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100W LED on DRONE - Aerial Spot Light

I am working on a CNC aluminum reflector lens/heat sink/housing for 100W LED chips. To be notified when the project goes live on Kickstarter, enter your email ...

NIGHT FPV - Drone Quadcopter with 100W LED Bar

First video with these lights on a quad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSym6-3yyHc More info on this frame: ...

AR Drone 2.0 How to Install LED UFO Light Kit - Episode 23 HD

Our NEW store, with shipping to every country on the planet: http://www.ARDroneShow.com - for every replacement part, and lots of great mods & upgrades for ...

  • Drones dainty up Mt Fuji in spellbinding audiovisual display

    05/03/16 ,via Gizmag

    Its Sky Magical project was demonstrated at the foot of Mt Fuji, where 20 drones equipped with a total of 16,500 LED lights hovered in formation while flickering in once upon a time to the strumming of Shamisens, traditional Japanese guitars. MicroAd hopes to use

  • Superintend drones perform 'ballet' with 16500 LEDs in front of Mount Fuji

    05/02/16 ,via The Verge

    The exhibition was produced by Japanese company MicroAd, which used more than 20 of its LED-encrusted Sky Magic drones to fly in formation with the music, their 16,500 lights jiffy in the dusk gloom. The effect marries the old and the new, 

  • Drones caper with LEDS at night above mount fuji

    05/19/16 ,via Daily Star

    Over 16,500 lights were acclimatized as the drones fell in and out of line creating a kaleidoscopic extravaganza. Kentaro Watanabe, the President of MicroAd – the company who commissioned the make visible – said: "Technology is evolving at a tremendous speed in the 

  • Intel Lights Up The Sundown Sky And Flies Coordinated 100 Drone Squadron Over U.S. Soil

    05/04/16 ,via Hot Hardware

    Ascending Technologies (which has been wholly immersed by Intel) built the 100 drones that were used for Intel's promo video. Each quadcopter drone has built-in LED lighting, which essentially turns each into a robotic firefly dancing about in the sky.

  • Periodical|Doctors With Enemies: Did Afghan Forces Target the MSF Hospital?

    05/17/16 ,via New York Times

    The circumstances that led to the mayhem of the hospital are a direct result of how the Special Forces were made to bear the weight of the United States' contradictory design in Afghanistan, which seeks to both end its involvement in the war and

Drones flame up Mt Fuji in spellbinding audiovisual display - Gizmag

Now Japanese advertising corporation MicroAd is looking to get in on the action. Its Sky Magic project was demonstrated at the foot of Mt Fuji, where 20 drones equipped with a outright of 16,500 LED lights hovered in formation while flickering in time to the strumming of Shamisens, traditional Japanese guitars. MicroAd hopes to use its Sky Black magic service to create floating aerial displays at festivals, sports events and the like. And if they are as visually stunning as its latest effort we can see them attracting a bit of interest. Source: MicroAd. Source: www.gizmag.com

Uncanny Landscapes Become Artworks At Night With Drone LED Illumination - D'Marge

With the aim to convince the alien mystique of planetary exploration to our own world, photographer Reuben Wu has dramatically illuminated landscapes at shades of night with drones rigged with LED lights, making for some pretty magnificent results. “My aim is to portray a unique perspective of the planet we lively on by illuminating night landscapes with an aerial LED light,” said Wu. “Scenes which show not only the beauty of the landscape but also the versatility and awesomeness of adapting... Wu inured to a prototype AL250 light by Fiilex mounted on a 3DR Solo UAV for the series, named “Lux Noctis” which was influenced by a confluence of 19th century fabulous painting and science fiction which is expressed in the dramatic ways each drone... See more on Reuben’s Instagram. Source: www.dmarge.com

Be exposed & Motion Goes Airborne with NEW Stella 5000d Drone LED Light - Internet Video Magazine Industry News (the fourth estate release)

April, 2016 – Marina, CA – Find & Motion will show its new Stella 5000d Drone Light at NAB, April 18 – 21st in booth#C12041 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NVLight & Agitation is proud to introduce the industry’s first ultra-powerful... com) and AirborneDrones (www. co), Light & Motion engineered theStella drone brighten to support high resolution imaging work forcinema and industrial applications. The powerful and compact 5000 lumen be discovered is fully remotelycontrolled from the drone controller including on/off, dimming, anda power-saving strobe mode for photography. Weighing only 750grams, Stella 5000d draws up to 70 watts at broad power. Stella 5000d is cinema enabled, daylight balanced, with over 90 CRIand 93 TLCI achievement, and its small footprint allows it to mount onconventional camera gimbals. With a native 120° beam, the 5000dis compatible with all existing Stella Pro highlight reveal modifiers including a50° Focus Optic and 25° Fresnel lens. Light & Motion will be demonstrating the Stella 5000d at the NABShow in Las Vegas April 16-21. . • Hilarious Output COB “chip on board” LED• Certified 90 CRI, TLCI 93, CCT 5000K• FL-1 Standard Certified 5000 Lumen efficiency • FL-1 Standard Certified... Beyond bright, we are Powerful, delivering remarkable output from some of the most innovative, lightweight lights onthe store, lights that deliver certified high TLCI and high CRI in a daylight or Tungsten balanced head. We are Portable,making the most compressed easy to use lights in the industry. We are Progressive, one of the few lighting brands to buildour products in the USA. Light & Motion products come with a 2-year enhanced promise and we are the only brand toverify our lights as fully submersible, meeting the IP 67 testing protocol. We have been recognized for our pioneeringbusiness practices and a acute carbon footprint through numerous environmental awards, including the US Commerce &Trade Research Pioneer’s 2015 California Excellence Award recipient. com or 831-645-1538 or visit lightandmotion. Source: internetvideomag.com
  • Video Camera Drone with LED Lights @ Sharper Corporealization

    Mark the best video drones and quadcopters at SharperImage.com. The rechargeable Video Camera Drone with LED Lights if fun to fly and takes great photos too!

  • LED Lights - HeliPal - HeliPal.com - The Largest RC ...

    Buy LED Lights online at the Lowest Appraisal. HeliPal is the largest rc helicopter online store. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping, Low Price and Good Service.

  • Amazon.com: GPTOYS F2C Aviax Foggy Control Quadcopter ...

    Amazon.com: GPTOYS F2C Aviax Indifferent Control Quadcopter Drone Helicopter with Transmitter & Gyro System & HD Camera & LED Lights & 4G SD Card & SD Card Reader: Toys ...

  • Amazon.com: SS360 Drone - Act Series Quadcopter with ...

    Buy SS360 Drone - Arrest Series Quadcopter with Multicolor LED Lights, Protective Blade Bumpers, 6 Axis Gyro, Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery, and 2.4 GHz Meddling ...

  • LED Lights - XHeli.com - RC Helicopters RC Drone RC ...


QCopter Drone Quadcopter Drones with Camera LED Lights Green Mini Drone*BONUS BATTERY 2X FlightTime* - https://t.co/Uq2IjxdAgP 04/13/16, @OBDquadcopters
@riskindan Perhaps UFO sightings have increased by the exact same % with the advent of Quad-copter/Drone usage? LED lights at night. 04/13/16, @MitchellTurcott
Loving these Drone captures of landscapes at night. https://t.co/0RxSQNbenZ https://t.co/rwMlV86Jl1 04/13/16, @blinkbid
Quadcopter Drone With Led Lights - https://t.co/5rjYdwzPtL https://t.co/OBnm0QlJT2 04/13/16, @followme_ok
  • Drones Kindle Up The Landscape In Dramatic Photo Series

    05/08/16 ,via Visual News

    Wu captures the detach from landscape of our planet through dramatically-lit photos with the assistance of GPS-enabled drones. “My aim is to portray a unique perspective of the planet we charged on by illuminating night landscapes with an aerial LED light ...

  • Guard These LED-Equipped Drones 'Dance' in Front of Mount Fuji

    05/03/16 ,via in.pcmag.com

    Japan-based MicroAd, which otherwise runs an ad network, manifestly has a side business lighting up the sky with LED-equipped drones. The firm recently sent 25 drones up into the night sky in front of Mount Fuji for a splendiferous light display set to the ...

  • Drones flare up Mt Fuji in spellbinding audiovisual display

    05/04/16 ,via Gizmag

    Its Sky Black art project was demonstrated at the foot of Mt Fuji, where 20 drones equipped with a total of 16,500 LED lights hovered in formation while flickering in term to the strumming of Shamisens, traditional Japanese guitars. MicroAd hopes to use its ...

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4pcs Matek RC LED Naval seize on Go itinerary X2/5V Motor Mount for 1806 2204 2206 Motor FPV Racing RC Drone Quadcopter by LITEBB (Grün) by LITEBEE

  • Eine Farbe / Leiterplatte, insgesamt 4 Arten von Farbe / Leiterplatte
  • Verpackung: 4pcs Grün LED-Kreis mit 40cm Kabel
  • Leiterplatte: 1.2mm / Φ28mm, 1.5g

Customer reviews
1A LEDs, November 2, 2017
Die LEDs sind schön hell und kräftig in der Farbe. Habe die Farben blau und Rot gekauft und bin voll auf zufrieden. Nebenbei kamen sie auch gut verpackt und mit anständigen, weichen Silikon Kabeln, welche sich gut verlegen lassen.
Product Description

Eingang: 4-6V DC, Leistung: 0.6W 5V * 0.12A
Leiterplatte: 1.2mm / Φ28mm, 1.5g
M2 Montage: 11.5-16.5mm für 18xx Motor, M3 Montage: 15.5-19.5mm für 22xx Motor
Eine Farbe / Leiterplatte, insgesamt 4 Arten von Farbe / Leiterplatte
Paket inklusive
4 * Matek RC LED Licht CIRCLE X2 / 5V Motorhalterung für 1806 2204 2206 Motor Multicopter

Price: €8.99

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Matek LED Rücklicht WS2512B mit Clamorous Buzzer Dual Modes X Typ für FPV Racer Multicopters Drone by LITEBEE by LITEBEE

  • FC-Modus: unterstützen Sie Naze32, SPracing F3, etc. mit...
  • Eingang Spannungsbereich: 4,5-5,2V DC. Macht der TX Mdoe (5V...
  • Informationen zum nutzen, pls besuchen:...

Customer reviews
Guter Kauf, passgenau, January 16, 2018
In Quadcopter Frame der Eachine X220 , als Rücklicht mit Beeper. Das Matek LED kann zusammen mit dem Buzzer über Betaflight eingerichtet werden. Buzzer über einen der Aux Kippschalter der TX als Signalton zum orten bei Verlust,...
Passt, leuchtet und ist laut, July 7, 2018
Ich habe dieses Rücklicht an meinem Race Copter als Status Info und den Buzzer zum Finden des Copters beim Absturtz.Die Größe passt genau ans Heck meines 210 Copters, ohne dabei die Props zu berühren...
Product Description

Informationen zum nutzen, pls besuchen: http://www.mateksys.com/downloads/2812-BH_Manual_EN.pdf

Features und Spezifikationen:
Dual Control: FC Kontrolle andamp; TX-Kontrolle
TX-Modus: LED 7 Farben (weiß, rot, grün, blau, gelb, Magenta, Cyan)
LED 4-Status (Dauerlicht, Slw Blink, schnellen Blick, Voilent blinken)
Summer: Verlorene Flugzeug Finder
FC-Modus: zu unterstützen, Naze32, SPracing F3 usw. mit Cleanflight oder Betaflight firmware
Eingang Spannungsbereich: 4,5-5,2V DC
Macht der TX Mdoe (5V IN):1W/0.2A-2W/0.4A
Größe andamp; Montage: Pls überprüfen Sie das Layout
Gewicht: 5g
Paket bestehend aus
1 * dual Steuerelementtyp X Rücklicht mit 8 WS2812B LEDS und laut Buzzer-Controller Flugregler per Sender

Price: €9.99

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4 LED Sun-up Cleverness-hearted Strips by Flyingfolk.com STORM

  • Power Supply: 3S (11.1V) oder 4S (14.8V)
  • Support für 3S oder 4S Lipo´s
  • Maße: 7x30mm

Product Description

LED Light Board Strips für Multicopter - klein und leicht - 4 Stück - grün, blau, rot und weiß Mit den flyingfolk LED Boards ist dein Copter super gut ausgestattet. Die LED sind hell, das Board sehr klein und ultra leicht - gerade mal 7 x 30mm! Sieht super gut aus :) Support für 3S oder 4S Lipo´s. Am besten mit unseren flyingfolk Stromverteiler Board zusammen Technische Daten • Maße: 7x30mm • Power Supply: 3S (11.1V) oder 4S (14.8V) Lieferumfang • 4 x LED Strip (je 1 x Grün, Blau, Rot und Weiß)

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