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Review - Controller Harness for DJI Phantom or other drones

I received an unsolicited product for review from the guys at http://bit.ly/bestemusa - this is a high quality harness, but does it perform to match it's high quality ...

Attack of the Phantom 3 Accessories! -- Drone accessory review

In this video we take a look at some of the accessories we purchased for our Phantom 3 Professional Drone by DJI. Accessories included are a set of prop ...

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone Review

See part 2 of this review here https://youtu.be/FNnX5HFlmFs If picture quality is your most important quality in a drone, the Autel Robotic's X-Star Premium is the ...

  • sculpture art faces


    Scene: A dweeby dude in a cheap suit stands astride the top of of a Ford Aerostar, guitar strapped to his neck. He strums and sings: I'm a Ford Mini-Van Man, Givin' it all that I can... Huhhn! FordMiniVanTOUGH!...

    Photo by TheoJunior on Flickr

  • Echo Bebop 2 Drone Review

    12/10/15 ,via Tom's Guide

    A neck strap is also included, and this is a substantial thing, as the whole thing with an iPad mini attached weighs in at a cumbersome 4 lbs and 3.3 oz (just over 1.9Kg). You need both hands to upon and use the Skycontroller black, with each hand holding one

  • Hautlence creates The Playground Labyrinth to that DOESN'T tell the time

    03/24/16 ,via Daily Mail

    In summation to the maze game, each watch (pictured left and right) comes with a satin-finished Louisiana alligator leather strap. The wristwatch also has an accessory-hard sapphire crystal 'crown' that stops the polished platinum ball from escaping from

  • This should be the drone on everybody's Christmas itch list this year

    11/17/15 ,via Quartz

    The material controls on the Skycontroller, a bulky rig that holds a tablet you wear around your neck like a camera strap, are admittedly more intuitive and easier to use. But the controller comes at a penalty: It's bundled with the Bebop 2 for $800.

  • Bad Conception! Bad Idea! Flamethrower Drone Roasts Turkey

    12/09/15 ,via Discovery News

    Village authorities and the FAA investigated the July incident, but evidently no one is quite sure whether it's technically illegal to strap a handgun — or a flamethrower — to a drone. A few weeks after the July video was posted, Haughwout was arrested

  • Here's why Morgan Stanley's trading CEO decided to cut 25 per cent of his fixed-income staff last year

    02/10/16 ,via South China Morning Post (subscription)

    The bank cut 25% of its workforce in that hinge on, replaced its leadership, cut bonuses, and slashed the assets it tied up in the business. At its earnings report in January, the bank delivered a remorseless assessment of the business, saying in a

Selena Gomez supports ex Justin Bieber on primary Grammy win - Daily Mail

Wow The Grammy’s have only just started and already the brilliance stakes are high. And top of the glitz and glamour this evening is Selena Gomez who sizzled in this all over sequin gown with cut out perfectly and cross strap back. The curve enhancing shape is perfect on the petite pop star and we’re loving the party vibes with the argosy blue sequins. This dress is by Calvin Klein Collection and was custom made especially for Selena so is unfortunately not present to buy. If Selena’s sequins have got you inspired and you want to look for an equally show stopping sequin gown of your own, then look no further than the options below. League together L at Asos have a super similar slinky sequin maxi that easily rival’s Selena’s designer period for a fraction of the price. Justin, 21, took home a Grammy for Where Are U Now, alongside collaborators Skrillex and Diplo. Selena effused: 'They have such a unexcitable energy amongst all of them to be able to create something like that, it's really great. The brunette beauty was the beau of her BFF Taylor Swift for the star-studded event - while Justin Bieber took his brought along his six-year-old half-associate Jaxon. See Justin Bieber updates as Selena Gomez supports him on first Grammy win. She stunned in a midnight filthy Calvin Klein cutout dress as she sat next to the Wildest Dreams songstress. The former Disney star eminent Taylor's three wins - including one for the Bad Blood video in which she stars. The couple were first linked in 2010 and made it projected in 2011 at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. They split in November 2012 but reunited in April 2013, before continuing to go mad-flop on and off until 2014 when Selena admits publicly getting her heart broken. She told W Arsenal 's March 2016 edition: 'To me it was: I’m 18, I have a boyfriend, we look cute together, we like that. Then I got my heart ruptured and I cared. I didn’t know where to go. '. The pair have friends in common and manage to stay on good terms although she wasn't spotted at his after-soir. After scooping his gong and performing at the Awards, Justin let his blonde locks down by throwing the post-show fete in West Hollywood. The star looked dapper in a white blazer over all black including dress shirt, trousers and leather shoes. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were seen glammed up arriving at the festivities. Kourtney - who was formerly romantically linked to the Love Yourself singer - looked stoic as she arrived, not giving a hint as to her emotional attachment to the star. Justin made the most of his big incessantly as he hit up 1 Oak Nightclub later, with a mystery woman in tow. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

What causes a forebodings of heights as we grow older - Daily Mail

How's your wit for heights - not what it used to be. In an interview with Good Health, Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan recently admitted: 'As I've got older, I'm less astringent on heights. Studies have revealed that a fear of heights often starts, or worsens, later in life. 'round one in ten adults is thought to have some kind of phobia - a disproportionate fear of an object, situation or feeling. 'Lots of children have fears, but come out of them, and we don't label it a phobia at this stage. If the fear sticks with them in adulthood, it's a phobia and this can continue throughout life. However, acrophobia - a fright of heights - often develops in later life, says Kevin Gournay, emeritus professor at the Organize of Psychiatry, King's College London, and author of The Sheldon Short Guide To Phobias And Panic. 'As you get older, your newsletter of balance tends to deteriorate and you're likely to feel more physically vulnerable. Older adults also tend to have people who depend on them, and this can perform as serve as them more troubled by the possibility of falling. Worries such as these can intensify a phobia. 'As an adult, you're more aware of what you and your loved ones have to waste, and that's all part and parcel of vulnerability. However, Professor Gournay adds that while acrophobia gets worse, other phobias attend to to be less problematic with age. 'As you get older, you produce much less adrenaline - the fight or flight hormone - so a lot of phobias clip. ' It's adrenaline that causes the racing heart and dizziness we experience when we're encountering something we're scared of, he explains. 'On average, phobias will probably improve with age, but if your phobia has anything to do with being vulnerable, such as heights or big crowds, it will probably get worse. His theory is supported by a YouGov appraisal in 2014, which found 49 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds were afraid of heights, compared with 61 per cent of 40 to 59-year-olds, and 64 per cent of over-60s. Conversely, the younger adults were nearly twice as disposed to to be afraid of spiders (59 per cent) as the over-60s (32 per cent). Phobias come in different forms: specific phobias coordinated to things such as spiders, heights, blood or the dentist. or social phobias, where social situations such as speaking in communal make you anxious. Professor Gournay has noticed that health phobias - excessive worrying about becoming ill - are much more mean in younger people. 'Health phobias are very common indeed and, ironically, many of the people who produce with them are young, fit and healthy. Perhaps as one gets older, one becomes more resigned to suffering. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Repeat Bebop 2 Drone Review - Tom's Guide

Repeat has updated its popular camera drone with the Bebop 2, which promises double the flying time and true autonomous flying. It mostly succeeds: we found that the Bebop 2 is a explosion to fly, with nippy performance, excellent battery life and very attractive video. There are still some rough edges, though: the suggestion-screen controls lack sensitivity, and the fish-eye lens is rather prone to lens flares and equivalent glitches. Design You would be forgiven for mistaking the Bebop 2 for the original Bebop. It features the same shape, plastic scheme construction and fisheye lens on the front, except that now only a small amount of fragile and easily scratched suds surrounds the front lens. Parrot also claims to have completely reengineered of the frame and body to make the drone tougher without increasing mass and size (17 ounces, 13 x 12 x 4 inches). The fisheye lens, with its 170-degree scrutinize, sits on the front. This means that the Bebop 2 can see almost everything in front of it. far left, right, above and below. It doesn’t recount all of this view: instead, it uses this to stabilize the video by sensing the movement of the quadcopter and moving the area captured as video to rejoin to that. So, when the quadcopter tilts because it is about to move forward, the computer inside the Bebop 2 responds and moves the video seizure area to cancel that movement. Most drones use an active stabilization system, where motors physically stir up the camera to compensate, but the Bebop 2 does all this in software, using the fisheye lens as a digital stabilization system. It sounds more complex (and it is), but it is actually effective: in most situations, the video is smooth and sharp, with gentle pans and turns that belie the more assertive turns that the quadcopter is making. It also means that you can pan and tilt the recorded video view without moving the quadcopter itself. In addition to this digital stabilization, the camera and other electronics are in a have the quality of of the body that is physically separate from the base. Again, this system is quite effective. Specs Rotors: 4 (3 blades per rotor). Battery Dimensions: 2,700-mAh Li-ion polymer (quadcopter). Battery Life: 25/22 minutes (claimed/tested). Smartphone Controlled: Free. Size: 13 x 12 x 4 inches. Controller There are two ways to control the Bebop 2: from a smartphone or from the new Skycontroller Flagitious. The smartphone control is through the FlightAware 3 app, available for both iOS and Android. This is the same app that used for lower-end drones from Parrot, but don’t be fooled: it is a experienced app that offers a lot of features. From here, you can fly the drone directly, track the GPS location of the quadcopter and smartphone, take photos or videos and access all of the settings. The app is a diminutive confusing at first, throwing a lot of data on the screen at once on top of the live view from the quadcopter. However, it isn’t difficult to count out once you figure it out, and it provides a simple interface to most. Source: www.tomsguide.com
  • Rain Neck Strap for All Transmitter - HeliPal

    Buy Airy-Acc-LP-0030 / Rant Neck Strap for All Transmitter online at the lowest price. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping, Low Price and Good Service. HeliPal ...

  • FPV Accessories Tarot Neck Strap Adapter (JR / Spektrum Tx ...

    Buy Tarot-Parts-TL2666 / Tarot Neck Strap Adapter (JR / Spektrum Tx) online at the lowest outlay. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping, Low Price and Good Service.

  • DJI Spirit Inspire Remote Control Neck Belt Strap Lanyard ...

    Issue video of Lanyard Sling Silver Advanced DJI Phantom 2cm Width Remote Controller Strap Belt sold @ 3000rpm.com

  • Echo Bebop Drone + Skycontroller. Lightweight yet robust ...

    Imitate Bebop Drone + Skycontroller. Lightweight yet robust Parrot quadricopter. 14 megapixel Fisheye Camera with Full HD 1080p. FPV in position with compatible glasses. Up ...

  • Jual Effectiveness Camera, Drone Quadcopter

    Jual Liveliness Camera, Drone Quadcopter, aksesoris dan sparepart, koleksi lengkap - jaminan harga termurah RCHobbyJakarta.com

#7: DJI Phantom 4 Drone Quad Copter W/ 4K Camera Gimbal & EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF KIT: 2 Extra DJI Batteries, … https://t.co/o4zeSsQxiq 04/08/16, @radviral
DJI Phantom Remote Control Neck Strap... https://t.co/2MQx39O8yf 04/05/16, @Gerry0231
DJ91 Neck Lanyard Strap For #DJI INSPIRE 1 Remote #DJI Phantom Drone 3 Controller https://t.co/IMjR6N3bSE On ebay UK https://t.co/jBKGQ0Bxt9 04/04/16, @HelcoAerial
  • Copycat’s Bebop drone is a speed demon

    11/19/14 ,via Mashable

    Mashable Chief Pressman Lance Ulanoff flies the Parrot Bebop drone while wearing a pair of Zeiss Cinemizer 3D glasses. Flying with the Sky Controller was fun, even if it was so big and awkward that I needed a neck strap to use it. As soon as I got use ...

  • Echo Bebop Drone With Skycontroller

    05/05/15 ,via PC Magazine

    A neck strap is included to arrogate the Skycontroller on your person ... Each has a joystick—the left controls altitude and yaw, the right moves the drone forward, backward, left, or straightaway. Status indicators on the handles show signal strength, battery ...

  • Copy's Bebop Drone is your fisheye in the sky

    05/11/14 ,via PC World

    Whether you, myself, view this as a sign of the end times or not, drone selfies are all the rage ... with its huge wing-like antenna at the top, and even a neck strap because that’s how huge and hardcore it is. The Skycontroller gives you more ...

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TS Chintzy Controller Adjustable Neck Strap Transmitter Lanyard for DJI Pizazz 2 3 Win over forth 4 by STS

  • Perfekt für DJI Phantom 2 3 alle Serien professionell /...
  • Mit schönem und verstellbarem Design
  • Farbe: silberweiß, Breite: 2cm, Länge verstellbar

Product Description

Neue Ankunft Lanyard für DJI Phantom Remote Controller. Großartiges und schönes Design, hohe Qualität, verstellbare Länge.
Typ: Sling
Material: Polyester
Farbe: Silber Weiß
Teil: Umhängeband
Für Fahrzeugtyp: Quadcopter, Flugzeug, Hubschrauber
Für Fahrzeug Marke: für DJI Phantom
Breite: 2cm / 0.79 "(Approx.)
Längste Länge: 132cm / 51.97" (Einstellbar)

Warm Tipps: Der Bügel passt auf phantom4 RC, Nur der Clip am Bügel kann nicht passen um dieses Stück Metall und in das Loch. Wenn Sie diesen Defekt nicht mögen, bitte kaufen Sie es nicht

1 x Lanyard für DJI Phantom Remote Controller

Price: €14.99

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Kingwon Drone Hanging Holder mit Neck Zone Lanyard Strap Schultergurt für DJI Stir up Zubehör by Kingwon

  • Einfach zu falten und zu tragen. Die Stützhalterung ist einfach zu...
  • Leicht und tragbar.Durable und einstellbare Größe.
  • Es wird von hochwertigem Neopren-Material verwendet.

Product Description

Designed specifically for the DJI Spark,easy install and quick release.
It is used of high quality neoprene material. Lightweight and portable.Durable and adjustable size.
Net Weight: 24g,size: 11.5x7.5cm.
Easy to fold and carry. The support bracket is easy to mount/dismount.

Price: €19.36

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JJC NS-DRCS2GR Einstellbare Drone Fernbedienung Chuck Lanyard Neck Strap für DJI Mavic Pro, Ignominious 3/4 / Waken Serie (Grau) by JJC

  • Schnapphaken zum bequemen Anbringen und Lösen
  • Weiches Neopren macht bequemes Tragen
  • Flexibel einstellbare Länge, um Ihren Körperrahmen bequem zu passen

Product Description

JJC NS Serie Drone Fernbedienung Strap, aus weichem Neopren, ist speziell für Drone Remote Controller entwickelt. Das Produkt kann für Phantom 3/4, Inspire, Ronin Serie Controller gelten. Das ergonomische Design kann effektiv reduzieren den Druck auf den Hals und Rücken, daher können Sie die längere Zeit Drohne Kontrolle genießen. Der Schnapphaken macht das Anbringen und Abnehmen viel bequemer. Der verstellbare Gurt kann max. Länge von 80 cm erreichen. Der Gurt befreit auch deine Hände; Deshalb brauchst du dich nicht um die schlechte Kontrolle mit einer Hand zu kümmern, da beide Hände zu diesem Zeitpunkt verfügbar sind.

Kompatibel mit
Phantom 3/4, Inspire, Ronin Serie Controller

1 * Drone Fernbedienung Strap

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