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DRONES IN SIMPLE PLANES! If you enjoyed this video check out more here: https://goo.gl/guL9WO ▻ SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/RnE9oB ▻ Check out my ...

Hacking a $20 Toy Helicopter into an Autonomous Drone

We chat with Kyle Moore, a member of the Stanford Robotics Club, about his project that converts cheap remote-controlled toy helicopters into autonomous ...

The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying

The Swarm man carrying multi-rotor airborne flight testing montage. 54 counter-rotation propellers, six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization.

  • helicopter heavylifting aerialcrane workinghelicopter

    Working Helicopter

    On a windy Saturday morning, we were sitting outside (sheltered from the relentless wind) having our morning beverages when we became aware of the sound of a helicopter droning away. I had to go find it. Sure enough,...

    Photo by awsheffield on Flickr

  • Holocaust Department says drone threatened helicopter effort to fight 2-acre Anchorage blaze

    05/16/16 ,via KTUU.com

    ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Anchorage holocaust officials say a 2-acre wildfire that threatened neighborhoods surrounding Campbell Creek could have been much worse if a buzzing drone had not immediately left the stretch.

  • Drone Keeps Crisis Helicopter Going to Refuel from Flying for 10 Minutes

    05/18/16 ,via KSTP.com

    A privately flown drone prevented an difficulty helicopter from flying for 10 minutes Tuesday night at Hennepin County Medical Center, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The set-to was reported to Minneapolis police. Officers responded at 10:35 

  • New Drone Takes Off Like A Helicopter, Flies Like A Airliner

    05/06/16 ,via Popular Science

    Runways are troublesome, and helicopters are inefficient. Between these two statements is the quest for Vertical Takeoff and Landing, or VTOL, flying machines. Hampered for decades by the predicament of building such an aircraft that can switch from

  • No helicopter needed: How drones are opportunity the sky for filmmakers

    05/17/16 ,via Yahoo News

    Large gone are the days of indie filmmakers blowing half their budget on a helicopter for that all-important aerial shot. Quadcopters are where it's at, their flying and camera capabilities now friendly enough for capturing incredible footage that can wow

  • Drone imperilled helicopter, Civil Aviation alleges

    04/25/16 ,via The Press

    A helicopter steer who fought a blaze in trees in rural Canterbury was shocked to find out there had been a drone shooting footage in the vicinity. The drone pilot, Simon Roy Reeve, 38, has gone on crack in the Christchurch District Court on three

Chch drone fraud guilty of endangering heli pilot - Newshub

A Canterbury drone aviatrix has been found guilty of causing unnecessary endangerment to a helicopter operation in a test case which could set legal precedent for the fledgling trade. Kairaki man Simon Reeve, 38, was also found guilty of flying a drone in a controlled airspace without permission on two separate occasions. Prosecutors had accused him of flying the standoffish-operated device too close to a helicopter fighting a dangerous plantation fire at The Pines Beach in January survive year. The helicopter pilot, who gave evidence at trial, argued it could have caused a fatal accident by hitting him in the phiz. Prosecuters also claimed Reeve violated a controlled airspace which sits around Christchurch Airport, leaving the helicopter wheelman completely unaware the drone was flying in the area. Aircraft are required to notify the control tower at Christchurch Airport before operating within the remarkable zone -- known as Class C airspace -- to protect landing and take-off. In particular, he highlighted how he had found Reeve wasn't flying his drone at the same spell the helicopter was fighting the fire. Previously, Reeve's lawyer Rupert Glover argued the flight was actually a shielded operational which did not put the helicopter at risk. He told the court it was flying below the tree level in an area the helicopter could not safely reach. Mr Glover also argued the rules 'round controlled airspace were unclear, saying there was a debate around where the boundary of the Christchurch Airport Control Zone actually was. Source: www.newshub.co.nz

Drone threatened helicopter, Civil Aviation alleges - The Press

A helicopter wheelman who fought a blaze in trees in rural Canterbury was shocked to find out there had been a drone shooting footage in the vicinity. The drone conductor, Simon Roy Reeve, 38, has gone on trial in the Christchurch District Court on three charges – causing surplus endangerment and two charges of flying the drone in controlled airspace on different days without permission. The hearing before a judge may zigzag out to be a test case about drone flying rules. Civil Aviation Authority prosecutor Chris Macklin told Rule Gary MacAskill the pilot of the helicopter would give evidence at the three-day trial about the risks posed by having a drone operating in the room. "He will say he only knew that an aircraft had been operated in the area by the defendant when he got home and saw footage on the news. It shocked him," said Macklin. Protection counsel Rupert Glover said the drone was used in a "sheltered operation" below the tree level where it could not have come into contact with a helicopter because the helicopter could not have safely flown there. He said the rules were not as bell-like as they might be and there was doubt about where the boundary of the Christchurch Airport Control Zone actually was. The trial was told the drone was a remotely piloted Figment of the imagination II helicopter, which weighed about 2kg and had plastic blades. Macklin said the prosecution related to flights on January 5 and 20, 2015, and the surplus endangerment charges related to Reeve flying the drone on January 5. "The allegation is that his model aircraft was airborne while helicopter... "The defendant was operating without the yield of Air Traffic Control in an already hazardous environment. It is alleged he caused unnecessary danger to those operating the helicopter. He said the drone had operated "tens of metres" away from the helicopter. The footage it stimulus would be shown to the trial, to show the proximity of the aircraft. Macklin said Reeve said in a statement that he "wasn't really sensible of the rules as they applied to him". In it, Reeve said he had no aviation experience but had been flying model aircraft for years. He said: "The rules are hard-boiled to understand. Source: www.stuff.co.nz

Wingtra drone is helicopter-jet plane hybrid - Reuters

The Wingtra 1 is an aerial clod that takes off vertically like a quadcopter. But once airborne, it turns on its side and flies like a firm-wing aircraft. It was designed by a spin-off team from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. SOUNDBITE (English) STEPHANIE LAMBERT, Province DEVELOPMENT TEAM, WINGTRA, SAYING: "We combined the current technologies of drones, which are quadcopters and fixed-wings, and we combined these advantages while overcoming their limitations. we are developing an aerial tool that starts and lands like a helicopter and its transists [transitions] into forward flight, like an airplane. " Turning into a solid-wing aircraft makes the electric drone far more energy efficient. The team says it could be a game-changer for aerial statistics collection, especially in agriculture. (SOUNDBITE) (English) YOUSSEF DEMITRI, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, WINGTRA, SAYING: "So at the consequence we're focusing on the sensing market, so that's basically any application where you need to gather aerial data. For example, in agriculture farmers would requisite that to inspect their farms. " (SOUNDBITE) (English) S TEPHANIE LAMBERT, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM, WINGTA, SAYING: "The drone vend is really growing. For example, agriculture is a multi-trillion dollar market. " The system can fly autonomously, with no captain required while it carries out its mission. Its algorithms are clever enough to land precisely and safely, and can remain stable even when the stand turns against it. (SOUNDBITE) (English) YOUSSEF DEMITRI, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, WINGTRA, SAYING: "It's also very shrewd in detecting the wind... " Wingtra was recently showcased at the CeBIT 2016 technology fair in Germany. Source: www.reuters.com
  • AR Drone Helicopters | Imitate AR Drone Helicopters | AR ...

    Interpret about the AR Drone Helicopter from Parrot. We tell all about the Parrot AR Drone helicopter and give you videos of the AR drone, a full review, pictures, and ...

  • Drone : explication et explications - Actualité ...

    Meaning "Drone" - Encyclopédie scientifique en ligne ... La classification des drones est un exercice très difficile, dans la mesure ou elle est différente (En ...

  • Drone — Wikipédia

    Un drone (de l'anglais drone [1]) désigne un aéronef sans pilote à bord. Le drone peut avoir un handling civil ou militaire . Les drones sont utilisés au profit des ...

  • Helicopter Hovercraft Drone Mixture - Manufacturing.net

    The Israeli troop, Urban Aeronautics, has developed a drone called "Airmule" that is part helicopter, part hovercraft.

  • Drone Flying Demo With Enormous Photography Using Gopro - YouTube

    http://top-interesting.com/drone - Great Drone selections with accessories. Looking to get a drone or gopro camera? Perhaps to try drone fireworks? You can a ...

Watch the first certified drone-helicopter hybrid take flight https://t.co/e1EQve0Fok https://t.co/USL6sHCscQ 04/08/16, @mashable
#DroneDeals Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter Drone Helicopter w/Handheld CGO SteadyGrip: $549.00End Date: Satu... https://t.co/ZqUVjlpicw 04/14/16, @Barsum79
#DroneDeals Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter Drone Helicopter w/Handheld CGO SteadyGrip: $549.00End Date: Satu... https://t.co/rtXa7dMtWU 04/14/16, @kamzou08
Tomorrow Daily - Autonomous drone helps unmanned helicopter fight fires, Ep. 283… https://t.co/oaoNP6WSbQ https://t.co/HOLwVjY0Ql 04/14/16, @FattaRoligt
  • One-time NTSB official says drone isn't going to bring airplane down

    05/08/16 ,via FOX News

    The action warned in March that “operating drones around airplanes, helicopters and airports is dangerous and illegal” and cautioned that scofflaws could be undergo to “stiff fines and criminal charges, including possible jail time.”

  • Wingtra drone is helicopter-skate hybrid

    04/26/16 ,via Reuters

    The Wingtra aerial mechanical man takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane to complete autonomous data gathering missions or deliver a small payload. Matthew Sheep reports. The Wingtra 1 is an aerial robot that takes off vertically like a quadcopter.

  • Two drones to remedy find missing helicopter pilot

    05/08/16 ,via freemalaysiatoday.com

    SRI AMAN: Two drones have been brought from Kuala Lumpur to mitigate the search and rescue operation to locate the missing pilot of the Hornbill Skyways helicopter that crashed in Batang Lupar. The bodies of all five passengers on billet the Eurocopter AS350 ...

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Virhuck Volar-360 RC Nano Cog Drone Quadcopter, 2,4 GHz 4,5 CH 6 AXIS 360 Grad Plop down Mini Drone Helicopter - Gr¨¹n by Virhuck

  • Bis zu 5-8 Minuten Flugzeit innerhalb von nur 20 Minuten, die die...
  • Handliche Fernbedienung: Der rutschfeste und schuttgefullte 2.4GHz...
  • Gewicht: 1.48oz (42g); Besteht aus einem kompakten Gehause mit...

Customer reviews
Perfekt für die Wohnung, November 28, 2017
Diese kleine Drohne sieht genau so aus wie abbgebildet. Die Verarbeitung sieht gut aus und die Drohne ist sehr benutzerfreundlich und einfach zu bedienen. Obwohl man einige Übung braucht um sie ganz problemlos zu fliegen, das varriert aber auch...
Macht auf jeden Fall Spaß, September 23, 2017
Macht Spaß und macht abhängig :) draußen lohnt es sich nicht zu probieren beim schwächsten Wind kann man nicht zurück steuern.. im Grass findet man kaum. Die Drohne ist sehr schwer auf eine Höhe zu halten. Ohne Gas zu...
Super Preis-Leistung und Spaß garantiert!, November 23, 2017
Die Drohne ist recht klein, macht aber gewaltig Spaß. Ich habe sie bisher indoor benutzt und war vollends zufrieden. Auch mein Sohn - 8 Jahre - kommt super mit dem Gerät zurecht - und trotzdem ist es auch eine angenehme Herausforderung...
Product Description

Hinweis: 1. Diese Nano Drone ist nicht geeignet fur Kinder unter 8 Jahren. Bitte lesen Sie das Handbuch, bevor Sie beginnen.
2. Das USB-Kabel leuchtet auf, wenn der Akku vollstandig aufgeladen ist. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass die Drohne wahrend des Ladevorgangs ausgeschaltet ist.

Technische Daten:
Nettogewicht: 0,25oz / 7g (Mini Quadcopter) 3,17 Unzen / 90 g (Min Quadcopter + Transmitter)
Material: Umweltfreundlicher Kunststoff
Ladezeit: 20 min
Flugzeit: 5-8 Minuten
Batterie: 3.7V 80 mAh Lipoly
Drone Lighting: Mehrfarbige LED-Leuchten
Fernbedienung Entfernung: 787,40 in./20 Meter
Mini Drone Dimension: 1,3 x 1,3 x 0,7in./ 3,3 x 3,3 x 1,8cm
Fernbedienung Sender: 4.7 x 3.1 x 1.1in./ 12 x 8 x 2.8cm
Paket Dimension: 5.6 x 4.7 x 1.4in./ 14.2 x 12 x3.5cm

1 * Quadcopter
1 * Fernbedienungssender
4 * Ersatz Propeller
1 * USB Ladekabel
1 * Schraubendreher
1 * Handbuch

Price: €79.99
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Blessed Stone Mini Drohne HS170 RC Quadrocopter 2.4GHz 6-Achsen-Gyro Helicopter ferngesteuert mit Fernbedienung ein dumfound Spielzeug drone für Kinder ab 12 jahre und Anfänger, Farbe blau by Holy Stone

  • Beste Kundenservice: Wenn Sie Probleme oder Fragen während Fliegen...
  • 6-Axis Gyro 2.4G Hz Stabilisierung System, die beste Wahl für...
  • Reichweite: 30-50 Metern. Laufzeit: 6-8 Min. Ladezeit: 60-80...

Customer reviews
Spaß pur für Opa und Enkelkind, July 8, 2017
Kundenvideo-Rezension Länge:: 0:38 Minuten Dies ist mein erster Quadrocopter und nach einigen Übungen gelingt die Steuerung ganz gut.Der Einsteiger-Quadrocopter liegt ruhig in der Luft und ist mit hellen Positions-LEDs auch in...
Sehr viel Spaß für sehr wenig Geld. Sehr gute Anfängerdrone, July 10, 2017
Nachdem ich jetzt einige Zeit hatte das Produkt zu testen, würde auch ich gerne meine Erfahrungen mit der Drone teilen.Lieferumfang:- Gebrauchsanweisung --> Komplett in sehr gutem Deutsch!- Ladekabel-...
Kleine Drohne Fliegen Lernen (Vergleich drinnen und draußen), July 11, 2017
Kundenvideo-Rezension Länge:: 4:21 Minuten Habe mich immer wieder gefragt, wie kann man Drohnen fliegen lernen, ohne Risiko und am einfachsten. Was ich gesehen habe, sind Videos vom Fliegen und erfahrenen Fliegern. Keine Sorge, ich bin kein...
Product Description

1 x Quadrocopter
1 x 2.4G Fernbedienung (AA Batterie ist nicht enthalten)
4 x Ersatzrotorblätter
1 x 3.7V 350mAh Akkumulator
1 x USB Ladekabel
1 x Schraubendreher
1 x Gebrauchsanweisung

Wichtige Hinweise:
1.Geeignet für die Anwendern ,die 14 jahre alt oder älter sind.(Beachten Sie bitte die Hinweise der beiliegenden Bedienungsanleitung)
2.Dies Quadrocopter hat leistungsstarke,sehr reaktionsfähige Motoren.Treiben Sie den Gashebel,um das Modell zu abheben
3.Beim Fliegen werden Motoren, Akkus und Leiterkarte heiß. Zwischen jedem Flug pausieren Sie es ca. 10 Minuten zu Kühlen.
4.Das USB Ladegerät soll Eingangsstrom( < 0.5A ) benutzt werden, oder können Sie das Batterieladegerät ersetzen(Asin: B00QHUONLE)

Akku Warnung:
Bitte laden Sie Batterie nicht an Stelle von den Brennstoffe, in der Nähe der Brennstoffe oder in einem Fahrzeug auf.
Lagern Sie Lipo Batterie nicht in der Nähe von Feuchtigkeit oder direktem Sonnenlicht , oder an der Stelle von hohen Temperaturen.
Beim Aufladen legen Sie Batterie an einem Ort, wo Sie sie sehen können.
Demontieren und modifizieren Sie Verdrahtungen nicht , oder stechen Sie Batterie nicht.
Bitte stellen Sie es sicher , dass die Ausgangsspannung des Geräts die Spannung entsprechen.
Überladen Sie die Batterie nie.
Batterie dürfen nicht kurzgeschlossen werden lassen.
Halten Sie die Batterie von Kindern fern.
Falsche Verwendung kann zu der Batterieexplosion, dem Feuer oder sonstiger Gefährdung führen!

Price: €5.95

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Vovotrade✿✿ RC Drone Helicopter Ball Built-in Shinning LED Lighting for Kids Teenagers Colorful Flyings for Kids Toy (Grün) by Vovotrade®

  • ✿ Der Ball enthält die Batterie und Motor und auch einige blinkende...
  • ✿ Verwendung von umweltfreundlichen ungiftigen Materialien;...
  • ✿ Es ist wie ein Spielzeughubschrauber aber anstelle der üblichen...

Product Description

Ein Schlüssel zum Öffnen, einfache Bedienung, einfach zu spielen.
Unter dem Sensor automatische Induktion Hindernisse, halten fliegen nicht auf den Boden fallen.
Verlassen Sie die traditionellen Handwerk Eigenschaften der stille, machen fliegen interessanter.
Automatische Abschalt-Schutz-System, lassen sich die Eltern nicht um ihre Kinder sorgen und glücklich.
Jede Infrarot-Fernbedienung kann das Flugzeug steuern, drücken Sie den Fernbedienungsschalter, starten Sie den fliegenden Ball.
Mit der perfekten Kombination von peal Modellierung, Farbe Licht machen die Farbe unendliche Veränderungen, attraktiver für Kinder.
Errichtet in der dynamischen Musik. Mit kühlem und grellem Licht können mehr die Aufmerksamkeit der Kinder und Interesse anziehen. Lassen Sie die Kinder im Lachen spielen.
Über Steuerpult können Sie Fernsehapparat u. Klimaanlagen-FernRontroller benutzen, um den Handsensor ein- / auszuschalten. Merken Sie ihn bitte, dass er nicht das Fliegen steuern kann.
Schieben Sie den Schalter auf "Ein"
Lassen Sie den Ball aus der Hand und lassen Sie sie fliegen
Nach etwa 2-3 Sekunden beginnen die Propeller zu drehen
Wenn das Licht aufleuchtet, halten Sie den Ball in einer geraden Position
Auf der Unterseite der Kugel finden Sie einen kleinen schwarzen AN / AUS-Schalter
100% nagelneu.
Fliegen-Kugel Größe: 15.5 * 11 * 5cm
Fliegende Kugel Farbe: Transparent, helle Farbe gelegentlich
Aufladenzeit: ungefähr 30mins
Laufzeit: 7-10 Minuten
Körper-Material: ABS Plastik.
Geeignet für: Alter 8+. USB-Aufladung
Flugzeit: Ca. 6-8 Minuten.
Ermittelnde Distanz: 10 Meter
Paket Inhalt:
1x Flugzeug
1xCharge Kabel

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Dowellin 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Mini RC Quadcopter Pocket Drone Helicopter 3D Rollover - Orange

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