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I BOUGHT A DRONE! DJI Phantom 3 Professional Impressions

The time finally came to buy a drone. I got a deal that I couldn't pass up on a DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. I intend to use it for fancy shots in my videos and, ...

Hands-On with DJI's Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone!

We take the new DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional quadcopters out for some test flights! Eric Cheng of DJI joins us to discuss how these new quads ...

DJI Phantom 3 First Flight and DJI Pilot App Overview HD

The DJI Phantom 3 is arguably the best aerial platform for video and photo and is so easy to fly! Here we flight test DJI's Phantom 3 Professional and give you a ...

  • flight case storage phantom drone dji

    DJI Phantom case

    DJI Phantom Drone Flight Case / DJI Phantom Case Action cases are proud to introduce the AC-DJI-1. The case has been designed with the help of drone owners and professional cameramen using the highest quality,...

    Photo by Frankly PM on Flickr

  • DJI Phantom 4

    05/27/16 ,via Techradar India

    It's been less than a year since the let go of the Phantom 3 Professional, but drone technology is advancing rapidly, and now DJI has introduced the Phantom 4. It's a refinement of the Phantom 3 Professional, with a beefed-up design, improved

  • Xiaomi Mi 4K/HD Drones Announced from $380

    05/27/16 ,via cinema5D news (press release) (blog)

    After year on year updates of very likely the most famous drone manufacturer, DJI, owning the pro-sumer and professional drone market, enter Xiaomi with the Mi drone at an affordable price bracket of around $380.00 USD for their HD kind, and around

  • Instagram of the Week: Catholic Drone Aerials Prove Australia Is Officially Too Big

    05/25/16 ,via WIRED

    He favors DJI drones like the Phantom 3 Professional and an altitude of 400 feet or so. He's empty of beaches, but you'll find shots of the desert, the mountains, and other gorgeous landscapes. There's no end of aerial photos on Instagram, but with

  • Periscope is adding search and redeem features along with the ability to stream from a drone

    05/09/16 ,via The Next Web

    Currently, only the DJI Inspirit, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced and Osmo are supported. And if you've got a GoPro, Periscope now lets you swap between all three. Get ready for some extreme last-streams. Drone streaming will only 

  • Provocative Features You Get With Xiaomi's Mi Drone

    05/26/16 ,via Technology Personalized

    RAW reification functionality along with a 3-axis stabilization that interestingly calibrates itself 2,000 times per second is also available. There's also a Moreover, the drone will automatically revenue to base when commanded or when the battery drains

Video: Saltwater anglers take giant tuna with drone - NewsOK.com

FINGAL Chairlady, Australia — The biggest limitation of surf fishing has always been the inability to reach fish that are further out than you can cast. Another challenge is locating schools of fish from your vantage as regards on the shore. The solution, it seems, is to harness the power of a drone. NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia — A new YouTube video shows a span of friends in Australia using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional to scout out fish and then lower the bait directly to them. According to a report from ABC , the video was shot near the megalopolis of Tweed Heads in New South Wales. One of the men, Jaiden Maclean, was flying his drone over the water to capture footage of turtles and manta rays. When he encountered a heavy-set school of longtail tuna, he and his friends devised a way to rig the drone with bait. "We dropped it right next to the tuna and the first occasionally we dropped it we got one. "Once the tuna grabs the bait, it breaks away from the drone [which is] free to fly around. The video shows multiple strikes as Maclean targeted schools of tuna. The one fish landed in the video reportedly weighed about 44 pounds. What is your eat on the video. Is drone fishing ethical. Source: newsok.com

DJI Unleashes Under-$1K Phantom 3 4K Drone - PC Arsenal

The video footage primarily was captured by the Phantom 3 Professional, which employs the same camera as the Phantom 3 4K. The lack of LightBridge also means that you won't be able to connect an HDMI device to the slight, so don't expect to use it... Aside from those differences, the Phantom 3 4K offers the same flight features as the Advanced and Professional models. It's up to you whether the low-tenacity video feed and limitd control range are worth a $200 savings. But DJI certainly does offer you options. If you need 4K video and don't mind a lower quality video feed to aid you while flying, this is it. You could spend the same amount on the Phantom 3 Advanced, which records 40Mbps 2. 7K footage, and can fly much further, or you can go through a bit... And for drone videographers who are happy with both a fairly short control distance and 2. 7K video, there's the $800 Phantom 3 Paragon. Senior digital camera analyst for the PCMag consumer electronics reviews team, Jim Fisher is a graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic League, where he concentrated on documentary video production. Jim's interest in photography really took off when he borrowed his father's Hasselblad 500C and faint meter in 2007. He honed his writing skills at retailer B&H Photo, where he wrote thousands upon thousands of goods descriptions, blog posts,... Source: www.pcmag.com

Drone Everyone DJI Phantom 3 Pro Executive Kit Review - SlashGear

Consumer drones have exploded in the merchandise, so much so that governments are scrambling to rein them in before they get out of hand. With an innumerable selection of drones in the market, ranging from minuscule to super-duper, it might be hard to choose which one to get, especially for this holiday season. But if you're looking for a professional drone that won't burn a hole in your pocket, you couldn't go wrong with DJI 's Phantom 3 Pro. And with Drone Mankind's Executive Kit bundle, you'll be getting more than just the basics but also a ton of extras that will turn the drone from Pro to Epic. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional DJI has about half a dozen drones on its shelves. The Phantom postal card is known for its beginner-friendly, easy to fly controls, and its affordable price tag. The Inspire series, on the other hand, is pre-eminent for its professional camera quality and improved aerial stabilization, but notorious for its cost. When DJI unveiled the Phantom 3 Professional, is perilously straddled the road that separates those two families, fusing the ease of use of a Phantom and the superiority of an Inspire, but at half the cost. The drone itself takes its design cue from the hinge of the Phantom family, with an all-white plastic body, four rotors, bottom-mounted camera, and four quay legs. Wing tip to wing tip, the Phantom 3 Pro measures 590 mm or roughly 23 in. It weighs 1. 28 kg (2. 8 lbs) with the battery and propellers spoken for. Not exactly lightweight but typical of professional camera drones. The controller also follows the same white motif and exemplifies the Phantom offerings's marked ease of use. Two joysticks, one on each side, handle orientation, direction, and movement of the drone. The Phantom 3 Pro is the child of two parents. While it resembles the Phantoms in form and user friendliness, it inherits from the Inspire its performance and abilities. It transmits video in 720p only, though the output that is displayed on the smartphone oversee or even streamed directly to YouTube is of superior quality than any previous Phantom feed. Aside from the usual gimbal and commotion sensors for aerial stability, the Phantom 3 Pro also features an under belly sensor, just behind the camera, that DJI calls the Vision Positioning arrangement. Drone World's Executive Kit: giving "Professional" some polish No drone is perfect, at least not without bumping the price sky high, and the Phantom 3 Pro, despite all the things booming for it, is no exception. There are literally dozens of add-ons and extras for the Phantom 3 out there that again, you have the problem of picking out the right ones. Luckily, Drone World has already done that for us with its Phantom 3 Manager Kit bundle. Source: www.slashgear.com
  • DJI Drone Phantom 3 Professional - 6958265117374 - Avis

    Drones DJI Drone Phantom 3 Professional - 6958265117374 ... Caractéristiques techniques; Fiche détaillée Contenu carton; Offres spéciales

  • Amazon.com : DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD ...

    The Phantom 3 Professional continues the proud rite of DJI's Phantom series and brings several important innovations to the Phantom's rich feature set. The ...

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional GPS Drone (RTF) - HeliPal

    Buy DJI-Drone-Phantom-3-Professional / DJI Phantom 3 Professional GPS Drone (RTF) online at the lowest valuation. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping, Low Price and ...

  • DJI Phantom 3 Sample : un drone capable de fimer en 2,7K ...

    Le DJI Phantom 3 Yardstick reprend la base technique des Phantom 4 Advanced et Professional. On a donc le droit à un quadricoptère capable de voler jusqu’à 57 km ...

  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone RTF

    Aucun avis Donnez votre avis. Nous proposons la toute dernière conception "update" : - nouveaux moteurs 2312A - coque mieux aérée. Le Phantom 3 Advanced DJI est une ...

Check out DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone NEW IN BOX ! #DJI https://t.co/ufROwyN1jr via @eBay 04/14/16, @gesossamon
#DJI Phantom 3 Professional GPS Drone QuadCopter w/4K HD Camera + EXTRA BATTERY https://t.co/ra5HVyXjM7 On EbayUSA https://t.co/eaJDYP2dL9 04/14/16, @DroneHoundUS
#video #drone 2016 | https://t.co/KFO6EqY28I | Lake Lure, NC DJI Phantom 3 Professional Graded in Premiere with OSIRIS LUTs 04/14/16, @Drone_Reference
  • Fstoppers Reviews the New DJI Phantom 4

    05/05/16 ,via fstoppers.com

    The new variant will be offered in one model, as opposed to its predecessor, the Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced ... flyers have to do is tap on their screen to direct their drone, and DJI's new Obstacle Avoidance System, which helps the Phantom ...

  • Get a DJI Phantom 3 Ideal quadcopter for $399

    05/03/16 ,via CNet

    Though marketed by DJI as the "drone for beginners," the Phantom 3 Type offers some pretty high-end features ... when it debuted a couple years ago. Reviews (user and pro alike) are stellar. Just one caveat: This comes with only a 30-day undertaking ...

  • The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Is The Easiest Drone I’ve At all Flown

    08/28/15 ,via TechCrunch

    DJI didn’t start out as the subdue entry-level drone maker on the market but, at this point, it’s safe to say that they’ve taken the crown from Parrot and are truly creating flying machines advantage flying. The new Phantom 3 Professional is the gold ...

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DJI Phantom III Professional Quadrocopter mit 4K Kamera by DJI

  • Das 3-Achsen Kamerastabilisierungssystem sorgt für einwandfreie und...
  • YouTube-Integration erlaubt das Livestreaming von Luftaufnahmen in...
  • Lieferumfang: Quadrokopter, Flugakku, Kamera, Fernsteuerung,...

Product Description

Der DJI Phantom 3 Quadrocopter ist die Weiterentwicklung des erfolgreichen Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Durch seine einfache Steuerung ideal für Einsteiger. Der Phantom 3 Quadrokopter ist vollständig ausgestattet mit einem 3-Achs-Gimbal, an dem eine hochauflösende 4K Kamera mit 12 MP montiert ist. Neue Motoren und ein 4S-LiPo-Akku sorgen für eine gesteigerte Antriebsleistung, die Reichweite der neuen Fernsteuerung wurde deutlich erhöht. Die Live-Bildübertragung Lightbridge in HD-Qualität ist bereits eingebaut, einfach ein Smartphone oder Tablet auf dem serienmäßigen Halter am Sender montieren. Die DJI-App bietet viele zusätzliche Features wie Bild-in-Bild Kartenansicht oder die Anzeige der Flugroute. Das Vision Positioning System an der Unterseite ermöglicht ein exaktes Halten der Position auch ohne GPS-Signal oder indoor. Lieferumfang: Phantom 3 Professional Quadrocopter mit 2.4 GHz Fernsteuerung, 4S 4480 mAh LiPo-Akku mit Netz-Ladegerät, 4K-Kamera mit 3-Achs Gimbal

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Odec LiPo Akku für DJI Phantom 3 Usher, DJI Phantom 3 Professional, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, DJI Phantom 3 SE und 4K Drones, 15,2V 4480mAh - Aufgerüstet by Odec

  • Diese Produkte werden von RoSH und CE-zertifiziert, mit...
  • Errichtet in der mehrfachen Sicherheitsschutzsystem, schützen vor...
  • Jede Batterie wird von DJI Phantom 3 Dronen getestet. Es ist ein...

Product Description

Odec Intelligent Flight Batterie
Odec Intelligent Flight Battery ist ein ideale Ersatzakku für DJI Phantom 3-Serien-Drohnen. Mit eingebauten 4 LED-Anzeigen können die den Betriebszustand und die verbleibende Kapazität angezeigt werden. Jede Batterie wird von DJI Phantom 3 Drone getestet. Alle Odec Produkte sind mit Geldzurückgarantie von 30 Tagen und zufriedenstellenden Kundenservice innerhalb von 24 Stunden.

Batterietyp: Lithium-Polymer-Batterie, 4 Zellen
Farbe: Weiß
Spannung: 15,2V
Kapazität: 4480mAh
Leistung: 68Wh
Betriebstemperatur: 0-40 Grad Celsius

Kompatibel mit:
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
DJI Phantom 3 Professional
DJI Phantom 3 Standard
DJI Phantom 3 4K

1 x Odec 15.2V 4480mAh Intelligent Flight Batterie

1. Nur fit für DJI Phantom 3 Serie Drohnen, NICHT für andere DJI Phantom Drohnen
2. Laden Sie den Akku vor jedem Flug vollständig auf
3. Laden Sie den Akku bei einer Temperatur von 0 - 40 Grad Celsius auf
4. Verwenden Sie den Akku bei einer Temperatur von -10 - 60 Grad Celsius
5. Benutzen Sie immer genehmigtes ursprüngliches Ladegerät. Laden Sie den Akku niemals unbeaufsichtigt auf
6. Entladen Sie den Akku auf 40% - 65%, wenn sie für mehr 10 Tage nicht verwendet wird
7. Laden, verwenden und lagern Sie den Akku in trockenen und feuerfesten Orten
8. Entfernen Sie den Akku von Drohnen bei längerer Lagerung

Price: €5.90

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DJI Propeller 9450 Selbstsichernd Kompatibel mit DJI Phantom 3 Professional und Phantom 3 Advanced UAV Quadrocopter Drohne - Weiß (1 Paar) by DJI

  • Ersatzpropeller für DJI Phantom 3 Professional und Phantom3...
  • Lieferumfang:DJI Propeller 9450 Selbstsichernd Kompatibel mit DJI...
  • Ein Paar Propeller: 1 x rechtsdrehender und 1 x linksdrehender...

Customer reviews
Ersatzprops, April 8, 2016
Nach allem was ich in den Foren gelesen habe eine gute Wahl. Das Original ist eben oft nicht durch die Kopie zu ersetzen. Allerdings muss man die Props ich nicht zwingend zerstören, kommt aber zu Beginn eben doch vor. Üben übt :-))
Werde wieder hier kaufen., April 13, 2017
Habe die Propeller als Ersatz für meine bei einen Absturz kaputt gegangen Orginalpropeller bestellt.Zur Qualität kann ich sagen das Sie sich nicht von den im Orginal Packungsinhalt des DJI Phantom 3 unterscheiden. Weder optisch noch...
Originalprodukt und sauber gewuchtet! 2x bestellen!, April 13, 2017
Diese Propeller sind die originalen Propeller die auch bei Auslieferung der Phantom 3 (Prof/Adv) mitgeliefert werden.Somit bleibt wenig zu sagen, die Propeller sind einwandfrei gewuchtet / balanced so das ein sauberer und einfacher Flug...
Product Description

DJI Phantom 3 Propeller selbstsichernd (2 Stück)

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