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X-DRONE Evolution 2.0 | Review

Hola! :) Hoy os traigo otra review de un fantástico dron evolution 2.0 ¡¡¡Espero que os guste y dadle un buen like!!!

Drones -Evolution of Drone Technology - Rise of the Drones - UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle - Must Watch

Drones -Evolution of Drone Technology - Rise of the Drones - UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle - Must Watch Watch UAV Launch from F-16 Fighter Aircraft here ...

DRONE Controller Review - Evolution Controllers

This is my review of the DRONE controller from Evolution Controllers. The DRONE is a open source Bluetooth controller for almost any device. If your interested ...

  • robot construction lego military twitch steampunk drones afol droneuary

    Droneuary: Evolution

    Haven't done Droneuary before, but it really was a lot of fun. After I figured out a style for one, I wanted to do a few different variations. I built most of these guys while I was streaming on Twitch. Stop by...

    Photo by DarthNick on Flickr

  • Lancair Evolution Fills Drone Flying R

    05/17/16 ,via Aviation International News

    Wraithlike Sky is tapping the capabilities of experimental amateur-built kit airplanes to fill the need for lower-cost manned and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for aerial matter collection, real-time reconnaissance and data delivery for commercial and 

  • Poppoff Physical: One Team, One Dream

    05/21/16 ,via Yakima Herald-Republic

    Matt came into the Pty knowing that was the plan but he said putting definition to the plan causes an ongoing evolution of his role in the company's future. One way the troop is evolving is doing more of what Matt calls “value up has brought

  • Confines Evolution: Smugglers get past barriers using drones and tunnels

    05/12/16 ,via KYMA

    YUMA, Ariz. – “Upon me, they're gonna pay for the wall folks, they're gonna pay for the wall,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, assuring a cluster that Mexico will pay for a border wall with the U.S. A claim we've been hearing

  • SpaceX's Falcon 9 Took "Greatest Damage" in Latest Landing

    05/20/16 ,via Outer Places

    After various failed attempts, SpaceX has finally managed to land its Falcon 9 rocket safely back on Earth, and earlier this month, they achieved their fastest dock onto a drone ship yet. Now, SpaceX has announced that the rocket took maximum damage in 

  • ​Come fly with me: Why Catalonia is absolutely seeing drones take off

    05/18/16 ,via ZDNet

    "So, we're undoubtedly the oldest drone company in Europe and we work on the constant evolution of our models. That's the key to scaling up the business." CATUAV offers drone Mould-observation and remote-sensing services in fields as diverse as

Edge Evolution: Smugglers get past barriers using drones and tunnels - KYMA

YUMA, Ariz. – “Monopoly me, they’re gonna pay for the wall folks, they’re gonna pay for the wall,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, assuring a multitude that Mexico will pay for a border wall with the U. S. A claim we’ve been hearing throughout... Various sources including CNN estimate Trump’s margin plan to cost upwards of $10 billion. But not to worry, because Mexico’s paying right. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said,”I promulgate, I am not going to pay for that [expletive] wall. He should pay for it. ”. In 2004 Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents saw a graphic surge in illegal entries. This provoked federal officials to fund something close to a wall. In Yuma county, not just one, but up to three binding fences back to back were built by 2008. Richard Withers with the Yuma Sector Border Patrol said, “Pre 2007, this trimming wall didn’t exist. So people were free to drive or walk across without any problems. At Yuma’s on, 126 miles of land was vulnerable until the construction. In 2005 Border Patrol reported 138,460 interdicted entries. Although the border fencing has stopped illegal migrants from walking or driving across, smugglers have captivated to the skies, and of course underground. This fiscal year alone, three drug tunnels were found at the California brink. A drone delivered 30 pounds of marijuana. “It’s mainly technology we now have developed, towers that can specifically surveil long stretches of the frame,” said Mccain, “We need to be able to surveil the entire border so that not someone in a hot car in 118 degree inspirit next to a fence. But someone sitting back in an air conditioned place watching all the border and when they see someone trying to penetrate or groups of people then they can send out swat teams and arrest them. ” In all, a 661 mile fence was constructed across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. But as Yuma BP agents theme out, it’s a matter of keeping up, using manpower and modern gadgets that stop illegal crossing at the U. S. – Mexico flowerbed. Source: www.kyma.com

Investment in esports well-read play for ESPN - ESPN (blog)

End Thanksgiving, Dan Kaufman was having one of the many routine family discussions that tend to fill up a holiday weekend. This one was with his 17-year-old nephew, who was discussing a keynote familiar to many male teenagers -- his love of video games. "He was saying, ‘I wish I could go pro, but I’m not sound enough,'" said Kaufman, senior deputy editor for content development for ESPN. He discussed the detonation of esports and the professional opportunities that have come from that rise. When he was done, Kaufman paused, looked at his nephew, and said, "I bet this is the from the start time you’ve talked to someone over the age of 30 who didn’t just say, 'Why are you wasting your time on this. Kaufman’s nephew isn’t alone in his wish. In the past few years, while parents around the world have continued telling their kids to put down the joysticks and go casing, esports has become a mega-business, one projected by games research firm Newzoo to surpass $1 billion in revenues by... He is heading up the ESPN digital contentedness team’s aggressive push into esports. The network’s embrace of esports has not come without critics, internal and external. Then ESPN transistor host Colin Cowherd, now with Fox Sports, trashed the network’s coverage of esports on his show in April 2015. Some readers have complained to me that because it happens on a scan and not a field, esports falls outside what ESPN... But esports is merely one example of the network’s investment into coverage areas it had historically neglected. In the prior year, ESPN also has increased its coverage of gambling , drone racing and WWE , among other topics. Each has generated some dissension to each the ranks of ESPN consumers. According to some readers, these new coverage areas are either not really sports (esports and drone racing), lecherous (gambling) or about a fake sport (WWE). But each is an attempt by ESPN to engage new audiences against the backdrop of an ever-fragmenting sports scene that has created business challenges for the network. Specific to esports, here are a few numbers to digest as you consider ESPN’s solicit. According to Newzoo , professional gaming is projected to generate $463 million in revenue in 2016 and will surpass a billion dollars in gross income by 2019. According to SuperData Research, another gaming research firm, the worldwide market for... The esports audience is made up on the whole of young men. Nearly half are men between the ages of 21 and 35 -- a coveted marketing demographic -- according to a 2014 union report from SuperData and Newzoo. A January article in VentureBeat cites a Newzoo report that predicts esports audiences could reach NFL viewership levels by 2017. That same VentureBeat article also reported that the In collusion with Championship Series had an average concurrent viewership... Source: espn.go.com

Entrancing flight - New Hampshire Business Review

UAV America is the outcome of almost six years of evolution that began with Cooper’s fascination with the potential of UAV photography. After doing his own research on the internet and learning how to body his own UAV, Cooper’s company has begun to establish itself as an innovator in combining light but strong 21st century materials, payloads and withdraw time. In the past two years, the company moved from Cooper’s Barrington home to Nottingham, a location they are already outgrowing. In the lifestyle year, Cooper has added seven employees for a total of 10. The result of patient and extensive testing of materials and technology led to the unveiling up to date last year of the Eagle XF, which the company believes is a game-changer in... Depuy said Media Wing has had top beta tests with the Eagle XF and will use it extensively with five clients for projects beginning in early May. He said he believes commercial drone use is still in its emergence and will soon explode when its potential is realized by a wide range of heavy-use industries, from mapping to civil engineering – and iffy infrastructure inspection of bridges,... More chaos is certain to come if aviation giants like Boeing or Lockheed get into the commercial drone superstore. Source: www.nhbr.com
  • Drone Vidéo Waiting | Ile de France

    Réalisation de vidéo publicitaire sur mesure entreprise Evènement, Mariage Photographie aérienne, Opérateur drone Schema S1- S3

  • Drone-Air – Prise de Vue Aerienne

    Vol PAM 20150310 from Drone-air.fr on Vimeo. plaquettes commerciales-Mairies et collectivités locales: prenez de la hauteur bucket down valoriser vos projets avant/après ...

  • Drone Multirotor.com : Communauté AR Drone et Multirotors

    Le put communautaire dédié au Drone Parrot et Multirotors: Rencontres, forum, astuce, tutoriaux, actualité, ...


    Come to see the support page for help, and find answers to commonly asked questions. VISIT SUPPORT

  • Mad'In Drone - Spécialiste de la prise de vue aérienne ...

    Offensive à la Martinique (Antilles Françaises), Mad’In Drone est spécialiste de la prise de vue aérienne dans les Caraïbes | +596 (0) 696 10 10 20

RT @BrettRelander: Why Drone Technology and #ContentMarketing are a Perfect Marriage https://t.co/DUCrDVx9IV https://t.co/MLI8ccqb6Y 04/14/16, @Evolution_Digi
RT @Otherbots: #drone #robot #warmachine #evolution #alienweapons #epic #scifi by hasterdex https://t.co/eqQ4fkldQL 04/14/16, @CowboySciFiBot
#drone #robot #warmachine #evolution #alienweapons #epic #scifi by hasterdex https://t.co/eqQ4fkldQL 04/14/16, @Otherbots
Ongoing evolution of #drones Now, there's a need to detect them @SDMmagazine https://t.co/jdDNjIzZEA #security https://t.co/r7y6xIosLX 04/13/16, @Advanctech

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Stylotex Undying hegemony T-Shirt Drone Evolution Funktions-Stoff schnelltrocknend, Farbe:weiss;Größe:S by Stylotex

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  • Spezielles Funktionsgewebe, das sich so angenehm anfühlt wie Baumwolle
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Das StyloTex Fitness T-Shirt eignet sich perfekt für jede Workout- Session. z.B. beim Fitness im Studio, aber auch beim Laufen, Biken, Skaten etc... Es ist sehr angenehm zum tragen- vereint mit der aktuellen Textiltechnik und Cool-Down Funktionalität. Der Print ist vorne platziert. Das Shirt lässt sich auch in der Freizeit gut zu anderen Klamotten kominieren. 
regular fit, regular Passform. 
aus atmungsaktivem Polyester-Funktionsmaterial mit eigener Feuchtigkeitsregulierung und schnell trocknend
mit Baumwoll-Touch (fühlt sich unglaublich weich auf der Haut an - wie Baumwolle)
Material: 100% Polyester, Pflegehinweis: Maschinenwäsche max 30 Grad
Das Shirt und die zur Fertigung verwendeten Druckfarben sind mit dem Öko-Tex® 100 Zertifikat ausgezeichnet und somit frei von Schadstoffen.

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Brillante Druckqualität
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Brillante Druckqualität
schöne Geschenkidee
in Deutschland bedruckt
langlebige Druckqualität
Textile Oberfläche und gummierte Rückseite