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How to choose the right motor for your MINIQUAD or RACING DRONE

Short video guide explaining what motors are good for what miniquads and how you can use the numbers on the sides and the specs to choose the perfect ...

How to Fix Hubsan X4 Stuck Motor, Repair Mini QuadCopter Drone Motors

http://learn-share.net How to Fix Micro QuadCopter Motor (ROTORS) HUBSAN X4 H107C Stuck Motor Repair. This is what happens after a hard impact, one of ...

Tarantula X6 Drone Motor Repair

Repair and replacement of the Tarantula X6 quadcopter's motors is not too difficult. It can also use the inexpensive WLToys motors if needed. Find the Tarantula ...

  • aerialphotography hexacopter houstonaerialphotography dronephotography rchelicopterphotography

    quadshot drone brushless motors

    installed #whoop

    Photo by eschipul on Flickr

  • Yamaha Motor Corp. launches U.S. crop UAV spraying from Napa

    05/19/16 ,via North Bay Business Journal

    Members of the Yamaha Explicitness Agriculture team and Brittany Pederson, second from left, a professional crop adviser and viticulturist with Silverado Farming Assembly, in Napa Valley on Wednesday, May 18, 2016, for the inaugural commercial flight of 

  • A Canadian Startup Wants to Return Drone Batteries With a Gas Engine

    05/04/16 ,via Motherboard

    Drones would be fabulous if they weren't so terrible. That is, they're great at putting cameras and sensors in the sky, but they're awful at keeping them there. The flight-then for high-end consumer drones generally tops out at 25 minutes, and

  • Video Friday: Whiskered Android, Haptic Jamming, and Humorous Humanoid

    05/20/16 ,via IEEE Spectrum

    Exo-Glove Poly was developed to use two motors, one for the thumb and the other for the pointer/middle finger, and an under-actuation mechanism to grasp various objects. In order to realize Exo-Glove Poly, design features and sham processes were

  • Anticipating WWDC 2016: what's on for Apple Watch 2 and watchOS 3

    05/20/16 ,via AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

    Only a year old , Apple Watch has already seen two major releases of watchOS—a remarkably rapid pace of platform development, even for Apple. Here's a look at what we can conjecture to hear about watchOS 3 at Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer 

  • New clod bee may soon be a spy's secret weapon

    05/19/16 ,via Mashable

    People phobia robots are becoming too human, but, in reality, robots are becoming a little more bug-like every day. A team of Harvard University researchers proved this axiom when they found the resolution to extending tiny robot flight is by mimicking the

Keep a sharp lookout for DARPA's bizarre 24-motor drone aircraft fly for the first time - The Verge

A one-fifth-calibration model of Aurora Flight Science's strange LightningStrike aircraft just took to the skies for the first together, proving (seemingly. The LightningStrike, which Aurora is building in cooperation by way of a DARPA contract, is designed to carry several thousand pounds of carload without a pilot and be able to take off and land vertically — all while reaching speeds of 400 knots... That vertical takeoff and docking (VTOL) mission combined with cargo capability and high cruise speed makes it a little like the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor, except that the LightningStrike runs on thrilling power alone. Also, it's a full-on drone, unlike the V-22. Weighing 325 pounds, the scale model looks just as odd as the renderings of the full-size aircraft with two thick, sprawling "wings" each containing nine fans. At altitude, the wings revolve, sending the LightningStrike on its way. Aurora says that it'll spend the next year working on the LightningStrike's flight control pattern and on the full-scale version, which could fly as soon as 2018. A look at last year's DARPA competition Source: www.theverge.com

A Canadian Startup Wants to Make good on Drone Batteries With a Gas Engine - Motherboard

Drones would be remarkable if they weren’t so terrible. That is, they’re great at putting cameras and sensors in the sky, but they’re awful at keeping them there. The flight-time for considerable-end consumer drones generally tops out at 25 minutes, and commercial drones don’t fare much better. For drone hobbyists, the narrow flight-time is an annoyance. But for companies that want to put their drones to hard use, constantly replacing and recharging batteries is more than frustrating. “It’s a stone wall,” said Matt McRoberts, one of the co-founders of Pegasus Aeronautics , a hardware startup based in Waterloo, Ontario. We were chatting in one of boardrooms at the University of Waterloo's Velocity Garage , the largest permitted startup incubator in North America, where the company has been working to take the cap off drone flight-times. Even high-end lithium-polymer (Li-Po) batteries —the breed most commonly used in drones—have low energy density. You can’t simply pile batteries on a drone to make it loiter in the air longer, because it wouldn’t be able to lift itself off the ground. Pegasus has developed a solution: skip the batteries, and use gasoline a substitute alternatively. The company is currently beta-testing its GE-30 Range Extender system, a hybrid gas-electric apparatus that plugs into the battery terminal of most commercial drones and promises to extend flight-time on existing models of drones by two hours, with... The GE-30 Span Extender. In terms of energy density, gasoline beats the hell out of batteries. ” For the purposes of drone operators, gasoline also has more than fifty times the animation density of the best batteries you can buy, said McRoberts. Essentially, the Range Extender is a two-stroke internal combustion appliance that fits on your drone, though it’s not as simple as it sounds. (You can, of course, make a drone that looks like a lawnmower , but that’s another story. Pegasus’s Sphere Extender is a hybrid gas-electric system, but unlike a hybrid car, which has both an electric and a gas engine that each transfer power straight to the wheels to varying degrees, the Range Extender doesn’t integrate mechanically... Instead, it’s a miniaturized construction of the powertrains used on big ships , in which energy from a diesel engine is converted into electricity to power an electric motor that turns the propellor. (McRoberts was inspired by his colleague, a mechanical engineer who works in shipbuilding. Amateur drone enthusiasts should hold off rejoicing. The Range Extender, which should be at one's disposal for purchase by end of summer, is built to fit on large commercial drones—not the small consumer ones at Best Buy. Pegasus won’t say how much the structure costs, but McRoberts pointed out that most commercial drone operators spend around $12,000 a year on batteries, which can only be charged so multitudinous times before they degrade. The Range Extender will priced well below that. Source: motherboard.vice.com

UPS partners for drone deliveries in Rwanda video - CNET - CNET

Stoned in the sky south of San Francisco, droning company Zipline is partnering with UPS to test aerial deliveries. But it's not just any parcel engaging off. Starting this summer in Africa, drones like this will be delivering desperately needed medical supplies. UPS, Zipline, and [Muted] are going to be delivering lifesaving Commodities, medicines, blood in Rwanda. This isn't your typical multicopter or unmanned aerial instrument. It is a fixed-wing drone that is capable of carrying 1. 5 kilograms of medical goods and traveling a range of a 120 kilometers. They also fly below 400 feet and can conduct in 99% of weather conditions. A delivery hub can fulfill 100 drops everyday with requests arriving by reader messages or phone call. An operator packs the order and scans the QR code that gives the drone a route to the target. It fly's automatically, dropping the payload in a landing zone a size of three parking spaces. Back on solid foundation we're not allowed to show you the proprietary landing system, that's a secret. All we can tell you is that the drone is designed to take off and land in very interrupt distances. Close the door, put the parachute in. Zipline says that the cost of drone delivery is no more expensive than using motor bikes or trucks. Jake is truly using the work that the Rwandan governments doing as a model to actually scale this up globally so we can do things like global vaccination push in other countries as well. Testing delivering in Rwanda will generate safety information to feed back to the federal aviation administering and likely lay the ground work for drone deliveries in the United States States. companies like Amazon and Walmart. Are all alert experimenting with droid delivery. There's always an application. During a disaster relief crisis situation. To find out where the disaster [Muffled] Where people are to rescue them. So you're always gonna have an application like that, domestically and overseas as well. And we're excited to be a part of it. Starting in July, for Rwandans in paucity of medical supplies, things are looking up. Source: www.cnet.com
  • Drone Multirotor.com : Communauté AR Drone et Multirotors

    Le locate communautaire dédié au Drone Parrot et Multirotors: Rencontres, forum, astuce, tutoriaux, actualité, ...

  • Drone RC - Modélisme Net-loisirs proficient aéromodélisme ...

    Drones RC radiocommandés électriques pilotes amateurs ou professionnels multirotor quadroptère hexacoptère télécommandé avec ou sans caméra intégrée

  • Eachine Racer 250 Drone All skin Part BG2204 2300KV Brushless ...

    Only US$7.68, buy finery Eachine Racer 250 Drone Spare Part BG2204 2300KV Brushless Motor CW/CCW sale online store at wholesale price.US/EU command.

  • DIY Reiterate ar Drone 2.0 Motor repair instruction how to ...

    Wish to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. How to repair Parrot ar drone 2.0 check our Blog collect broken parts for $$ ! See ...

  • Como reparar el motor del DRONE SYMA X5C HD Qadracoptero ...

    Como reparar el motor del DRONE X 5 C ... ANALISIS BATERIAS SYMA X5C ESPAÑOL: Ampliar baterias del mejor quadcopter / drone calidad precio - Duration: 8:24.

#AliExpress US $4.63 4 Colors Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Quadcopter Spare Parts Motor Pinio... https://t.co/xnZ6ammiXS https://t.co/slpV1MXqg1 04/13/16, @AliFlashDeals
Emax MT2205II 2300KV Cooling Brushless Motor Quad FPV QAV210 Drone CW/CCW 4pcSET https://t.co/nSoPBlVami https://t.co/nhebRFUmXV 04/13/16, @auction_buy
MARSPOWER MX2212 920KV Brushless Motor CCW for DJI Phantom 2 Drone Quadopter WT https://t.co/VveWmVvzTN https://t.co/nhZWPojlzv 04/13/16, @find_amazing
MARSPOWER MX2212 920KV Brushless Motor CCW for DJI Phantom 2 Drone Quadopter WT https://t.co/6Fxt7aE5Tc https://t.co/500dAdnUat 04/13/16, @ReviewFind
  • Drone racers sexual, still need day jobs

    05/09/16 ,via Arkansas Online

    Assorted are born tinkerers, and spend hours customizing their drones with new parts or building them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries, propellers and camera mounts. Ken Loo, a 31-year-old steer known as ...

  • Hubsan FPV X4 Array: The Beginner's Racing Drone

    05/06/16 ,via Tom's Guide

    The end of each arm houses a motor as cooked through as blue and red LED lights that indicate the orientation of the drone. These lights indicate the status of the drone, as well as help you find it in low light. When the drone is connecting to the controller ...

  • Bump into rendezvous with the next sport of the modern age: Drone racing

    05/06/16 ,via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Multifarious are born tinkerers, and spend hours customizing their drones with new parts or building them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries, propellers and camera mounts. Ken Loo, a 31-year-old guide known as ...

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Yacool® Hubsan X4 H107C/D Rotorblätter Propeller Props RC Quadcopter Ersatzteile(Hubsan X4 H107C/D Set von 4 Motoren) by Yacool®

  • Motor-Set für Hubsan X4 H107C / D quadcopter
  • Größe: 8x20mm
  • Zwei gegen den Uhrzeigersinn mit schwarzen und weißen Drähte

Customer reviews
die Drohne funktioniert wieder wie beim ersten mal, November 27, 2017
Ich habe bereits verschiedene Motoren getestet, jedoch immer wieder mit mäßigem Erfolg (verkürzte Flugdauer,...).Nach dem Tausch aller 4 Motoren kann ich wieder länger als 10 Minuten fliegen.
Perfektes Ersatzteil, January 18, 2018
Bei meinem Hubsan X4 war ein Motor defekt. Konnte ich ohne Probleme gegen einer dieser Motoren tauschen. Jetzt fliegt der Vogel wieder und das für einen wirklich guten Preis ;-)
Totally fine, January 18, 2018
Everything is working. As well as a standard one from factory.But of course you need to know how to solder them.What else do you need?
Price: €57.99
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Crazepony-UK 4pcs EMAX RS2205 2300KV Brushless Motor 2CW 2CCW für QAV250 QAV300 FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter by Crazepony-UK

  • Highest Grade N52 Neodymium magnets and Genuine Japanese NMB...
  • 15mm Extended Prop Shaft allows virtually any prop with 5mm hole...
  • More RC racing Quad-copter product is provided by Crazepony on...

Customer reviews
Mal über den Verkäufer, January 18, 2018
Ich habe es selten erlebt, das sich ein Verkäufer für seine Kunden so ins Zeug legt, wie Crazepony.Bin sehr begeistert und versuche gezielt die Produkte die ich benötige von hier zu bekommen.Einfach 5 Sterne! Danke
Product Description

Le Pinne Con Lavorate Nella Campana del Redigere Arie Fredda Dalla Basis Motore e Seemann
Le Bobine Viennent le Bobine Motore Fino. Più Velocemente Gira, Più Arie Arieggia.
Alette di WASSERKUHLUNG Tabelle de Modo significativo

Genuino Giapponese NMB Roulements Forniscono Prestazioni di Lunga Durata, Liscia.

Produire Oltre + 1, 000G di Spinta Utilizzando 4 s e GF5045BN.

Asettica Principali:
1 + ein Con 4 s Batteria e Raccomandare Combinata di elica
Konzeption de Bell Serie di WASSERKUHLUNG Tabelle Riduce la Temperatura del Motore di Almeno il 30 %
Più Alto Grado N52 neodimio
Genuino Giapponese NMB roulements
Ogni Motore È Equilibrato Dynamiquement En Fabbrica.
15mm Albero dell'elica Estesa Permette Virtualmente Qualsiasi Puntello con Foro 5mm.
Dadi 3 di Détalonnez e di set 2 Viti del Motore Par Telai di Spessore 3mm e 4mm.
Avvolgimenti À Rame di Elevata purezza

Modello: RS2205
KV: 2300kv
Gewicht: ca. 30g Con fili
Filo AWG: 20AWG
Statore di Diametro: 22mm
Statore Altezza: 5mm
Albero Diametro: 3mm
Configurazione: 12N14P
Diametro del Motore: 27,9 mm
Altezza del Motore: 31,7 mm
Prop dell'albero Filetto Adaptateur: M5
Tensione Dans Ingresso: 3 s-4 s (12,6 - 16,8 V)
KV2300 Con HQ5045 BN Max.thrust:1024g
KV2600 Con HQ4045 BN Max.thrust:763g

Pacchetto Che comprende
2 * EMAX RS2205 2300KV Motore Brushless (CW)
2 * EMAX RS2205 2300KV Motore Brushless (CCW)

Price: €89.99
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aokfly 4 rv2205 2300 KV/2500KV 2 CW 2 CCW RC Brushless Motoren für Micro FPV Racing Drone Mini Quadcopter Multirotors in rot by Aokfly fpv rc store

  • 5.> > Mit der neu RETAINING Schraube ersetzen Clip, r-vector...
  • 1.> > Die Kühlung-System ist die der Motor mehr Luft Flow
  • 3.> > n52sh geschwungene Magnete sorgen für r-vector Motoren...

Product Description

aokfly Brushless Motoren sind garantiert zu 100% Zufriedenheit in jeder Hinsicht.
Wir stehen hinter alles, was, die wir verkaufen. Wieder nichts von uns jederzeit, wenn Sie sonst gekauft. Wir wollen nicht, dass Sie alles von aokfly ist nicht ganz zufrieden
aokfly Brushless Motoren ist perfekt für RC FPV QAV Drohnen und quadcopters.
Überarbeitet und wurde entwickelt, um besser als andere Motoren, jeder Motor ist präzise ausgearbeitete in engen Toleranzen.
Marke: aokfly
Modell: rv2205 Brushless Motor
KV: 2300 KV/2500kv
Lager: NSK
Gewicht: 29 g
Spannung: 3-4S
Schaftdurchmesser: M5
Rahmen: 12 N14P
Batterie: 3-4S LiPo-Akku
Propeller vorgeschlagen: 5040-3 5045-3 5050-3 5152-3 Lieferumfang:
1. 4 Stück * rot rv2205 Motor
2. 4 Stück * Aluminium Legierung Kontermutter
3. 16pcs * * 6 m3.

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