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100W LED on DRONE - Aerial Spot Light

I am working on a CNC aluminum reflector lens/heat sink/housing for 100W LED chips. To be notified when the project goes live on Kickstarter, enter your email ...

NIGHT FPV - Drone Quadcopter with 100W LED Bar

First video with these lights on a quad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSym6-3yyHc More info on this frame: ...

AR Drone 2.0 How to Install LED UFO Light Kit - Episode 23 HD

Our NEW store, with shipping to every country on the planet: http://www.ARDroneShow.com - for every replacement part, and lots of great mods & upgrades for ...

  • dronelucy

    Drone Light Painting of Glacier Point

    Done with a DJI Phantom and a 6oz LED flashlight.

    Photo by boltron- on Flickr

  • Behest grows in NWT for drone-led site surveys

    05/12/16 ,via CBC.ca

    By Kate Kyle, CBC Rumour Posted: May 12, 2016 5:00 AM CT Last Updated: May 12, 2016 8:17 AM CT. Colin Charlton, of Ollerhead & Associates, holds up his company's set-wing drone. Charlton says demand for surveys from the drone has gone up five-fold 

  • Drone ploy foiled after HK-led ally rolled up

    05/15/16 ,via Hong Kong Standard (press release)

    The described Hong Kong mastermind of a gang bundled up in Shenzhen told investigators he had bought a drone for an opposition activist aiming to basis a disturbance during this week's visit of high- ranking Beijing official Zhang Dejiang, Xinhua News 

  • FAA sets up hortatory panel on drones led by Intel CEO

    05/05/16 ,via Computerworld

    The Federal Aviation Oversight is setting up an advisory committee, led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, to guide it on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace. The organization of the committee could link to plans by the

  • Observation drones perform 'ballet' with 16500 LEDs in front of Mount Fuji

    05/02/16 ,via The Verge

    The conduct was produced by Japanese company MicroAd, which used more than 20 of its LED-encrusted Sky Magic drones to fly in formation with the music, their 16,500 lights flash in the dusk gloom. The effect marries the old and the new, 

  • US-led drone remove kills over dozen in eastern Afghanistan

    04/30/16 ,via Press TV

    More than a dozen people have irreparable their lives in Afghanistan in a new drone strike carried out by US-led foreign forces in the country's east. Attaullah Khogyani, the spokesman for the unsophisticated governor, said on Friday that the aerial assault took

FAA mise en scene up advisory panel on drones led by Intel CEO - CIO

The Federal Aviation Distribution is setting up an advisory committee, led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, to guide it on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems in the public airspace. The formation of the committee could link to plans by the FAA to finalize much-awaited rules for the commercial operation of drones, which will qualified pave the way for the widespread use of the airborne devices for deliveries and other... “By late spring, we plan to finalize Portion 107, our small UAS rule, which will allow for routine commercial drone operations," FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said in a lecture at a drone event on Wednesday. Huerta had said in January that the the rules would be finalized at the end of spring, but there has been skepticism as the process has been plagued by delays, including missing a September deadline mandated by the U. S. Congress. com newsletters ]. Divergent from bodies like the UAS registration task force, which developed recommendations for the registration of UAS devices, and the micro UAS aviation prevail-making committee set up recently by the FAA for a single purpose and... Selections by the FAA of members of the advisory committee are expected to be made by May 31, the intervention said. Huerta will be the designated federal official on the committee. The FAA proposed in February last year plan rules , which would possibly allow programs like those of Amazon for the commercial delivery of packages by drones to clutch off. But the commercial drones would still operate under restrictions such as a maximum weight of 55 pounds (25 kilograms), split altitude of a maximum of 500 feet (152 meters) and rules that limit flights to daylight and the visual variety part-of-sight of... Some companies have been pressing for a relaxation of the rules such as the line-of-sight requirement. The Senate passed rearmost month the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2016, which while recognizing the opportunities for the use of drones for commercial applications, aims to insinuate safety rules and technologies like geofencing... The legislation, which still has to pass the House of Representatives, also tries to shun a “patchwork quilt” of rules by states and local authorities by giving the FAA rules preemption over local and state laws governing the use of drones. Source: www.cio.com

US-led drone whip kills over dozen in eastern Afghanistan - Press TV

More than a dozen people have out of the window their lives in Afghanistan in a new drone strike carried out by US-led foreign forces in the country’s east. Attaullah Khogyani, the spokesman for the uncultivated governor, said on Friday that the aerial assault took place in the Narai Obah area of the southern area of Haska Mina, which is located more than 120 kilometers (74 miles) east of the Afghan... He said the airstrike targeted a hideout of the members of the Takfiri Daesh thug group in the area, killing 15 militants and destroying a considerable amount of weapons and ammunition. Sangar Khan, a city resident, said that he had no information whether the victims were Daesh extremists. The development came only a few hours after a US-led aerial fall was conducted in the Dih Bala district of the same Afghan province. Some reports identified the deceased as members of the Takfiri Daesh combatant group. Neither local authorities nor Daesh terrorists, however, made comments on the fatal airstrike. The CIA regularly uses drones for airstrikes and surveillance missions in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt near the Afghan border. The US says the airstrikes end members of al-Qaeda and other militants, but according to local officials and witnesses, civilians have in most cases been the victims of the attacks. The Collective Nations says the US drone attacks are “targeted killings” that flout international law. Source: www.presstv.ir

SkySafe lands $3 million led by Andreessen to disable critically behaving drones - TechCrunch

SkySafe , a six-month-old, San Diego, Ca. -based society whose technology can disable drones that are flying where they shouldn’t, has raised $3 million in seed funding. Andreessen Horowitz led the blunt, with participation from Founder Collective, SV Angel, and BoxGroup. No doubt the company is serving a fast-growing deprivation, particularly given the number of drones poised to wreak havoc on public spaces from sports arenas to airports. Think about the British Airways flight that was hit by a commercial drone as it approached Heathrow Airport on Sunday, or the World Cup skier nearly done in by a falling drone in December. The FAA estimates there will be 2. 5 million drones sold in the U. S. solitarily just this year. “We’re very excited about a future where drones are used by consumers and businesses for all sorts of purposes, but to get there, drones necessity to be made extremely reliable and safe,” says venture capitalist Chris Dixon, who led the deal for... Dixon suggests SkySafe will make safe that drones don’t go rogue, largely via radio waves, which it uses to override a drone’s remote and take control of the aircraft. As the case may be so. What SkySafe is building certainly sounds less menacing than some of the other options to emerge recently, including an anti-drone laser and an anti-drone burgle. Unfortunately, for competitive reasons, the six-person company isn’t willing to dive much more deeply into how its tech works, as we scholastic when we talked yesterday with cofounder and CEO Grant Jordan. TC: SkySafe has four founders. GJ: I graduated from MIT, then spent four years as an manager in the Air Force Research Lab testing anti-drone tech, where I got a lot of exposure to various ways that different groups have come up with for fetching down small drones. After I finished my time there, I went to grad school at USCD for computer pledge, and I [connected with my cofounders] for a security company consulting firm that we founded called Somerset Recon. Between that gage work and [my] drone work, we saw a growing threat in the drone space. TC: What types of customers will you be trying to persuade to use SkySafe. GJ: Somewhat much the entire space of public safety. Airports, prisons, stadiums, other event venues, border barrier, critical infrastructure. TC: Would you characterize most of those incidents as accidents or otherwise. GJ: In the aviation industry, at airports, those look like accidents. Those are drones that are bothersome to smuggle in weapons, drugs and other contraband. [Drone operators] might not mean any harm, but they’re going out of their way to fly into an area they aren’t intended to be, and right now, there’s nothing an event venue can do about it. TC: Are they buying what you’re selling. GJ: We’re still pretty early. We’re working to grow out our rude of pilot customers now, with [an eye toward] launching in the fourth quarter of this year. In the meantime, we’re working on test installations with partners in multiple industries. Source: techcrunch.com
  • Drone Achat - Drones caméra, loisir et professionnel

    Vous souhaitez faire l'achat d'un drone? Tous les conseils et les références de drones avec caméra, flood loisir et pour professionnel disponible sur ce site

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    Le put communautaire dédié au Drone Parrot et Multirotors: Rencontres, forum, astuce, tutoriaux, actualité, ...

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    Maison du drone, spécialiste du drone de loisir sur internet, vous plan une large sélection de drones débutants et professionnels ainsi que de très nombreux ...

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    Venez découvrir notre extract de produits drone au meilleur prix sur PriceMinister et profitez de l'achat-vente garanti.

  • Drone RC - Modélisme Net-loisirs ace aéromodélisme ...

    Drones RC radiocommandés électriques pilotes amateurs ou professionnels multirotor quadroptère hexacoptère télécommandé avec ou sans caméra intégrée

Senate accepts @SenThadCochran amendment to streamline drone research efforts led by MSU. https://t.co/f3KgUH5Vh6 https://t.co/Q45zvdUIfg 04/13/16, @msstate
Photographer Attaches LED to Drone for Hauntingly Beautiful Photos at Night https://t.co/JESwPLfuKp 04/14/16, @wisie
Drone + LED + long exposure + night landscape photography = https://t.co/kBVzq5kMJV 04/14/16, @alister667
Photographer Attaches LED to Drone for Hauntingly Beautiful Photos at Night https://t.co/1dUdSmCupE https://t.co/EQ64xpoTFt 04/14/16, @sebastienms

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Matek LED Rücklicht WS2512B mit Snazzy Buzzer Dual Modes X Typ für FPV Racer Multicopters Drone by LITEBEE by LITEBEE

  • Eingang Spannungsbereich: 4,5-5,2V DC. Macht der TX Mdoe (5V...
  • TX-Modus: LED 7 Farben (weiß, rot, grün, blau, gelb, Magenta,...
  • Die Heck-Lgiht ist speziell für X Desing Rahmen mit 8 * WS2812B...

Customer reviews
Passt, leuchtet und ist laut, July 7, 2017
Ich habe dieses Rücklicht an meinem Race Copter als Status Info und den Buzzer zum Finden des Copters beim Absturtz.Die Größe passt genau ans Heck meines 210 Copters, ohne dabei die Props zu berühren...
Product Description

Informationen zum nutzen, pls besuchen: http://www.mateksys.com/downloads/2812-BH_Manual_EN.pdf

Features und Spezifikationen:
Dual Control: FC Kontrolle andamp; TX-Kontrolle
TX-Modus: LED 7 Farben (weiß, rot, grün, blau, gelb, Magenta, Cyan)
LED 4-Status (Dauerlicht, Slw Blink, schnellen Blick, Voilent blinken)
Summer: Verlorene Flugzeug Finder
FC-Modus: zu unterstützen, Naze32, SPracing F3 usw. mit Cleanflight oder Betaflight firmware
Eingang Spannungsbereich: 4,5-5,2V DC
Macht der TX Mdoe (5V IN):1W/0.2A-2W/0.4A
Größe andamp; Montage: Pls überprüfen Sie das Layout
Gewicht: 5g
Paket bestehend aus
1 * dual Steuerelementtyp X Rücklicht mit 8 WS2812B LEDS und laut Buzzer-Controller Flugregler per Sender

Price: €49.90
You Save: EUR 5,00 (10%)
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Rejuvenation-skim-Planet® hochwertige kleine mini Drohne / Drone mit auffälliger LED Beleuchtung (17,6 cm) / Quadrocopter sehr stabiler Flug --- "inkl. 2,4 GHz / 2.4 GHz Funkfernbedienung - Komplettpaket - inkl. Akku - Ladegerät - 6 Achsen Gyro - 4 Kanal by Smart Planet

  • PERFEKT GEEIGNET - Ready to Fly - Der kleine / mini Quadrocopter...
  • EXKLUSIVES DESIGN - LED Design Quadrocopter / Drohne mit 4...
  • SICHERHEIT - Verminderte Verletzungsgefahr durch die Rotoren dank...

Customer reviews
Einfach nur Top für meine Tochter (und auch für Papa), April 23, 2017
Ich habe die Drohne für meine Tochter zu Ostern gekauft und bin restlos begeistert. Man bekommt für den verhältnismäßig geringen Preis ein absolutes Topprodukt. Die Drohne ist super getrimmt - kein Nachtrimmen nötig...
Sehr gut nutzbare Drohne und sehr guter und serviceorientierter Verkäufer, December 6, 2017
Wir suchten eine Drohne für unseren 15 jährigen Sohn die auch wirklich funktioniert und nicht nur ein "Spielzeug" ist, was nach einigen vergeblichen Versuchen in der Ecke landet. Mit dieser Drohne hatten wir ins Schwarze getroffen...
drohne, December 6, 2017
die drohne haben wir noch nicht ausprobiert da es mit der aufladung csheisse ist denn man muss den akku am rechner aufladen finde ich jetzt nicht gerade ein hit
Product Description

Professionelle Mini-Drohne mit besonderer LED Beleuchtung

Nicht nur durch seine bunte Ausstrahlung fällt dieser Quadrocopter auf, sondern auch durch seine robuste und sichere Bauweise
Dank einem komplett geschlossenen Rotorschutz besteht verminderte Verletzungsgefahr durch die Rotoren
Sein Gehäuse schützt die Drohne bei jedem Absturz oder Flugfehler
Durch seine 6-Achsen-Stabilisierungstechnologie und seinen fairen Preis ist diese Faszination das perfekte Modell für den Flugeinsteiger

Untenstehend noch einige technische Daten des Quadrocopters:
- 2.4 GHz Technologie - 4-Kanal Funkfernbedienung - 6-Achsen Gyroskoptechnologie - 360° Flip-Funktion
- auffällige LED Beleuchtung um die Rotoren - komplett geschlossenes Rotorgehäuse - Erwähnenswert ist auch die Akkugröße von 500 mAh
- Reichweite: 50 Meter - Größe: 17.6 cm x 14.2 cm x 3.75 cm - Flugzeit: ca. 10 Minuten - Ladezeit: 80 Minuten

Price: €55.99
You Save: EUR 3,01 (5%)
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Thump Toys Drone LED mit Kamera - 6 Achsen, Wifi Kanal 2.4 Ghz, Ø 26 cm by Eddy Toys

  • Mit LED Lichte
  • 2.4 GHZ und Achsen gyro stabilisation
  • Mit Kamera und SD card (2GB)

Product Description

Quadrocopter Drohne mit Kamera 2,4GHz 6Achsen 2GB-SD LED Lichter Flugdrohne
Sie wollten schon immer mal die Welt von oben betrachten? Mit dieser Drohne ist es nun möglich. Der Quadrocopter mit 6 Achsen, einer Kamera mit Video- und Fotofunktion. LED Positionslichtern, einer 2GB Micro SD Speicherkarte und einer Ausstattung mit Gyrosensoren nutzt das 2,4 GHz Band. Die Gyrosensoren sind ideal bei beengten Platzverhältnissen. Der Quadrocopter ist bis Windstärke 4 im Freien nutzbar. Mit der 4-Kanal-Fernbedienung sind vorwärts, rückwärts, fliegen nach rechts und links, sowie Drehen nach rechts uns links als Flugfunktionen steuerbar. Die Reichweite beträgt etwa 50m. In der Anleitung finden Sie praktische Übungen für die Steuerung. Probieren Sie es doch einfach mal aus, aber Vorsicht, nicht die Nachbarn ohne ihrem Einverständnis filmen oder fotografieren.
Technische Daten:
 Maße: (LxBxH) ca. 21 x 21 x 7 cmMaterial: KunststoffPositionslichter: LED rot und blauFrequenz: 2,4 GHzAkku: 3,7 V- 380 mAh Li-PolymerSpeicher: 2 GB Micro SD KarteKamera mit Foto- und Videofunktioninklusive USB-Ladekabel, vier Ersatz-Rotorblätter, Schraubendreher und BedienungsanleitungBatterien: 4x AA LR6 1,5V (nicht im Lieferumfang)

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