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DroneMobile | Smartphone Car Control and Tracking Solution by Firstech

Your Car, Connected. DroneMobile is the revolutionary hardware and app solution that allows you to connect to your vehicle from anywhere in the world using ...

Drone Mobile DR3400 Interactive carlink review

The new model DR3400 drone mobile telematics module is out and I've got one here to show you everything about it. Get it here: ...

DroneMobile 3 Introduction and Overview

Thank you for downloading the DroneMobile 3 App! Our DroneMobile Team is excited to share the updated features and new customizability that this new app ...

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    Photo by Dirk Dallas on Flickr

  • The US Army is blasting drones with a Goliath laser cannon

    05/20/16 ,via The Week Magazine

    quadcopter-prototype drone — the kind you can buy online. "We did a lot of preparation … seeing if we could track the airborne targets among ground clutter," Adam Aberle, the program supervisor in charge of the High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck, or

  • 11 paid iPhone and iPad apps on mark-down for free today

    05/20/16 ,via BGR

    Included on Friday's index is a great calendar app, an app that will lock your private photos away, a very cool app that lets you record video of your iPhone screen, an dreadful VR app, a memory manager, an app that lets you control your drone from an

  • Chinas Ogre Spy Drone Stalks Foreign Warships

    05/20/16 ,via Daily Beast

    A express-fire series of confrontations followed. Chinese jets harassed U.S. planes, sparking alarm inside the Pentagon. And the Chinese air constraint reportedly deployed its latest spy drone to peer down at foreign ships, presumably including American vessels.

  • Drone delivers drugs and mobile phones to Wandsworth Three-time loser in video

    05/16/16 ,via Daily Mail

    Further inventive devices take in juice cartons, tennis balls and shampoo bottles containing drugs and mobile phones, photos from the BBC have revealed. The freedom of word request, to the Ministry of Justice showed that 730 knives or blades

  • Also gaolbird uses DRONE to have illegal drugs and mobile phones delivered direct to his cell window

    05/16/16 ,via Mirror.co.uk

    Numbing CCTV footage shows the moment a drone was used to deliver banned goods direct to a prisoner's cell. In the footage a miniature black bag can be seen hovering in the air - being held up by a thin wire attached to a drone. The drone then flies close

Fulfil the Next Sport of the Modern Age: Drone Racing - Top Tech News

Decked out in far up-tech goggles, pilot Steve Zoumas dives low and sees the final gate zooming toward him: a 20-foot-long-legged metal-framed box ringed with neon. it's his drone that's toast. The pilot takes off his goggles and crosses to the pilots' foyer for the replay. Once again his quadcopter drone, a buzzing machine roughly the size of a loaf of bread, zooms daringly all about obstacles and through hairpin turns. "I was pushing it that lap," says Zoumas, a 31-year-old construction followers owner. "I just wanted to put on a show for the crowd. Welcome to drone racing, a would-be sport in which men, and a few women, fly remote-controlled drones against competitors at up to 80 miles per hour along looping courses with hairpin curves and drops. Multifarious races take place in open fields, but here, racers and spectators have gathered in an abandoned, rubble-strewn mall set up with movement-marking gates across two floors. Fans sit on bleachers behind protective mesh, passing thither antenna-equipped goggles to see the pilot's view. Big-screen TVs show off unique camera angles while glowing copters whizz by, emitting the elevated-pitched hum of weed whackers on steroids. Racing is a labor of love for many pilots. Many are born tinkerers, and throw away hours customizing their drones with new parts or building them from scratch. Some say they've spent more than $10,000 on frames, motors, batteries, propellers and camera mounts. Ken Loo, a 31-year-old conductor known as "Flying Bear," says he and his wife even put off having kids so he can spend more time racing. He says he'd give up his exorbitant-paying Silicon Valley job in a heartbeat if he could figure out how to fly drones for a living. Drone racing is still something of a guerrilla recreation, even though ESPN has agreed to air a drone special on its ESPN3 channel this fall. Money is tight, and most pilots have to obey their day jobs. While high-profile races such as the World Drone Prix, held in Dubai last March, pay out as much as $250,000 to the friendly pilot, such affluence feels very distant here in the shell of the Hawthorne Plaza mall. That could change if drone racing hits it big, attracting a flock together audience and the sponsors who want to sell them stuff. Serial entrepreneur Nick Horbaczewski, who founded the Drone Racing Society last year, thinks he knows how to pull that off. The trick, he says, is making the audience feel the same quiver as the pilots. That's why his league lights up each quadcopter and its pilot's goggles with matching colored LEDs, which help spectators tail find the tiny speeding drones. It's also why pilots wear T-shirts emblazoned with nicknames like "KittyCopter," ''Rekrek" and "Zoomas. " Wheelsman backstories and slick editing build up the drama for videos put online. The fast-talking 35-year-old helped arise "Tough Mudders," a quirky half marathon in which people pay to slog through artificial quagmires, into a $100-million-added business as its chief revenue officer. He sank his own money into the drone league last year, though he also raised $8 million from the likes of Miami Dolphins' P Steve Ross, the talent business Creative Artists Agency and media giant Hearst. Source: www.toptechnews.com

Drone day at Athens Tech, a doff into future - Online Athens

The skies buzzed overhead Athens Technical College Saturday as enthusiasts gathered to celebrate International Drone Day. Many people have a uninterested view of the four-propellered “unmanned aerial vehicles,” or UAVs, said Mark Evans, program bench of Athens Tech’s emerging technologies program. “International Drone Day is to promote awareness of the good things about drones,” said Evans, who’ll be teaching a grade in using drones for photography at Athens Tech this summer. Analysts foresee good employment prospects for people who skilled in how to control the little flying machines, often equipped with high-definition cameras or other sensing devices, he said. It’s a close to-growing and fast-changing world for both amateurs and commercial drone flyers, and will grow even more in the next few years, predicted Kelsey Norris of Bethlehem. Norris, 31, owns a public limited company called Southeast Drone, and brought some of his machines to show and demonstrate. The most impressive-looking one was one he built himself a few years ago, but hobbyist and commercial drones have grow much more sophisticated and easier to operate, and prices have come down, and Norris uses a commercially manufactured machine. A few weeks ago, he helped out with a controlled forest fritter away at Sandy Creek Nature Center, monitoring from high above as trained wildfire fighters burned off underbrush from a partition of woods near the nature center. That was volunteer work, but practice for new areas Norris hopes to move his house into. Drones are finding a growing list of niches, he said. An operator on the ground can use high-definition video recording to repossess any developing problems. It’s quicker than having a person actually climb one of the tall structures, and safer, said Norris, who in point of fact climbed to the top of a water tower to see what it was like. In another recent contract, Norris monitored above as a company that cleans up unforeseen chemical spills simulated a spill at one of its client companies, a refinery, using popcorn to spill into a creek a substitute alternatively of chemicals. But seeing from above how the popcorn moved helped the company prepare in case of a real divulge all in a nearby creek, he said. in the Netherlands, they’ve even been adopted by emergency workers, who can sometimes deliver medicine or instructions with the narrow-minded flyers faster than emergency technicians can get there in ground vehicles, Evans said. He hopes to see the day soon when drones might be employed in search and liberating missions, such as when police and other emergency workers were searching recently for a man with Alzheimer’s who was lost near Athens. A drone might have helped pronounce the man with sensors that can show body heat or with high-definition cameras, he said. The Federal Aviation Administration, the FAA, just this week issued new rules making it easier for students to travail with drones, said Norris, a University of North Georgia graduate who taught himself the ins and outs of drone operation and... Source: onlineathens.com

Two charged with using a drone to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into jail - Evening Standard

Two people have been charged with smuggling mobile phones and cannabis into a approved school using a drone. Ingrid Edwards, 25, of Wolfe Crescent, Charlton, and Daniel Lee Kelly, 37, of Amblecote Meadows, Grove Woodland, were charged with two counts of getting prohibited items into HMP Swaleside in Eastchurch, Kent. A spokesman for Kent Enforce said officers had been investigating reports of a drone being used to send mobile phones and cannabis into a prison. Source: www.standard.co.uk
  • DroneMobile | Smartphone Unusual Starter, Security System ...

    Before DroneMobile has been installed onto your vehicle, download the DroneMobile app and select your service plan: Basic or Premium.

  • Drone Mobile Perspicacious Phone Application

    Drone Mobile is a learned phone application for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android users that can be installed into your car. Your phone works as a controller ...

  • DroneMobile | Compustar

    Add DroneMobile smartphone guide and tracking to any Compustar remote start or security system. DroneMobile systems are available as complete bundles with remote ...

  • Drone Mobile FAQ | Your Car, Connected.

    Validate > Frequently Asked Questions; FAQs. GENERAL. What is DroneMobile? A: DroneMobile is a telematics system by Firstech, LLC. that connects your vehicle's lonely ...

  • future blow the whistle on buy drone mobile Par quel organisme ne ...

    to be to come shop drone mobileVous recherchez des informations sur le thème , consultez notre forum, rubrique : future shop drone mobile. future store drone mobile

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#NAB2016: DJI Announces Matrice 600, a Super Drone System for Pro Cinematographers https://t.co/iYRh0FnNZ4 04/20/16, @bFenstermacher
  • Drone Mobile starts your machine, secures your car

    01/05/15 ,via CNet

    Most rely on the car's OBD-II mooring, a feature of cars from model year 1996 on. Drone Mobile's RSD-3AS kit, shown off during CES 2015, works with almost any vintage car, adding remote engine start and a edition of security features. The heart of the kit is ...

  • Drone Mobile is the closest reaction to treating your car like a robot

    01/05/15 ,via Mashable

    The beginning 90 days are free. Bryan Park, project manager for Drone Mobile parent company Firstech, told Mashable the store version adds GPS tracking — which keeps tabs on the car in the event of theft, or if a loved one has borrowed the vehicle.

  • CES 2015: 'DroneMobile' App Allows GPS Conduit Tracking, Remote Start, and More

    01/05/15 ,via Mac Rumors

    Apple will present new versions of iOS and OS X at its annual developer's conference. Apple Watch 2016 New Apple Watch expected in second half of 2016. iPhone 7 Deficient 2016 Apple's next iPhone won't be until late 2016, but should come with a new design.

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