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RC Halloween Flying Ghost Tricopter Quadcopter Drone

Halloween Flying Ghost attached to a remote controlled tricopter. Flown in my Tooele, Utah neighborhood on Halloween night. Filmed with a Gopro HD Hero 3 ...

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe

Please subscribe to my channel http://bit.ly/29dPEte More Pranks! http://bit.ly/29ii04b Comment below your favorite reaction leave a time stamp so I can see it too ...

Introducing Ghost Drone 2.0

EHANG's co-founder Derrick Xiong introducing all the exciting new features of Ghost Drone 2.0.

  • poster graphicdesign propaganda remix neighborhoodwatch drones

    America's New and Improved Neighborhood Watch

    Drones go domestic and soon will be spotted over suburban and urban skies across America. See all the posters from the Chamomile Tea Party! Digital high res downloads are free here. Other options are available. And...

    Photo by outtacontext on Flickr

  • California Gun Pilot Measures Pretty Much Bans Rifles, Imposes Background Checks On Ammunition

    05/20/16 ,via Town Hall

    Louisville, KY - Townhall is on the organize in Louisville for the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting, a three-day gathering of pro-Second Amendment supporters that's expected to lure tens of thousands of people. And it looks like it couldn't

  • Flicks Listings for May 20-26

    05/19/16 ,via New York Times

    'Eye in the Sky' (R, 1:42) This suspenseful film over about an American drone attack on a terrorist meeting place in Nairobi, Kenya, is grim farce in which unpredictable human behavior time threatens an operation of astounding technological

  • Hillary Clinton and National Violence

    05/20/16 ,via CounterPunch

    Barack Obama's drone murders are the morally-drained conclusion to policies that proceed from the assertion that nothing the U.S. does, no matter how horrific, is morally suspect. When merged with neoliberal economic their own bellies and bank

  • Duke grad creates recreational drones in start-up

    05/06/16 ,via Duke Chronicle

    EHang's drones can be controlled with a phone and are referred to as "ghost drones." “It's like playing a Nintendo Wii and holding a joystick,” Xiong said. “If you slant forward, the drone will fly forward. If you tilt left, then it will go to the left

  • US Naval forces's 'ghost hunter' drone boat will scour seas for enemy submarines

    03/31/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The US Naval forces has begun testing a radical 'drone boat' that will automatically scour the seas for enemy submarines for months at a beforehand. The Navy hopes the 'sea hunter' will end the growing threat of quiet, diesel powered enemy submarines entering

Ehang Ghost 2.0 drone materializes in April starting at $599 - CNET

Ehang commanded heed at CES 2016 with the Ehang 184 , a battery-powered octocopter capable of autonomously flying a single voyager for 23 minutes at about 60 miles per hour. Though you likely won't see a 184 flying overhead anytime presently, the Chinese startup's Ghost 2. 0 camera drone, which was also at the show, is heading to stores by the end of April. The Ghost 1. 0 drone got its start as an Indiegogo electioneer in early 2015 and although this update doesn't look too different from the original, a company spokesperson told me there are improvements throughout, starting with how it's controlled. Like the key one, the Ghost 2. 0 is mainly piloted with an iPhone or Android phone and not a traditional RC controller. You pair your device with a pocket-sized transmitter called a G-Box and using your phone's internal accelerometer and gyroscope you just incline your phone in the direction you want the Ghost to fly. You can also use the Ehang Play mobile app to plot the Ghost's course as well as have the drone follow you. Basically, Ehang superb-tuned the entire user experience -- from the app to the connectivity to the performance -- from the first version. Hopeful a zero latency video feed from the onboard camera, the goggles will not only give you a first-person view from the sky, but you'll be qualified to control the camera angle just by moving your head. The Ghost 2. 0 will be available in an Aerial version for $599, which includes a three-axis gimbal for use with a GoPro Protagonist3 or Hero4 camera or similar style action cam. The VR version comes with the aforementioned goggles and a gimbal-stabilized 4K-sorting out camera for $1,099. Both include a 12-month warranty and 24/7 customer support. Source: www.cnet.com

Duke grad creates recreational drones in start-up - Duke Retail

A drone Theatre troupe co-founded by a Duke alum is working to make recreational drones that can carry humans. Derrick Xiong, Fuqua ’13, co-founded the company EHang in 2014. The startup has made headlines recently for its maturity of the EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, the world’s first passenger-ready drone that can transport a free person and... Xiong, who is now the chief marketing officer of EHang, said that he has always been fascinated by innovative technology, such as effective reality goggles. As an international student from China, he learned international marketing during his time studying out of doors at Duke and in Singapore. “I noticed that in China there were tons of start-ups with good hardware, but they didn’t really distinguish how to do the branding, especially overseas," Xiong said. The idea for EHang came when Xiong saw a man piloting a drone using a smartphone as opposed to of the typical radio controller, Xiong explained. The man, Huazhi Hu , had quit his job to start creating these drones. Hu later co-founded EHang with Xiong. Xiong firstly used crowd-funding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help launch the company in April 2014. Although the merchandise was still in the rough prototype stages, Xiong said that their efforts raised $860,000 by November 2014. “It wasn’t... When EHang was founded, the firm had just four employees and was housed in an empty building of an abandoned theme park. EHang's drones can be controlled with a phone and are referred to as "ghost drones. “It’s like playing a Nintendo Wii and holding a joystick,” Xiong said. “If you meeting forward, the drone will fly forward. EHang’s latest product, the Ghost 2. 0 drone, includes virtual reality goggles that show users what the drone sees in earnest time. This drone—priced at $1,000—can fly approximately half a mile high and can take photographs and videos in the air. Since the launch of the EHang 184 in January, EHang has resolved many of the drone’s technical problems, including improving its exterior aesthetics, adding air conditioning and enhancing protection features. Xiong explained that the EHang 184 flies at a low altitude to avoid hitting buildings or planes and can roam for more than 20 miles on its 23-minute battery. When the drone hits the market, it is projected to retail between $200,000 and $300,000, he said. Xiong illustrious that Fuqua's emphasis on finance contributed to his success with the company. “There were not many people interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship compared to accounting and marketing,” Xiong said. The summer after Xiong’s graduation from Fuqua, he received funding to do the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lead's summer innovation program in San Francisco, where he worked in an incubator on an app for three months. Xiong said that this program provided him with valuable judgement, which he would later employ at EHang. Source: www.dukechronicle.com

Top 5 signs we're not living in the coming video - CNET - CNET

From time to time it seems like we are living in a sci-fi movie set in the future. Here are the top five signs we are not living in that future. At number five, we don't go by gradually uniforms. I've watched a lot of tv and movies. In the future, we're supposed to be wearing uniforms. Maybe silver or shiny uniforms. Promising now, we don't have that. Sure some eccentric people like Mark Zuckerberg have adopted the uniform approach, but that's just one guy. At number four we don't have Bachelor Chow. Preparing and eating eatables is a lot of work. In the Jetsons, they had awesome meals in pill form, in Futurama there was Bachelor Chow. But you know what, we dont have well-constructed meal replacements yet. Yeah, this powered food like Soylent is ample, but it's not the same. Number 3, flying cars are not mainstream. Now that I contemplate of it, flying or floating things still not real. Flying cars, yeah, they sort of exist, but they're essentially young aircraft. What a bleak and horrible present we live in. And number two, where are the holograms. Sure, you can put a Microsoft HoloLens on your main and see what Microsoft calls holograms in the air, but you've still gotta put this thing on your face. Holograms are supposed to be just there, floating in the air or something. We've seen Tupac come back to moving spirit as a hologram, but that's just an old trick called pepper's ghost. Look it up. Before we get to number one, let's look on the bright side. Here's some signs that we are living in the tomorrow's. Our homes are starting to talk to us thanks to devices like the Amazon Echo. We do carry around exclusive communicators and wearable computers like fitness bands and smart watches. And we even have electric cars. On to number one. The multitude one sign we aren't living in the future is robots are not trying to kill us. I've owned several robot vacuum cleaners. Reliable the Rumba used to smack into my foot while trying to figure out where to go. Not exactly killing me. Robots are still out there building cars not attacking humans in any significant way. We're erection robots right now just to bully them. [MUSIC] Okay, maybe we could stop doing that cuz I don't want robots to kill us. Examination out more Top 5s like this at top5. Source: www.cnet.com

    Drone MultiRotor n°7 est disponible aujourd’hui en numérique, et jeudi 25 février chez tous les marchands de journaux ! Au sommaire de ce numéro : des vols de ...

  • Ghost Drone Caméra HD à prix Auchan : pas cher et pass

    Ce drone possède une caméra HD intégrée ainsi qu'une carte mémoire 4Go. Devote aux débutants pour piloter en extérieur. 2 vitesses. Fonction flip à 360°.

  • Drone (musique) — Wikipédia

    Genres associés Drone metal , fate metal , musique minimaliste modifier Le drone , drone ambient , ambient drone , , ou musique drone , , est un genre musical ...

  • Ghost Drone: Aerial filming has not under any condition been easier! | Indiegogo

    Ghost turns the as a rule person into a filmmaker. Capture your adventures with amazing aerial shots!

  • Forum Drone

    La communauté francophone des drones Civils ! Quadricoptères, Hexacoptères & Multicoptères ! DJI, AR.drone, Tarot, ImmersionRC, Rig Black Sheep, Sky-Hero, Fat ...

Ghost ship: Stepping aboard Sea Hunter, the Navy’s unmanned drone ship https://t.co/EGu9eqUepX https://t.co/d3lhwomqCn 04/11/16, @DigitalTrends
Craco - The Ghost Town - A Drone's View - #matera2019 https://t.co/US8TilzjIT via @YouTube 04/14/16, @LeoLewis8837749
Craco - The Ghost Town - A Drone's View - #matera2019 https://t.co/beZNZeQsKT 04/14/16, @LeoLewis8837749
RT @TNI_AL: Video: GHOST SHIP: Stepping aboard Sea Hunter, the US Navy’s unmanned drone ship https://t.co/q6iAlXn5f5 https://t.co/Au9Ist7wcd 04/14/16, @nana_urongin
  • 'VR' immersive journalism

    04/29/16 ,via France 24

    Profit, in Test 24, we take a look at the Ghost 2.0 drone by Chinese start-up Ehang. You'll fly it with an app and control its 4K camera simply by nodding your intellect.

  • Ghost Drone GoPro Camera And Smartphone Controlled Quadcopter (video)

    11/12/14 ,via Geeky Gadgets

    Ghost Drone a new GoPro sortie camera equipped quadcopter has launched over on Indiegogo crowd funding website this week offering users the “world’s easiest drone to fly” say it creators. The Ghost Drone can be integrated with a third-dinner party monitor ...

  • Ghost Drone 2.0's camera can be controlled via VR goggles

    11/09/15 ,via Gizmag

    In the year since the let out of the Ghost Drone, camera-equipped quadcopters that can autonomously track a subject haven't exactly become par for the course, but that feature is no longer enough to set them singly from the crowd either. In its ongoing ...

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Ghost Drone mit Kamera HD by IRDRONE

  • Merkmale Stufe Know-how: Anfänger, innen/außen: außen:...
  • USB-Ladegerät Ladezeit: 15 Minuten Nutzungszeit: zwischen 10 und...
  • Extra stabile Ausführung der Ghost Drone Kamera ist ideal für...

Product Description

irdrone Ghost Drone Camera HD X4 irdrone Ghost Drone Camera HD X4 - ein Design Stealth und ein Steuerung. mit, mit HD-Kamera Sie können und ttres schöne Videos - Equipé d 'un Stabilisator letzte Generation, einer HD-Kamera 720P, Drone ist sehr einfach zu dieser Frage in der Hand - Jungen - ab 14 Jahre - Lieferung einzeln

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Ehang Ghost Drone Drohne, 2.0 VR by EHANG

  • [Einfache Handy Steuerung und Multi-Flugmodi]- Mit dem Avatar-Modus...
  • [Intelligente Batterie für max.25 Min Flugzeit]- Intelligenter Flug...
  • [Blickrichtung der Kamera steuert sich durch die Kopfbewegungen mit...

Customer reviews
Akkuproblem, August 10, 2017
Wie bei vorherigen Rezension... 1. Drohne bestellte ich am 03.08.17, geliefert am 05.08.17 - Defekt: Akku aufgebläht / null Funktion. 2. Drohne bestellte ich am 07.08.17, geliefert am 08.08.17 - Defekt: Akku aufgebläht / null Funktion...
Ghostdrone 2.0 VR, February 5, 2018
Die Ghostdrone 2.0 ist ein tolle Sache. Wenn man weiss, wie es funktioniert. Die Bedienungsanleitung in Papier ist sehr mager. Der Kartenschachtfür die Memory - Karte muss gesucht werden. Wird während dem automatischen Flug etwas...
Drohne, die nicht fliegt, February 5, 2018
Die Drohne verbindet sich nicht und lässt sich daher auch nicht starten. Kundenservice umständlich und unbefriedigend. Jetzt erst zurücksenden und so weiter. Absolut unbefriedigend!
Product Description

Die EHANG GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR (iOS) ist eine RTF Ready To Fly Quadrocopter Drohne mit nach unten gerichteten Propellern
die ohne klassische RC Funksteuerung auskommt. Die Profi Kamera-Drohne mit Live Bild
Übertragung wird ausschließlich per APP über das Handy/Tablet gesteuert und durch VR Brille steuerst du mit deinen
Kopfbewegungen die Blickrichtung der Kamera

EHANG Play APP für Apple iOS herunterladen, installieren, anmelden und es kann los gehen

Die EHANG GHOSTDRONE 2.0 wird ausschließlich über die APP gesteuert:

Start/Landung: Beim Starten auf Knopfdruck schwebt die Drohne auf der voreingestellten Höhe
Avatar-Modus: Steuerung des Copters durch das simple Neigen und Drehen des Handys
Touch-To-Go Modus: Punkt per Click auf Karte festlegen und die Drohne fliegt selbständig ans Ziel
Follow-Me-Modus: Wie ein Geist folgt dir die Drohne automatisch überall hin und hält eine konstante Distanz
Return-Modus: Auf Knopfdruck oder bei niedrigem Akkustand kommt die Drohne selbständig zurück
Trainingsflug: Steuerung Trainingsprogramm in der App für Absolute Piloten Anfänger
Video: Hochpräzises 3-Achsen Gimbal und 4K Kugel Kamera für professionelle Aufnahmen, Live Bild Übertragung zur VR Brille
VR Brille: Kamera Blickrichtung Steuerung durch Kopfbewegung mit Brille

Technische Daten:
•Max. Steuerungs-Reichweite: 1000m
•Horizontale Fluggeschwindigkeit: 40 km/h (GPS Modus) ~60 km/h (Avatar Modus)
•Aufstieg-Geschwindigkeit: 2,5 m/s
•Abstieg-Geschwindigkeit: 1,5 m/s
•Maximale Flugdauer: 20-25 Min.
•4K Kugel Kamera inkl. mit 16GB SD Karte (auf bis zu 64 GB erweiterbar)
•Gewicht: 1.150 kg

Hinweis: Für die Steuerung der Drohne wird ein
iOS fähiges Smartphone oder Tablet benötigt (nicht im Lieferumfang enthaltend)

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Top Marathon Halloween Ghost Drohne, 6 Gyro 2,4 GHz Flying Ghost Quadcopter Drone Beste Halloween Streich - TR-G1 by TopRace

  • Top Rennen Halloween Flying Ghost Drone Streich Skull Drone. Die...
  • BATERRY UND GEBÜHREN: Drohne nimmt 3.7V 650mAh Li-Po-Batterie....
  • DRONE-FUNKTIONEN: Headless-Modus, One Key Return, 6-Achsen-Gyro,...

Product Description

Top Race® Halloween Ghost Drohne, 6 Gyro 2,4 GHz Fliegende Ghost Quadcopter Drone Beste Halloween Prank - TR-G1

Holen Sie sich in den Halloween-Geist und streicheln Sie Ihre Freunde mit der furchterregend aussehenden Ghost Drone. Die Ghost-Drohne verfügt über schreckliche Merkmale wie lange knöcherne Hände und Blutflecken, die eine abtötende Wirkung haben, als ob ein Geist fliegt.

Die Top Race TR-G1 Quadrocopter-Drohne ist mit einem eingebauten 6-Achsen-Gyroskop zum stationären Schweben und zur Bewegungserkennung ausgestattet. Ermöglicht es Ihnen, das Flugzeug in die Luft zu werfen, den Gashebel nach oben zu schieben und den Abflug zu beobachten!

KOPFLOSER MODUS: Der kopflose Modus eliminiert die Sorge, die Richtung der Drohne zu verlieren. Wenn Sie auf die Headless-Modus-Funktion auf der Fernbedienung klicken, wird die Drohne in die Lage versetzt, die Richtung der Fernbedienung zu ändern - ideal für Anfänger und erfahrene Piloten.

EINE SCHLÜSSELRÜCKGABE: Die 1-Tasten-Rückkehr oder Rückkehr zur Heimat (rth) -Funktion wird die Drohne direkt zum Startpunkt zurückfliegen lassen. Diese Option ist sehr praktisch, wenn die Batterie schwach wird oder Sie die Kontrolle verlieren und Ihre Drohne nicht am Himmel sehen können. Die Aktivierung einer Schlüsselrückgabe löst alle obigen Punkte.

Paket beinhaltet:
-Ghost - RC Drone
- 2.4 Ghz Sender - Handbuch
- 4 Propeller mit Guards
- USB Ladegerät
- Klingenwechsler