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Parrot AR.Drone iPad Controlled Remote Control Aircraft Test Flight Demo Linus Tech Tips

http://ncix.com/vendors.php/4460/Parrot-Inc/ OMG. So cool.

Camera Drone DJI Phantom 3 in Action with Apple iPad Mini 2 and Pilot App

Camera Drone DJI Phantom 3 in Action with Apple iPad Mini 2 and Pilot App. Apple iPad Mini 2 is used as Monitor and Drone DJI Phantom is controlled through ...

Parrot Bebop Drone Deutsch Review - iPhone & iPad

Wir haben uns die Parrot bebop Drone etwas genauer angesehen. Infos: http://www.appgefahren.de/?p=122232 Preis: ab 499 Euro Parrot, Experte und Pionier ...

  • helicopter iphone ipad quadrotor ardrone


    Just received AR.Drone, a quadrotor helicopter. It will be used as an UAV platform. But for now, I'll enjoy a flight using iPad/iPhone. It has two cameras, sensors, small embeded Linux system onboard. It can be...

    Photo by Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr

  • 11 paid iPhone and iPad apps on marketing for free today

    05/20/16 ,via BGR

    Included on Friday's beadroll is a great calendar app, an app that will lock your private photos away, a very cool app that lets you record video of your iPhone screen, an dreadful VR app, a memory manager, an app that lets you control your drone from an

  • Preparing kids of today for careers of tomorrow

    05/20/16 ,via INFORUM

    Joel Kaczynski of RDO Appurtenances demonstrates drone flight at the Marketplace For Kids Technology Education Day event. Kaczynski stressed how technology changes even legacy "Feign Boy Color versus iPad. My youth versus yours," said entrepreneur Joe

  • No helicopter needed: How drones are vernissage the sky for filmmakers

    05/17/16 ,via Digital Trends

    I use DJI's Buoy up 1 along with my iPad Air as the monitor and controls. I wasn't impressed with drones until I saw what the Inspire 1 could do. The main things for me were: controlling the camera settings in the air (i.e., shutter, crack, and ISO

  • Jefferson County Sheriff?s Function purchases drone

    05/16/16 ,via Bend Bulletin

    The new DJI Phantasm 4, with a base price of $1,399 from vendor Drone World, has been outfitted with a slew of extra features, including a protective suitcase, a custom charger and extra batteries. The county also purchased an iPad for $829 to view video, 

  • What This Video Of A Drone Fishing For Tuna Can Inform about You About Disruption

    05/13/16 ,via Fast Company

    The squid bait was loosely dangled from the drone, which whizzed out to sea, its camera by far finding the fish in the seawater as its operators watched on an iPad. Before long, they guide the drone to plant its bait in front of the fish, and wham—a

Technology changing way homes for trading are toured - The News-Press

Understood tours, drones, live cameras and more are changing the way potential buyers look at homes. This new technology is especially useful in Southwest Florida this time of year when many customers are up north for the summer, but still want to buy a home for next winter. “It is wonderful detailed,” said Win Peniston, London Bay Homes, director of marketing. “It allows you to navigate interactively thoroughly the home. If you want to go in the kitchen and walk around and go into the pantry you can. You just click and point where you want to go”London Bay Homes just started using the Matterport program and has it uninterrupted for one model in Southwest Florida and has plans to add it to many more. The program is almost like Google Earth except it’s a walking drive inside a home instead of down a street. Customers that want to see the Chelston model in Old Naples can feel a virtual walk through the house walking everywhere from the main rooms to the pantry and closets. Possible customers simply click on the program and then the house and can move wherever they want to take the virtual strut. They can turn from side to side, walk upstairs and peer at anything they want. “In real estate 96 percent of all new homes sales will begin online, so how do we fix up that experience of a very special unique feel of that home. London Bay Homes hires local photographers to do the photos and then has it overloaded into the program. “It definitely skews a little bit to the younger demographics, but maybe a retiree is looking at a home with their kids who are in their 30s or 40s,” Peniston admits while adding it is so hands down even the older generation can easily navigate the system. “The site shows a demo on how easy it is to point and click,” he said. “It is a extraordinarily easy desktop experience. You feel in control of it. ”. Realtors are starting to use it with clients, especially now that many of their customers are up north for the summer. “That it is deeply helpful,” said Alice Zaimes-Strong, a realtor with John R. Wood. It is just really another helpful mechanism. So many of our people leave this time of the year. They can look at it any time. Whenever we have something like that on a listing it is exceedingly helpful to see the property. It is very interactive. It’s very good for the future. Interactive tours are definitely the marketing of the now and tomorrow's”. “It actually blew me away,” added Patrick O'Connor, a realtor with Premier Sotheby's International Realty in Naples. It makes the by-product you are selling look great and it makes you look great as an agent and it helps the builder looks huge. O’Connor says all the new technology is helpful giving the buyer information. He also uses drones for aerial photos of the homes he sells. Kalea Bay uses drones to show customers the because of from their future lanais. They took drone photos from all 22 floors in the exact location of the lanais before construction even began. They also have a web cam on a not far-off tower that shows a live look at the construction of the building. Buyers and potential buyers anywhere in the smashing can watch. Source: www.news-press.com

Inspect: Apple's Smaller, Newer iPad Pro Is a Terrific Tablet - CIO Today

When Apple launched its outset iPad Pro last fall, I was skeptical of the jumbo-sized device. Apple has taken nearly all of the technology and advancements it included in the sooner iPad Pro model and shoehorned them into a tablet that's much more portable and affordable. Even better, it's added additional features that help the new iPad Pro outclasses its antecedent in significant ways. My bottom line: The new iPad Pro represents a significant upgrade over previous mid-sized iPad models and is definitely worth inasmuch as whether you're shopping for your first tablet or looking to replace an older one. When Apple released the jumbo iPad Pro last disappointing collapse, the 12. 9-inch device included numerous new features. Those features have now generally trickled down into the new 9. 7-inch prototype. Like the bigger iPad Pro, the new one is powered by Apple's super-speedy A9X chip, offers a four-speaker stereo useful system, and includes Apple's new "Smart Connector" technology, which allows you to attach and power a physical keyboard without... In what will apt to be the big draw for many prospective buyers, the new mid-sized model also supports Apple Pencil, the high-tech stylus the troop introduced with the jumbo-sized iPad Pro. And I wish Apple offered wider support for the device within the iPad's operating arrangement and built-in apps. And it's great that the new model supports Pencil. Because of its size, the 9. 7-inch iPad Pro makes for a much more personal digital notepad than its bigger brother. The new model also has better cameras in both front and back than the first iPad Pro, replicating what is found in the latest iPhone. With the new cameras, you can assassinate ultra-high definition 4K videos, take higher-resolution selfies, and capture what Apple calls "Survive Photos," which are pictures that turn into short videos in a Harry Potter-like fashion when you touch your grade. The new iPad also is the first model to include a flash on the back and the ability to use the display as a flash for the front camera. The new cameras could be a big gratuity to consumers who already use the tablet to edit photos and movies or create stop-motion animation. A substitute alternatively of having to transfer photos they took on their smartphone to their tablet, they can now just shoot directly with the iPad Pro and get the same quality pictures and movies. Apple has also improved the partition off technology in the new iPad Pro. According to Apple, the screen is brighter, can display a significantly wider range of colors and is less reflective. When compared to my iPad Air 2, which was the up to date major update to Apple's midrange tablet line, the screen on the new iPad Pro was significantly brighter and the colors were less washed out. Apple's new prototype also includes "True Tone," which automatically adjusts the display to the ambient light. As you go from a sunlit field to a room with unequal to light, the new iPad Pro is supposed to adjust its. Source: www.cio-today.com

Principal Click: Is GoPro the next Flip Video camera? - The Verge

The smartphone was distinctly a direct threat to Flip cameras. But action cameras are different. They’re more often than not smartphone accessories. GoPro can boost pretend the Session a 1. 5-inch cube precisely because it’s unencumbered by the need for an attached LCD. And the trend is for action cameras to get smaller while smartphones are only getting bigger. I’m superbly happy to strap a GoPro to my snowboarding helmet but there’s no way in hell I’d strap my iPhone 6 Plus to it. For one thing, iPhones aren’t waterproof. But more importantly, I can’t hazard losing my phone. It’s bad enough to lose a day’s photos and videos when a $199 GoPro disappears into a few feet of powder, but it’s even worse when it’s the $700 bosom gateway into my life, that of my family, my business, and even my smart home. I’m perfectly willing to strap a GoPro to my bike, surfboard, longboard, bumper, and other places I’d not at all risk placing a smartphone. And for what it’s worth, I’ve yet to see a smartphone strapped to a helmet in real life. If anything, the reasons for the demur in GoPro sales is due to software and saturation. Everyone is making action cameras now. Others are miles in front of GoPro when it comes to shooting and editing your captured videos. GoPro’s newly acquired apps run for steps to correct that, but in my experience, the GoPro experience is still far behind companies like TomTom. And just like the iPad, there’s been really little reason to upgrade a GoPro purchased in the last few years. Live broadcasting is taking off thanks to the advent of Peep-owned Periscope and Facebook Live. Using a GoPro as a dedicated camera and the phone as a wireless remote domination / teleprompter / interactive chatting device is one possible path into a broader consumer market. The company’s already compelling steps in that direction with a Periscope deal announced in January. It also recently launched a developer program for companies like Fisher-Evaluation and BMW to integrate GoPro cameras directly into their products. And then there’s the GoPro Karma drone and the company’s 360-degree Omni camera rig both set to move later this year. Source: www.theverge.com
  • JEU DRONE GP IPAD Gratuit sur JEU .info

    Le jeu de simulation Drone GP nous est make an indecent par l’équipe de FrozenPepper et a fait son appairtion sur iPad au cours du mois de juillet 2015.

  • Repeat AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition pour iPhone, iPod Touch ...

    Reiterate AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition pour iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, compatible Android. Accessoire pour téléphone active. Remise 5% pour les adhérents, commandez vos ...

  • Tag - AR.Drone - iPhone 6s, 6s Added to, iPad et Apple Watch ...

    Nous vous parlons souvent de l'AR Drone ce quadricoptère qui se pilote depuis l'iPhone et l'iPad et qui fait rêver tant de geek. Avec sa seconde construction, l'AR Drone ...

  • Copycat AR.Drone pour iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, compatible ...

    Mimic AR.Drone pour iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, compatible Andoid - Bleu. Accessoire pour téléphone mobile. Remise 5% sally forth les adhérents, commandez vos produits en ...

  • Espace aérien drone : AIP DRONE | Cartes de l'espace ...

    L’espace aérien est particulièrement réglementé spew out des raisons évidentes de sécurité et il est parfois difficile pour les télépilotes de s’y retrouver ...

RT @MacRumors: Best Buy, Staples Offering up to $150 off 12.9-inch iPad Pro Stock https://t.co/cmhGm9ioiQ by @waxeditorial https://t.co/YVP… 04/18/16, @RP_Drone
Brand New Apple Ipad Air with WiFi MD788LL/A 16GB Silver https://t.co/sfjo5dYHnp https://t.co/kg61WMeATG 04/18/16, @droneonscreen
Tweet as you fly your drone with your iPad First passenger drone makes its debut at CES | Technology | The Guardian https://t.co/JGoY6wR3hQ 04/18/16, @Zorbitor
150 meters above my home at dusk, just moments before my 4 year old hit the drone emergency stop button on the iPad https://t.co/kMpju7dT9g 04/18/16, @kavanagh
  • iPad Music Apps At Superbooth 16

    05/04/16 ,via synthtopia.com

    At Superbooth 16, iPad music software was happily-represented ... fm4, square, grain, synth, drone). All of the Musik App Manufaktur apps had recently implemented the Ableton Link paradigm.

  • Journey's end Recreation: Drones - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

    05/07/16 ,via WCAX-TV

    This drone has a battery sentience of about 30 minutes. "The drone talks with radio signals here and there. I have an IPad hooked up. So here I can see what the camera is seeing," says Benedetto. Matt can manage the picture, video, colors, saturation ...

  • A Toronto-based drone guests is on the cutting edge of offering the newest technologies coming onto the market

    05/08/16 ,via ad-hoc-news.de

    Meldung von latimes.com: To the plethora of statistics, video clips and scouting reports open with the tap of an iPad, add an even more cutting ... former NTSB member John Goglia asked at a conference of drone enthusiasts gathered in Queens.

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  • Zwei einstellbare Montage Träger machen Kapuze Montage einfach und...
  • Die Bodenplatte des Aviator Kapuze verfügt über eine einzigartige...
  • Kapuze Halterungen auf der Vorderseite der iPad

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Must have für Dronen Piloten, May 15, 2018
Sehr gut verarbeitet. Passt auch für Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Artikel wie beschrieben. Dunkelt den Bildschirm gut ab. Ist schnell am Tablet montiert und eben so schnell und einfach wieder demontiert. Absolutes Qualitätsprodukt, wie von...
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iPads and iPhones have found their way into the musical toolkits of many producers, composers, artists, and DJs. While many of these musicians use iOS devices to augment their existing music gear, for some, iPad and iPhone apps have replaced instruments, computer-based DAWs, or studios altogether.

Experimental musicians realize that iOS music is one of the most significant developments in the history of music. Multi-touch interfaces open up a whole world of possibilities for interacting with music apps. The small form factor of these lightweight devices allow them to easily manipulated in three-dimensional space, while specialized sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes enable apps to react to any type of motion.

Far beyond mimicking traditional instruments, desktop software, or hardware interfaces, the unique capabilities of iOS devices have enabled the creation of whole new instruments. There are hundreds of apps available today that offer ways of creating and interacting with music that were inconceivable five years ago.

Whether you're a veteran iPad musician, or just beginning to learn what music apps can do, you're sure to find plenty of tips and advice in this book to get you started or help you get to the next level. For readers just beginning to explore experimental music, there's an introduction to what it is and why it matters. For hardcore sound artists, you'll find the latest apps for doing new and terrible things to your sample collection.

You'll learn some good habits and figure out which rules to throw away on your way to becoming more prolific. You'll read about strategies for generating new ideas and removing creative blocks. Most importantly, you'll learn the best tools for creating new and exciting styles of music never before possible.

This book covers essential iOS music tools, music production workflows, midi controllers, futuristic synths, noise apps, soundscaping, glitching, effects automation, algorithmic composition, and more.

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AR.Drone 2.0 - Power Akku (HD Batterie) by Parrot

  • PF070056

Customer reviews
LiPo-Akku, nicht laden und lagern..., June 4, 2018
... hätte ich das mal vorher gewusst :-(Hatte mehrere dieser Akkus, immer tadellos, gute Flugzeiten, alles prima.Leider wusste ich nicht, dass man diese Akkus (andere ggf. auch) nicht geladen lagern darf.Ich fand das...
grundsätzlich gut..., July 9, 2018
Akku hat meine Flugzeiten deutlich verlägert. 20 min sind kein Problem. Allerdings hat der Akku sich nach meinem letzten Flug deutlich nach außen gewölbt und ist nicht mehr einsetzbar. Ich hab den Akku im Keller verwahrt und nur mit...
Ist gut aber Teuer, May 15, 2018
Hält lage ist aber meiner Ansicht viel zu Teuer. Qualität und Verarbeitung ist sehr gut.Leider nur 4 Sterne wegen des Preises