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Flying a Drone: Inspire 1

Today we take the Inspire 1 out for a test run! http://store.dji.com/product/inspire-1-with-2-remote-controllers DJI on YouTube: ...

DJI Inspire 1 Real World Preview with 4k DRONE Footage

http://froknowsphoto.com/dji-inspire-1/ Click Here for the 4K Sample Footage We had the pleasure of going to a super secret location aka Brooklyn NYC to get ...

Inspire 1 Review En Español - 4K Drone de DJI

DJI Inspire 1 Review En Español - 4K Drone Este es un simple video demostrativo, no intencionado para uso comercial. Simplemente compartimos nuestra ...

  • Hold Back The Melancholy

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJi8fsqSoyo There was light before The rain began, And there was hope Behind the suffering joke. Lies come, Lies they go. Even the sun is tired. Under the surfaces, There is a benevolent...

    Photo by Sabbian Paine on Flickr

  • Want Eared bats can inspire better Drone technologies

    05/05/16 ,via Firstpost

    Great-eared bats (Plecotus auritus) are assisted in flight by their ears and body, say scientists, adding that this knowledge into the bats' flying know-how can help develop better drones. Contrary to what researchers previously assumed, Christoffer

  • Honeybees can inspire bettor drone technologies

    05/06/16 ,via Firstpost

    A computer maquette that shows how honeybees use vision to detect the movement of the world around them and avoid crashing can lead to develop better aerial robotics and autonomous robots, scientists have revealed. Led by Alexander Make do from University 

  • Exemplar Gets Hit In Face With Drone

    05/12/16 ,via Fstoppers

    The DJI Chimera is the most popular drone ever made. It's cheap, light, and easy to use. It seems like everyone has one and therefore we have seen some hilarious bang videos with them. The Inspire 1 is a different beast though; it's the "professional

  • Al Qaeda's online ammunition tells terrorists to target U.S. business leaders in their homes

    05/15/16 ,via Washington Times

    With Inspire, al Qaeda was the oldest Islamic terrorist group to exploit the Internet's reach by publishing and distributing a sort of trade publication on the punishing business. The Islamic State has taken use of the Internet to new heights with mass

  • Erudite All-Stars: Chandler Crane

    05/20/16 ,via Appleton Post Crescent

    He uses a drone to fire aerial video and a hand-held camera stabilizer to get ground shots. Now a senior at Appleton North, Crane has produced videos for golf In the community: Teach; counselor at Appleton North's youth basketball and football

Sentera transforms Inspire Drone into affordable fidelity scouting tool - Farm Industry News (subscription)

Sentera, LLC, a software, sensor, and drone retinue is making precise crop health and normalized difference vegetation index data affordable to every grower. Sentera developed the aptitude to transform new or existing DJI Inspire drones into precision agriculture scouting tools while retaining full functionality of the Inspire’s 360-caste camera. The NDVI Upgrade seamlessly integrates Sentera’s proven Single Sensor with the intuitive DJI INSPIRE drone, capturing unerring near-infrared (NIR) imagery and producing NDVI crop maps. Sentera’s INSPIRE NDVI Upgrade directly supports this stipulation,” said Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera. “Pairing our proven Sentera Fasten on Sensor with an INSPIRE allows growers to add critical NIR and NDVI capabilities to a robust commercial drone while retaining the incredible figurativeness capabilities of the INSPIRE to which users are already accustomed. The Sentera Single Sensor is the smallest, lightest precision agriculture sensor on tap today, offering 1. 2MP or 10MP NDVI and a global shutter for crisp, clear aerial data whip-round. The Single Sensor seamlessly integrates with Sentera’s AgVault Software , allowing growers to easily leverage crop robustness imagery at the field edge, where immediate action can be taken. “Our customers have had incredible success scouting their crops using Sentera’s NDVI upgrade with the Eidolon 3 Professional and Advanced platforms. We are excited to extend this valuable NDVI capability to the high-endurance Inspire airframe,” Poulson commented. Existing Inspire drones can be sent straight to Sentera or a Sentera-authorized reseller, where skilled technicians professionally integrate a high-precision Separate Sensor into the drone. Alternatively, growers wishing to obtain a new Inspire drone with NDVI capabilities may purchase both items directly finished with Sentera at the same time. Sentera’s Inspire NDVI Upgrade will be available for the 2016 growing season. com/dji-ndvi-upgrade/ to learn more and orderliness the upgrade. Source: farmindustrynews.com

DRONE VIDEO: Colorado ultra despatch-bearer hopes to inspire others through fitness - FOX21News.com

— A Colorado ultra dispatch-rider hopes to inspire others. She’s run a thousand-mile event, and competed all over the world winning races and setting records. However, her biggest triumph comes off the trail: overcoming seizures and brain surgery. “With perseverance, discipline and believing in yourself all things are on,” Diane Van Deren said. Running races 100 miles or longer is Van Deren’s specialty. “I predilection what I do. I get up every morning at 4:30 in the morning. I look at Pikes Peak and run these glorious mountains in Colorado,” Van Deren said. Van Deren wasn’t always an ultra-staying power athlete. She used to be a tennis pro, but during that time, her body gave her a warning of what was to come. “I was having these funny sensations and they were shrewd and brief,” Van Deren said. Eventually she got off the pro circuit to start a family. I was playing the pro tour and I had three trim children and was living the dream and these seizures started taking over my life,” she said. For 10 years, she battled uncontrollable seizures, but one day:. “I chose to have the planner surgery, I wanted to be a wife, a mother, and pro athlete. They literally went in and sawed the side of my head sincere where my seizures came from,” she said. During this time, Van Deren used her love of the mountains and fitness to find calmness. “The way I coped with that was running, and I found that when I ran, I never seized so I really found my love of running from running from the seizure,” she said. Van Deren had her hindmost seizure the night before surgery in 1997. Now Van Deren is a sponsored North Face runner, competing in races all over the era, and stays focused on the trails by incorporating another one of her passions. I love to sing, so while I am out there all I think is rhythm, and I just get a rhythm,” Van Deren said. “It’s in fact when I am the most spiritual and most creative when I am racing and training,” she said. Van Deren knows not everyone loves to run epic distances. You should incorporate that every day and live that to your fullest,” Van Deren said. Diane will be at the Broadmoor’s Women’s Weekend of Wellness , focused on dollop women unleash their inner athlete, this weekend. Source: fox21news.com

FAA Creates Drone Hortatory Panel, Lifts Barrier to Education - Insurance Journal

The Federal Aviation Direction (FAA) is establishing a broad-based advisory committee to provide advice on key unmanned aircraft integration issues. Also, under a new game plan, the agency will also make it easier for students to fly unmanned aircraft as part of their coursework. The drone advisory committee will incorporate representatives from industry, government, academia, retail and technology fields, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told go the distance week’s convention of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International... Huerta said the drone monitory committee is an outgrowth of the previous unmanned aerial systems (UAS) registration task force and the rulemaking cabinet. In contrast, Huerta said the drone advisory committee is intended to be a long-term group. “Input from stakeholders is depreciative to our ability to achieve that perfect balance between integration and safety,” Huerta said. “We know that our policies and overall ordinary of this segment of aviation will be more successful if we have the backing of a strong, diverse coalition. Huerta also announced the FAA has begun allowing students to manage UAS for educational and research purposes. As a result, schools and students will no longer need a Section 333 exclusion or any other authorization to fly provided they follow the rules for model aircraft. Faculty will be able to use drones in connection with portion students with their courses. “Schools and universities are incubators for tomorrow’s great ideas, and we think this is going to be a significant discharge in the arm for innovation,” Huerta said. Brian Wynne, president and CEO of AUVSI, welcomed Huerta’s announcements. He called the counselling committee “yet another example of government and industry collaboration AUVSI has been advocating, and we look forward to participating in the treat. He also praised the plan to make it easier for students and teachers to engage in unmanned aircraft research as a way to “inspire the next crop” of drone operators and aviators. However, at the same convention, a keynote speaker, former Cisco CEO John Chambers, criticized Huerta and the Obama distribution for moving too slowly on federal regulations for drones. Chambers himself has invested in and is on the board of on a commercial drone startup called Airware. They have reported increased incidents of drones in airspaces approximately airports and urged that regulators restrict drones around airports including using technology such as geospacing that would creator drones that get too close to protected airspace... Some insurance companies are proceeding cautiously into the drone market given the uncertainty over the regulations and the risks they substitute for for owners and operators. The FAA has promised to announce final rules soon. “The rule will be in place within a year,” FAA Papal nuncio Administrator Michael Whitaker said last year in testimony before the. Source: www.insurancejournal.com
  • Drone - Achat/Vente Drone Pas Cher - RueDuCommerce

    By the bucketful acheter votre drone pas cher, pour bénéficier du meilleur prix pour l'achat de votre drone

  • Drones | DroneShop - Drone Machine shop, l'expérience du drone ...

    Vous souhaitez acheter un drone , mais vous ne savez pas quel modèle acheter ? Emerge bien choisir votre drone, il est primordial de savoir vers quelle utilisation ...

  • Drone Multirotor.com : Communauté AR Drone et Multirotors

    Le place communautaire dédié au Drone Parrot et Multirotors: Rencontres, forum, astuce, tutoriaux, actualité, ...

  • Drone — Wikipédia

    Un drone (de l'anglais drone [1]) désigne un aéronef sans pilote à bord. Le drone peut avoir un use civil ou militaire . Les drones sont utilisés au profit des ...

  • Prestataire Drone En Alsace

    Prestataire drone en Alsace et Lorraine , photo , vidéo , tournage cinéma , documentaire , vapour entreprise , tourisme , les applications sont nombreuses .

Hey @CaseyNeistat. You inspire me to crash my drone! https://t.co/rnlQzhXBje 04/09/16, @GuavaRoi
Been offered a BRAND NEW DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 drone with an extra battery for £1700, how tempting! 04/14/16, @CazuaLLUK
Test flew the $7.2k Inspire Pro Black Edition, for the first time today. #Sydney #technology #travel #e... https://t.co/wri6eP5OzI #drone 04/14/16, @DroneCorner
RT @CAllstadt: The new DJI Inspire #drone just unveiled here in SF. It has a 4K camera. (Vine by @jacknicas) https://t.co/0oDa4THWXY 04/14/16, @PeLopez1
  • These Drones Flew Over a Lake of Lava — And the Results Are Humdrum Fire

    05/09/16 ,via Mic

    Photographer and drone supporter Eric Cheng flew his DJI Inspire 1 drone into an erupting volcano in Iceland and the footage is lit. The quadcopter whirred over the lava lake, part of the Holohraun lava participants that is nearly equal in size to Manhattan ...

  • Match of Drones: The best aerial companions money can buy

    05/06/16 ,via Digital Trends

    Scan our hands-on review here. If you thought the Phantom 4 was cool… you were right. But the Inspire 1 Pro, the flagship drone from DJI, ascends to another plane when it comes to aerial videography. The Inspire 1 Pro and Raw editions list Micro 4/3 ...

  • Honeybees can inspire less ill drone technologies

    05/06/16 ,via Tech2

    A computer pattern that shows how honeybees use vision to detect the movement of the world around them and avoid crashing can lead to develop better aerial robotics and autonomous robots, scientists have revealed. Led by Alexander Deal with from University of ...

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