saturated with cheap VR and flying cameras. The community's biggest tech company forgot to show you something, but a few Wall Street analysts and the Fool didn't be absent from a beat: There's a small company that's powering their brand-new gadgets and the coming revolution in technology. Source: www.fool.com
  • Drone pas cher : AR Drone Reiterate, Phantom, Drone caméra...

    Un drone est un engin volant de taille réduite, avec lequel on peut prendre des[...] 0 comments

  • Spécialiste du picture aérien par drone en France

    Professionnel du drone. Professionnels de la vidéo aérienne, nous intervenons sur plug le territoire français et à l’étranger. Assurés et homologués pour ...

  • Drone-Days, Le Salon du Drone en Belgique les 5 et 6 mars 2016

    La seconde printing du salon Drone-Days (qui fût le premier Salon du Drone en Belgique en 2015), aura lieu les 5 et 6 mars 2016 sur le site de Tour & Taxis à Bruxelles.

  • Les Drones Professionnels Homologués Escadrone

    Découvrez les drones professionnels techniques et évolutifs run des applications : Photogrammétrie - Modélisation - Thermique - Multispectral - Inspection

  • Société MC-Clic - Beginning de drones et réalisations ...

    Société monégasque de notion et de réalisation de drones, Mc clic a un but : apporter par le choix de matériaux testés, sélectionnés, approuvés ...

NIKON FC-E8 Auxilary Fisheye Outfit w/ 4 Nikon filters - Great for DRONE CAMERAS https://t.co/techbrOlw7 https://t.co/bnjkkx0C4y 05/01/16, @StunningItem
[Blog] #Vlog: Episode 001: First look at the #Nikon D500 & Phantom 4 Drone https://t.co/0rFOGmVBG0 #dji #djiphantom4 04/29/16, @DonsPhotoLtd
I am a filmmaker. I shoot with a D5100 Nikon DSLR. I also have a drone that shoots 4K & a GoPro. Contact me for reasonable rates. 04/29/16, @RadioSyheem
Copter fun #copter #dji #djiphantom4 #djiglobal #drone #dron #drohne #nikon #nikond4 #dronstagram #dronestagram #n… https://t.co/vJzKWY1Htd 04/27/16, @dronodromo
  • Panorama to report: Shoreview photographer was there

    04/30/16 ,via TwinCities Pioneer Press

    (The Nikon, divergent from the Phantom 3 ’s low-slung camera ... who is in the sixth grade but already skilled enough to use his drone solo. “She’s pretty good,” Fink said. “She helped me do several of my panoramas, and a link she did entirely on ...

  • DJI just released its most impressive drone yet

    04/24/16 ,via Tri-County Sun Times

    The Ronin-MX features a prevalent mount that allows it to accommodate professional cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED, ARRI and Black Magic. If the drone is fitted with a larger camera, like the Red Epic, DJI says it will have a reduced excursion time of ...

  • GoPro’s Big Tech Muddle: Smartphones

    05/02/16 ,via Wall Street Journal

    GoPro’s drone will be less advanced than other consumer drones already ... “It would purposes be a very unexciting public company, like Canon CAJ 0.97 % or Nikon. NINOY-0.56 % ” Write to Georgia Wells at Georgia.Wells@wsj.com and Jack Nicas at ...

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Nikon D3400 Gehäuse inkl. AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm VR schwarz by Nikon

  • Batterie EN-EL14a, chargeur MH-24, œilleton DK-25, bouchon de...
  • Appareil photo numérique reflex
  • LCD 3,0 pouces

Customer reviews
Top für Anfänger aber zu wenig für einen Nachfolger! +3 wichtige Hinweise, November 28, 2016
Ich habe die Einsteiger Nikon übers WE von einem Freund ausgeborgt um sie auf Herz und Nieren zu Testen.Da sie sich an Anfänger richtet, fällt der Focus auf Bedienfreundlichkeit und das Gesamtpaket.Tests gibt es schon...
Genau das was ich gesucht habe, March 26, 2018
Lange habe ich für eine solche kamera gespart und nun hab ich sie endlich. Es hat sich absolut gelohnt. Es sind zwischenzeitlich noch objektive bei uns eingezogen. Die kamera macht wirklich einen soliden eindruck. Immer wieder gerne
Gutes und ausgewogenes Gesamtsystem, September 2, 2017
Nach einiger Recherche und Vergleich habe ich mich für Nikon D3400 entschieden. Gegenüber diverser Marktbegleiter DSLR bietet Nikon meines Erachtens deutlichen technischen Mehrwert zum identischen Preis. Schwierig war für mich die...
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Lens Forth Kamera Objektivfilter Drohne Linsenfilter Kit 6 Set UV CPL ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 Togetherness out für DJI Calibration beau id off 1 Pro/RAW X5 X5R Drone Quadcopter UVA Zubehör by Cytronix

  • Speziell entwickelte Linsenfilter für Inspire 1 Pro/RAW. Perfekt...
  • Doppelseitige Multi Layer (12 Layer) Wasserdicht & ölbeständig...
  • Hochwertiger Aufbewahrungsbox mit weichem EVA Einsatz.

Product Description

Haben Sie Sorgen für den Schutz Ihres Kameras gegen Staub, Kratzen bei Gebrauch und Transport?

Wollen Sie etwas Probe machen, was diese Probleme lösen und dabei auch Bildqualität verbessern kann?

Unser Filter Kit entwickelt sich besonders für diese Probleme. Von Material bis Produktionsprozesse, von Qualitätsprüfung bis Verpackung, wir kontrollieren jeden Schrifft ernst, um Ihnen die beste Filters anbieten zu können. Diese Filters sollen Ihnen gut helfen, so gut sie können, den Kamera zu schützen und Bildqualität bei Foto und Videoaufnahme zu verbessern.


1. Schützen Sie Ihre Linsen sorgfältig, da sie leicht Staub, Fett und Schmutz absorbieren. Wischen Sie das Objektiv vorsichtig ab, ohne Kratzer oder irreversible Schäden zu hinterlassen.

2. Doppelseitige Multi Layer (12 Layer) Wasserdicht & ölbeständig Beschichtung. Sehr einfache Installation.

3. Ultra dünn & leicht Aluminium Rahmen sichern keine dunkle Ecke. Mit hochwertigem optischen Glas verbessert es die Bildqualität.

4. Speziell entwickelte Linsenfilter für Inspire 1 Pro/RAW. Perfekt mit dem Gegengewicht Ring ausgeglichen. reduziert Reflexionen.

5. Hochwertiger Aufbewahrungsbox mit weichem EVA Einsatz.

6. Das Kit besteht aus 6 Stücke von Filtern. UV, CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32


1 x Kit von Filter (6pcs)

1 x Aufbewahrungsbox

Price: €8.99

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Caden Multifunktion Wasserdichte Affecting UAV Drones Rucksack Pleasing für Quadcopter Drone DSLR SLR Kameras, passen alle DJI Chimaera 4/3/2 Serie, GoPro Kameras by OUMIZHI

  • Objektiv Inklusive: Caden Soft Objektiv Tasche für DSLR Kamera...
  • Gürtelschlaufe & Schnellverschluss ermöglichen es Ihnen, Ihren...
  • Kompatibel mit Objektiven von Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax,...

Product Description

Caden ist die einzige Marke, die Objektivtaschen mit super weichem Innenfutter, 5mm extra dick produziert Gepolsterter Boden und wasserabweisendes Neopren-Äußeres mit Clips
- Der Caden Neopren Linsenbeutel ist ein großer Schutzhülle, um Ihre Linsen aus allerlei Schaden und Beschädigung abzuschirmen. Sein weich, dennoch haltbar, ist dieser Beutel ideal, um Ihre unterschiedlich großen Linsen zu enthalten
- Dicker, biegsamer Neoprenkörper schützt Ihr Objektiv vor Feuchtigkeit, Sand, Staub, Schmutz und versehentlichen Stößen
- Weiche Kunstpelzfutter für einen einzigartigen Stil und Schutz vor Kratzern
- Strong Drawstring Pull-Tab hält Ihr Objektiv aus dem Ausschalten, und macht den Zugriff auf Ihre Ausrüstung schnell und einfach
- Verstärkte Gürtelschlaufe und Schnapp- und Schwenkbügel sorgt für eine bequeme und sichere Art, Ihre Ausrüstung außerhalb des Koffers zu transportieren
- S: 3,54 "x 4,33" (w · h)
- M: 3,54 x 5,51 (w x h)
- L: 3,54 x 0,87 (w x h)
- XL: 3,54 "x 9,64" (w x h)

S: Unterstützt Linsen bis zu 3 "" in der Länge:
z.B. Canon EF 50mm F / 1.8 STM, Canon EF 85mm f / 1.8
M: Unterstützt Linsen bis zu 4,5 "" in der Länge:
z.B. Canon EF-S 18-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM, Tamron SP 24-70mm F / 2,8 VC
L: Unterstützt Linsen bis zu 7 "" in der Länge:
z.B. Canon EF 100mm F / 2,8 L IS USM, Canon EF 70-300mm F / 4.5-5.6 L
XL: Unterstützt Linsen bis zu 8,5 "" in der Länge:
z.B. Sigma 50-100 F / 1,8, Canon EF 70-200 F / 2,8

- Lassen Sie diesen Beutel nicht mit: Aceton, Jod, Wasserstoffperoxid, Kerosin, Bleichmittel oder Motoröl in Berührung kommen. Diese können dazu führen, dass das Neopren-Material zerfällt
- Beständig gegen Verschlechterung
- weich und biegsam
- Leicht und leicht zu lagern